Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cryptopsy -The Book of Suffering Tome 1

Cryptopsy is a four piece band consisting of; Flo Mounier: Drums/Vocals, Chris Donaldson: Guitar, Matt McGachy: Lead Vocals, Olivier Pinard: Bass Guitar. Genre described as Extreme Technical Death Metal. Band origin Montréal, Québec.

The Book of Suffering Tome 1 EP self released on October 30th 2015. My first thoughts, this new EP rips your skin apart, no doubt about it. A bit of history, back in 1994 when the first album Blasphemy Made Flesh reached my hands, I became an instant fan. I would play the shit out of it every chance I got. Then came "None So Vile", and it completely blew my mind. To be completely honest here, I stop listening to the band after those two albums, no real specific reason, I think that those two albums were plenty for me. I might have heard a song or two from the albums in between but nothing that really stayed with me. 

Fast forward to May 2015. I got an opportunity to see Cryptopsy live in concert. What an impressive set they played that night. The music was technical, fast, aggressive and just destroyed everything in its path. I felt just like I did back in the late 90s. This brand new EP touches back to those times. The raw brutality and complex arrangements that initially grabbed my attention are all represented here, but with an edge, a razor sharp edge. Creepy samples into blistering blast beats. I have always been a big fan of Lord Worm (Dan Greening) and I never really thought anyone could fill those shoes, but after seeing Matt McGachy live performance and listening to this recording I can say he fills those shoes and then some. The superior technical guitar work is crushing to say the least. Powerful rhythms and fast scale work. Olivier Pinard does a great job keeping all the madness ongoing with a killer bass tone and complimenting all those arrangements with perfect precision. The drumming is tight, with fast double kicks and interesting drum rolls at every turn. My only disappointment would be that it all ends quickly, at only four tracks. By far, all the songs kick ass but my favorite would have to be "Framed By Blood", it reminds me of all those tracks from the Blasphemy album. The vocals are insanely high and those lows are hard enough to punch you in the throat.    

In conclusion, the band continues to set the bar even higher with this release. Fans of their earlier work will want to lend their ears to this EP. For the new comers, they will be completely devastated by their brutality.