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Vesperia - An Olden Tale

Vesperia is a four piece band from Canada. Members are Morgan Rider (Vocals, Bass), Casey Elliott (Guitar), Frankie Caracci (Guitar), Cory Hofing (Drums). Genre described as epic viking metal. Their latest full length album is "An Olden Tale" released in early 2013. The band has been around since 2005 and also released a full-length in 2011 titled ‘Voyage from Vinland and 2012 demo ‘The Swordsman. The new album begins with the track "1000 Years Ago" and sets a feeling of adventure and exploration. "With Omens of Sorrow", thunders in with some solid double kick work by drummer Cory Hofing. The vocals are aggressive and exhibit several ranges from low growl to high (black/metal style) pitch. One of my favorite songs is Bring Me The Triumph, this composition features a wide field of elements from heavy death metal style riffing to the folk metal arrangements and to tie it all together with very memorable solos. The title track "An Olden Tale" bu