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Destruction - Album Release 2012

Destruction-Spiritual Gxncdx - Strong title for the newly released album. The cover features The Butcher which was originally introduced on the ep "The Mad Butcher" from the year 1987. The new CD comes almost a year and a half since the release of "Day of Reckoning" in February 2011.  The album has been released through Nuclear Blast Records and includes only three members: Mike on guitars, Schmier on vocals and bass, and Vaaver on drums. Gerre and Tom Angelripper provide additional vocals, while Harry Heinrich Wilkens and Olly Kaiser contribute additional guitar solos and drums, respectively. The album also includes bonus tracks on the digipack version, including "Princess of the Night" and an alternative version of Carnivore. The album cover is filled with various elements, including surveillance cameras and a serpent-like creature in the background, which creates a rather ambitious design. The toxic green color of the cover gives off a sense of pollutio

Grand Magus - The Hunt and Update for their latest video

I recently discovered the band Grand Magus and their album "The Hunt" on Nuclear Blast. The album cover is impressive, featuring Frazetta-style artwork. The production quality is excellent, and the vocals are clear and easy to distinguish. While it's hard to categorize their music, It appears to be dropping under Doom, Stoner, or Sludgy Rock metal genre. However, this is a good thing as it shows they have a unique sound that stands out.  I was pleasantly surprised by the song "Son of the Last Breath". I initially anticipated it would get heavy immediately, but instead, it continued with a captivating melody and an amazing story being conveyed. The first track "Starlight Slaughter" influences Black Sabbath and Quiet Riot. I grew up listening to these bands and they made a big impression on me so it is a tremendous feeling to feel that type of vibe being expressed here  "Storm King" kicks off with a very engaging and catchy riff that leads into