Monday, November 30, 2015

Pessimist - Slaughtering the Faithful reissue

Pessimist is a five piece band consisting of Kelly McLauchlin - Guitars, Chris Pernia - Drums, Kelly Conlon - Bass, William Hayden - Guitars, Ivan "The Evil One" - Vocals. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Baltimore, MD/ Los Angeles, CA.

Slaughtering the Faithful (reissue) album released on October 31 2015 Obscure Musick. My initial thoughts, if you want guttural and abrasive then you come to the right place. This is a mammoth release featuring fourteen tracks. Four of those are live recordings from the radio show WNYU. Some are from a demo in 2000. These brutal and powerful hymns rattle my speakers in a good way. The raw energy that is output by this band is intense. In terms of production, the recording is very good. Solid guitar tone. Punchy bass rhythms. The drums could be slightly louder at times but that's just a minor observation. I like the low vocals. very demonic and crushing. The music stays at full throttle and is relentless in its aggression. I enjoyed listening to the majority of the this album but some of my favorite songs would have to be "Baptized in Blasphemy" and "Metempsychosis".
In conclusion, extreme death metal fans will definitely not want to miss this one. The raw energy emanating from this recording will get your blood pumping.