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Suppressive Fire – Bedlam

Suppressive Fire is a three piece band consisting of  Joseph Bursey - Guitars. Aaron Schmidt Bass/vox. Brandon Smith - Drums. Genre described as Metal. Band origin Raleigh NC.  Bedlam album to be released on January 14, 2016. My first thoughts are, the opening track gives the feeling of preparing for battle. All guns blazing, no survivors style of metal. It is a rapid fire attack from the start. Good sounding guitar distortion and fluid solos can be heard in most of the compositions. Among my favorites would be "Bayonet Penetration", it contains catchy thrash metal driven riffs. Thinking of Overkill on high octane. "Pyrophoric Blood", is another track high on my list. The song will get your fist pumping, if you like to mosh then this track would most likely drag you into the mosh pit in a live concert environment. "Ironsights", ever wonder what the sound of flying bullets near you head might sound like? this song is close to it. A straight assault to the

INSISION - Terminal Reckoning

INSISION is a five piece band consisting of - Vocals: Carl, Guitar: Rogga, Guitar: Adam, Drums: Ibrahim, Bass: Gustav. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Stockholm. Terminal Reckoning album to be released on Sevared Records December/January 2015/16. First thoughts, the opening track did not immediately catch my attention, but when "Ominous Spiral", the second track begin to play, it was full speed ahead. Like getting punched in the face. My adrenaline started to flow. Once "Infected" came in the levels of brutality are turned up past ten, like a sledge hammer hitting me. Some of the bands that seemed to have an influence would be Decapitated, Morbid Angel, Suffocation and Demolition Hammer most notable.  This album is straight forward extreme death metal that does not hold back. If you like raw and powerful riffs, then this is one to add to your collection. The guitar tones are heavy distorted and the vocals just blow me away. Very guttural and penetrat

Austerymn - Sepulcrum Viventium

Austerymn is a four piece band consisting of Rik Simpson - vocals, Guitar, Steve Critchley - Bass, vocals. Stu Makin - Lead Guitar, Nikk Perros - Drums. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin St Helens, Wigan, Athens. Sepulcrum Viventium album released on April 2015 on Memento Mori Records. My first impression, an intense powerful ride. The band manages to capture the early roots of the death metal genre. Demonic vocals, heavy guitar tones, devastating double kicks. Songs like "Written In Scars", have an impact that is hard to dismiss. Fast attack, memorable verses similar to those found in early Monstrosity albums. Other bands that come to mind that show heavy influence would be Grave, Suffocation, At The Gates and others from that time frame. I also enjoy the solos, they are well thought out and not overdone. Darkness Burns Forever, is one of my favorites from this release. Sonic perfection and an excellent tune to get into. The song "Dead" is another stron

AWE - Providentia

AWE Black metal from Athens Greece Providentia album released on November 13th 2015 Pulverised Records. This release caught me by surprise. Upon lending my ears to this, the intro slowly drags you into a deep abyss that stretches its long tentacles inside your mind and will not let go. "Actus Primus", pulls you into a dark void. It sets a dark atmosphere before hitting you with dark manifested blast beats and oppressive hymns. "Actus Secundu", is up next and it is methodical in its delivery. There is no build up to this one. It kicks right in to the madness with furious blasts and punishing guitar riffs. Around the four minute mark on this song the music hits some dissonant chords that add another twist to the type of compositions we are listeinig to. The band explores different chord progressions as well as complex arrangements that make it stand out from the standard black metal coming out these days. It is refreshing to hear a more immersed projection of the mu

Affliction Gate - Dying Alone

Affliction Gate is a five piece band consisting of Herostratos (vocals), Grief (rhythm guitar), Bobby (lead guitar), Nico (bass), Laurent M. (drums). Genre described as Old School Death Metal. Band origin France. Dying Alone EP to be released on January 5th 2016 Transcending Obscurity productions.  My first impression, a furious attack of powerful death metal comes at you from the start. No long intro or crazy long scream, just a straight to the song and get punched in the face with raw brutality type of music.  Indeed the old school roots are evident, but they do deviate at times. One of my favorite tracks that demonstrates this is "Devising Our Own Chains", while maintaining the old school vibe, it slowly creeps into something much faster and diverse, plus the solos are done tastefully and are memorable. Another strong contender is "Manicheism Inertia", catchy verse riffs reminiscent of Morbid Angel early days or Malevolent Creation style of transitions. Blist

NAHUM - Raging Chaos - video

The new album of thrash/death band NAHUM called "And The Chaos Has Begun" is out and their music video got more than 10.000 views. Extra big thanks for your support! Listen to the album on Get the album on