Coffincraft - In Eerie Slumber

Coffincraft is a three piece band consisting of N. - Guitars/Vocals, R. - Guitars, T. - Drums
Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Joensuu, Finland.

In Eerie Slumber album released on July 27, 2015 Memento Mori. My first thoughts, no nonesense straight to the throat death metal. After listening to this several times it transported my thoughts to the style of death metal coming out in the late 90s. The raw, cut to the bone riffing that initailly spark the flames in the underground. Nothing super complex, back to basiscs type of compositions. Think of bands like Entombed, Obituary, Sepultura and Gorguts.

It is a brutal and intense ride. Some of the more stand out songs would have to be "The Claimant", I revisited this song a few times. Ego pt.I is a good head bashing track. If that one does not get your blood running, then try Ego pt.II, its feautres a slow build up that eventually ends up kicking you in the gut.

In conclusion, if you like your metal in old school passion, then look no further. Eight tracks of destructive and devastating raw death metal.



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