Monday, December 12, 2016

Road's End debut show

Road's End metal band featuring former members of Behemoth, Vader, Disinter, Gorgasm and Eyes On Fire. Making their first mid-west appearance at Wire lounge in Berwyn IL. Supporting acts for this event were, Blacklist Regulars and Genotype. Below are photos as well as some live footage. Be sure to visit the band at facebook-roadsendofficial

view the full album here


see the full set here

See the full set here

see the full set here

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blood Cabana announces South west No Quarter Tour

Northern California metal band Blood Cabana, embarks on a eighteen day South West tour. Beginning Friday November 25th in Sacramento CA, celebrating the release of two new tracks 'Drift' and 'Black Dust' supporting their self-released EP 'Hell is Paradise' they will be paving new ground into Arizona and New Mexico.

The highlighted dates of the tour will be The Wasteland Warfest in Tempe AZ on December 2nd & 3rd, Club XS in Tucson AZ on December 6th with Arizona Blackened Death All-Stars Six Million Dead, and The Blacklight District Lounge in Long Beach on December 9th by ADHD Entertainment.

To listen and download for free the new tracks 'Drift' and 'Black Dust' click HERE. Below are additional links to the band and attached is their tour flyer with dates listed. Please feel free to contact me at 530.781.2514 for any additional information about Blood Cabana. Facebook link

Monday, November 14, 2016

Ghost In The Shell - Official trailer

Just revealed, Ghost In The Shell official movie trailer coming 2017 starring Scarlett Johansson.

Moonroot art feature artist interview

1) Hello and welcome, please tell our readers a little about yourself? Where are you from? What is your current occupation?

Hey bro! First of all, thank you really much for contacting me with this interview, I'll gladly answer all your following questions! Well, I come from Hýskov, small village in the middle of the forests in Czech Republic, bud have moved to Brno few years ago because of university of musicology and music composition theory where I was studying in. Now I'm living in the edge of Brno, more in the forest than in the town. Beautiful landscapes around and a dam where Hell Fast Attack black metal festival starts every year, so I'm happy with where I'm living now. Nature means the biggest inspiration for me and it was what I've missed the most in the center of the town few months later.

2) When did your interest in drawing begin?

Really hard to reply this exactly. I used to draw from my childhood. When I was in pre-school as a child I've spend a time by drawing microscopic marine organisms which I found in my moms encyclopedias. I can say I started to draw creatures every time in my life. Then at the school I've been drawing comics about dreamy planets of apes where I was escaping to from my real life. But, I started to draw and paint motives for groups much more later in Brno when I've joined the university of musicology and live there with my friend and band-mate from Sternum, Marek in one of the student privates. It was great period of my life, we've been talking about black metal philosophy and music all the time, compose new riffs for the first album and going to one evil garage in the place where no one was living in where we've had our first rehearsal room. (Now the album should be finally done in 2015, I think you might be looking forward, we spend lot of time to make it as strong as possible!) In that time I was drawing few motives for some groups just for fun and have contacted Christophe Szpajdel just because I was interrested in what pens did he use for his awesome logos. I've send him also some of my logos which I've done with the message. Than he wrote me that he really like what I do and would like to help me with our band logo and cooperate with me in the future on some logo ideas. It kicked me incredibly! And from this moment I draw as much as possible and contact many, many groups and labels with offering my drawings in that beginning just for try and for fun. I really spend more time on email than with the pen in my hands what was debilitating. But seems like it finally pays off now. And I'm still cooperating with Christophe on many ideas. Many thanks to him for what I do.

3) Your style of art feature dark and atmospheric themes, is there a point in time when that became your dominant form of art? If so, what band or artist inspired you first?

I don't think so. It all comes from me clearly. I always loved dreamy landscapes, little bit kitschy beauty of the nature painted in the era of romanticism, atmospheric, dirty and dark music... And that's where it's coming from. Nature is my biggest inspiration. I draw all of it in the forests when I have a chance and when the weather plays for me. Music inspires me especially in logo designing where I need to know the band exactly, its philosophy, lyrics, the way how they're thinking about music composition - than I can express it in the logo. But in the case of paintings and drawings I'm more inspired by nature, books what I'm reading in the time when I'm creating the artwork (most of this inspiration belongs to H.P.Lovecraft, Robert Jordan, Steven Erikson and R.E.Feist) and my own fantasy and dreams. Not least, I love creating new worlds and that's how I call the creating process, I always think about the place or scenery what I'm drawing with all the contex around like it was a new world or part of existent story.

4) When exactly was the creation of your Moonroot Art page, how has it helped by promoting your work?

It's better for linking the page and my work than personal profile where're also things unrelated to the artworks. It's also good contact place for groups. I can also spam this page more with photos from creating process. But it lost its importance in last year because of facebook policy of economic. Fb naturally assumes that every page in it is there just like a presentation of some corporation or business, so they limited the views of the pages maximally. Now only small percent of the followers can see your posts. You have to pay if you want people who have liked your page to see your posts - how insane.

5) How many bands have you done t-shirt/cd cover art for?

I really don't know man. It's hard to say, many drawings never reborn on the real product or it takes long time period for the group to record the album and use it. I also draw and paint stage design, sketches for tattoos and other illustrations and now I'm not able to say how much I've done. And it's not so important I think.

6) Are you a self thought artist or did you have any teachers? since your early drawing stage have you notice a steady progression in your work? how has your art progressed since that time?

I never had a teacher, only artists I really like theirs art and inspires by them when I want to learn something more about new technique or so. I'm self thought artist in this way of meaning. But I always try to learn more about composition, colour combination and new techniques. Last two or three years I draw or paint almost every day and there's still a lot of what I want and need improve and learn. When I was starting with the motives for bands I did all of it just by inks and improve in lot of ink techniques and combinations. than I tried bigger and more colorful pastels and coals drawings and learn about oils and acrylics than. I think I have a long way behind and I learn something new with every new motive. Here I have to thank all the groups I've cooperated with in the past - for theirs ideas and visions which I've made real on papers or canvas. For inspiration and for the motives which I probably never paint without their initiative.

7) Name some of  your most notable accomplishments? Any big bands that have used your work?

Yeah, there're few of this kind of interresting name milestones in my way I'm really proud on. I have done new logo for Nokturnal Mortum,T-shirts for <Code>, Fanttasma t-shirts, logo for Winterlore, (Theese two are still not so known, but spend few minutes with their music, you'll be surprised!) t-shirt for Baptism, cooperation on few logos with Dave Rotten from Avulsed. Now I've done an artwork for Old Nick from Ceremonial Castings for his new solo piano album - it's my first experience with creating something for classic music album in some way of meaning, hehe, I'm really honored for this opportunity, the music which've been shared by Nick since now sounds awesome. I also cooperate on lot of things with Naturmacht Production what belongs to my friend, Robert Brockmann, many thanks to him for all the opportunities to work with the bands under his wings - like Agael,  Lebensnacht or Stoic Dissention. I'm also really proud on cooperation with czech pagan group Panychida on their last album and Phantoms of Pilsen festival I did the posters for in 2014 organized by my friends from Panychida - Honza Vaněk and Sinneral.

8) Name some of the Zines or E-zines that have featured your artwork?

there're not so much Zines and E-zines I cooperate with on the artworks. Only Mortem zine ( where I'm like a reviewer and interviewer primarily. But I'm also something like a designer of this zine, you'll see more of my share in graphics on the new page what we're preparing now. I did also Shub-Niggurath inspired t-shirts for Mortems ten years celebration.

9) What are your aspiration and goals 2015? What are your current projects?

I'm planning extensive cooperation with Somnus Aeternus, czech doom metal group on its new concept album with concept artwork as well. I'm also preparing on two exhibitions with Christophe Szpajdel and Moga Alexandru from Kogaion art. I plan more interresting cooperations but let me surprise you, I'm not supposed to talk about all of it since it´ ll be done and official. Anyway, the most of all interresting cooperations are never planned and interresting doesnt have to means only big name or sth like that. I'm really looking forward to all visions which I can make real!

10) If any bands/labels/zines etc.. want to get in contact with you, what is the best way to reach you?

There're many ways for contacting me, I'm really open to talk with the band members about theirs vision closely, so I dont mind if the bands contacts me via Moonroot art page or fb personal profile. But the base is the email -

11) Thanks so much for participating in my zine, the last lines are for you, any final thoughts?

Thank you really much for your questions and support! All Hails brothers in arms, I'll be waiting for your visions which let me build new worlds!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Insane Tales From The Dead Issue 3 Vol. 1

Insane Tales From The Dead Issue 3 Volume 1 just arrived. Featuring the works of Nikos Malk, Brian Postman, Tony Fero, Silvano, Chuck Bowman, Ann tedeschi, John Schumacher and Doug Randazzo. Introduction by Mike Howlett. Artist gallery includes Mark Riddick, Mortuus Art, Glynford Cabarse, Bjorn Grasses, Steph Dumais, Putrid Matt, Raul Gonzalez, Eric Rot, Len Desiderio, Frank Cassuto, Don England, Elyse Taylor, Splatterbeast, Jaes Groeling, Caleb Dickenson, Justell Vonk, Joe Ravager Romero, Rich Hervey, Agus Wibowo, Gorepump, Frank Garcia and more. Visit the site and support the artist insanetalesfromthedead

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Nervosa first time in Chicago

Nervosa live at Reggies.Their first live performance in Chicago. Part of the US tour featuring a brand new drummer Canadian Samantha Landa. Supporting acts included Reign, The Everscathed, Wrath and Suspended. All video footage Here Be sure to support the band and visit them at facebook

See the full album at Nervosa photos


Rotten Sound perform at Reggies Chicago

Rotten Sound performing live at Reggies, Chicago 8-22-2016 along with God Dementia, Like Rats, Organ Dealer and Sick/Tire. See footage from this show here

all pics here 

Like Rats

God Dementia 

Organ Dealer 


Monday, August 8, 2016

Full Terror Assault 1 The Arrival

Its hard to believe that almost a full year has gone by and Full Terror Assault 2 is only a few weeks away. Here are a few short clips that I never had a chance to edit until now. This is footage from last year. In the car and my first view of the stage as well as the tent set up. Super stoked to be heading out there for this years festivities. Footage here

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cryptic Hymn, Discarnate, Inner Decay and Mordatorium footage and photos 7-3-2016

Live concert film and photos from Beat Kitchen Chicago on July 3, 2016. Cryptic Hymn tour mid-west region. Supporting acts for this event included: Inner Decay, Discarnate and Mordatorium. Below is the live concert footage and a few photographs from the show. You can also click on this location to view the entire photo session from that evening.

See more here Cryptic Hymn  photos

See more Discarnate photos

See more Inner Decay photos here 

See more Mordatorium photos click here


Friday, July 1, 2016

Nails live concert photos and video footage June 17 2016

Nails embarked on a US Tour in support of their new album You Will Never be One Of Us. Coming through the mid-west with supporting acts Full of Hell and Eternal Sleep. The following photos are from the show in Chicago at the Empty Bottle on June 17 2016 to a sold out audience. Footage is also included below the pics. 

more photos click here 

Full Of Hell 

Eternal Sleep

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Deadhand System live concert photos June 4 2016

Live concert photos of the band Deadhand System. These photographs are posted on Flickr and you will also find footage from the event on the previous blog post on this page. Feel free to share them and also visit the band on their FB site facebook-DeadhandSystem

Deadhand System live 6-4-2016

Deadhand System live performance 6-4-2016

Deadhand System debut performance at Underground Lounge on June 4, 2016. Footage below. Please share the video and spread the word.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tombs, Hivelords, Lord Mantis and Of Wolves concert photos

The band Tombs from Brooklyn, NY recently embarked on a small U. S. tour. Performing at several locations from New York to Rhode Island. Below are photos and live video footage from their stop in Chicago on May 16 2016. Playing at 1st Ward events Chop Shop. Supporting acts included Lord Mantis, Of Wolves and Hivelords. The entire photo album can be view at this location

more photos click here

Lord Mantis

more photos click here


more photos click here

Of Wolves

more photos click here

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Defeated Sanity - At One With Wrath

Defeated Sanity unveil a brand new song, "At One With Wrath", check out the video below. Check out the live performance from February at The Beat Kitchen.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Belphegor vocalist attacked at airport

Helmuth Lehner vocalist for Belphegor was confronted and spat on by a religious fanatic at a Russian airport 4-19-2016. The youtube video shows an older man speaking in Russian and provoking the vocalist.

Watch footage of Belphegor from Chicago 2015

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CHRCH - European Tour 2016

The band CHRCH from Sacramento, CA, have embarked on a European Tour. Check out the video trailer as well as the tour dates. They might be headed to an area near you.


Tour dates
30.3 Italy, Bolzano - Horizon Club 
31.3 Italy, Carpi Modena - Shai Hulud
01.4 Italy, Pescara - Tube Cult Fest
02.4 Italy, Montecchio Maggiore - Circolo La Mesa
03.4 France, Toulouse - Les Pavillons Sauvages
04.4 France, Paris - Glazart
05.4 France, Nantes - La Scene Michelet
06.4 France, Rouen - Hipster Café
07.4 Belgium, Kortrijk - The Pit's
08.4 Germany, Wuppertal - AZ Wuppertal
09.4 Switzerland, Lausanna - Impetus Festival
10.4 Germany, Freiburg am Breisgau - venue TBA 
11.4 Germany, Leeuwarden - The Morgue
12.4 Belgium, Brussels - Magasin4
13.4 Belgium, Antwerp - Antwerp Music City 
14.4 The Netherlands, Tilburg - Roadburn
15.4 The Netherlands, Hengelo - Innocent
16.4 Germany, Leipzig - Doom Over Leipzig
17.4 Germany, Hamburg - Hafenklang

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Funeral Moth - Transience

Funeral Moth is a four piece band, members are Makoto Fujishima - Guitars, Vocals. Tomohiro Kanja - Guitars. Ryo Amamiya - Bass. Yuichiro Azegami - Drums. Music style is listed as, extreme doom. Band location, Tokyo/Kanagawa, Japan.

Transience album released on Weird Truth Productions March 13th 2016. Taking a slight break from all the death/black and grind promos recently sent to me, I come across some really good doom metal from Japan. Funeral Moth delivers some penetrating and haunting music with this second release. Only two tracks and they are very captivating. On long travels, I can lend my full attention and let the rhythms permeate inside my head. The first song "Transience" is about twenty one minutes long. Its journey begins with some simple an effective melodies and creeps along until bringing you to the brink of desolation. Coming from a background that is mostly death metal in the bands I perform in, I can only imaging the amount of concentration it must take to hold a melody or rhythm for such a long time. It is truly in its own realm and I can appreciate what these musicians do. Without a doubt the most captivating song for me is the second track "Lost", this one in particular,  is monumental. The arrangements lead the listeners through many realms and lead to a grand ending which really caught my ears by surprise. The strings, as you might expect, are very low tuned, adding that certain doom character that resonates constantly through out the menacing rhythms. 

In conclusion, music that conjures up images of sorrow and desolation. Long and distant trips through dark corridors. The band lives up to the extreme mood and ambience of doom and the huanting feelings will be hard to remove once you experience this album.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Bustum - Demonolosophy

Bustum is a two piece band, members are Demoniac - guitars & bass guitar / Nicor - vocals & drums. Music style is listed as, Black metal. Band location, Osijek, Croatia.

Demonolosophy album released on Iron County Records March 10 2016. It will be out on tape including a bonus song and new front picture and layout via Hungarian Iron County Records limited to 250 copies. First 33 will have an extra slipcase and logo pin as "die hard” version. Upon receiving this, my initial thoughts were, crushing and destructive black metal, something that kicks you in the face from the very beginning. As I listen visions of maniacal monsters raising out of the dead and bottomless pit. Ten songs with excellent production and intense drum sound, it cuts through prominently. The massive waves of malevolence are defined in every track. A good example of its brutality would be the song "Mist of Solitude", it presents a twisted vision. The dark portals are opened wide and many beast are set loose upon an unsuspecting world above.

In conclusion, delivery of raw and intense sounds can be experienced in each song. The tape format is sure to please the true underground metalheads and something tangible to archive and add to their collection. 


Bloodred - Nemesis

Bloodred is the sole project of Ron Merz and began in 2009. Music style is listed as, Epic Blackened Death. Band location, Oberstenfeld.

Nemesis album to be released on April 8th 2016. My initial thoughts, the sounds put forth are tremendous. The riffs are powerful and embodied the roots of Black/death metal in every passage. The drum performance on this recording is by Joris Nijenhuis, (Leaves ́ Eyes, Atrocity) and produced by Alexander Krull of Mastersound Studio. Comprised of eight songs, each producing savage brutality with high paced double kicks and aggressive blast/grind beats. A punishing work has being brought to life and it is bound to cause waves through out the underground metal world. 

I spent some time getting familiar with each composition. The album fascinates me in its delivery and structure of each riff. The songs that absolutely crushed my skull would undoubtedly have to be "The Hail Storm", it comes at you with strong and relentless attack and its ending structure is sure to make you want to jump into the mosh pit. The song "Collateral Murder" is another high on my list, reminiscent of classic b/m like Bathory, Belphegore, Gorgoroth and Mayhem.  

In conclusion, a full on assault of crushing and menacing black metal with creative guitar riffs that pack a lot of energy and create interesting hooks. 


Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cryptic Realms - The Rotten is Alive

Cryptic Realms is a four piece band, members are Kostas Analytis - Vocals. Uriel Aguillon on Guitars / Drums. Victor Varas - on Bass Guitar. Tersis Zonato - Drums, Guitar Solos, Acoustic guitars. Music style is listed as, metal. Band location, USA, Greece, Brazil and Mexico.

The Rotten is Alive EP released on Dark Recollections Prods label on 20th March 2016. The opening song to this release "Shattered Dreams", sounds very classical. A clean strumming guitar piece with a sorrowful melody that is also complex in structure. The next track "Begging to the dead", clearly rooted in old school d/m but powerful enough to punch you in the gut. The characteristics of the recording are reminiscent of the band Death, Spiritual Healing era. Like a tribute to those distant times, it does work really well for these musicians. Some of the stand out performances from this album, for me, will be "Shadows of Disgrace" and "Scattered Thoughts". 

In conclusion, if you enjoy old school death metal with a sharp edge, then be sure to check out this band. An energetic EP that will rip out your soul straight from your bones. 


Monday, March 28, 2016

Magister Dixit - Opus Astral

Magister Dixit is a three piece band, members are W.Solstice, Strident S., Ekinox. Music style is listed as, Mystical Black metal. Band location, Laurentides.

Opus Astral album released on Scum Productions March 7, 2016. Pure darkness is unleashed. The roots of black metal are apparent. The music explores with different sounds giving it a sense of the astral ambiance they are projecting. The song "Hall of Pain", is malevolent in all its arrangements. It certainly has a way to bring chills down your spine and its cryptic melody becomes ingrained in you mind. Another track that is on a top level for me would be "Respirer la mort", the use of blast beats, slow keyboard and flute passages make it an interesting song to listen to and it certainly creates an atmosphere of cosmic journeys in distant lands. "Pulveryzator" is a reckoning force and should be played at a high volume. You will also hear a cover, "Elder God (kataklysm cover)", it is a good rendition of the song and it manifest in brutal form.    

In conclusion, if you like black metal with plenty of eerie melodies and cosmic sounds, then look no further and support Magister Dixit.


Ofghost - The Awakening

Ofghost is a one piece band, members are Sami. Music style is listed as, DarkPrimitiveHybridMetalRockShit. Band location, Jyväskylä

The Awakening album self released on March 7 2016. As the month of March reaches its end, my ears get one final full assault. This promo landed in my inbox and it crushes. Upon listening to this manifestation, it begins unassuming, with a nice melody and then it erupts without warning. Intense and relentless are the first things that pop into my mind. In totality they offer us seven songs of raw, gritty and dark tones. The lyrics are not in English, so, I am making this review based solely on the music that is being presented. One of the tracks that stands out above the rest would be the song "LUONA POLTTAVAN JÄÄN", it begins with a chant and it slowly builds up into a feeling of rage and anger as if preparing for war. The music easily crosses the line between black and death metal with short melodic passages and aggressive vocals. 

In conclusion, the level of intensity remains high through out this album. Brutal blast beats and grinds are exhibited and are executed in precise manner. Underground metal fans will be sure not to pass this up, you will not be dissapointed.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Corprophemia - Abhorrogenesis

Corprophemia is a four piece band, members are Vocals - Matt Kelly. Guitar - Franky D'Alimonte. Guitar - Mat Lemmon. Drums - Jason Longo. Music style is listed as, Technical Death Metal. Band location, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Abhorrogenesis album released on CDN Records March 11, 2016. The heaviness coming from this release is over the top. Clever and potent samples on almost every track can be heard. The low tuned chords represented would make Meshuggah proud. 

Eleven songs of menacing brutality. Very good production. Crushing hooks and memorable passages. Some of the more outstanding performances from this album for me, would be "Hour Of The Witch", "Divine Creation" and "Supreme Dark Covenant". Some of the influence that may be noted would be bands like, Kranium, Pathology, Kataplexy and Devourment. While there is no new ground breaking material, the music sets a high level of energy and is most certainly engaging on all levels of the genre.

In conclusion, music that will have you picking up pieces of your skull. The samples and catchy verses are in par with traditional death metal but they explore low tune dissonance that is embedded with more of todays prominent brutal death bands.