Sunday, November 29, 2015

Canyon of The Skull - Canyon of the Skull

Canyon of the Skull is a two piece band consisting of Erik Ogershok: Guitars, Bass, Adrian Voorhies: Drums, Percussion. Genre described as doom metal. Band origin; Austin, TX.

Canyon of the Skull album self released on October 30th 2015. First impression, rhythms that could shake the walls down. This release is only two songs, but they are both long and powerful. Rooted in doom, you can hear the down tune strings rattle the speakers. "The Path" (Of Bear and Wolf) the opening song, goes for over fifteen minutes. In terms of production the sound is very good. Heavy riffs abound and drums sound natural and precise. Bass tone compliments all the long arrangements very well. Don't expect to hear vocals since there are none. This is an instrumental release but the music is interesting enough to keep your attention that you really don't need vocals. The self title track is also over fifteen minutes long. The short melody at the ending caught my ears. A well written opus.   

In conclusion, the music feels like a long journey through cavernous realms. A good and solid performance is delivered by these musicians. ~Artemortifica