Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tales of the Tomb - Volume One: Morpras

Tales of the Tomb is a five piece band consisting of Connor Adams - Vox , Bryn Herbert - Bass/Vox, Tres Thomas - Guitar, Corey Skerlak - Guitar/Vox, John Thomson - Drums. Genre described as Psychological Horror Metal, Death Metal, Murder Metal. Band origin Edmonton.

Volume One: Morpras debut EP to be self released on 27 November 2015. Here we have a short but powerful EP. Only three songs and they pack a good kick. Dual vocal combos, high and low are experienced in each track. Catchy melodies with powerful drums to back it all up. The opening track "Snowtown", introduces us to this mayhem. I am reminded of some of the groups like Macabre, Cannibal Corpse, Haemorrhage and Phobia. "The Pig Farmer", is next and the slaughtering is very evident from the beginning. The inception of well placed arrangements make the music interesting to my ears. I also like the creative tempo changes and awesome drum rolls at the end of this song. The track that most resonated with me would have to be "Dr. Death", the song grew on me the more and more I listen to it. The chorus and catchy verses stick in your mind and you can't help but find yourself moving your head and tapping your feet to its horrific beat. 
In conclusion, a crushing, skull shattering debut EP by this band. They managed to introduce chaos and killing and add melody to the whole murderous thing. Don't pass up the opportunity to listen to this EP. If you like your metal blood soaked and full of carnage, this is the one to add to your collection.