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Chicago Domination Fest 4 Interview Full transcription

Welcome, Miguel Goregrinder of Chicago Domination Fest. Give us a short summary of where CDF began?   It began just a  couple of short years ago but, its origins go  back to another festival I use to run called Chicago Metal Devastation  that ran from 2005 to 2007. It was more of a local, smaller festival that had bigger  plans and just never really got traction. I stepped away for a couple years  from the fest scene to think things over and  figure out what you really wanted to do with this whole thing. Then, I was  sitting around working out a festival flyer that was meant to be a complete joke, I put  on all these ridiculous bands, kind of a dream line up if you will  and from there I put it up on Facebook and it got ridiculous reaction to the whole thing which blew me away.  I seriously considered giving fest thing another try, so the first year, I wanted to put  together something small, but still going to make a big impact. That's how CDF one began.  I went out