Friday, November 27, 2015

Otargos - Xeno Kaos

Otargos is a four piece band consisting of Urich Wegrich. Dagoth-Guitars & Vocals, John A-Drums, Hindrik A.S.-Guitars, M. Pliszke-Bass. Genre described as Dark Extreme Metal. Band origin France.

Xeno Kaos album released on Kaotoxin Records 13 November 2015. My first thoughts, this is probably one of the heaviest albums of 2015. The music is both complex and brutal. The onslaught of devastation can be felt from the start. The drums hit you hard with sonic destruction. Full throttle blast beats and crushing double kicks. Guitar tones compliment all the powerful beats perfectly. 

This release has a total of eight songs. It was difficult finding a particular favorite since I really enjoyed pummeling my brain to each track. The opening song "Dominatrix" delivers a straight punch to the gut that any metal head cannot resist but to keep their ears glued to this opus. 

On top of the album being heavy and punishing, the band also adds some melodic parts such as in the song "Realm of the Dead". This one is not super fast composition but still heavy enough to melt your face. An easy one to jam to and creates some interesting melodic passages to make you bang your head. Now, if you want to run into the pit and smash things, then you should definitely hit play on the song "Dark Mechanicus", I found myself hitting the repeat button on this song many times. The overall vision is one of a maniacal future were technology has pulverize humanity and those who remain struggle to survive in this chaotic state. Well, at least that's what I envision while I listen to this awesome album. 

In conclusion, the band manages to pummel your senses while adding subtle melodies that slowly creep into your mind. There is enough brutality to satisfied the taste of most extreme death metal listeners and to also devastate unsuspecting new comers to the underground.   


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