Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cropsy Maniac - Shear Terror EP

Cropsy Maniac is a four piece Death Metal/Grindcore band from Portland, OR. Members are Aaron Whitsell - Guitars & Bass, Kevin Herr-guitar, Kevin Reece - Vocals, Travis - Drums.

Shear Terror EP released on May 2014 through Dead Beat Media. Five tracks of horror, blood, guts and brutality. Creepy intro on the very first song, then kicks into high intensity. Raw riffing style and devastating drum beats. Lots of open chords and grind phrases. The art work for the Ep is very ambitious (cover art by Adam Geyer) and really grabs the listeners attention, well at least if you are a horror fan, you would automatically recognize at lot of the elements depicted on there. The music within is a perfect fit. A strong debut Ep. In terms of production, the tracks sound good, everything is evenly balanced, drums are upfront and clear, vocals low guttural and fitting for the content. For fans of the band Haemorrhage, this band covers Dawn In The Rotting Paradise and sounds very devastating.

Short and brutal. I enjoyed this Ep very much. Some of the stand out tracks for me would have to be I Strangled Mine, for its samples and massive grind start and the title track Shear Terror for its catchy verses and combination of vocals low and mid range, well executed. 

In conclusion, a strong debut Ep that gore-hounds will most likely want to add to their collection. I recommend it for fans of Mortician, Brutal Truth and Terrorizer.



Decayed - Unholy Demon Seed

Decayed is a three piece old school black metal band from Portugal Parade Lisbon. Members are Vulturius - Vocals and bass, JA - Vocals and guitar, Tormentor-drums.

Unholy Demon Seed compilation released on April 2013 under Iron, Blood & Death Corp. Raw and powerful are my first thoughts. If one was to invoke the fire of hell this might a good soundtrack. As far as production, its a good decent recording but there are a few variances on a few tracks, consider this is a compilation of several materials from different time periods. Guitar tone is raw in true BM dissonance. Fast aggressive passages along with grind phrases and savage drums pummeling abound. Bass is maintaining a solid form through most of the tracks. Hellish style vocals send shivers done the spine. The album consist of sixteen songs which is a huge amount of music to explore. This band is very active and have been around for a very long time, almost two decades to be exact. They have several live shows in their country plus several youtube videos. 

Some of the most stand out tracks of the disc are Crucifixion, memorable hymns and sick vocals. The track Martelo Do Inferno, for incorporating female vocals making this a very haunting song. Onslaught the Holy Flock, for its relentless bm brutality.

In conclusion, the album is devastating in all its compositions. Fans of Venom, old Sepultura, Samael, Satyricon or Mayhem will want to add this compilation to their collection. Be sure to investigate the bands huge library of music that spans from 1990 to 2014.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Dark Managarm - Back From Hell

Dark Managarm is a four piece Black metal band from Arras, France. members include; Forcas - Vocals, Hagel - Guitars, Davöth - Drums, Helbrecht - Bass.

Back From Hell full length album released in 2013 through Iron, Blood & Death Corporation. Features nine devastating tracks. Great production quality. Solid drums and destructive guitar tones. The band brings forth the aggression from the moment you hit the play button. The music has a way of attacking the senses and creates a sonic chaos that is relenting and destructive. Each song keeps the listener intent as to what will come next. The compositions are well thought out an create a perfect atmosphere for the vocals to obliterate with each verse. The band started back in 2009 with their first release "Victorious March" followed by an Ep, Diva in 2009 then a split "Brotherhood for Blasphemy" in 2013.

In conclusion Back From Hell completely slays. Each track drags you through an abyss of pure black metal madness. Some of my favorite songs from this release are Nocturnal Reaper, for its fast blistering verses. Underworld Glorification, for its catchy chorus and Necromancia, for the awesome riff work and sheer brutality. I recommend this album to all BM fans who enjoy pure relentless high octane blasphemic hymns. ~Artemortifica

Help Metal Maniacs magazine founder.

One of a few magazines that helped introduce me to countless underground metal bands was Metal Maniacs. I would make a trip to the bookstore whenever I had the chance just to buy a copy. At a time when there was no internet this publication help expose many unknown death metal acts. If you are a metal music fan, I am sure you probably purchased a copy or knew of the magazine at one point in your life. 

Its founder Katherine Ludwig is in need of your support. She has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer. A Facebook page and Fund raiser page has been set up to help her get through this. You can help by going to these links:

Read what other metal supporters have to say about this;

Sacrificial Blood - Unholy Fucking Hatred

Sacrificial Blood is a three piece band from Long branch NJ. Current members are Mike Keller-Drums/Vokills, Kevin "Arnie" Maull-Guitar, Evan Fishman-Bass.

The album Unholy Fucking Hatred released back in 2011 under Witches Brew. My first impression is raw production and strong song compositions. Definitely old school death metal feeling with elements of thrash metal added. Featuring sixteen tracks, there is much to explore on this opus. Some of these song could be a bit shorter but that's just my opinion. I like the fact that the bass is prominent in the mix plus there are plenty of solos to keep things interesting. Some of the bands I can compare are maybe early Overkill or Entombed. 

The group has several other releases, from EPs to demos since 2003 that are also worth checking out.
Some of the compositions I enjoyed the most from this release are Unholy Wrath, for its catchy verses and Infernal Creation, for the solos that caught my attention. There is also a cool cover of the song Warrior by Riot worth spinning several times. Overall a good listen and I recommend it for old school metal fans to check out this album.

Exordium Mors - The Apotheosis Of Death

Exordium Mors is a five piece band from Auckland, New Zealand. members are Scourge Witchfucker, Santi, Black Mortum, Assailant, and Hades drums.

The Apotheosis Of Death album released on June 2014 on Iron Blood Death Corp. They describe themselves as Black, Death,Thrash Metal. After listening to the opening tracks that is spot on. Great production on the album. All instruments are upfront and clear. One of the things I enjoy the most on the album is the guitar arrangements, there is plenty of solos and arpeggios from track to track. 

The band list Order From Chaos and Bathory as some of their influences and you can hear that influence in several of the compositions. The band started back in 2004 and have a few other releases, an Ep from 2007 entitled Serva Ad Mors, 7" Verus Hostis A Hymn To Fire and Sacrifice Perish Demise Ep from 2012. They have had several line ups but have maintain their aggression and speed through out. 

Some of my favorite tracks from this CD are Blade of Brutus, for its catchy verses. The Corpse Of Your Divinity Now Burns for the old school DM feeling it gave me when I first listen to it and As The Vultures Descend, for its aggressive, raw and powerful attack. Overall an incredible performance bringing all elements together to have you headbanging and pumping your fist in the air. I recommend this record to any dm/bm fan to add to their collection. ~Artemortifica

Devil Lee Rot - Doom Devilution

As much as I searched there was very little info on this band other than the vocalist being Devil Lee Rot. Cool name. The album is Doom Devilution released on May 2014.

Production quality is not the best but I am sure is not something they are worried about with this style of raw doom metal aspiration. In trying to describe the style. I found difficulty putting my finger on what that would be, there's a good amount of vocals that could be classified as black metal but then the are baritone vocals that remind me of a dark Type of Negative vibe. The drums are subtle and provide a simple rhythm never going into any kind of blast or any complicated beats. Guitars have slight distortion and the compositions are not complex at all. Not sure if I heard any bass lines in the mix but if they are there I had a hard time picking them out. Here are some of the song titles,  Devils Weed,  You Are My Drug (Or a Needle in My Heart), Sadness of the Unlight and many others. The album is about 45 minutes long and is much of the same arrangement through out. Unless you are very open minded when it comes to music you may pass this up but if you are, give it a listen. ~ Artemortifica 

metal-archives-albums/Devil Lee Rot

Under Attack - High On Metal / The Aftermath

Under Attack is a four piece band from Falkenberg/Nässjö. High On Metal/The Aftermath released on April 2014. Current members Björn: Guitars, Mattias: Drums, Anders: Bass.

The album is a combination of two EPs. After listening to the opening tracks, my impression is the band has very early thrash metal roots with a tinge of melodic hymns. Production on the first five songs lacks punch on the drums, they are there but sound quieter in the mix. You can hear the difference once the second EP starts, the production is much better. The song Wolf has some howling samples which fit the track. Then is followed by Aftermath, this song features a nice solo and some memorable chorus lines. I get the feeling of traveling back the the late eighties with some of these songs. Overall a good effort in capturing the essence of those days of metal. There are some new members involved in this project and they are working on a new album, it will be interesting how they can evolve from this first attempt. ~Artemortifica

Human Infection - Curvatures In Time

Curvatures In Time album released February 2014 through Blasthead Records. Human Infection is Andrew Brown: Vocals, C.J. Giles: Drums, Hank James: Bass/Vocals, Andrew Mathews: Guitar
Death Metal from Roanoke, VA USA.

Ten songs that will have you enthralled with brutality. This is the bands second release and features the killer artwork of Mark Cooper on its cover. Dark and atmospheric intro sets the tone for an unsuspecting attack before hitting you with the track Celestial, heavy and devastating from the first riffs. Production quality is good, guitars sound intense and punchy, drums are well balanced and precise in their attack. Vocals are reminiscent of old Nile or Suffocation style but definitely have their own vibe happening. The song Devastation has a cool solo at around the 2:30 mark, very memorable and worth spinning several times. Bass lines are creative and give all the tracks a solid ground for mosh inducing passages. To top of the madness, the guitars do wicked solos on a few of the tracks like "In Vain" and "Decay Inheritance". In conclusion, the music is crushing and recommended for fans of Brutal DM and Grind fans as well. ~Artemortifica

Unsacred Seed - Frontiers

Unsacred Seed is a five piece DM band from London, Ontario. Members are Andrew Murray
Stefan Perras, Dee Lyons, John Burden, Eric Gallivan. Genre is described as Death Metal, Black Metal, Groove Metal. Frontiers is their latest album, released on March 29th 2014.

The opening track is Higgs Klon Zon, it grabs my attention immediately, sci-fi groove is the mood. Memorable harmonized guitar work. Production sounds great, even guitar tones, solid drum sound and full bass give a huge sound. The title track "Frontiers" storms in with a savage attack. Vocals are mix between high and low growls. Eyes of The Universe is one of my favorites from this album. Low tuned strings at around maybe A or B tuning, heavy sludgy like Meshuggha guitar sound. Along with all this the solos are excellent, well thought out and memorable. The song Temporal Disturbance give us the groove part of the band. Lots of open chords and throaty style vocalization. The Watchers is a monumental song. There is never a dull moment and each riffs is tight and catchy. The drums are a highlight, many dynamics and creative fills make it a stand out on this album. In conclusion, the future looks promising for this group. Every song brings something unique and keeps the listener intent to what's coming next. Recommended for fans of Gojira, Meshugga, Gigan and progressive metal fans. ~Artemortifica

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Twitch of the Death Nerve - A New Code of Morality

A New Code of Morality album released on April 29th 2014 through Comatose Records. Twitch of The Death Nerve is a band from the UK and consist of Tom Bradfield and Tom Carter from INFECTED DISARRAY and BEEF along with session drums "Lille Gruber".

If you want brutal, then this is where you will find it. The album waste no time in bringing the intensity. Great production, solid low tuned guitars with many dis-harmonic passages and devastating double bass kicks to make you want to punch everything in sight. A mix of low growls and pig squeals, almost reminds me a bit of early Brain Drill or Cerebral Bore. Each track is relentless in its delivery, there are moments of slow mosh style beats but only last long enough for you to pick up your brains from the floor before destroying you yet again. "Made Loose, The Bonds of Piety", a great track that gives a good balance of speed and grind. Chunky gritty riffs and pommeling bass are spread about without much discrepancy. There is also a good amount of samples layer across the album but are done tastefully so that is not redundant. Overall a sick twisted mind smashing experience. Fans of pure adrenaline aggression grind must check this out. ~Artemortifica

Exhumation - Hymn to Your God

Exhumation is a DM band from Yogyakarta Indonesia. Hymn to Your God first released March 5th, 2012. Re-issue via Dunkelheit Produktionen (Ger) February, 2014. Members are: Greg and Unan aka-Bones, Ghoul. Agung. (Additional & live sessions drums), J. of Headkrusher, additional & live sessions guitars.

The band got their start in 2008. This is their debut release and its huge in terms of sheer brutality and production. The opening track hints at a Behemoth influence and perfectly leads the listener into a blackened void before they unleash the attack. The Apotheosis displays a wide of array of technical drumming, from solid tactical double bass kicks and creative tom rolls to some interesting cymbal fills. The production really brings out all the instruments in pristine quality. Within the madness and chaos we also hear choice solos that are placed in key parts of the compositions making them stay interesting and memorable. The level of talent displayed is tremendous, considering this is a debut and they have only been together a handful of years. The band certainly can be progressive if they wanted to but instead of overdoing arrangements they stick to the song structure so that it stays pleasing to the ears instead of being flashy. One of my favorite tracks is "Dominion", it is one of those track that kicks into high gear from the start and does not let go. The song also roots heavily in the early nineties style of death metal, reminiscent of Monstrosity and Benediction. The title track Hymn to Your God, caught me by surprise. A tribal style, with female chanting is introduced, showing a high contrast compared to the
other material we just got done listening to. Very well executed and shows how versatile the group can be. Finally, they close this album with a Blasphemy cover "Ritual", although obscure and mostly underground followers will know what this song is. Its a great choice and they bring this hymn to another level adding their own tinge to it. In conclusion, the entire album is a must have for true DM fans. Extreme and brutal with a dark atmosphere of a rising abyss. ~Artemortifica


ABYSMAL DAWN - "Inanimate" Official Track

Abysmal Dawn releases brand new video in support of their new album 'Obsolescence''. You can pre order the new album at this link relapse-abysmal-dawn-obsolescence


Subservience Release 'Upheaval' Studio Diaries

Earlier this month Sussex quintet Subservience revealed details surrounding their forthcoming record ‘Upheaval’ set for release on 17th October 2014.

Today the band has released a 3 part video series documenting their time at Brighton Electric and the ‘Upheaval’ recording progress


Drawing influence from the classic death metal bands of yesteryear as well as the recent breed of modern greats Subservience have been gathering a great reputation across their native UK and beyond. With their corrosive blend of groove laden extreme metal since forming in 2010 and having already released a demo ‘Blueprint To Chaos’ in 2010, a split with Sa-da-KO in 2011 and two crushing EP’s ‘Dystopia’ and ‘Ripped In Half’ in 2012 and 2013 respectively; Subservience are right on queue and are set to unleash yet another beast of a record.