Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Neuronia - Exclusive interview

Very happy to introduce our readers to metal band Neuronia from Warszawa. This is their exclusive interview with us.

1- Hello, first off, thanks so much for participating in this interview. What are you guys currently up to?

Tektur (vocals): Hello, thanks for taking your time to do the interview! Currently, we're about to release our third full-length album "Under the Same Sky" on December 14th. It took us three years of hard work to prepare and record this album, so we're hoping that it will make some waves with metal fans. We're also planning some local shows for next year to promote the album.

2- Could you tell our readers a short history of the band?

Long story short, the band started in December 2013 as a jam-duo of Misiek (guitars) and Chief (drums). In the beginning, they were playing simple rock music. Some time later, Radek joined on bass and vocals and the band started playing live. In 2006, the band issued two demos: "Neuronia" and "Wedding Day", before parting ways with Radek, taking on two new members, Acid (vocals) and Domo (bass). In this line-up, Neuronia started to play straightforward metal music with a doom/death sound intertwined with thrash and hard rock. The EP "First Blood" (2007) and debut album "The Winter of My Heart" (2008) are a testimony to that era. In 2009, Thor became the new drummer, replacing Chief and adding a more edgy, thrashy feel to the music. The band started to play bigger shows, including the festival circuit. I joined in the fall of 2009 and played the first two gigs as a guitarist/singer, but stuck to vocals from then on.

In 2010, we've released our sophomore album "Follow the White Mouse", which marked a more melodic and eclectic sound. We've played a lot of gigs in the next two years and had some line-up changes: in January 2011, Thor and Domo left the band. We've recruited Beton on bass and played the most of 2011 with Deviant on drums, but switched to Lukass at the end of the year. In this line-up, we've recorded the "Insanity Relapse" EP, where we added even more melody to our sound and put the main impact on thrash metal. We have spent the most of the last three years working on our third album and we were gigging sporadically. Now, the new album is coming and we can't wait to play and promote it!

3- How could you describe your sound?

It's really hard. Thrash metal is surely the main element of our music, but it's intertwined with influences from heavy & melodic death metal, sludge and of course also classic rock. We're trying to keep it as eclectic as we can - in most of the cases, playing in one straightforward style can be a bit boring.

4- What are the band’s main musical influences?

We have very diverse musical backgrounds. Misiek loves classic thrash in the vein of Metallica, Megadeth & Sepultura. Lewy is a very accomplished solo guitarist with a penchant for progressive playing, but he also likes thrash metal. Beton's main interest is in death metal and grindcore, but he also adores Pink Floyd. Lukass is also a death metal freak, but he really likes all kinds of good metal. I was a punk rocker in my teens and I still like to listen to this kind of music, but I'm really into all kinds of music from classical to black metal, putting the main accent on thrash/crossover though.

5- I have listened to the promo for the new album, sounds melodic and captivating, has the writing process become easier since the first release,"The Winter of My Heart" back in 2008?

I haven't been there when the debut was recorded, but from what I know the process was for Misiek and Chief to write the most of the music back then and Acid to add the lyrics and vocal parts. Now, it's a more collective process, where we discuss the arrangements together and everyone has an influence on the final outcome. I write all the lyrics though.

6- Does your band have a strong fan base in your town?

It would be a huge exaggeration to say that we have a cult following or a very strong fanbase here. We're one of tens - if not hundreds - bands in Warsaw. The people have a wide choice and they prefer to listen to many bands than just follow one very strongly. But yes, we do have quite a few big fans who have supported us for years - thanks guys!

7- How could you describe this upcoming album in just 3 words?

Anger, force, melody.

8- How was the production process for your new release?

It's been quite a long one, as we've recorded the drums in December 2014 (in JNS Studio, Warsaw) and closed up the final take on the vocals in the end of April this year. Apart from the drums, all the instrumentals have been recorded in Heinrich House, the studio of our producer and friend Filip "Heinrich" Hałucha of Vesania, Rootwater and Decapitated fame. The vocals were the hardest bit - we've recorded them in a span of a few weeks at Sonic Strike and Sound Division studios. Then, Heinrich took to mixing and mastering and in May we received the final master recording.

9- Is the band planning on doing any touring in support of the new music?

Yes! We're very keen to promote the new album and plan on touring in the summer and spring here around Poland. We don't have any details yet, but we're starting to work on next year's options.

10 – Finally, what are you near-future plans?

Promoting the record and touring as much as we can. The last album was a huge piece of work for us and we're not planning on recording anything new soon for sure. We also hope that the new album fares good abroad, maybe we can also do a few shows outside of Poland - that would be exciting.

11- Thanks so much for taking time to do this interview, any final thoughts?

Thanks to you! To all the readers - support your local scene, you're the ones keeping it alive!