Friday, January 29, 2016

An Argency - Through Existence

An Argency is a five piece band from Minsk. Genre described as Sympho blackened deathcore.

Through Existence album to be self released on January 29 2016. The band recently formed in 2015. This is their debut album. Considering how long they have been a band this recording is very tight and well arranged. The opening track is epic and will quickly grab your attention. A powerful performance is delivered and the amount of brutality is set at a high level. Some of the influences I do hear in the songs would be bands like At The Gates, Lamb Of God and Chimera. Although, they do have their own characteristics being express with an orchestral atmosphere they are projecting. Some of the more stand out songs from this album would have to be "False Recognitions", heavy guitar riffing and memorable passages. "The Final Conclusion", this particular track reminded me of the early Fear Factory albums, very well structured and the harmonies combined with heavy breakdowns make this one worth spinning several times.

In conclusion, if you are looking for something with unsuspected twist and turns along with orchestral atmosphere, then this an album worth checking out. 


Horrified - Of Despair

Horrified is a four piece band consisting of Dan Alderson - Guitars/ Vocals, Rob Hindmarshh - Guitars, Dan Hughes - Bass, Matthew Henderson - Drums. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin, UK.

Of Despair album to be released on Stormspell Records March 25 2016. After listening to the first three songs it was evident that the band plays old school death metal. Like a long flashback of raw brutality. The production has the same feeling. The relics of the past come creeping back and remind me of old Monstrosity, Napalm Death, Grave and Gorguts. With this release, the group offers us eight tracks that push forward that malevolent force. Among all the devastation and chaos that's heard, I do have a few stand out tracks worth mentioning. The title track "Of Despair", not a super fast composition, rather a mood setter and by mood I mean oppressed feeling. Filled with memorable harmonies and great solos, sort of in the vein of the band Hypocrisy. "The Ruins That Remain" is another song that manifest influence of Exodus or Carcass. 

In conclusion, the old school phantoms are resurrected in vivid form. If you like the early nineties death metal era, then this album is a must for your collection.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Show Me Wolves - The World They Took Over

Show Me Wolves is a one man band consisting of Hörður Lúðvíksson. Genre described as Metal, Black/Deathmetal, Prog, Metalcore. Band origin Reykjavík.

The World They Took Over album released on False Beings Productions January 16, 2016. To my unsuspecting ears the intro to this album was a nice surprise. It reminded me of a soundtrack you might find in an early 70's horror film. Haunting and captivating. When the music starts you automatically know its going to be intense black metal. Composing all the melodies within the chaos is no easy task, but he manages to mix it all together in magnificent way. The song"Mother" is an interesting piece musically. The dissonant scales and vocals steer away from the black metal style and steadily become more progressive as you listen. Honestly, it is a good variety to have and shows the level of talent this musician has. My favorite track from this release would have to be "Exit The Realm Of The Living", it is a powerful song that is both cryptic and memorable, it is one of those songs that you can listen to over and over again and never get tired of it.

In conclusion, this album will please most black metal fans and there is enough melodies to keep things interesting for other listeners. The World They Took Over, is a must for your collection.


Foret D' Orient - Venetia

Foret D' Orient is a five piece band consisting of, Emiliano Rigon (Drums/Keys/Lyrics)- Marco Barolo (Bass/Keys/Lyrics) - Sonia Dainese (Harp) - Roberto Catto (Vocals). Genre described as Melodic Black Metal, Classical, Folk. Band origin, Italy.

Venetia album released on Visionaire Records 5 January 2016. My first thoughts are, epic and classical. The merging of brutality with progressive and melodic elements. On this release the band offers us six songs to mesmerize our thoughts with memorable and complex compositions. A combination of classical modes and orchestral atmospheres. The song "Sogno De Vis", begins with a moderate pace then slows into a catchy and memorable clean strumming guitar along with some captivating clean vocals. My absolute favorite song would have to be "Dominio Da Mar", entirely played on strings and keys. The melody is one that can slowly creep into your mind and enthralled you with its magnificence.

In conclusion, if you want to experience an adventure filled with heavy orchestral phrases and melodic interludes then you will want to add this to your collection.


Sicada - Requisition

Sicada is a four piece band consisting of Louis Adipietro - Vocals / Guitars. Chris Martinez - Guitars, Anthony Costanzo - Bass. Anthony Adipietro - Drums. Genre described as Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal. Band origin N.Y., USA.

Requisition EP to be released on Tridroid Records 12 February 2016. My initial thoughts are, full of energy, fast and progressive. The album starts out with a melodic riff then quickly brings in the heaviness. In terms of production, the drums have a well balance mix, tight snare and solid double bass kicks. Warm guitar tone make the characteristics of the verses easy to comprehend. Some of the musical influences that I hear include bands like Wrath, Overkill, Flotsam and Jetsam or just an early thrash metal style of riffing. Particularly the tracks "Black Sheep" and "No Reprieve", take a flashback to the early metal days which is enjoyable to my ears. My favorite song from this release would have to be the title track "Requisition", I enjoy the bass parts the most, it is a prominent factor in the main structure of this song and simply rips. 

In conclusion, if you like metal that comes from the roots of the genre, then this is for you.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Entropia - Ufonaut

Entropia is a five piece band consisting of  U – Guitars, vocals and drive. L – Drums and tempo. T – Bass, vocals and depth. R – Synth and colour. A – Guitars and tone. Genre described as psychedelic. Band origin Poland.

Ufonaut album to be released on Arachnophobia Records 15 February 2016. From the opening track you can tell that the music is not your standard by the book writing style. Instead the band explores the outer realms, sort of speak. Yes, there are blast beats and grinds but, the way they structure their progressions offer the listener off-time and dissonant time signatures and they blend well together. Like a mad scientist exploring new theories. One of the heavy hitters from this release would be the title song "Ufonaut", the drums are a big highlight on this track. Thunderous rolling toms deliver massive blows of brutality. Crushing double kicks and cryptic riffs. To be honest the entire album sounds excellent to me. Another song worth checking out would be "Mandala", it provides a chaotic and devastating ride of sonic proportions and Paradox, listening to this is like being ripped to shreds in outer space.

In conclusion, if you are looking for something refreshing, heavy and climatic, then look no further, you will find it in this album.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cult Of Erinyes - Transcendence

Cult Of Erinyes is a three piece band consisting of Corvus-lead and rhythm guitar, bass, keys. Mastema-vocals. Algol-bass, rhythm guitar. Baron-lead guitar. Genre described as black metal. Band origin Belgium.

Transcendence EP to be released on Caverna Abismal Records February 29 2016. The amount of oppressive and haunting music this EP delivers is very potent. "Degrees of Solitude" starts things of and it grabs you by the neck pulling you deep into the void. In terms of production, the drum sound is killer, good cymbals and powerful double kicks. The guitars cut through really well and the rhythms are catchy and clear. Some of the influence I hear would be bands like The Cold Beyond, Belphegore, Samael and Bathory. The title track "Transcendence" hits a certain dark atmosphere. You can get a sense of a deeper ambiance with dissonant chord progressions. The third and final song is a cover by Mayhem "Pagan Fears", they present a powerful and devastating performance of this song. If you want to get your face ripped off, I suggest cranking this one up past ten. 

In conclusion, a short but destructive and penetrating EP. If you like raw, relentless and evil b/m then this is the release for you.


Second To Sun - Ladoga Master exclusive streaming!

Second To Sun brand new single "Ladoga Master" exclusive streaming. The band impressed many listeners with their album First Chapter. This is their latest offering and it delivers a heavy blow. You can read my review of First Chapter at this location.

Second to Sun, Russian-based metal band, was formed in 2012. It’s members (Vladimir Lehtinen-guitar player/mastermind) and Fedor Borovsky (drums) play metal and hardcore instrumental music and one of the most inherent features of their oeuvre is the Finno-Ugric culture and also the blackened atmosphere in their songs.



Monday, January 25, 2016

Exterminas - Dichotomy

Exterminas is a five piece band consisting of Eskathon - Guitars (ex-Impiety), Moloch - Guitars , Raven - Drums , Skoll - Bass , Februus - Voice. Genre described as Black Metal. Band origin Italy.

Dichotomy album released on November 11th, 2015 Satanath Records. The menacing sounds of chaos come roaring through my headphones. There are no crazy intros or atmosphere setters. The music starts immediately with "Gods Hammer", which is something I really enjoy. The guitar riffs penetrate with vicious intent. Some of the influences I may note would be Krisium, Sadistic Intent, Celtic Frost and Asphyx. This release offers us eight devastating tracks of savage manifestation. Among my favorites would have to be "Swallowing The Gravity", it has a catchy title and heavy blast beats stick in my mind. Another song high on my list is "Upheaval Seems Anathema", this particular composition comes at you like a ravenous beast with its claws held high. Fast blast and sudden changes make this a powerful track worth playing several times.

In conclusion, the group delivers massive doses of malevolence with no survivors left behind.


Shivers Addiction - Choose Your Prison

Shivers Addiction is a five piece band consisting of MARCO-Guitar, GINO-Guitar, FABIO-Bass Guitar, ANGELO-Drums. Marco-Vocals. Genre described as metal. Band origin Saronno.

Choose Your Prison album released on Revalve Records on December 21st 2015. The roots of metal are very evident upon first listening to this. Since this past week I was flooded with all types of death metal and black metal releases, getting my ears to break away from all that was a welcome change. In terms of production, this is a well recorded performance. Good drum sound and excellent guitar tones.
Some of the bands that come to my mind as I listen to this album would be Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, UFO and Merciful Fate. The vocals on every track are amazing. The vocalist can hit a wide range of tones from a variety of octave spectrum. In total the band offers us eleven tracks with the song "Painted Arrow", having a second version featuring Evelyn. One of my favorite songs would be "Freedom", I liked the chorus lines and solos are fast and fluid.

In conclusion, complex melodies and a sound capturing the pure essence of metal. 


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Destroyers Of All - Bleak Fragments

Destroyers Of All is a five piece band consisting of João Mateus (Vocals), Alexandre Correia (Guitar), Guilherme Busato (Guitar), Bruno da Silva (Bass), Filipe Gomes (Drums). Genre described as Thrash/Death/Progressive Metal. Band origin Portugal.

Bleak Fragments album to be released on 18 March 2016 Mosher Records. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the dual guitar parts. Complex and well executed. The solos rip. Fast, melodic and intense. A great production, powerful drums, heavy bass tone and heavy guitar distortion. There is also some epic keyboard parts. For example, in the track "Hollow Words", you can hear some epic keys that are reminiscent of Fleshgod Apocalypse or Children Of Bodom. The band also does creative transitions from fast and brutal to melodic without much effort. You can hear some interesting change ups in the song "Hate Through Violence", not the best title but the music works perfectly and offers a variety of elaborate song structures reminding me of the band Death. Another  strong contender that should be mentioned is the title track "Bleak Fragments", many complicated arrangements hit the senses but are catchy and memorable. The bass player does a lot of intense riffing too, which is awesome to hear on an album. It adds an extra dimension to all the maniacal progressions we hear in this opus.

In conclusion, if you like your metal progressive, melodic with many twist and turns, then this is the album for you.


Foul Body Autopsy - Perpetuated By Greed

Foul Body Autopsy is a one man band consisting of Tom - Guitar, Vox, Drum Programming.
Genre described as Blackened Death Grind. Band origin Leicester City.

Perpetuated By Greed album to be released on Grindscene Records / Comatose Music 
26 February 2016. One of the things that struct me the most upon listening to this was the flurry of notes coming from the guitarist. This is some intense scale work with precise execution. By the time I realized it, I was already listening to the third song "Chewed up by The Machine", this song is just massively crushing and a relentless battery to the senses, reminds me of Dying Fetus or Obscura. I enjoy how quick the songs are are. Nothing is wasted. Catchy short riffs that deliver the intense feeling and leave you wanting more. "Devoid of Humanity" is another powerful song that hits you like a sledgehammer before you can even blink. 

In conclusion, the entire album kicks ass. A fast and furious approach works really well. This is brutal death metal done right, without any filler, just a savage blow of intensity that leaves the listener wanting more.


Wrathrone - Born Beneath

Wrathrone is a five piece band consisting of Lauri Holm - Guitars. Matti Vehmas - Vocals. Pekka Wärri - Bass. Mikael Ruoho - Drums. Vili Mäkinen - Guitars & Backing Vocals. Genre described as Death Metal.
Band origin Laitila. 

Born Beneath album released on Inverse Records January 22nd 2016. This album does not waste anytime and gets directly to the intensity. No intros, just dives right in with brutality. A solid production with powerful drum sound, heavy distorted strings, low guttural vocals mixed with some highs from time to time. Some of the influences I hear in the music would be Beheaded, Six Feet Under, Brutal Truth, Death and Decapitated. While there is no new ground being explored, the music is energetic and the execution of punishing riffs will delight the majority of metalheads looking for some new tunes with an edge. Among my favorite would have to be "Born Beneath", the ending riff is sure to get your head moving and "Age of Decadence", strikes you like a punch to the gut, very aggressive delivery.

In conclusion, heavy doses of death metal come at you like strong waves and the album is definitely worth exploring if you like getting your face melted by heavy compositions.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Missa Mortvm - Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis

Missa Mortvm is the work of Ots - All Instruments in Studio. Live performance band members consisting of, Ots - Drummer and Vocalist Live. AJ. - Bass Studio & Live. Marbas - Guitar Live. H.L. - Guitar Live. Genre described as Black metal. Band origin Santiago, Chile.

Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Eis album released on August 22, 2015 Satanath Records. My first thoughts, music that captures the essence of desolation and fierce aggression in all its forms. They offer us five devastating and captivating songs with melodies that will haunt you in your dreams at night. The feeling of despair is a difficult one to manifest in song but they seemed to be able to do it effortlessly and with crushing results. Along with the magnificent and enthralling guitar parts, we also have blistering blast beats laying the ground work for all of this to be exhibited in a proper manner. The vocals are low to mid high but are done really well and you can almost feel a demonic tone in its delivery. Out of all five compositions the ones that really stood out the most were "Cantos Profanos",  its a great track and captures most of the elements the band is projecting in their music. In particular, the middle of the song, when the melody comes in, it really perked my attention and it is easy to get involved in its enthrallment. "Ire Viam De Lumine", is another great contender and is a perfect way to leave the listeners wanting more.

In conclusion, if your are looking for some dark and malevolent music with feeling of bleak desolation then look no further, this is the album you must add to your collection.


Temisto - Temisto

Temisto is a two piece band consisting of Leo Ekström Sollenmo and Sebastian Lindbom Gunnari.  Genre described as death metal. Band origin Sweden.

Temisto album to be released on Pulverised Records February 26 2016. Deep from the deepest part of the void comes this massive beast of sonic devastation.  Set with a good amount of blast beats and creative tempo changes. The song "Abyssal Depths", is reminiscent of the band Atheist from the early nineties in the way they approach their compositions. The transition from heavy to melodic with a sort of complex tempo change is a clever exhibition of their abilities. "The Ritual", is a creepy and enthralling song and is worth spinning several times. "Demiurge", is another strong contender. The song has a way of embedding in your mind and can feel like a bleak and isolated type of emotion with its dissonant chords and clean strumming on the guitar. 

In conclusion, the album contains many dark passages and layers of arrangements. Not your standard style of writing which is something I enjoy. Complex and fierce execution of death metal with well thought out transitions.


Vomit of Doom - Obey The Darkness

Vomit of Doom - is a three piece band consisting of Venomous Abominator-Drums, Vocals. Artillery Command-Guitars. Endless Malevolence-Guitars (lead). Genre described as Black/Thrash Metal. Band origin Argentina.

Obey The Darkness album released on Satanath Records August 16th 2015. Listening to this for the first time I get a vision like the gates of apocalypse flying open, very cryptic, but close to what the music can manifest. Some of the main influence that come to my mind would be Pestilence, Beastial Raids, Venom, early Slayer and Celtic Frost. Imaging bare knuckles smashing concrete or a violent pit about to unfold, many of the songs can cause for brutal interactions as such. In terms of production, the music is gritty and rough but it adds extra character to the sound. In total they offer us thirteen compositions of evil and raw black-thrash metal coming at you at full throtle. The most stand out tracks for me would be "Conspiracy VS The World", it brings back memories of the good days of metal like Venom or Death Angel. Another strong contender would have to be "Maze of Doom", fast and precise drumming with a catchy chorus. 

In conclusion, if you enjoy old school raw style of metal then this album is worth exploring.


Comatose - The Ultimate Revenge

Comatose is a four piece band consisting of Kyndall Cesar - drums. L.D. Lee- guitars/ Vocals. Milo Jan Mondejar - Guitars. Surge Enso - bass. Genre described as death metal. Band origin Philippines.

The Ultimate Revenge album released on Satanath Records December 22 2015. The wicked sounds of destruction are evident upon hitting the play button. A creepy and enthralling intro takes us directly into the madness without missing tempo. Raw and pure death metal is what this band is delivering. In terms of production, the music is not super polished, instead we get a gritty and bare bone sound which adds character to the style being projected by these musicians. Songs like "Prophets Dream", "Hypochristianity" and "Army of Darkness" remind me of the old relics of the day, like early Morbid Angel, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse. Maniacal and fast solos are found in nearly every track and show a high level of intricket writing. The track, "Sickening Ways" features a good amount of solos worth checking out.

In conclusion, a powerful release for these musicians. Influenced by the old and malevolent roots of death metal. They are moving forward with their own brand of brutality and carrying on the flame of the genre with this album.


Friday, January 22, 2016

Deathless Legacy - The Gathering

Deathless Legacy is a seven piece band consisting of Steva la cinghiala - Vocals and Performances. Frater Orion (The Necromancer) - Drums and scenographies. El "Calàver" - Guitar, C-AG1318 (The Cyborg) - Bass and vocals, Alex van Eden (Alessio Lucatti) - Keyboard The Red Witch - Performances. Genre described as Horror Metal. Band origin Babylon.

The Gathering album to be released on Scarlet Records February 26 2016. My first thoughts, an epic and adventurous trip. Some of the bands that come to mind as I listen would be Dream Theater, Queensryche, Caelestia and Blacklands. There is a good amount of harmony trade offs between keyboards and guitars which sound complex and well structured. The vocals cover a wide range of the octave scale and are a highlight through out this album. In total, the band offers us eleven songs. Some of my favorites would have to be "The Dove Has Died", it is a catchy and enchanting composition with memorable choruses and melodic guitar passages. "Smash Your Idols", is another strong contender. Heavy distortion on the guitars and really gets the blood pumping. It is a solid metal song and worth spinning several times.

In conclusion, this is an exciting album, full of energy and powerful hymns. If you like bands like Dream Theater and Caelestia, then you will definitely want to add this one to your collection.


Turbocharged / Ragehammer - Enlightenment by Bloodletting

Turbocharged is a three piece band consisting of Ronnie Ripper - Bass/Lead Throat. Freddie Fister - Drums/Throat. Old Nick - Guitars. Genre described as Deathpunk metal. Band origin Sweden.
Ragehammer is a four piece band consisting of  Corpsebutcher - Bass. Mortar - Drums. Bestial Avenger - Guitars. Heretik Hellstörm - Vocals. Genre described as Black/thrash metal. Band origin Sweden/Poland.

Enlightenment by Bloodletting split to be released on Godz Ov War Productions / Mythrone Promotion on March 2016. Lets start with Turbocharged. They come out with all guns set to rapid fire right from the start. Heavy, crushing with no fucks given and solid assault of blazing double kicks on the drums. Guitar riffs are catchy and have a raw distortion sound which adds character to the music. Ragehammer, crushes the senses with bare knuckles and shredding guitars. One of the things that stands out is the heavy bass tone which is dominant through out the song and fits perfectly with the entire brutality being projected at us by this music. I would say my favorite song from this split would be "PanzerFaustian Enlightenment", it is a track that really gets the blood pumping and makes you want to punch things.

In conclusion, a short but highly energetic release of pure black/death metal madness. A must for true followers of the underground.


Stillborn - Testimonio de Bautismo

Stillborn is a three piece band consisting of Killer - guitar, vocal. Hunger- bass. August - drums. Genre described as Death Black Metal. Band origin Poland.

Testimonio de Bautismo album to be released on Godz Ov War Productions February 2016. Coming from the darkest corner of the underground this music brings brutal and crushing sounds. The chaos unravels right from the beginning. No filler, a straight punch to gut. Raw and bared bone production. Spewing malevolence from every orifice. The band offers us some interesting live recording such as the tracks Ob'en, Odezwa and Upiór or at least that is what they sounds like to me as I listen. In total, there are nine compositions of raw black metal with low vocals as well as some high vocals which sound evil in all its elements. Among my favorite would have to be "Burst Command Til War", many catchy and memorable rhythms make this one stand out above the rest. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for some powerful and dark tunes, then this is the album you want to check out, not to be missed.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mortuary - Nothingless Than Nothingness

Mortuary is a four piece band consisting of Jean-Noël Verbecq - Bass. Patrick Germonville - Vocals. Alexis Baudin - Guitars. Johann Voirin - Drums. Genre described as Death metal/thrash metal. Band origin France.

Nothingless Than Nothingness album released on Goregeous Productions January 18 2016. High levels of brutality is what this release brings to the table. Like a flurry of strong punches. This is what really good death metal should sound like. Punishing blast beats, hyper grinds, great distortion sound, solid bass tone and creative riffs that assault you from all directions. Shredding at max capacity, like in the track U-man Slept, K-os Crawled, the guitar solos rip. Another track worth mentioning is "K", it features a nice melodic interlude in the middle that is sure to please most ears. "Morbid Existence", is a crushing and devastating track obliterating everything in its path and assaulting the senses with fast blast beats. Think of bands like Pestilence, Morbid Angel, and Brutal Truth.

In conclusion, if you love death metal with a powerful attack and shredding solos, then this is the album to add to your collection.


Mussorgski - Creatio Cosmicam Beastie

Mussorgski is a one piece band consisting of Khorzon. Genre described as stellar ambient metal. Band origin Poland.

Creatio Cosmicam Beastie album to be released on Godz ov War / Third Eye Temple February 2016. Deep from the darkest corner of the underground comes this menacing opus of oppressed music. What is immediately apparent, is the synth and keyboards coming at you with clever and haunting melodies. One of the tracks that gives you the feeling of traveling through the vastness of space is "Implanted Consciousness", a great song with complex arrangements. "Key To The Universe is another gem worth investigating, interesting drum fills and gothic like vocals. In all eight tracks the most stand out to me would be "Paradisum", the main harmony is captivating and really grabbed my attention. It is haunting and will send shivers down your spine.

In conclusion, not your typical ambient metal. Endless blastbeats and some eloborate synth work with creative melodies, it is worth adding to your collection.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Sunless Rise - Unrevealed

Sunless Rise is a five piece band consisting of Kirill Ershov – Vocal, Alex Becker – Guitar, Sergey Shulzhenko – Keyboards, Evgeniy Kasitsyn – Bass, Alexey Mallovsky – Drums. Genre described as Technical Melodic Metal. Band origin, Russia

Unrevealed album self released on November 30, 2015. My first impression, these are highly involved musicians. The music on this release sounds very progressive and melodic right from the start. Complex arrangements and elaborate compositions can be heard between the guitars and keyboards. Sometimes, it reminded me of Dream Theater. The song "Awakening", is a good example of trading  passages from keys to guitar. The melodies come at you lightning fast with superior double kicks powering the main rhythms. Personally, when bands add to many scales and progressions, it could be a bit much for novice listeners, however on this album the band does it just enough to keep things interesting while maintaining the groove of the songs. There is also a good amount of clean vocals and I think some people may or may like it but, I think it fits perfectly and compliments the music in a good way. Not to fear, they also have some great low guttural death metal vocals too, to round out the album and give it some balance. The track "Recovering The Truth", is a good example of both style presented in a devastating manner. 
In conclusion, the album has much to offer for both melodic progressive fans as well as those who enjoy a more brutal approach to their music. All the songs are powerful and pack many elements of the metal styles for everyone to enjoy.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Raventale - Dark Substance Of Dharma

Raventale is a five piece band consisting of Astaroth Merc - guitars. Morthvarg Scar - guitars, voice. Athamas - bass, voice. Grim Me - keyboards. Khaoth - drums. Genre described as Atmospheric Blackened Metal. Band origin Kiev, Ukraine.

Dark Substance Of Dharma album released on October 5, 2015 Solitude Production. Prepare to have your face melted. The band is a force to reckoned with. Seven devastating songs of pure B/M metal that seemed to have come straight from the abyss. Excellent production of this recording. All the instruments are well balanced and the music comes through in perfect sonic perception. So, not just your standard blast beats and high vocals. These are well thought out compositions, the the track "Red Laugh’s Walking", the chorus line is catchy and you find yourself moving you head frequently as the melody penetrates your brain. "I Am The Black Tara", gets the blood pumping and is reminiscent of old Mayhem, Satyricon and Samael. The title track "Dark Substance Of Dharma", brings all the elements together for me. the powerful rhythms, catchy choruses, strong drum attack and demonic vocals really bring things to the next level. 

In conclusion, punishing, evil and malevolent album. If you love the true underground black metal, then you should add this to your collection, you will not be disappointed.


Mare Infinitum - Alien Monolith God

Mare Infinitum is a two member band consisting of, Homer - Guitars, Bass, Programming and Ivan Guskov - Vocals. Genre described as Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal. Band origin Russia.

Alien Monolith God album released on April 21, 2015 Solitude Productions. This is the bands second release and it delivers some powerful new hymns of pure doom and destruction. Exploring space and its vast mysteries is the main goal and they do it well. Five monumental tracks consisting of keyboards, low to high vocals, heavy distorted guitars, low tuned. Great sounding drums followed with a solid and powerful bass tones. You can also hear some chorus lines of dual vocals like in the song "The Sun That Harasses My Solitude", which also happens to be my favorite from this release. The album is a true escape and does not get boring at all. It manages to captivate your thoughts with melancholy rhythms and experimental passages. The other track that really stood out to me was the title song "Alien Monolith God", it builds up slowly then smashes you in the face with some powerful low vocals. It creates a long journey at almost fifteen minutes long but, it is definitely worth the ride.

In conclusion, the music contains many layers of exploration, while it is doom metal, it definitely has it own characteristics and should be investigated further to achieve the mass appeal it deserves.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Abatuar - Vejación de la Bestia​/​Fosa Común

Abatuar is a death metal band consisting of Cadaver: Drums, Music, Vocals. I will assume it is a one man project from the promo sent to me. Genre described as death metal. Band origin Panama-Stadt.

Vejación de la Bestia​/​Fosa Común album released on Dunkelheit Produktionen November 23, 2015. My first impression, a feeling of constant annihilation, malevolence and destruction. The production is gritty and bare boned. The compositions are certainly brutal. Unless you know spanish, you are out of luck as far as the lyrics are concerned. I can tell you that it is mainly death and devastation. One of my favorite songs from this release would be "Dispersal of Toxic cloud and Mustard Gas". Very cool and haunting intro that reminds me of a horror film, crazy screams and shivering explosions. The first track, Extermination of Humanity With Nerve Agent Sarin, the thing that stood out the most is the rapid fire attack of blast beats and heavy distorted guitars, a strong contender for this release.

My final thoughts, a resurrection of relics from the vowels of the underground, a feeling of despair and evil permeates in each song. If you love old school, rotten, bloody death metal, then look no further, this is where it is at.  


Serrabulho - Star Whores

Serrabulho is a four piece band consisting of Guerra - vocals; Paulo - guitars, vocals; Guilhermino - bass, vocals; Ivan - drums. Genre described as Happy Death Grind. Band origin Vila Real, Portugal.

Star Whores album released on Rotten Roll Rex July 13, 2015. So, this was certainly a pleasant surprise. When I hit the play button the crazy fun filled ride began. The main theme here is fun, satire and ridiculous entertainment. Songs like "Pornocchio" and "Buttman" paint a good visual as to what you are about to encounter in the album. In terms of production, everything sounds really good. Crunchy distorted guitar, punchy bass lines and fast grinds on the drums. Crazy samples and gore galore. My favorite sample would have to be for the intro in "Buttman", it is hysterical, I found myself laughing upon first listening to it. Many catchy choruses, pig squeel vocals and madness all around. Think of bands like Gwar, Maggot Twat, Sexual Atrocities and SikFuk and it is similar in good dirty rotting fun. One of my favorite songs from this album would have to be "Happy Fornication", I listen to this one several times, it is funny and entertaining like no other. It has to be heard to believe. The level of mania contain within these tracks is at a high level.
In conclusion, this is a great album to listen to, it does not take itself seriously at all. The music is fast, brutal and grinding but it definitely puts a smile on your face when you get involved with the lyric content. Fans of Anal Cunt, Sexual Atrocities, Putrid Pile, General Surgery and Haemorrhage will certainly want to add this to their collection. 


Bosque - Beyond

Bosque is a project by Daniel M. founded in 2005. Genre described as Funeral Doom with intense elements of Drone. Band origin Portugal.

Beyond album released on Dunkelheit Produktionen January 2 2016. My first thoughts, a deep sorrow and haunting feeling like a corpse reaching up from its long forgotten tomb. Production is ok, I felt that it might be a live recording of some sort. Contained in this opus are three dark and oppressive compositions. Like a cold rotting hand reaching for you neck in the middle of the night. The song "Paradox", is good example of depressive tone. The song "Enter", is a monumental frozen wave in the abyss.

In conclusion, if you like your doom metal punishing and highly oppressed, then check out this ep, you will not be disappointed.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ground Meat - Unborn

Ground Meat is a five piece band consisting of Christofer-Vocals, Cristóbal-Bass Guitar, Camilo-Lead Guitar, Alfredo-Rhythm Guitar, Raúl-Drums. Genre described as metal. Band origin; Santiago de Chile.

Unborn album released on September 29, 2015. My first thoughts, interesting band name. The album cover brings images of some kind of radioactive spill creating a preconceived notion that it may contain some thrash metal. I was wrong. The music is clearly rooted in metal, think of bands like Machine Head, Lamb of God, Chimera, Sevendust and maybe even old Sepultura. In terms of production the quality is very good. Solid bass tones, heavy drum attack and crushing guitar distortion.
This is the bands debut album and it contains nine powerful tracks with catchy solos and strong phrases rooted in traditional metal compositions. Amongst my favorites would have to be, "Death Project", "Motor Burn Machine", which contains some excellent bass lines that come clearly with sonic resolution through my speakers and "Black Minutes", which has some fast passages the get the blood flowing.
In conclusion, a crushing debut, well composed elements rooted in metal with catchy solos and strong bass lines. Enough metal for old school fans and progressive enough to catch the ears of new generation of headbangers.


Disrupted - Morbid Death

Disrupted is a three piece band consisting of Mikael Hanni - Vocals, Thomas Liljekvist - Guitars, Johan Kvastegård - Guitars. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Sweden.

Morbid Death album released on Momento Mori 2015. Indeed the heaviness coming from this release is supreme. Like a dragon breathing fire down your neck. You can't escape the furiosity expelled by these musicians. In terms of production, the quality is good. Solid drum attack and heavy distorted guitars. The early d/m influence is undeniable. We get ten tracks. Pure evil hymns with demonic vocals to please any die-hard. Some of my most memorable tracks would have to be, Behead the Dead, Funeral Creep and Rotten. Furious solos and grinding drums can be found in almost every song. Think of bands like Krisium, Sepultura and Gorguts.

In conclusion, songs with enough power to delight the old school fans and enough to shred the ears of the new generation of metal fans.


Escarnium - Godless Shrine Of Decay

Escarnium is a five piece band consisting of Victor Elian (Guitars/Vocals), Maurício Souza (Guitars) , Vitor Giovanni (Bass), Nestor Carrera (Drums). Genre described as death metal. Band origin Salvador Brasil.

Godless Shrine Of Decay album released on Redefining Darkness Records November 20, 2015. Well, somehow I missed this one, but I found it digging through my email. Glad I searched, plus writing stuff down helps. The production on this release is excellent. The drums are solid and devastating. Heavy guitars and crushing vocals. The spirit of the old d/m lives here. The raw punishing riffs are clear and it is easy to find yourself headbanging from moment to moment. So much metal in one place, sixteen songs to be exact, you are bound to find something to like. Solos are catchy, fast and well thought out. The song Human Waste in particular has a memorable solo. The track "Excruciating Existence", is worthy of bringing walls down. The drum attack never lets up and you can feel the aggression in every riffs. Think of bands like Suffocation, Malevolent Creation, Immolation and Brutal Truth. 

In conclusion, a bombardment of metal like no other. If you like your metal crushing, raw, with devastating drum attack, then this release would be right up your alley. 


Praise The Flame - Manifest Rebellion

Praise The Flame is a band consisting of  JJ. Guitars/Vocals, Druaghonyk Drums, B. Skull Guitar. R. Impaler Bass. Genre described as death metal. Band origin Santiago, Chile.

Manifest Rebellion album released on September 21 2015 Memento Mori. The first impression, maniacal and evil harmonies. Upon looking at this, I was impressed at the logo and album art. Pleasing to my evil eyes. Once the play button was hit, I was struck in the face by the level of malevolence being thrown at me. Fast punishing grinds. Heavy distorted riffing and lightning fast solo work. Raising long dead demons seems to be the aim and it works here. Reminds me of Belphegor, Darthrone, Venom and Immortal. This release is comprised of nine songs. My favorites being, "Endless Scourge", the layering of choruses is a catchy thing on this tune. "Rise The Witchpower", as the title implies, it feels like it does exactly that. The intro really grabs me and the build up into a chaotic realm brings things to a new height.

In conclusion, if you like your metal blackened, raw, destructive and uncompromised, then look no further, this is where you want your ears.