Friday, April 26, 2013

Frankie Canibal - Feature model #22 4/2013

Happy to introduce the first feature model for April 2013- Frankie Canibal

                                                                        Photographer: Carlos Madrigal Alvarez
                                                                      Edits: Reverend Havoc - Repent & Rebel

1-What inspired you to do modeling? Was there a point early in your life that sparked your interest?
F.C. actually since I was sixteen, I always wanted to model but I thought that somebody like me won’t be able to do some modeling work, but like 5 and half years ago, I started to noticed about pin up, rockabilly, vintage and psychobilly girls, and immediately I felt in love with that style, so when I saw these girls inked up, so classy and curvy doing modeling, I thought I can do it! 
So many elements around the pin ups are inside of my modeling, either way my style it does not defined only by the pin up style. I should say that pin up girls inspired me and it became the push that I needed to start modeling. 

                                                                         Photographer: Carlos Madrigal Alvarez
                                                                       Edits: Reverend Havoc - Repent & Rebel

2- You have dark elements to your style, was there an event or moment that made you decide on your style?
F.C. I really don’t consider that my style has dark elements, but I have some influence around many things that I’m interested to and maybe for some people it can be a little strange and creepy like horror movies, monsters, etc. But like I said before the pin up glamour have been a huge influence for my style, but I create my own style.

                                                                          Photographer: Carlos Madrigal Alvarez
                                                                         Edits: Reverend Havoc - Repent & Rebel

3- Name some of your favorite music or bands?
F.C. well, I love progressive metal, industrial and trip hop, those are my favorites types of music.
And my favorite bands are: Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Portishead and U.N.K.L.E

                                                                          Photographer: Carlos Madrigal Alvarez
                                                                         Edits: Reverend Havoc - Repent & Rebel

4- Name some of your accomplishments or highlights of your career so far?
F.C. I have only two years modeling, and I think that a modeling career have to grow with you as a person, if you want to be a well-known model you have to dedicated so much time in this industry. In my case I can say that in two years I have some accomplishments that make me feel very proud, I had worked with many awesome and creative photographers from Costa Rica, I have made some exclusive shoots for local bars, theaters, modeling agencies, online magazines like Mutilador e-Zine(Mexico), Chromjuwelen Magazin (Germany), Car Kulture deluxe Magazine (E.E.U.U) , I have been invited to be part of some blogs and models websites like Tattooed Beauties, Inked Dolls, Plus size, rockabilly and vintage gals, Ink’d Girls, Girls with Ink and Curves and many more.

Photographer: Carlos Madrigal Alvarez

5- Do you enjoy regular photoshoots? or ones where you get to play a character?
F.C. I love both! I can be just me and express how I am thought a photo shoot, but I also love to have and specific theme or a specific character to play. I might say that I have created my own character Frankie Canibal, that’s me but with lots of attitude, sensuality, and self-confidence!

                                                                                     Photographer: Carlos Madrigal Alvarez 
                                                                                   Edits: Reverend Havoc - Repent & Rebel

6- What other interest do you have besides modeling?
F.C. well actually I’m a tourism professional and I’m on my way to become in a chef, so I might say that my major interest is everything related to culinary arts.

                                                                               Photographer: Carlos Madrigal Alvarez
                                                                              Edits: Reverend Havoc - Repent & Rebel

7- Are there any significant projects or events you are looking forward to in the coming months?
F.C. yes sure, I’m very excited because I’m going to be on the album cover for Reverend Havoc, and he is a great musician that I really love! And also in the next moths I’m going to shoot an exclusive photo set for the modeling agency Disciple Dolls (E.E.U.U) which is part of one of the Reverend Havoc projects. Probably this photo set is going to be on sell by internet!

8- If someone is interested in hiring you (modeling agency, bands, producers, etc..) where is the best place to get a hold of you?
For booking, merchandise for bands, stores, and more you can contact me at or you can contact me by my official blog and fill the contact form.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Samael's Fall - Till Now

Thrash Death metal from Mirano (VE). Samael's Fall is a four piece band which got started in 2008. This is their first album "Till Now". The album starts with a clean acoustic piece entitled "Waiting For" its melodic and solid, this leads us into the first song "The Darkest Day", intense, brutal and grabs my attention. "Till Now" is the title track, loving the drums on here, solid precision double kicks and involved fills. I really dig the guitars in this song, both speed and triplet action make this song brutal as fuck. "Beyond The Violence" sweet sounding bass riff kicks this one off. The DM style comes through perfectly. Once the vocals come in it most definitely mosh inducing vibe. I have to say this is my favorite song on this album. "Hit me Bitch", experience a high level of dynamics on the drums, Marco Rizzo knows his stuff. Aggressive riffs and intense chorus will have you spinning this one for some time. "Never Say Enough", speaking on production, its high quality. Impressive values even at high volume everything stays balanced. "Drunk", simple title but complex song, nice arrangement. "Bang Your Head" is a song that originally appeared on the bands first EP, a mosh anthem for sure, short and to the point, I can see many slamming hard to this song. "Warrior Line", strong and punishing. Some really cool solos happening on here, its great to listen to this. "Crucified and Nailed", is the final track and there are different aspects of riffing which keep the music interesting through out. The drums are delivering on rolls and double kicks all across this arrangement. This album is clear evolution of the band and I think many metal fans will be adding this one to their collection. You can follow the band on FB as well as other sites YouTube and Reverbnation.

Samael's Fall FB
Samael's Fall Youtube
Samael's Fall Reverbnation

Sinocence - No Gods, No Masters Vol. 1

No Gods, No masters is the brand new EP by Belfast's Sinocence a four piece Metal, Rock, Thrash band which got their start in the late nineties. "A Coda of Self Slaughter" is the first song and its a perfect introduction. Production is good, a well balance of sound, guitars are clear and strong. "Long Way Down" a heavy bass driven start, I get a good sense of headbanging to this track, arrangements of riffs are complex yet effective. "Occams Razors" guitar harmonies are a highlight for this song and memorable passages, especially in the chorus, features clean riffing in which the bass compliments very well. "West of Eden", at times feeling progressive but not to much to distract from the song, reminds me of early Dream Theater or early In Flames. The vocalist can reach some high overtures with great ease, fitting perfectly with the rest of the instruments. By far the best song on this new CD. "Cruelty In Silence" ends my trip into Sinocence, aggressive riffs with a heavy bass pummeling the mind, we also hear clean guitars from time to time which give us a sense of arrangement that can be accomplished along with brutal riffing, solos sound great. If anyone is interested in more you can also check out their previous release "Scar Obscura" and you can find it on the bands official site.

Sinocence Facebook
Sinocence official

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Severe Mutilation - Spawn of Hatred

A five piece brutal death metal band hailing from Puerto Rico. Spawn of Hatred is a 30 minute album full of great DM both old and new style. The production quality is great. The album starts with a crazy intro and into "Practice What You Preach", aggressive double kicks are blasting from the first riff, guitars sound good and solid. "Spawn of Hatred" is the title track. roaring in with some killer rolls to highlight the drummers ability, memorable riffs and great chorus. "Unholy Inquisition" its an intense experience, I hear some good dual high to low vocals displayed on this song. "All Respect For Life Is Lost", sick title and lyrics are fitting for the brutality being projected, killer mosh stomping riffs are dealt with heavy punishment on this track. "The Faceless Horde", I am reminded of some good old DM for this song, reminds me of early Napalm Death, Benediction, Gorefest or Entomed. "I Kill For God' is a nice assault to the senses, grinding in with intensity from the very beginning and probably my favorite track of this album. "Fuck The World And Bring on The Hate" is exactly like the title says, and your ears will not be disappointed because it most certainly brings on the devastation along with some cool guitar harmonies to make this one to spin several times. "How The Few Rule The Many" the vocals have a unique style to them, not to guttural that you can't understand what its being said but enough to stay brutal yet be clear to understand the lyric content, job well done. "My Misery Shall Be Your Tragedy", is the final song on my journey of this album, this track reminds me of old Decapitated, which I like a lot, great mix of low and high vocals and intense guitar riff pummel your ears and will have you in the pit in moments. Overall I have enjoyed my experience through all the tracks and recommend this for fans of old school DM and New school as well, I feel you will find something to enjoy in each track. 

Severe Mutilation Facebook

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Devil to Pay - Fate is your Muse

Fate is your Muse is the new album by heavy Rock band Devil To Pay. The album covers a long history of events that have transpired in the bands existence. From close to tragedy event in the beginning which hospitalized singer/guitar player Steve Janiak to many other ups and downs. Much of which can be read about on the bands official site. Now for the album. A great start with the track Prepare to Die, nice hammer on/pull of style of riff with a raw and punchy sound sets the tone smoothly for this album. Ten Lizardmen & One pocketknife, great title and reminds me of the early Black Label Society music but with much better vocals. "Wearin' you Down" a clean strumming riff along with some great lyrical content make this one to spin several times. Already Dead, probably my favorite track, from the start I am already feeling a great groove and vibe. I like being able to understand all the vocals and can appreciate the story being told. There are also some memorable guitar licks to make this song stand out even more. "Yes Master", guitar harmonies are the highlight for me on this one. "This train Won't Stop", much faster driven than the previous songs, yet another favorite for me. A great chorus line with dual vocalizing and ripping guitars, it lives up to its name and delivers in intensity. Black Black Heart, reminds me of old Corrosion of Conformity which I like. The Naked Truth, really like what the drums are doing on this song, lots of rolls and dynamics. This band comes from Indiana and have being writing their style of music since 2000. I like the simplicity of the songs and the raw heavy rock sound being projected. I think a vast audience of many ages and walks of life can find something to enjoy from a musical aspect to the lyrical content you just can't miss. 

Devil To Pay official site

October Tide - Tunnel of No Light

Released on Pulverized Records. "Tunnel of No Light" is the latest release from the five piece Swedish doom metal band October Tide, this is their fourth album. I had a chance to listen to this album several times now and ready to give you the results. Starting of with the production, clear, solid, well balanced. The first track "Of Wounds To Come" sets the mood. open chords and dark overtones dominate from the beginning. the bands that come to mind as I listen are old Desultory, Novembers Doom, and Paradise Lost. Our Constellation, excellent drum intro and captivating guitar riff. Emptiness Fullfilled, reminds me of the very early Anathema days, setting a mood of solice and despair. Caught in Silence, the warm guitar sound is pleasing to the ears as the drum compliment by not being to harsh or blasting, its a great arrangement. This band is what came from the Katatonia break up in 1997. Coming from a long history musically the album is the evolved elements from their previous releases. If you are into doom metal this is one to own. plus if you are a fan of Katatonia you are most likely to want to add this to your collection. For more info on the band and upcoming tour dates check out their site links below.

October Tide Official site
October Tide facebook

Phil Anselmo - new solo album!

Walk Through Exits Only is the title of Phil Anselmo's new solo album due out July 16th on Housecore Records. Really interested in what it will sound like, here is what Phil had to say about it:

"It wasn't about doing a paint-by-numbers thrash or heavy metal record," Anselmo explained about the project. "It's an angry album that only I could do. I don't see anybody else out there screaming about the same shit I'm screaming about. On this album, there isn't any wordplay, there isn't any hidden message, it's all right there in front of you."

Deals Death part ways w/ bass player.

Swedish melodic death metallers Deals Death made a public announcement that after three years together they will be parting ways with bass player Fredrik Ljung.

The band comments, "There are times when everything is great, there are times when everything is bad. And there are times when different paths are chosen and you simply drift apart. Things like these are never easily decided and we thank our friend and bandmate for three awesome years and wish you a brilliant future."

Fredrik made the following statement in response, "Dear friends and fans! As you now know, I have left the band. We saw it as the only way to go and I want to thank everyone who has gotten me and Deals Death to the point where we are at today. There are many reasons for my goodbye but I personally feel that Im not on the same wavelength as the present band. And when you play in a band such as Deals Death you have to be able to give it your all! My last contribution with Deals Death is recorded and will be heard on the new album and I'm sure you´ll like it. I will continue with my other projects and have no intention to quit making music what so ever. I would also like to thank Deals Death for this wonderful time and great memories!"

Earlier this year Deals Death completed recording of their third full length album at Studio Abyss, Sweden which is slated for a release later this year via Spinefarm Records. Full details are yet to be announced. The new record follows the highly acclaimed 'Elite' record which was released in 2012 also via Spinefarm Records.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Gojira - Live Seattle WA 2013 FULL concert

01 intro
02 Explosia
03 Flying Whales
04 Backbone
05 The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
06 L'Enfant Sauvage
07 The Art Of Dying
08 interlude
09 Toxic Garbage Island
10 Wisdom Comes
11 Mario's song
12 Oroborus
13 Mario's drum solo
14 The Axe
15 Vacuity
16 encore break
17 The Gift Of Guilt
18 outro

Thanks out to MeddleEarth for taping sharing it with us in the Matrix of Bootlegs

Friday, April 5, 2013

Atra Hora - Via Combusta

A five piece band from Pyatigorsk, Russia. Atra Hora began in 2006. Album title Via Combusta (released on Daknagar records August 2012). An intriguing start to this record. The first song "Transmigrations" begins with almost tribal like drum rolls and a very nice bass composition grabs my attention immediately. Production quality is superb, this is apparent once every instrument comes in. Next up we have "Escape" guitars are doing great harmonies and remind me of early Paradise Lost but much faster paced, maybe even a dash of Catatonia in their influence. For being a young band these are extremely gifted musicians accomplishing some complex arrangements. Hronos, intriguing and captivating bass lines. This song has got to be my favorite from this album, spoken word as well as deep doom like vocalizing, there is much to be explored just in this single composition. Styx, mystical, like flying through the longest deserts of desolation. Mysterious and enchanting. Neo Aeon, is a song that has to be experience to completely understand its journey, at almost nine minutes long it is truly epic memorable piece of artistry. Stagones Tou Ematos Mou, melodic and doom influence in heavy parts of this track, later this will build into bass trading harmonies with a clean guitar that wrap it all together for yet another great song. Phobos, its amazing to hear how involved the bass is on most of this album, with so many other instruments the bass seems to implement some creative passages to compliment them all. "Enthropia", is the final track, bleeding from the last composition this a perfect way to encapsulate the progression projected by Atra Hora, I highly recommend this album for metal fans of progressive, doom, melodic and much more. I feel many will find something to like on Via Combusta.

Atra Hora Facebook
Darknagar Records


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ara - The Blessed Sleep

A four piece band from Milwaukee, WI. (Jerry Hauppa- guitars, James Becker- bass guitars / vocals, Adam Bujny- vocals, Erik Stenglein- drums) The Blessed Sleep is the debut E.P. by progressive tech-metal band Ara. The first track is "Entitled Ascension", a clean start then into some creative sliding type of riffs. Good production, drums are doing some involved playing which seem to be using uncommon time signatures, a complex style is evident. "Demise of Reason" the vocals remind me of old Gorefest at times but more guttural, on this track I hear some cool guitar licks taking place amidst the chaos. "The Blessed Sleep" is track three, sure does bring memories of early Meshugga, there is a bass line towards the end of this song that grabs my attention, very well composed, add in some pig squeal style vocalization and this one is a brutal track to be spinning. "Despair Personified" this song has some dual vocals happening, mid and high well executed. This band trows in many elements in each song some blues some grind some tech and others, well rounded musicians and impressive writing style. "Abyssal Banishment" is the last song in my journey in the world of Ara, straight forward DM style on this last composition, drums are brutalizing the senses with double kick assault through out. The cover to this album is simple and artistic compared to many in this genre, its simplicity makes it stand out in my eyes. An impressive debut and I very much look forward to the future to see how this band will evolve. You can visit them on FB and also purchase their EP on BandCamp with the links provided below.
My points for this album 7/10

Ara Facebook
Ara BandCamp
Publication to Wolfhound Metal radio and magazine