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Samuele Casari exclusive interview

1) Hello and welcome to Metal Music News and Interviews. Our readers are excited to get to know you and your music. Could you give us a brief description of the project?   Where are you from? Hello Metal Music New and Interviews, I'm happy to answer your questions! The project was born as an experiment, I found myself with ideas that I could hardly included in projects with my bands, so I decided to put myself into a solo song. I'm 29 years old and I'm from Modena, Italy 2) "Cloud" is the first full album. How long did it take to compose and record? The main theme of the song is from even 10 years ago, but obviously all the rest of the song is very recent. I composed this song at the end of 2021, then took a few months to try to understand if I was satisfied with it.  June 2022 i was go to the studio and in 2 days we completed everything. It actually took me a short time to compose it, when I'm inspired I'm very fast. 3) What musical influences inspire th

Blood Of The Wolf | Live Performance photos | Main pics posted to the band Page

Greetings, this is the second post regarding the photos posted to the official Blood Of The Wolf band page and were taken by EvilVVitchSure at Liar's Club. These pictures were edited in LR 6 and a fast update to be able to use the ARW format that the camera was set for. The last time my PC crashed I lost my LR app and its update. I since have found the original Updater but the site is listing that it will no longer support any updates after December 31 2023. I have saved the update to my PC and will probably be added to my drive just in case. It is upsetting that they are pushing everyone to a subscription-based program and the original purchase that would allow stand-alone use will not be honored anymore. If you are at all interested in the camera we used here, it is a Sony A6300 with and adapted Canon 24mm lens. The file set was in ARW format. The ISO is very good for this camera and not much is needed to get a solid photo with even a high ISO of 2000. Below were the final photos

Blood Of The Wolf live performance photos at Liar's Club 2023

 Hello and good evening. Tonight I'm adding a full set of photos taken by EvilVVitchSure at Liar's Club in Chicago. Liar's Club is located on Fullerton Ave. A tall building and the venue is on the main first floor. The place is also reputably haunted by a few tragedies that took place there in the distant past. The photos are taken with Sony A6300 and a Canon 24mm lens at around six to ten feet distance. The lens is a prime lens which lens to the sharp image reproduction you can easily see in the photos.  The camera RAW files were adjusted in LR6 stand alone version. I used a few Kodak B&W filter and some curves to give it a vintage look. Also performing this evening were the bands Angelust, Garoted and Ossuary. There were a total of 119 and I slimmed it down to just 14 photos. In this post, however, I will archive all of them for my personal purpose to have an extra copy just in case I were to lose the HD. I really don't think something like that would happen but I