Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Imperial Savagery - Imperial Savagery

Imperial Savagery is a four piece death metal band from Chicago, IL. Members are Tom Flanagan - Guitars, Garrett Scanlan - Drums, Brice Dalzell - Vocals, Pat Clancy - Bass. 

Imperial Savagery self released and self titled album in the fall of 2013. This record consist of ten songs of vicious old school style death metal. I have had the opportunity to see this band live twice, even before listening to this album, so I knew what kind of devastation was about to attack my ears when I popped the disc into my cd player. My first impression is, the music is relentless and intense. In terms of its production, it has a raw quality to it, like the early Morbid Angel, old Sepultura (Schizophrenia) or even Slayer Haunting the Chapel albums. 

Fast riffs and grinds with a dirty and crunchy guitar tone. Bass lines are upfront and clear. The drummers' double kick attack is aggressive and never lets up. Vocals are in the mid range guttural most of the time, to some high screams on a few of the songs. Don't expect any technical or complex compositions, just a straight in your face music like the early days of the DM genre. 

Although I enjoyed listening to every song, some of the more stand out tracks would have to be "Thy Kingdom Crumbling", I liked the subtle drum fills using the cymbals, as well as the catchy verse riffs that completely remind me of early Death. The song "Infernal Disgust", for its blistering and catchy solos, I played this one several times. "His Hollow Hands", I witness this song live a few times and it kills, in this recording it is just as intense. A well executed slab of sheer brutality. 

In conclusion, a great debut by this band, it delivers the essence of the nineties death metal days and the songs are memorable and crushing. I recommended it for fans of Death, Immolation, early Slayer, Morbid Angel, Grave and Sinister. ~Artemortifica