Sunday, November 29, 2015

Human Desolation - Mind Grind Paradigm

Human Desolation is a five piece band consisting of Vocals-Kristian Reunanen, Guitars-Fredrik Danielsson, Guitars-Fredrik Iggfors, Bass-Daniel Severinsson, Drums-Miika Hakomäki. Genre described as Melodic Death Metal. Band origin Stockholm, Sweden

Mind Grind Paradigm album self released on September 11 2015. Distributed by Nordavind Records, Plastic Head. First thoughts, heavy and melodic. Good sounding guitars. Tight and heavy drums. Bass has good tone overall. Aggressive vocal style. Reaching some spine shaking highs as well as punishing lows. The release is twelve songs in its entirety. Some of my favorites include "Fear and Loathing", it reminds me of old At The Gates music. The track "Desolation", sticks in my mind. It is an instrumental and I really enjoyed the riffs and its subtle build up. I played this one many times. The song "Frost Bite", is another powerful composition. Strong chorus and killer verses.  This particular song reminds me of Lamb of God.

In conclusion, the music does not break any new ground, but it is brutal and aggressive.