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VØLUS Release New Song "The Breathing Reflection"

 Blackened death entity VØLUS has released a new track off its forthcoming album, Thrown to the Abyss. The song, titled "The Breathing Reflection," is streaming now, video below Thrown to the Abyss is a follow-up to Festering Anti-Cosmic Wound (2020) and Deadstar Illumination EP (2021). The album name is taken from the song "Thrown to the Abyss" VØLUS wrote back in 2018 on The Vermin Speak demo. Vargheist Records will release Thrown to the Abyss on June 11. Pre-order now at TRACK LIST: 1) Traverse the Arkhanspire 2) Immortal Ninth Tribunal 3) Antediluvian Watchers 4) Chronoblast Paradox 5) The Breathing Reflection 6) Black Flame of Purification 7) Temporal Pathways 8) Ascendance Incinerated Thrown to the Abyss was written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Justin Vølus, with mastering by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studio. Cover art by Dede Suhita. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Monasterium Lyric video for The Stigmatic

Polish Epic Doom Crew MONASTERIUM will release their third album, Cold Are The Graves, on June 10 via Nine Records.  A lyric video for album track "The Stigmatic"  Lyric video here   The vinyl LP version of Cold Are The Graves is set for September release. Cold Are The Graves follows 2019's acclaimed sophomore album Church of Bones, one that raised the bar even higher compared to the band's self-titled debut album. Cold Are The Graves includes eight heavy doom songs full of emotions, adventures, and epic myths.  On offer are classic heavy doom riffs in the vein of 80s masters like Candlemass and Manilla Road.   Track List: 1. The Stigmatic 2. Cimmeria 3. The Great Plague 4. Seven Swords Of Wayland 5. Remembered 6. The Siege 7. Necronomicon 8. Cold Are The Graves Line-up: Michał Strzelecki – vocals Tomasz Gurgul – guitars Filip Malinowski – bass Maciej Berniak - drums BIO Monasterium is a Polish band founded in 2014 and dedicated to epic heavy/doom metal. All members

Arsantiqva live performance Bourbon On Division 2022

 Arsantiqva performing live Chicago 

The Noctambulent live performance at Bourbon On Division 2022

 The Noctambulent performing live at Bourbon On Division in Chicago

Withering Soul live performance at Bourbon On Division 2022

Withering Soul Live performance at Bourbon On Division  About Withering Soul, crushing guitars, haunting soundscapes and spectral chants echoing themes of psychological horror and the supernatural. Withering Soul was founded by Krystofer (Guitars and Vocals), in what originally started as a side project, eventually developed into a full band. The band released its third full length album "Adverse Portrait" in June of 2015 through Mortal Music