Friday, November 27, 2015

Marasmus - Conjuring Enormity

Marasmus is a four piece band consisting of: Devon-Vocals, Andy-Guitar, Trynt-Drums, Brandon-Guitar. Genre described as Death Metal, Metal, Speed Metal. Band origin Kansas City.

Conjuring Enormity album self-released 2 October 2015. My first impression, powerful death metal with atmospheric melodies. So, let me start by telling you, I am into paranormal subjects and the opening to this album is an audio sample of paranormal investigators capturing an EVP. My ears immediately perked upon listening to it and was curious to see what else was in store. The opening and title track "Conjuring Enormity", is brutal and gets straight to the heaviness. Strong double kick work and heavy guitar tones in true death metal projection. We can also hear some elaborate guitar riffing in the song "Direct Demonic Influence" with some complex scale work. There is a nice surprise at the end of this particular track that caught my ears. Its a clean melodic piece that is very haunting and leads perfectly into the next song.

Some of the bands that come to mind when I listen to this opus would be, Sinister, Immolation, Krisium, Cryptopsy and Malevolent Creation. I really enjoyed listening to this release from beginning to end but my favorite track would have to be "Post Mortal Possession", the chorus is catchy and makes you want to pump your fist in the air. On top of all that chaos and madness the solos are coming at you lightning fast and punishing. It is for me the highlight from the entire album.   

In conclusion, an intense and haunting experience. Fans of extreme death metal will have to put their ears to this one. The crushing grinds, demonic vocals and catchy solos are on a top level. Metal heads both old and new make sure you add this to your collection.