Monday, November 30, 2015

Thy Worshiper - Ozimina

Thy Worshiper is a six piece band consisting of Vocal & guitar:Marcin Gasiorowski, Bass: Krystian Mazur, Accustic & electric guitar: Dariusz Kubala, Drums: Bartosz Maruszak, Percussion and ethnic instruments: Grabaż, Female Vocals: Anna Malarz. Genre described as Tribal Metal. Band origin Wroclaw.

Ozimina album released on September, 15 2015 Arachnophobia Records. My first impression, eclectic, mellow and atmospheric. Musically, there is an overabundance of sounds. Every tracks contains its own individual characteristic. The passages keep the listener in trance and captivated. The song "Halny" is a good example of mesmerizing tones with enchanting female vocals by Anna Malarz. The song "Ożyny" is certain to rise your spirits. Its feeling is monumental and I ended up playing this one several times because is that good. The subtle build up in the song "Wietlica", is both beautiful and filled with positive energy. The guitar melody makes this one of my favorites from this release. There are a few metal oriented riffs such as in the track "Wśród cieni i mgieł", but they are kept to a minimal amount.

In conclusion, the band manages to capture the essence of nature elements through out its entirety. If you like music with many paths to explore then you will want to add this one to your collection.


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