Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Conceived By Hate exclusive interview

Its is a pleasure to introduce our readers to death metal band Conceived By Hate

1) Hello and welcome, please tell our readers a little about band? Where are you from? How did this group come to be? 

Hello, thanks for doing this interview. We are a death/thrash metal band from HELLSALVADOR in Central America, I started this band back in late 2002 when my other band DISORDER came to on hold situation. We have 6 official releases, first demo in 2005, 1 EP in 2009, first full-lenght in 2012 and then 3 splits per year since then with the bands NUCLEAR (Chile), DECEASED (United States) and AKHERON (Colombia).

2) How was the writing process conceived for this new material? Is it easier to compose music with the current line up? Who writes the material? 

Well, on this split release with AKHERON there are 3 original songs and a cover. The first one was composed by the bass player and I arranged the lyrics with the concept he wanted. The other 2 original songs were written by me (music and lyrics) and regarding those 2 songs process was the same as always for me, I usually compose music and lyrics at night or very early morning.

3) The previous music was also released in a split format, Inner Hate, Deceased and now Akheron, using this approach, is it better to reach people by collaborating with these bands? 

That was my vision in a way but also all these songs I just did not think were get along good in a full-lenght, so that is why also doing the splits was also a good idea for me. It is always easy and better to promote releases and the band with help of other bands involved in another countries.

4) Pestilence Reborn was released independently in 2012, was it harder to promote that album without label support? 

It has been always hard specially because of the country we are located, high shipping rates and not so known internationally as a strong metal scene. That record was released independently, but it was the same procedure, I mean I started my own label like 2 or 3 years ago but the difficulties are always the same, very hard.

5) How is the audience reception to your live performances? Any memorable experiences on the show circuit? 

Locally we have been playing more these couple of years and the reception is getting better as I see it but it would not change anything of my vision if it would be different but it helps of course to get budget for new releases because people purchase more stuff. Our scene is small and also the country is small so there are not many places on which you can play. I have been trying to setup a tour in Europe, but it has been difficult because of schedules and other stuff from some members, but I am still hunting this situation.

6) How is the death metal scene in your area? has it grown since your band became established back in 2005?  

No, this band was founded in 2002 but I have been present in the scene since 90s and as I stated before the scene is small since our country is small, also economical situation does not help neither for bands nor fans but we are standing playing this music no matter what. Yes I think today there are more metalheads than back in the 90s but I always say that I feel less passion and a lot of metal if you know what I mean, I cannot say it is good or bad but it is just how I see it and feel it.

7) Name some of  your most notable accomplishments? Any big bands that have shared the stage with you? 

For me the notable accomplishments are to be able to put out my music on vinyl, CD or any other format, this is fucking difficult in our country and just doing that is a big accomplishment. Also having our own recording studio is something I have always be investing since many years.

8) How difficult was it to get the band's music noticed in the beginning? 

Always that you start a band or a project it is very difficult that people get interested, I remember selling our first demo for $1 USD and still people was not willing to purchase they wanted it for free, this is what I said before I think in a way also in the 2000s there was not passion for purchasing local bands merch or releases but that was useful for me and the band since we focused in our thing and vision and not thinking about if people will like or not our coming songs or if people will purchase it or not.

9) With the release of the new split are there any tours or major shows in the works for 2015? 

Most of shows are locally, maybe Guatemala and there is something I am working for south america but it is difficult because of the budget and schedules but will continue working on that with or without the current line-up.

10) Are there any plans to play shows in USA?  

Unfortunately not yet, I have had a couple of offers but since most of us do not have USA VISA we cannot go there by now.

11) If  booking agents/news/press want to get in contact with you, what is the best way to reach the band? 

You can write me to morbidskullsv@gmail.com and I will get you in touch with our Manager.

12) Thanks so much for participating in my zine, the last lines are for you, any final thoughts? 

Thanks to you for the interest in doing this interview, thanks also to the people that read it and I hope you can reach our merch or material somewhere, support your local scene, cheerz from HELLSALVADOR!!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Corpse Garden Reveal Details of New Album 'Entheogen'

Corpse Garden, the five-piece death metal outfit from Costa Rica are proud to announce that their second album, Entheogen will be released this May 15th through both Russian Label Satanath Records and German Label RTM Productions.

The title Entheogen refers to a chemical substance that is often used in religious or spiritual practices to aim for transcendence. Vocalist Felipe Tencio elaborates further,

“We think [Entheogen] is what really describes the music and the sound we accomplished with this album as well as it being an analogy for the transformation the band suffered, and the lyrical concept. The lyrics go through each one of the seven operations of alchemical transformation and Carl Jung's studies on Individuation.”

Satanath Records Owner Aleksey had this to say on the label’s newest signing,

 “I like this young and talented band. Their music is mysterious and meets all the canons of the style that I love. The album spews out energetic and technical death metal with a delicious bass in the spirit of old school death metal. Yet Corpse Garden do not fixate on the [old school vibe] and thereby retain their originality. Verdict: It is impossible not to release!”

The Entheogen artwork was designed by Alexander L.Brown [BNB Illustration and Design].

Formed in 2009, Corpse Garden released one EP before settling down to record their debut full-length release Burnt By The Light [2012]. Riding high from the great response from their debut, the band powered on to win the Central American heat in the worldwide Wacken Metal Battle competition and represented the area at the 2012 Wacken festival in Germany. With a comprehensive line-up change in 2013 to what is their current set-up, Corpse Garden settled down to compose and write what would become Entheogen. Entering the Bushido Audio Production Studio in 2014 with producer Juan Pablo Calvo, the album was mastered by Eri Román at SoloHit Studios in San José.

'Entheogen' Track Listing
1. The Quantum Rapture
2. In the Womb of Chaos
3. Portal to the Oneiric
4. The Arrival of Saturn
5. Suspended Over the Abyss
6. Evoking a Dead Sun
7. Sulphur
8. Neux Ex Machina
9. The First Incarnation
10. A Balance of Opposites
11. The Emerald Vision
12. Red Pulvis Solaris
13. Enantiodromia

DEATHBLOW to release 'The Other Side of Darkness' EP April 21

Salt Lake City, UT Thrash Metallers DEATHBLOW will release new EP The Other Side of Darkness on April 21. The sophomore release continues the scorched earth campaign launched with 2014 debut full-length Prognosis Negative, upping the intensity level, sharpening the songwriting, and leaving any fan of true blue Thrash Metal in a state of pure bliss.

1. Beyond Obsession
2. Means To An End
3. The Other Side Of Darkness
4. Headless Throne
5. Death Wish

Stream the title track from The Other Side of Darkness at this location.

The Other Side of Darkness was recorded by Andy Peterson and DEATHBLOW. Peterson also handled mixing and mastering duties. Cover art comes courtesy of Andreas Marschall. The Other Side of Darkness is without question recommended for fans of KREATOR, SODOM, VOIVOD, and DESTRUCTION.

Monday, March 16, 2015

MUTANK Announce New Guitarist Jordan Kelly To Line Up

After co-founding member Steven "Steve-In" Breen decided to part ways with MUTANK in January to return to his hometown of St. John's, NL, the Montreal based thrashers and 2014 Wacken Metal Battle Canada winners found themselves in search of a new machine to fire up the fret boards.

In a statement issued by the band:
"The selection process wasn't easy by any means. Breen was such an enormous presence, regarding one a of a kind writing style, a flawless, yet savage stage performance and overall possessing the ideal chemistry the band needed to grow and evolve. 
We aren't just musicians in this band, we clearly are lunatics with instruments, and we need the type who can juggle swords and laugh about their scars later.
Standing apart during initial auditions was Jordan Kelly, a previous band mate of front man Stephen "Steve Out" Reynolds, also hailing from Newfoundland who had relocated to Montreal to further his musical career.
Being well versed in many underground styles, with a proven road ready dedication and drive with musical ability to match, the band decided on Jordan even before Breen had left Montreal. 
Keeping the "M.E.C.H. Metal" spirit as true as ever, MUTANK with our members current and past, are continuing to bust heads and wreak havoc on the scene. 
We had a lot of interest shown when Breen had made his choice to split final, and to those who had came down to audition - we say TANK MU! We are honoured to have had such great energy from distinctly styled guitarists who had tried out. 
Stay tuned for upcoming concert announcements, tonnes of heavy new music and more in the very near future. 
You've been warned......"

AD NAUSEAM to Release 'Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est

On March 31 Lavadome Productions will release Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est, the debut album from Italian quartet AD NAUSEAM. The album is bound to impress with its heaviness and destructive insanity. The eight technically complex, yet infinitely memorable tracks results in a timeless piece of Death Metal. Album track "My Buried Dream" is streaming here and "Terror Haze" here. Both tracks are also streaming on the label's YouTube channel.

The CD can be pre-ordered at this location. Digital pre-orders (with the above mentioned track streams) are being taken here.

1. My Buried Dream
2. Key To Timeless Laws
3. La Maison Diev
4. Into The Void Eye
5. Terror Haze
6. Lost In The Antiverse
7. The Black Veil Of Original Flaw
8. Superimposing Mere Will And Sheer Need

Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est was five years in the making and well worth the wait. The band has recorded and mixed the album in their own studio, even making some of its own equipment to capture the sound exactly as intended. The painstaking effort was driven by passion, energy, and creativity, collectively harnessed to ensure that mediocrity was crushed in the quest to create something relatively unique without abandoning familiar (and beloved) Death Metal constructs. Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Gorguts, Ulcerate, Hate Eternal, Deathspell Omega, Human Remains, Ved Buens Ende and other genre visionaries. Confidence and determination permeates the sound of this debut, as AD NAUSEAM succeeds in capturing a potent mixture of darkness, iniquity, and extreme aggression.  To discover Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est is to discover a rare Death Metal gem.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Lectern - Exclusive interview

It is a pleasure to introduce our readers to the band Lectern.

Hello and welcome, please tell our readers a little about the band? Where are you from? How did this group come to be?

Fabio- "Rome, Italy and active since 1999".

How was the writing process conceived for this new material? Is it easier to compose music with the current line up?  Who writes the material?

Fabio- "Enrico our guitarist. We spent more than two years, even the lyrics were ready, and a sketch for the artwork".

The previous ep's, Salvific Of Perhaps Lambent and Lectern were released independently, did these two releases gain much attention without label support?

Fabio- "No and yes. We did everything on our own, as promotion and live shows. It's difficult if you're not famous, if you haven't a manager, a label or an agency which make your interests on the market. For many reasons, bands failed. We're still here, after all this time, as the demonstration that even with all the troubles you can have, you
have to carry on!".

Fratricidal Concelebration is the bands' first full album, what is the meaning of the title?

Fabio- "The demon on the cover, has four arms and hands. Those represent the band, in a brotherish affection, in a blood tie. Horns are the omnipotence, fire eyes the ambition, claws and the demon stand for evil and the easy prey we're gonna chase!".

How is the audience reception to your live performances? Any memorable experiences on the show circuit?

Fabio- "In Finland we kicked some asses! Great experience, in Italy is different, outside, we'll see and I will tell you next time!".

How is the death metal scene in your area? Has it grown since your band became established back in 1999?

Fabio- "Yes. Now is full of bands. Everything is faster now, if you pay you could have the best sounds in great studios, the best instruments and promotion. If you have a computer you can record and print an album, doing a sort of promotion by yourself. At the end of the 90's you had to be a skilled musician, playing in awful rehearsal rooms and at the cheapest fares. We were behind more than the other countries and bands. Always United States, England and Germany were leading".

Name some of  your most notable accomplishments? Any big bands that have shared the stage with you?

Fabio- "Not so much!".

How difficult was it to get the band's music noticed in the beginning?

Fabio- "A lot, especially for the growing Internet approach. We used a lot demo-trades, and fanzines, we got used in a primitive way, if we think to that times today! Writing letters to the bands: who does this now? But it was the only way, and if you were lucky you could become someone!".

With the release of the new full length, are there any tours or major shows in the works for 2015?

Fabio- "We're booking something, there are many offers to be evaluated".

Are there any plans to play shows in USA?

Fabio- "I hope so, as my brother-in-law lives in California, Union City we are waiting for his invitation! Hey John, we're still there! Don't forget to mention us on your next book, sucker!".

If booking agents/news/press want to get in contact with you, what is the best way to reach the band?

Fabio- "With an e-mail at lectern@mail.com please".

Thanks so much for participating in my 'zine, the last lines are for you, any final thoughts?

Fabio- "Go, reverse the cross!".

Band members:
Fabio Bava: vocals, bass
Pietro Sabato: guitar
Enrico Romano: guitar
Marco Valentine: drums

Bisbetical (1999)
Salvific Of Perhaps Lambent (2010)
Lectern (2013)
Fratricidal Concelebration (2015)


Be sure to read the interview exclusive to this blog at this link Lectern-fratricidal-concelebration review

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fetid Zombie - Grotesque Creation

Fetid Zombie is a band conceived by artist Mark Riddick and various contributing musicians. Genre described as Death/Thrash Metal. Band origin; Leesburg, VA / USA.

Grotesque Creation album released on February 15th, 2015 Metalhit. My first impression, classic and intense death metal sounds. I spent several weeks listening to this album. To be honest this music resonates with me on all levels. Not just a standard death metal template of tracks. Each song has a certain character and substance and is memorable in its own way. At first, I did not expect it to be as monumental as it turned out to be. Take the song Into the Unknown, it starts like an early nineties metal song then it transcends into a darker and horror filled composition. The solo is great, simple and very memorable. I played this song numerous times. The title track "Grotesque Creation", features some creative bass lines than stand out in my head. In my mind this song is sure to be a classic. Some of the things that catch my ears are the subtle keyboards as well as creepy passages that resemble those of legendary horror film soundtracks such as those of Bava or Argento. Razor-Sharp Attack, I get a sense of thrash metal like that of Accept or Kreator. The Way of Mortality, the roots of early metal can be felt right from the start. Simple, yet very effective progression into some wicked sounding bass lines. Utterance of Doom (featuring Microcosm), the melodic passage half way into this song just mesmerizes me, then the solo comes in and just tops it off perfectly. The song that completely blew my mind away was "The Outstretched Hand of Rotten Death", it is an epic and devastating track. The beginning starts with a very melodic and intense bass line. The verse line comes in with a big solo that just makes my head move. The ending is by far the most moving piece of music for me, it conjures up images of all the classic horror films of the 80's and early nineties. I found myself playing this track over and over again and I can't say enough about it other than you have to experience it for yourself.

I have been a long time fan of Riddicks artwork and it is a pleasure to hear his music. It is just as amazing as his artwork and fits perfectly as a full package of horror and dark atmosphere.

For those interested to know who the contributing musicians on this project are, here is a quote right from the FZ facebook page Riddick regularly recruits special guest appearances by other distinct talents from bands like NUNSLAUGHTER, BONE GNAWER, ROTTING CHRIST, SWAMP, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA, LOCULUS, ARSIS, GRAVEWURM, DEVOURMENT, RUDE, HORRENDOUS, CRUCIFIER, SKELETAL SPECTRE, etc.

In conclusion, the music is raw to the bone like the early death metal recordings of bands like Grave, Hypocrisy, Sinister and Gorguts. Each song holds a certain characteristic that set them apart from each other. The album is certain to be a cult classic. Fans of the old school dm as well as the new comers to the underground music should most definitly add this to their collection. ~Artemortifica


Cyrax - Pictures

Cyrax is a five piece band consisting of Marco Cantoni - Lead Vocals, Filippo Ferrari - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Paolo Musazzi - Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Cesare Ferrari - Bass, Lorenzo Beltrami - Drums. Genre described as heavy/Power/Prog/Thrash/Industrial Metal. Band origin Milano, Italy.

Pictures album to be released on March 31st through Bakerteam Records. Here we have nine tracks of power and progressive themes. A combination of both metal and melodic arrangements. The vocals and chorus parts are very elaborate. For example the song The 7th Seal, features choir type of chorus along with high screams and a dash of can be best describe as Merciful Fate style of vocals, very well executed. In terms of production, it is excellent, with all the different instruments. Everything is solid and pronounced. Some of my favorite tracks would be Oedipus Rex, These Greenvalleys and Shine Through Darkness pt. I, II, III. Complex and melodic solos can be found in each and every passage. Another thing that catches my ears is the amount of twist and turns you will hear. Rather than a standard format of song arrangements, there are some clever compositions that will keep you guessing as to what you will hear next. 

In conclusion, the music covers a wide field of genres and does it without any effort. Everything flows together well and with powerful intention. ~Artemortifica


Tristana - Virtual Crime

Tristana is a five piece band consisting of Peter Wilsen- vocals. Laco Krabac- bassguitar. Dusan Homer- guitar. Andrea Almasi- keyboard. Roman Elevo Lasso- drums. Genre described as alternative metal. Band origin Povazska Bystrica.

Virtual Crime album will be released on March 31st 2015 on Bakerteam Records. This release contains eleven high energy songs. My first thoughts, progressive and melodic. The music delivers catchy riffs and great vocalization. The compositions contain elements of industrial metal and gothic metal overtones. Some of the tracks that resonated with me the most would have to be, Beg for Death, Killer, Hunting Fever and Wasted Time. The vocals have many different characteristics, clean singing, high and low screams, all done in all the right locations within the arrangements. The track Wasted Time would be a good example of this. The progressive melodies catch my attention, these are very talented musicians. This will be the bands third full length album and it sets a new level for them. 

In conclusion, a powerful and melodic adventure with a variety of keys and strings to keep your mind occupied through out the ride. I recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Fear Factory, Imperia, Dark Tranquility and Insomnian. 


Triumvir Foul - An Oath of Blood and Fire

Triumvir Foul is a two piece band consisting of Cedentibus - Drums. Ad Infinitum - Guitars, Vocals. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Portland, Oregon.

An Oath of Blood and Fire EP released on vinyl March 20th 2015 through Third eye Temple. This was previously out on limited 100 cassette edition independently. The music is raw to the bone. Memories of the old ancient sounds of the dm genre come creeping into mind. The production quality is not the best, but it adds texture to the overall atmosphere. The Vacuum of Knots is a good way to introduce the listener to this morbid abyss. Brutal vocal work and blast beats. Abhorrent Depths, this track reminds me of old Dismember or Monstrosity. Silence Continuum, the main riff in this song is catchy and brutal. I would have to say it is one of my favorites from this EP. Finally, Embalmed (Autopsy cover) closes our journey. Spine shaking solo work the like of old Sepultura Schizophrenia recording. Crushing and devastating.

In conclusion, the tentacles of the dark side come pouring through the speakers from song to song. The EP carries the spirit of the old school methods of brutality. Fans of the original dm gereneration as well as the younger new comers will find something to enjoy in this recording.~Artemortifica


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Deprive - Into Oblivion

Deprive is a one man band consisting of Erun Dagoth - All instruments / Vocals. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Santander.

Into Oblivion album released on Momento Mori January 25 2015. My first impression, the roots of death metal are clearly a huge influence. The music reminds me of my younger years when I listen to death metal for the first time. Bands like Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Sinister, Hypocrisy and Gorguts come to my mind. In terms of production, compared to what is out there now, this is not the best sounding by all means but its gritty raw quality adds a certain feeling of those nostalgic old school albums which I enjoy very much. The most notable tracks for me would have to be Fall of Entropy, Infamous Ossuary of Tribulation, An Oath of Necrotical Mist and Into Oblivion. Solid sounding guitar rhythms and intense drumming. 

In conclusion, the sounds of the old school death metal lives on in this album. The solos and compositions are worth banging you head to. ~Artemortifica


Odota - Fever Marshal

Odota is a one man project. It is the creation of Jarmo Nuutre. Genre described as Black metal, Experimental, Psychedelic. Band origin Tallinn.

Fever Marshal album released independently on December 2nd, 2014. My first impression, obscure and dark. Seven tracks of mayhem and experimentation. The production quality is very raw and gritty. The drums are more in the background and the guitars have slight distortion, the vocals are upfront and high on reverb. All the production aside. The music is black metal to its roots. Think of those rare hard to find sounds, bands like Bathory, Xasthur and Laviathan come to mind. Intrigued, as I always am with solo artist. My exploration into this music is very open. Songs like Cannon and Staked Plains resonate with me. The ability of the compositions to take you into certain dark realms, if you are willing to pay attention. I enjoy the way all the parts are arranged. It is a big undertaking to play all the instruments and have them sound cohesive through out the entire length of the album. I always admire how a single person can achieve what usually takes three to five people to do. The gritty and raw nature only adds to the atmosphere and texture of the songs, which I enjoy very much.

In conclusion, a well executed and projected vision of darkened paths. The album features songs that contain a unique character to themselves. Fans of obscure, experimental b/m should add this to their collection. ~Artemortifica


LOUDRAGE release new lyrics video

Romanian Groovy Death Metal band LOUDRAGE released their first lyrics video for the track Insane, a DIY work by the band. Insane is taken off the band's latest demo, Undead Crawlers, available for free streaming and download below


LOUDRAGE recently released another DIY video for the track "Living Dead" (taken from the "Undead Crawlers" 2014 demo) as tribute to the titan of Horror, George A. Romero.

"Living Dead" also features Adi "OQ" Neagoe from Negura Bunget on guitars.
"Undead Crawlers"

Bloodscribe - Prologue To The Apocalypse

Bloodscribe is a five piece band consisting of Jasan - Vocals. Joe - Guitar. Mike - Guitar. Jesse - Drums. Dennis - Bass. Genre described as Death Metal-Slam. Band origin Boyle Heights.

Prologue To The Apocalypse album released on February 10 2015 through Gore House Productions. My first thoughts, this album crushes and shakes the walls down. Their sound is monstrous and will get your blood pumping. I listen to this album for several weeks. The productions is solid. Excellent distortion sound on low tuned guitars. The bass pummels and drums brutalize everything in sight. The vocals are guttural and demonic. I enjoyed listening to this record from start to finish. The tracks that most resonated with me would have to be Burning Bridges, Kingdoms Fall, Castrating Humanity and In Ruins. The riffs are catchy and well written. At times, somewhat technical but they have a way of ripping through your skull with their aggressive nature. Enslaved By Deceptions and Pantheon Of Lies contain some brutal twist and turns and will make the audience go berzerk in a live situation.

In conclusion, do not pass this up. The album is heavy and devastating. Good sound quality and catchy tracks will make you want to break stuff. 


The Kill - Kill Them All

The Kill is a three piece band consisting of, Jay - Blastasfuk. Roby - Axe. Nik - Abuse
Genre described as Grindcore. Band origin Melbourne, Australia

Kill Them All album released on January 3rd, 2015 Blastasfuk Records. Raw and destructive sounds. The songs are fast and will punch you straight in the face. The album features nineteen tracks and they go by quickly. Some of the stand out tracks for me would have to be Into the Drink, Lunch in QLD, Heavy Metal Professional and Smooth and Shiny. In terms of the production, this is one solid record, heavy guitar tones, destructive bass sound and crushing drums. There are also a couple of covers, The Pulsating Feast... (Regurgitate cover) and Metal Thrashing Mad (Anthrax cover). You can also hear thrash metal type riffs along with all the grind. Many of the compositions never even reach two minutes. The longest one would be the opening track Insults which is close to three minutes long.

In conclusion, don't let this one pass your radar. Catchy and speedy riffs are worth checking out. I recommended for fans of Brutal Truth, Phobia and Nasum.


Unrest - Grindcore

Unrest is a three piece band consisting of  Brooks Wilson, Chris Grigg, Steve Jansson. Genre described as Grindcore. Band origin Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Grindcore album released on March 24, 2015 through Unspeakable Axe Records. It has been several weeks now since I began to explore this release. The brutality levels are set to maximum. The speed and sheer adrenaline of their music is evident in each and every song. If you blink once you might miss a few. Songs like, You Take, Consumption and Protest Culture are among my favorites. In terms of production, the quality is very good. Heavy crunchy guitar tones and solid drum sound comes across very devastating. The lyrics are anti corporation and social unrest which fit perfect with the style being projected. False Brotherhood, Identity in the Internet Age and Protest Culture touch on those issues. If anyone wonders about the title of the album it is a safe bet to say they deliver just that "Grindcore". 

In conclusion, an intense and crushing ride. No dull moments and the album lives up to its title. Recommended for fans of Braindrill, Brutal Truth, Phobia, Agnostic Front and Degenerhate.


Nailgun Massacre - Boned, Boxed And Buried

Nailgun Massacre is a five piece band consisting of, Juggernaut-Bass. Hairybucks-Drums. Meataxe Guitars. Bonesaw-Guitars. Corpsechucker-Vocals. Genre described as Death metal. Band origin Leiden Netherlands.

Boned, Boxed And Buried album released on January 10th 2014, Xtreem Music. I have been playing this album for a few weeks now. Each song is a horror story. The music in terms of production resembles the early nineties dm albums like Entombed, Dismember, Grave, Gorefest and a few others from that era. The lyrics are the main focus for me, when I listen to the album. Being a horror movie fan, these songs resonate with me. Imaging some brutal, gorry and macabre scenes of violence from movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Saw. Except with a much better story line. The concepts contained in the tracks Mad Road Killer, Casket Full of Fun and Meat Locker could easily be scripted into horror films. This record can be played from start to finish without any dull moments. The relentless attack of mayhem keeps you on the edge of your seat. The stories are well prepared and it is easy to place the scenes in your mind as you listen. The music is straight forward death metal, nothing complex or technical. Bands like Gwar, Macabre and Mortician seem to have a big influence as far as the gore splatter aspect.

In conclusion, the sheer madness and execution of their style sets them apart from the typical death metal. The vocalist Corpsechucker emanates different styles in story telling and delivery of low, high and just plain demonic tortures of words. I recommended for fans of horror, gore and just plain bloody fun stories. ~Artemortifica


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kataplexy announces new line up.

Recent news from Chicago's Kataplexy- line up announcement.

"So while we are still auditioning drummers, we figured it would be a great idea to beef up the Kataplexy sound by adding a second guitarist to the mix. This role will be filled by none other than current 'Plexy bassist, Joel Sandoval! Joel has been itching to play guitar for a while now, so this was a perfect opportunity. 
Obviously this leaves us without a bass player, so we've decided that current 'Plexy vocalist Paul Garcia will add bass duties to his responsibilities. Paul has played bass in numerous Chicago death metal bands, so this was naturally a perfect fit. Current 'Plexy guitarist Mike Mayborne will continue to play guitar and smoke fat bowls. 
So there you have it. New guitar player, new bass player, still not gonna announce the new drummer for a couple weeks just to keep y'all guessing.

Thanks for reading and GRIND ON!"

Merch kataplexy-storenvy

Upcoming show

Monday, March 9, 2015

Dead Cold Reunite After 4 Year Hiatus

The Dead Cold return with a renewed line up and song roster ready to showcase their fury at Rendezvous Pub  on March 21st with Dieuponaday, Exes for Eyes (Montreal), Surrender To Reason, Appraise The Peril. Since adding new members to the Edmonton Death Metal group, their sound has been evolving tenfold. Members of the band are no strangers to the metal scene in Alberta with members ranging from notorious metal bands Kriticos,Death Toll Rising and Into Eternity.
“The Dead Cold has been a labour of love for many years. Despite some minor setbacks, Andrew and I have always kept this band a priority in our lives due to the positive environment we have created with it. We are excited to bring back our band with new members Cyn Mercredi, Brad Fife and Helge Lipphardt. We have revitalized our sound, our message and we cannot wait to destroy the Rendezvous with our friends on March 21!” -BRYAN NEWBURY, (Death Toll Rising, Into Eternity, The Dead Cold)

visit the event page here facebook.com/events/644316192362775/

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blacksteel Compilation: AGE OV BLACKNESS (VOL. I)

The extreme Metal compilation album was released in 66 copies Limited Edition through BLACKSTEEL MUSIC.
If you love extreme Metal, you cannot miss it!
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Lectern - Fratricidal Concelebration

Lectern is a four piece band from Italy. Members include, Fabio Bava: vocals, bass. Enrico Romano: guitar. Pietro Sabato: guitar. Marco Valentine: drums. Genre described as Death metal

Fratricidal Concelebration album released on Sliptrick Records February 2015. My first thoughts, this is a full adrenaline ride. The sheer brutality comes through on each and every song. Madness and destruction awaits the unsuspecting listeners. The death metal roots are evident through the entire opus. Tracks like Labial Of Inveigher, Pulpit Of Tormentation and Deign Of Ceremonier are technical and yet carry certain melodies that are catchy and will have you moving your head. One of my favorite song would have to be Falsifier Bribed In Desanctification, it reminds me of old Pestilence. The solos are awesome and the riff arrangement is complex but still manages to bring the feeling of the old school DM across. In terms of production, this is a crushing sounding release. Drums are destructive with hyper blast beats and monsterous double kick action. Heavy distorted guitar tones with fluid sounding solos. 

In conclusion, aggressive and punishing sounds that is pure to the underground. Fans of the old school dm as well as the new generation of metalheads will want to add this one to their collection. Bands similar to their style would be Malevolent Creation, Atheist, early Slayer, Monstrosity, Gorguts, Grave and Pestilence. ~Artemoritifca 


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Devast - Into Decimated Reality

Devast is a four piece band from Algeria. Members include Idir : Guitar/Vox, Frank (Draconum Oth): Drums, Markos : Vox, Nicolas Soto: Bass. Genre is described as Technical Brutal Death Metal.

Into Decimated Reality album released on March 10 2015 on Gore House Productions. Here we have nine tracks of pure mayhem and devastation. Speed and precision are spot on playing on every composition. Savage low guttural vocals sound tremendous, the rage is felt on every phrase. In terms of production the quality is top notch. Crushing guitar tones and powerful drumming on a high level. 

Songs like "Radical Excruciation Concept", "Cruel Methods Of Punishment" and "Condemned And Slaughtered Unmercifully" are among my favorite. With many twist and turns, each song never gets dull or boring. In fact, they keep the listener intent as to what might come next. Blistering grinds and unexpected tempo changes make the songs interesting and make you want to explore them in more depth.

My final thoughts, a solid and brutal second album by this band. Technical yet catchy rhythms keep the listener intent from the first song to the last. Fans of Malevolent Creation, Dying Fetus, Sinister, Gorgasm, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Immolation would want to add this disc to their collection. ~Artemortifica


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bloody-Disgusting.com Premiere Black Doom ÉOHUM's New Song 'Equatorial Rains'

Montreal, QC black doomers Éohum (pronounced ee-o-um) have teamed up with Bloody-Disgusting.com to premiere their latest track 'Equatorial Rains' from their upcoming debut 'Revelations, Aurora Of An Epoch' due out on April 7th via Mycelium Networks as a pay what you want release here

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Manum Diaboli Art - Exclusive interview

It is with great pleasure to introduce the feature artist for the month of March 2015 Gediminas Kiaune of Manum Diabolus Art

1) Hello and welcome, please tell our readers a little about yourself? Where are you from? What is your current occupation?

Greetings. My name is Gediminas Kiaune of Manum Diabolus Art. I am from a small country and it is called Lithuania. At this moment, I am working as an freelance illustrator.

2) When did your interest in drawing begin?

I had started to draw at the age of 10 years old. My talent was noticed by primary school teacher.

3) Looking at your artwork it seems black metal oriented, was there a point in time when that became your dominant form of art? If so, what band or artist inspired you first?

My drawings are focused on the Black Metal music, but it's not a problem to draw for Death Metal etc. I started to draw on this topic recently. I am inspired by black metal groups as Nahash (Occult Black Metal from Lithuania) Deathspell Omega and Blut aus Nord. The subject of drawings depends on the customer's wish.

4) How has having a page that is dedicated to your art helped get you more clients? When did you decide it was time to have a separate site for your work?

My own page has helped me to find new clients and to draw for bands. I was encouraged by person from Inferna Profundus Records, I am very grateful to him. (facebook-MDArt666)

5) How many bands have you done t-shirt art for?

Well I don't have very much, because I started to draw designs around December 2014 . I have made hand drawn designs for T-shirts to 5 bands and CD covers for 3 bands. 

6) How many logos have you drawn in the past few years? Are most of the logos for bands or record labels?

I have created logos for record labels, bands and other organizations. Mostly, I'm drawing for record labels.

7) Name some of  your most notable accomplishments? Any big bands that have used your work?

The greatest achievement was probably the graphic designs to bands such as Mortifera from France and The Noctambulant from USA. I might be able to work with Tsjuder band. I look forward to a response from them.

8) Name some of the Zines or E-zines that have featured your artwork?

At this moment, no, but my drawings will be in Lithuanian zine - Mass Hypnosis.

9) What are your aspiration and goals 2015? What are your current projects?

In 2015, I am planing to create a lot. At this moment I do not have a clients, so I draw for my own pleasure, to supplement my gallery.

10) If any bands/labels/zines etc.. want to get in contact with you, what is the best way to reach you?

The best way to contact me is to write a personal message to the facebook-MDArt666 or write to e-mail - manumdiaboliart@gmail.com

11) Thanks so much for participating in my zine, the last lines are for you, any final thoughts?

It was a great honor to answer to your questions. I hope somebody will show interest in my drawings.