Friday, March 28, 2014

Exodus new album - Update

Exodus is currently putting the finishing touches on their new album. On the official Exodus site Gary Holt recently gave fans an update;

"We are well into drum tracks; everything is going super smooth and Tom [Hunting] is just killing it! Best drum sound this band has ever laid down - sounds just simply pummeling! Only one more song and some B sides to go, then we go through things and make sure everything is up to par, and then time for guitars! Can't wait to add the crunch to these monsters.  This is gonna be so goddamned heavy it ain't even funny! We couldn't be more stoked and pleased with how this record is coming along! Bludgeoning!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Morbid Flesh - Embedded In The Ossuary

Morbid Flesh hails from Spain, established in 2007, consisting of members  Vali (vocals), Jose and Marc (guitars), Makeda (bass, also in INSULTERS) and Gusi (drums, also in GRAVEYARD and INSULTERS). Embedded In The Ossuary Ep will be released through Unholy Prophecies on April 15 2014. 

Intro "Entrance To The Ossuary", heavy destructive and epic. Like walking in a dark path to certain death. Charnel House, resurrecting the true DM spirits of the early nineties like Grave, Entombed, Sinister and Death. The song will get your blood pumping. Under Ragged Hoods, finally a song to have the mosh pit slamming in pure gut stomping frenzy. Brutality at its best. "Rising of Shadows", heavy drum rolls and devastating double kick work. "From Beyond The Bounds", thinking early Suffocation or Brutal truth, will say this is my favorite track on this Ep. The closing track is "Summoning The Sorcery Of Death", like bestial hordes rising from the perpetual abyss. A great way to send us of. My only compliant is that it was short. if your looking for some true DM look no further. Morbid Flesh has captured the essence of the pure DM style on this Ep.

Listen to the full Ep streaming exclusively at nocleansinging.premiere-morbid-flesh

Everdying - The Journey Ahead EP

The Journey Ahead EP, self released on March 14 2014. Everdying is Johnny Dove, a one man melodic death metal project from the Mid-west area, Downers Grove, Illinois.

In doing reviews for AEA zine, I have been exposed to a handful one man projects from BM/DM/ Industrial, Doom and Ambient genres. Having done solo material myself, I can say that it is not an easy endeavor. It takes much dedication and hard work to get a final product accomplished. 

The Ep begins with "Quondam Echoes", open chords with a mood setting melody into heavier DM style verse. Vocals have a good range from deep guttural to BM high. The song breaks down into a bass line with a catchy harmony that reminds me of early Paradise Lost. Arizona Rain, this song is very enjoyable to me, clean acoustic guitar, mellow yet somehow uplifting at the same time, would say it is may favorite from this Ep. Next up is "I Will End You", in contrast to the previous composition, this song blast in with some grinding drum work while the vocals do a gore-grind style, a good blend between nineties dm riffs and slamming chops. "Lunar Aura", reminds me of the early At The Gates albums at the start, the song transcends into a clean part with a progressive feeling for a short time then jumps back to the aggressive style. "The Journey Ahead", title track, this has a BM orientation and the vocals reflect the passages, well executed. The final song is an In Flames cover "Worlds Within The Margin", vocals and string instruments definitely complimented the original, the drums were a bit mechanical on some parts but overall, I enjoyed it.

In conclusion, each song has a distinct feeling and the production quality is solid and well balanced. The variety of genres blend together well and keeps each composition interesting from moment to moment.



Eyes Wide Open - Aftermath

Eyes Wide Open is a five piece band from Karlstad, Sweden. Members are Patrik Fahlin - Vocals, Kristofer Strandberg - Guitar, Erik Engstrand - Guitar, Jesper Lindgren - Bass, Karl Adamsson - Drums. Genre - metal.

"Aftermath" released back in 2011 features eleven tracks. Wings of Redemption is the opening track. A solid clean production, catchy and creative riffs perk my ears. Avalanche is song two, vocals are brutal yet easy to understand the lyrical content, similar to early In Flames but with much more edge. Track three is Foxdie, interesting title. Exhibiting many traits of the modern metal sounds but retaining their own mark. Guitars have a progressive feel but are not over the top, leaving room for the rhythm sections to shine. The song "Red" reveals a melodic aspect to their style. This is a song that sticks in your mind and has many harmonies. No More Stars, aggressive, mosh inducing anthem. The chorus is memorable. This is one of those tracks you will spin several times. Sink or Swim, one of the things the grabs my attention in this particular track is the solid bass sound, very detailed and punchy, actually through the entire recording it is dominant but not to overpowering, creating a level ground for the rest of the instruments. The closing track is "Aftermath", leading with a clean guitar riff and melody that will remain in my head for a time to come. A great way to close this adventure and also leave the listener wanting more.

In conclusion, from heavy to melodic, each song has its own distinction. Consider this is their first album, it makes a huge impact and sets the bar high. Fans of early Fear Factory, early In Flames, At The Gates and Amon Amarth will want to check this out. Be sure to look for their debut EP; Revelations on their band site.


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

At The Gates - Tour flier 2014

At The Gates is set to release a new album (At War With Reality) in the fall of 2014. They recently posted a tour flier in support of its release. Visit their official site for more details at

Monday, March 24, 2014

Gwar frontman Dave Brockie dead at age 50

Blabbermouth: "Dave Brockie, better known as Oderus Urungus, the founder and lead singer of renowned Richmond, Virginia metal band GWAR, has died. Roommates reportedly found Brockie's body at his home Sunday evening (March 23)"

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Arch Enemy - War Eternal video w/ new vocalist

Check out War Eternal video. Song is taken from the album "War Eternal". Century Media March 20th 2014. Featuring brand new singer Alissa White-Gluz.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Boris Records to Release self-titled Gunpowder Gray Vinyl LP

Clawhammer- "Boris Records will release GUNPOWDER GRAY's self-titled EP on 12" purple translucent vinyl on Record Store Day, April 19. A free download of album track "Cut Me Out" - available at this location - set the stage. Now the Atlanta riff-masters are offering up the seven-song main event."
Pre-orders coming soon

1. Gunpowder Gray
2. Cummin' My Way
3. Outta Sight
4. Under the Gun
5. Dancing With Death
6. Cut Me Out
7. Saints

ABSTRACTER's "Tomb of Feathers" to be released on 12" vinyl

Via Clawhammer- "France's Trendkill Recordings, Germany's 7 Degrees Records and Italy's Shove Records have joined forces to release the final and ultimate version of Tomb of Feathers, the debut album of Oakland apocalyptic blackened crust-doom horde ABSTRACTER. Finally arriving in 12" vinyl format on April 15, Tomb of Feathers was already released worldwide in September 2012 by the US's The Path Less Traveled Records in digital format, on a self-released limited edition cassette tape in fall of 2012, and once again by The Path Less Traveled Records on CD worldwide last summer."

Stream in full abstracter.bandcamp

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pyrrhon - Premiere New Hymn via Vice/Noisey

Relapse Records news- "With the official unleashing of PYRRHON's The Mother Of Virtues now just two weeks away, today Vice/Noisey is waging war on the ears of the willing with "Invisible Injury." An exploratory mind fuck of broken chords, warring vocal tirades, and hurt feelings, the track encompasses pure evil. Embrace the hate." Check out the last dates of their tour they maybe coming to your town. Tour Flyer below.

Official release click here

Ringworm - Hammer of the Witch - Out Now!

Relapse Records news "Cleveland’s legendary kings of metallic hardcore return with their Relapse debut Hammer Of The Witch. 13 songs of fire-y rage propelled by lead vocalist Human Furnace’s wrathful fury, this is a record sure to satisfy metalheads and hardcore kids alike."

Official site:

Death - Leprosy remastered/reissue 50+ extra minutes

Relapse Records news- "The legendary death metal classic remastered and reissued with 50+ minutes of previously unreleased demos and rehearsal material plus brand new liner notes and a 24 page booklet with never before seen photos!"



Official site to place pre-orders click here

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tears Of Regret - Tears Of Regret EP

Tears of Regret is a four piece band from Jordan/Iraq consisting of members; Odai- Vocalist, Lyrics Writer and Mixing Mastering , Tareq- Guitarist, Hussein- Bassist, Fahad- Drums, Keyboardist and Music Composer. Tears of Regreat EP released through Depressive Illusions Records on January 1st 2014. Genre is describe as Atmospheric Black Metal, Doom, Ambient Metal.

The intro is lurid and creepy. Its a clean guitar line and really creates a depressive endless adventure through darkness. Next up is "Tears of Regret", title track, my thoughts are heavy sludgy and mind bending. One of the bands that come to my mind is early Sleepy Time Gorilla who also used off time sliding style riffing as I hear on this track. War In Sky, this composition goes for an incredible twenty seven minutes, I am thinking most of it was probably recorded live. What we hear is mostly bass lines with occasional drums and dark black metal style vocals like deep in the void of hell. Transilvanian Hunger, more on the ambient doom side of things, like very early Paradise Lost. Occasional double kick work and high BM style lyrics to make you crawl up a wall in fear. This track also features some synth work that makes it outlandish at moments. It ends with a keyboard piece and its catchy memorable. The Outro is similar to the intro, clean guitar line setting the atmospheric mode. The clarity in this particular song is very clean and polished compared to some of the earlier material.

In conclusion, the melodic aspect of the music is what I enjoyed the most. The Black metal style works but sometimes gets blurred with many other sounds happening. Fans of atmospheric BM, doom will surely want to check this EP out.

STEEL PROPHET Reveal Artwork for Omniscient

Clawhammer- "The spectacular artwork was specifically created for Omniscient by German artist Timo Würz and represents one of the central themes of the album - "The Tree of Knowledge."

Clawhammer- "Omniscient is a concept album based on an original story written by lead guitarist and founding member Steve Kachinsky Blakmoor, and "The Tree of Knowledge" displayed on the cover represents a very important "character" in the plot."

Clawhammer- "Omniscient will be released by the end of June / beginning of July on limited-edition digibook CD, standard CD, limited-edition double LP and digital formats. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Coraxo - Starlit Flame

Coraxo band from Tampere. They consist of members Tomi Toivonen- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synths, Programming, Ville Vistbacka-Drums. They describe their genre as Industrial/Electro Metal. Starlit Flame is the debut EP released independently on January 2014.

The EP begins with the song entitled "01 LV-426 J318.5-22", my first thoughts are, experimental, trippy, sci fi and captivating. Signal Detected, is track two, heavy guitars and twisted synth work. Xenotaph, very much industrial feeling. Dissonant chords on the keyboards. I enjoy the metal riffing the most. The vocals remind me of early In Flames. The Big Fight Scene, strap yourselves in and hold on tight, this track has much to offer combining industrial and heavy riffing along with the space sounds and devastating drum work. Transformed, like taking a ride on a UFO and landing on Pluto. Spoken samples and subtle rhythms. Escape, interesting guitar work. The vocals do remind of early Carcass albums. The final track on here is a Sepultura cover "Refuse Resist", an unexpected and surprising composition. Being a long time Sepultura fan I listened with intent, I really enjoy this version, the band really gave it their own tinge and kept it reasonable and engaging.

My final thoughts, this is a welcomed change compared to all the material I have received in the past week. I enjoyed all the surprises and each song kept my interest from moment to moment. Fans of Industrial, experimental and heavy metal will find much to like in this EP.


Decomposed - Devouring

Decomposed is a DM band from Sundsvall, Sweden consisting of members Jesper Ekstål - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Jim Mattsson - Drums, Micke Holmbom - Rhythm Guitar, Joachim Lyngfelt - Bass. Devouring album released on January 1, 2014 through Blood Harvest Records, Memento Mori.

Title track Devouring introduces and captures the senses from the first verses. I am reminded of bands like Entombed, Sinister, early Hypocrisy, Monstrosity, and many other from the early nineties glorious DM era. Bloodsoaked Disarray is song number two, this one has a strong Death (Chuck Schuldiner) influence. One the things I enjoy on this composition is the drums. There are some interesting fills with the ride and crash cymbals that stick in my mind. Abysmal Descent, clever and engaging guitar riffs along with mosh stomping grooves. Voices of Endless Decay, grinding and relentless attack from the start. It is one of those songs that make you want to smash things. Boiling Blood, like entering a dark chamber, an ambiance of horrors to come. Ode To The End, takes me back to good days of DM intensity, no frills, just straight to the bone crushing onslaught, we need more of this style these days.
From The Darkness, rapid fire blast beats, solid bass riffing and brutal low growl vocal style. Probably one of my favorite tracks. Last song on the album is Decomposition, memorable and catchy, I can imaging many fist in the air with horns held high headbanging to this song. 

In conclusion, the album captures the essence of the DM genre. Intense drumming, well executed solos, deep and devastating vocals and solid bass lines. Fans of Entombed, Monstrosity, Unleashed, early Hypocrisy, Grave, Death, will want to add this album to their collection.

Nebelung - Mittwinter (video premier)

Nebelung release of Paligenesis album February 18 2014 through Temple of Torturous. Mittwinter video premier plus interview on



                                 NEBELUNG 'Mittwinter' (official music video) from ToT Records on Vimeo.

Colosso - Thallium

Colosso is a four piece band from Oporto, Portugal. Genre is described as experimental death metal. Band members are António Carvalho - Guitar, André Lourenço - Bass, Marcelo Aires - Drums, Max Tomé - Vocals/Guitar. Thallium is the groups second album self released in October of 2013.

Opening track is Quadrangular, it is an intense and powerful start. Next song is entitled "Prime", clean guitar with a slight effect creates a dramatic and dark atmosphere. "Orthogonal Path", one of the bands that come to my mind as I listen is Meshuggah. There are slight hints of their influence on this particular song. "Ecosystem", heavy and devastating riffs. Finally the vocals come in and are in deep growl menacing style which I enjoy very much. "Ecitnerppa  Sseltnecs", this is my favorite song, it just makes you want to smash things and head-bang uncontrollably. The tuning of the string instruments is in a low deep punishing level. Think of Strapping Young Lad and Gojira having a baby and it would be Colosso. Into Infinity, the title says it all. Melancholy dissonant strumming with hints of ambient sounds spread through out. "Minus Infinity', is the last song. Heavy, abrasive, and a perfect way to lead us out from the destructive harmonies contain through this entire album.

In conclusion, if you enjoy low tuned face smashing riffs with creative bass passages and heavy vocals styles than you will want to purchase this album. Fans of Meshuggah, Gojira, and Strapping Young Lad I recommend to check out this album. Be sure to look for their previous release "Abrasive Peace" available through their official site.   

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Gutslit - Skewered In The Sewer

Brutal death grind from Mumbia, India. Gutslit: current and past members include Gurdip - Bass (2007-), Aditya Barve - Vocals (2011-), Prateek Rajagopal - Guitars (2013-), Aaron Pinto - Drums (2011-). Skewered In The Sewer album released July 2013. Current labels Coyote Records (Russia), Ghastly Music (Japan).

Opening track Prelude to Putrification is a dark and twisted intro, like a demon rising from beneath deep waters preparing to attack. Pustulated Phallic Enthrallment, nice title. Churning crushing bones type of intro before slamming into the brutality. Relentless onslaught right from the first riffs. Thinking Skinless, early Dying Fetus, Gorgasm or Gorefest influences. Offal Barter, drums are grinding and plenty of guitar sweep arpeggios to delight most gore-hounds. Circumcised With A Chainsaw, sounds bloody, painful and messy. Stomping guitar rhythm and high pitched harmonics paint the sonic landscape for this torturous song. Haemorrhoidal Brain Custard, title sounds like something no human would want to experience. The bass lines are dominant for this song. Rolling double kicks keep everything at a high speed without loosing any velocity. Pulp Face, funny and sadistic intro followed by more brutality. Maze of Entrails, reminds me of early Suffocation albums like Effigy or Seeds of Suffering. Final and closing track Skewered In The Sewer, from fast grinds to slow slamming head smashing feelings, this is the best way to close this beast of an album.

In conclusion, fans of Devour The Unborn, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, Skinless and Gorguts will want to make this album part of their collection. Non stop brutality from beginning till the end.
Look for this band performance live at the Obscene Extreme fest in 2014.

Kaotoxin Records Releases Posthumous INSAIN EP Enlightening the Unknown

Kaotoxin Records has given worldwide release to Enlightening the Unknown from the recently disbanded butchers INSAIN.

"This chaotic and explosive swansong is a fitting end to a band whose career was cut short,  but impact is difficult to deny. The EP is available as a digital download and on limited edition (1,000 copies only with no repress) DigiSleeve CD." ~Clawhammer

Stream and purchase Enlightening the Unknown at

Order INSAIN merch and the band's full-length debut, Spiritual Rebirth at

Order Of Voices - Hand In Hand (new music video)

Order of Voices releases new video for the song Hand in Hand.

Official site


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mahogany Head Grenade - Return To The Point of Departure

Mahogany Head Grenade is an instrumental band from Dallas, Texas. Consisting of members Dan Hyer - Guitar, Mike Pritchett - Drums, James Falcon - Bass. Return To The Point of Departure is a self released album on May 2013. Genre described as instrumental rock. 

Opening track is Return To The Point of Departure, a sample intro leads the way. My first thoughts are "progessive and engaging". Song two is Trouble For Trouble, solid rhythms and creative guitar solos. Vinedresser, sci-fi style intro and interesting title, taking notice of the bass lines that are very creative and making well complimented lines the are catchy and memorable. Elude War Machine is track four, much more aggressive than the previous songs. Drums are a highlight in this composition. Interesting dynamic fills and rolls, production quality is great as I can hear every hit on the drum kit. Closing track is Venitian Bricks, progressive, bluesy and hard rock oriented. Considering the entire album is instrumental it keeps the listener captivated from moment to moment.

In conclusion, fans of Joe Satriani, Steve Via, and Buckethead will enjoy this. A well produce and thought adventure with solid bass and creative guitar passages.



Monday, March 10, 2014

Hannes Grossmann - The Radical Covenant

Hannes Grossmann The Radical Covenant album, self released on February 3 2014. Track listing:
1. Aeon Illuminate - 08:20
2. Alien Utopia - 04:33
3. The Sorcerer - 07:43
4. Solar Fire Cells - 04:08
5. The Voyager - 05:46
6. Radial Covenant I. + II. - 10:49
7. Euclidean Elements (Piano Version) - 03:41
To purchase the album visit

Hannes is known for his drumming in the following bands; Obscura, Blotted Science, and Necrophagist.

Check out the album cover plus YT video of Aeon Illuminate and SC sample of the album below.


Syphor - For What Remains

Syphor is a five piece Thrash/Death Metal band from Dublin, Ireland consisting of members Dan Golding - Vocals, Daragh Brennan - Guitar, Franco Buonocore - Guitar, Dave O'Reilly - Bass, 
Jay Healy - Drums. 

For What Remains is the second full length album self released on September 21 2013.

The opening track is Inferno, a short an engaging melody leads us into a mass assault of pure metal octane. My first thoughts are "aggressive and devastating". Production is good and well balanced. Reckoning is up next. Catchy guitar seizes my senses, feeling a big Carcass influence on the compositions. Frozen Soul, classic DM style seeps through and feeling a mosh coming on. Interesting passages, complex, yet memorable in melody. Title track "For What Remains", slow build up with open chords then into some punchy and fierce riffs. Evolution of Aggression, this song takes me back to the early days of death metal like Hypocrisy or Sinister. Thrust to the Grave, guitar achieves a raw and crunchy rhythm but still maintains a good warm tone when executing the solos. Promises Granted Too Late, levels of brutality are turned up several notches on this song and I will have to admit it's one of my favorites from the album. My Throne To Be, features an eerie mood setting guitar intro, like stepping into a horror movie. Long and complex arrangement with clean guitar and very catchy solos. The track is seven minutes long and keeps you engaged every single second, it also demonstrate a high level of musicianship taking place in each passage. The Punisher is the last and bonus song on this album. The thrash metal elements are apparent and are a good way to end our journey.

In conclusion, the album keeps you on the edge and is filled with many memorable songs. Fans of early style DM like Carcass, Celtic Frost or Sentenced will most likely want to add this album to their collection. 


Kaotoxin Records releases 1st Issue of TOXIC KAOS Magazine

Featuring 44 full-color pages, (French written) March 2014 debut issue of the label's magazine features interviews Benighted, Master, BRUTAL TRUTH, Gorod, EYE OF SOLITUDE, WE ALL DIE (laughing), Exivious, Tides From Nebula, Mercyless, Bliss Of Flesh, INSAIN, Reptilian Death, THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK, Izegrim, MISERABLE FAILURE, NEPHREN-KA, TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION and many more as well as reviews.

TOXIC KAOS comes free of charge and will ship with all orders at the Kaotoxin Shop or Kaotoxin Digital Shop.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Morfin - Inoculation

Morfin is a four piece DM band from Pico Rivera, California. Members are Miguel Hernandez- Drums, Pedro Gonzalez- Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Michael Gonzalez- Bass, Jesus Romero- Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals. Inoculation is their full length release on February 21 2014 through FDA Rekotz.

The opening track is called Evil Within. Brutal and fierce are the first thoughts that come to mind. Dark Creator is song number two. A heavy early nineties DM influence circulates through these riffs. Lethal Progeny, memorable bass line and catchy guitar licks make this one to bang your head to. I am reminded of early Entombed, Death and Benediction. Identity Killer, prepare to slam your way into the mosh pit with this tune. Like a tank crushing bodies under its wheels, a devastating composition indeed. Cryostasis, relenting drums start this song and leads us into oblivion. Well executed production gives this album the early DM sound quality which is well fitting for its content. Primordial, very intense and well written bass line with slight distortion is a nice touch and paints a solid passage for the next song and title track Inoculation, I will have to say this is my favorite composition with ripping solos and massive drum attack. The final song is a cover, Leprosy (Death), the vocalist does a great job at capturing the Chuck's legendary vocal style. The drums maintain a steady rhythm as well as bass and guitar. Overall, true underground DM followers will enjoy this album. The art on the cover is done by Badic Art and fits the raw DM spirit is its purest form.


Dark Forest - The Awakening

Dark Forest is a five piece Heavy Metal band from England. The Awakening is their third full length album to be released on March 11 2014 through Cruz Del Sur Music. Members include Josh Winnard - Vocals, Christian Horton - Guitar, Pat Jenkins - Guitar, Paul Thompson - Bass, Adam Sidaway - Drums

The album starts with the title track "The Awakening", strong and attention grabbing riffs. A solid production is evident immediately. Sacred Signs is song two. Rooted in metal with creative passages. At times it does remind me of early Dream Theater albums like Images and Words or Awake. Pendas Fen, interesting drum dynamics on this particular track. Well thought out patterns make it pleasurable to my ears. Turning of The Tides, much faster and heavier than the previous songs, along with a predominant bass line to give it a certain punch that keep the melodies in your head. Rise Like Lions, reminds me of earlier metal styles like Accept or UFO which I enjoy. There is also a fast and creative solo the breaks through to make this track memorable. Immortal Remains, is probably one of my favorites from this album. Seems like all the elements come together in each passage and verses/chorus lines have much feeling and energy. Sons of England is the closing song. Epic and captivating. A perfect way to seal this adventure. I imaging this song being an audience mover in a live situation.

In conclusion, a very solid performance. Catchy riffs, memorable verses. This new release is one that fans will want to add to their collection. Be sure to also explore their previous albums which include, Dark Forest and Dawn of Infinity.


Lucifer's Hammer - Night Sacrifiice

Lucifer's Hammer is a two member band from Santiago de Chile. This is their debut three song demo released through Shadow kingdom Records on February 12 2014. Members are Hades (Vocals, Guitars), Titan (Drums).

This group is new to the underground scene and there is very little information on their sites other than their demo. Wolf is the first song. I hear a strong Iron Maiden and Saxon influence in the riffs. Vocals are good and have dual arrangements in several verses that are well executed. Shadows is track two. Somehow I am transported back in time to the early eighties when listening to this demo that even the production has that certain analog feeling in its essence. Heavy and crunchy guitar licks open this jam. Fast attack on the drums in pure metal adrenaline. Memorable verses and catchy chorus ala early era manifestation of high vocalizing style. I enjoy the harmonies between the two guitars and have a high regard for their performance on this album. Closing song and title track is "Night Sacrifice", envisioning leather jackets and fist pumping in the air for this composition. There are many early eighties influences in their music, like UFO, Saxon, Exhorder, Barracuda and Accept to name a few. The band holds their own tinge on the album. Overall, I enjoyed the material but think it would be a hard sell to a younger audience in the US, but in their region it would be more suitable in this genre. Old school followers will surely spin this a few times.

FB Lucifershammerband