Monday, November 16, 2015

Second To Sun - First Chapter

Second To Sun is a two piece band consisting of Vladimir Klimov-Lehtinen, Theodor Borovski, Aleh Zielankievič. Genre described as Metal. Band origin Russia.

First Chapter album self released on October 18 2015. This is an album that continues to reverberate in my head. Its an instrumental album that delivers a massive blow. Heavy, progressive, melodic and intense. I can listen to this from beginning to end on high volume and it feels great everytime. About the only part that resembles vocals is in the song "Red Snow", but it is a short piece and could be a sample. The production is great. A solid performance is captured. I absolutely enjoy every song, but if I have to pick favorites they would be "Me Or Him", "Narcat", tight grinds and pure brutality. Virgo Mitt", for its enchanting melody at the end of the track. The bonus song "Chokk Kapper", sounds so good with low tuning guitars and memorable arrangements. An all around excellent tune.

In conclusion, this album is heavy and progressive on all levels. Although its an instrumental album, it will keep you captivated and keep your blood pumping.


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