Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Police State - Mind Collapse

Police State is a four piece band consisting of, Vox- Cole, Bass- KC, Guitar- Paul, Drums- Tyler. Genre described as Power-violence, grind and crust. Band origin; York, PA

Mind Collapse album to be released on Grimoire Records November 6th 2015. The heart of rebellion and anarchy can be heard in each song. Fast aggressive guitar riffs along with grinding/punk rock style of drumming. You can tell by the album cover they are anti-political and based on the FB banner "Fuck your War, Fuck your Borders, We Won't Follow your Fucking Orders", I like it, we need more bands like this.

The production is raw and to the bone. Of the ten tracks contain in this release, the songs that stood out the most to me would have to be, Resolution, Pure Filth and Karma. If you are looking for pure aggression with a message to the mainstream to "fuck off" then look no further. This band delivers a punch and kick to the brain. Any grind heads out there are sure to put this one on for several spins.    

In conclusion, I enjoy the raw gritty nature of the compositions, anarchy and complete chaos is the main recepy and what's not to love about that. ~Artemortifica


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