Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Islay - Angels' Share

Islay is a five piece band consisting of, Tommy - Guitars, Synth, Lemmi - Drums, Chicken - Vocals, Baal - Guitars, Picco - Bass. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Emsland.

Angels' Share album released on Final Gate Records September 15 2015. The band name did not immediately strike me as something heavy, I was completely wrong. The music is brutal and melodic. You hear a wide range of vocalization from low guttural to pig squeels along with a few goregrind style of grunts and screams like in the song "Instinct". Take tracks like Self Adulation, just crushing right from the start. Relentless battery and killer low/high vocalization that leads into some memorable melodies, very well executed. But my favorite song from this entire album would have to be,"Havok and Decay", I ended up jammin this song several times on my way to and from work. Very catchy rhythms and verses. Some of the parts featuring guitars harmonies are well constructed and stay in my head even after the song is over. 

In conclusion, there is something to enjoy in every song. Catchy arrangements and memorable melodies will keep you coming back for more. ~Artemortifica