Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sadism - Alliance

Sadism is a five piece band consisting of Ricardo Roberts-Vox, Juan Edo. Moore-Bass, Gabriel Hidalgo-Guitar, Pablo Proharam-Guitar, Juan Pablo Donoso-Drums. Genre described as Old School Death Metal. Band origin Santiago.

Alliance album to be released on Toxic/Mechanix Records December 4, 2015. My first thoughts are, furious and relentless. Its raw sound and crushing persistence can be heard from the very beginning. The early death metal influence is undeniable. Bands that come to mind are Malevolent Creation, Obituary, Benediction, Death and Immolation. Powerful drum attack with destructive double bass kicks. Catchy guitar riffs and savage guttural vocals. The entire album kicks ass, but some of my favorite songs would have to be "Mother of Prostitutes", the main riffs crushes and you can't help but headbang to it. "Impure and Obscene", straight forward brutality and killer attacks of raw death metal. Very reminiscent of the band Pestilence. 

In conclusion, this album is heavy, intense and brutal. If you're an old death metal head this is for you, but, I also recommended to all fans of metal.