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Metal Fest Eleven Cancer Benefit Jeremey Wade Noe 2022 Set One

 Photos by Frank G Artemortifica taken with Sony A6300 and Nikon 50mm and Canon 24mm Performing acts FRIDAY: Overload, Year of the Gun, Hollow Valley, Boombox Poets, Two Pump Chump, E-Flat, Slokill, Modern Primate, Boozer, Jim Harrelson, The Hoodlums. SATURDAY: Blood of Angels, Existing in Exile, Eulogy in Blood, Celestial Serpent, Artwork for the Blind, Granshaw, Joe Grudge, Inner Decay, Bastard Sons of a Judas Goat, Lechuga, Pharohound, Kur, Untold Relik, Devil Be My Judge, DieLation, Hopewell Fault, Dawn of Ascension. SUNDAY: Taylor Road, Kentucky Ugly, NED, Euklid, Stranger Skies, and Wretched Abyss. ...many more for a weekend of fellowship, music, stories, and great times!! Fishing and Camping available. 100% of all NET proceeds will go directly to the V. Foundation for cancer research, development, and treatments!! F**K CANCER ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music Gear recommendations via Amazo