Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Grunt (UK) - 'Codex Bizarre'

Grunt is a three piece band consisting of Boy-D - Drums and Vocals, Boy-G - Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals, Boy-Z - Bass and Electronics. Genre described as Grind. Band origin Liverpool, United Kingdom. 

Codex Bizarre album released on Bizarre Leprous Productions August 24 2015. I was not sure what to expect upon looking at the album cover and researching the band. Latex and grind, interesting combo. Keeping an open mind and letting my ears explore all aspect of underground music, I gave this one a spin. First of all, the production is very good, killer sounding drums, heavy guitars and stomping bass lines. Electronic samples that make you think of industrial music, but it is kept to a reasonable amount and done in a way that fits the level of brutality being projected. Grind is the main ingredient here and they deal it out in massive doses. The guitar player and drummer both handle the vocals, high and low trade off. The lyrics as you might aspect will leave you feeling a bit dirty. S&M, chains, whips, latex and domination. Songs like The Edge Play, Vassalage Grotesque and Teratoid Latex Feudalist are among the stand out tracks.     

In conclusion, punishing in every sense of the word. If you are into S&M, latex and grind then this is the band to fit all those needs. The music combines grind brutality and Electronic sampling in a way that I had not heard before, which makes this album worth checking out. ~Artemortifica