Thursday, November 12, 2015

Instigator - Bad Future

Instigator is a band consisting of various artist from bands Antichrist, Portrait, Devil Lee Rot, Trap, Autopsy Torment. Genre described as Speed/Heavy Metal.

Bad Future 7" vinyl EP to released on Gates of Hell Records 11 December 2015. So, this is a short but interesting EP. My first thoughts, the music seems to have teleported to the future from the early 80s heavy metal era. The lyric content on the other hand is futuristic. Awesome samples of sci-fi nightmares bring it all together. Tracks like "Inseminoid" bring the space battles and creepy sensations to mind. "Anabolic", is another track that can make you feel like you are traveling through some strange multi verse. The vocals are impressive and reach some intense highs, remind me of King Diamond or Rob Halford at times. The recording quality sounds like it came out of the 80s but, it adds to the overall feeling of the music. A decent amount of solos keep things interesting.

In conclusion, if you like early heavy/trash metal with sci fi themes, this one is worth checking out.