Monday, September 30, 2013

Hypocrisy - Necronomicon (Live) Lisbon Portugal 9-30-2013

A live performance of the song Necronomicon by Hypocrisy at The Paradise Garage in Lisbon Portugal September 30 2013


Friday, September 27, 2013

The Mezmerist - The Innocent, The Forsaken, The Guilty

Shadow Kingdom Records, Release: September 3 2013. This is a reissue of two EP's. One from 1983 featuring Tommy Mezmercardo - Vocals / Guitars, Roger Abercrombie - Bass, Bill Ward - Drums. The second from 1985 featuring Tommy Mezmercardo - Vocals / Guitars, Steve Conrad - Bass, JR - Drums.

First will explore the songs from the 1983 EP. The opening song The Forsaken is unique in its delivery, while it is an intro of sorts in does paint a picture of disaster and conjuration, to be honest I was not sure what to expect and found myself captivated in its tentacles. "Dead Ones Cry No More",  high style vocalization like Mercyful Fate or very early Judas Priest is predominant. The production is extremely good considering this was captured in an era of analog recordings. "Arabian Nights", feeling all the nostalgia with every note, any metal psychedelia roots were surely planted by this band. This track transcends through time and you can still feel all its energy even listening to it now. "Victim Of Environmental Change", sure is an interesting title and goes to show the more things change the more they stay the same, catchy riffs and engaging bass fills stick in your mind. I really enjoy how well the rhythm section meld together with fluid chemistry. The guitar player has a long and engaging solo. Not complex, just fun and jamming, I miss those kinds of elements, unlike today's guitar players that seem to go for super technical and complex arrangements, don't get me wrong, I enjoy that too, but its good to hear something that just rocks the fuck out with more improvisation- its good to hear that style for a change.

Onto the 1985 EP, starting with, "Kingdom of the Dead", if Black Sabbath, Candlemass and Led Zeppelin had a child this track would be it. Even early Iron Maiden like "Killers" album should be noted. "The Jam Song", just like the title implies is exactly what you'll hear. Progressive from riff to riff. Never a dull moment in this song that goes for about eight minutes forty five secs. The final installment is "No Family, No Friends", very catchy riffs, they remind me of one of the first Flotsam and Jetsam releases- No Place For Disgrace era. In conclusion, this is a great piece of nostalgia and should be explored by metal fans of both new and old generation. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Emblazoned - The Living Magisterium

Released on Deepsend Records September 3 2013. The Living Magisterium is an EP by DM/BM band from Milwaukee WI, Emblazoned. Members are:  Jeff - Vocals, A.J. - Bass, Kevin - Guitars, Alex - Drums.

The EP begins with the intro "Premonition", dark and ominous is the mood that it sets before attacking us with "Extinction of Creation", the early roots of death metal come screaming through with low guttural and high vocals style. Solid production, raw brutal guitar tones and devastating double kicks. Next up is "Bound By Eternal Penance", several bands come to my mind as I listen, Vader, Immolation, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse to name a few. The music takes me back to my early years. Back to the nineties when DM was just emerging. The essence of that era is captured with pure intensity in each riff. "Refuge In Darkness", open chords, dismal sounds of haunting style and with a pure BM feel to it before building up into a fast paced slammer. The final song in this journey is "In Ex Cathedra" this track is sure to inspire many mosh pits. Dual menacing demonic vocals, battering of drums with pure adrenaline. We also hear some cool solo work to complete the madness. My only compliant is that it feels short at about thirteen minutes in length seems to fly by rather quickly, but at the same time leave you wanting more. For those who are interested it's good to note that these musicians are former members of Jungle Rot, Enfold Darkness, Micawber, Decrescent and current Decrepit Birth "A.J. Lewandowski" on bass.

In conclusion, this is a solid performance and combines all the elements of the early era of DM roots. Fans of Entombed, Dismember, Vader, Kreator, Krisium, Sinister, and Immolation will most likely want to add this EP to their collection.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Argus - Beyond the Martyrs

To be released October 1 2013 through Cruz Del Sur Music. Beyond The Martyrs is the third full length album by Argus - Metal band hailing from Western PA. Members are Butch Balich - vocals, Jason Mucio - guitar, Erik Johnson - guitar, Andy Ramage - bass, Kevin Latchaw - drums.

The opening track "By Endurance We Conquer", sets a haunted and dismal atmosphere with catchy guitar licks and solid bass line. Metal roots are evident through out. Vocals are clear and it's easy to understand all the lyrical content. No super polished production, just straight forward raw power. "No Peace Beyond The Line" has a strong and memorable chorus. The Hands Of Time Are Bleeding some of the bands that come to my mind as I listen are Helloween, Savatage and Hammerfall. "Trinity" is song three, guitar tones are heavy and captivating. The main rhythms get my head moving. The early sounds of metal are etched in every song and good to hear bands still accomplishing to capture that special magic. "Cast Out All Raging Spirits" would say is my favorite track on the whole album. All the elements from the previous tracks come together on this song and the chorus is enchanting, I can envision an audience with fist in the air singing along to it. 

Overall a listening journey worth taking and recommend it for fans of true Heavy Metal like the early Helloween and Savatage albums. 

CARCASS - Tour show 9-23-13 At Reggies Chicago IL pics/video

Carcass tour show in support of their latest album Surgical Steel. At Reggies Rock Club in Chicago IL with opening act Macabre. Photos plus short video of their new song "Unfit For Human Consumption"


Entombed - Back To The Front - Album art/song list

The new album "Back To The Front" by Entombed on Century Media to be released October 29th 2013 in the US. Here is the album cover and track listing.

01 – “Kill To Live“
02 – “Bedlam Strike“
03 – “The Underminer“
04 – “Second To None“
05 – “Allegiance“
06 – “Waiting For Death“
07 – “Eternal Woe“
08 – “Digitus Medius“
09 – “Vulture And The Traitor“
10 – “Pandemic Rage“
11 – “Soldier Of No Fortune“

Monday, September 16, 2013

Nephren-Ka - The Fall of Omnius

Released through Kaotoxin September 3, 2013. Hailing from Clermont Ferrand, France. Genre -Brutal Death. Nephren-Ka members include: Laurent Chambe (Vocals), Sébastien Briat (Guitars & Backing vocals), Alexandre Phalippon (Bass & Backing vocals), Thibaud Pialoux (Drums).

This is the debut full length from the band. Nine tracks of constant devastation, exhibiting all the traits of pure death metal in all its glory. The first song is Butlerian Djihad, it does not waste any time and gets direct to the brutality. Production is top notch, no surprise since it was mixed and mastered by the legendary Hertz Studio (Vader, Behemoth). "Mastering The Voice", haunting start, open chords demonic vocals. Some of the bands that come to mind are, Decapitated, Nile, Sinister and Gorod. "Legend of Salim" (Part 1 The Seeds of Discord), pure aggression, a take no prisoners feeling, just insane arrangements that come crawling through the speakers like an untamed beast. "The Rise of Omnius", one of the bands that came to mind when I heard this track was Vader. Blast beats with machine gun precision and discorded harmonies will have you banging your head. "Faydakins Storm", start-stop type of rhythms introduces to the next onslaught. Some classic DM arrangements can be heard and old school DM fans are sure to enjoy this track. "The Cymek Revolution", one of the things I enjoy about this particular composition are the use of several style of DM vocals, high, guttural low, mid and pig-squeal. "Legend Of Selim (Pt.2 The Return of The Worm Rid)", complex arrangements and technical style riffing, take notice of the bass player playing some high notes which I enjoy very much. It adds yet another layer of intricate melodies created by this song. "To The Golden Path" is the grand finale'. Feeling a slow destructive mosh coming on. A perfect way to seal all the madness experienced on this album. In conclusion, this new release has added another level of evolution to the band and I think both old generation metal fans as well as the new will find the music to be a brutal and worthy contender to add to their collection.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Hatevomit - Drown In Vomit EP

Hatevomit hails from Istanbul, Turkey. Drown In Vomit is their EP release from March 2013. A two member project, masterminds are: Unholy Nuklear Terrorist-Bass/guitars, Damnare-Drums. Genre is described as Black metal/Death metal.

The first track on this four song EP is "Let The Wrath Unlash", my first thoughts are 'raw, extreme and brutal'. The production reminds me of the very early days of BM/DM -like some of the recordings I would hear when I was a young man still in school, I would obtain cassettes from bands like Baphomet, Experiment and others and the sound would be just like this. I rather enjoy it, consider how many bands use computer programs and polish all their recordings in todays modern world, its good to hear something with pure raw intensity. "Black Blood Of  The Lucifer's Mark", sliding guitar distorted bass playing with complete blasphemy, the drummer uses a piccolo snare which give it that early nineties death metal sound. Arrangements are raw as a slab of rotted flesh. "Mind Rape", psychotic devastating screams paint pure madness in sound. We also get to hear a shrilled solo, like the old Kerry King solos in Show No mercy. "Kill With Hate, Drown In Vomit", a dismal landscape of eerie oppression, evil laughter is exhibited in the opening riffs before assaulting with more bone shredding guitar/bass in the vein of old school hymns. This release is in cassette form and most likely a limited edition. You can hear all four songs on the Bandcamp site or contact the band to obtain a cassette copy. Either way if you like that old school raw sound from the early days of the DM/BM genre this is one to add to you collection,


Sawthis - Youniverse

Bakerteam Records Release, September 30 2013. Youniverse is the latest album by Sawthis. The band roots from Italy and is described as modern thrash metal. Members include: Alessandro Falà - vox, Adriano Quaranta - guitar, Janos Murri - guitar, Gaetano Ettorre - bass, Michele Melchiorre - drums & vox.

The band began in 2000 and have been devastating with their sound ever since. This latest inception starts of with "The Logical Colors", it waste no time to set the mood of pure intensity. Production wise, it is top notch, balanced sound, clear drums, warm brutal guitar tone and punchy bass. "The Waking Up". is track two. Some of the bands that creep into my cranium are Pissing Razor, early The Haunted, Slipknot early albums, some Hatebreed and slight Fear Factory influence. "The Voice Falls On Me", along with the aggressive style vocalization there are a few phrases that are done in a modern clean form. "The Crowded Room", starts of with an industrial type of element. This track will get your blood pumping and have you running into the mosh pit. "The Indeleble", some creative guitar riffing make this track a memorable one and surely one to spin many times on your stereo. "The Spotlight", got to love the drums, a mix of dynamics creates an interesting ride through out this song, clarity and precise timing. "The Mad", brutal assault full of energy and melody. "The Walking", last song on this journey through the album. Bringing all the aspects from each track and stitching them all together to leave the listener wanting more . A perfect way to seal the trip. Overall a heavy album laced with modern metal elements and is sure to please both the new generation of metal-heads as well as the old.


Hollow Haze - Countdown To Revenge

Scarlet Records release September 10 2013. Countdown To Revenge is the latest album by Hollow Haze. The band roots are from Italy. Genre is describe as HardRock/Metal. Label is Bakerteam Records. Members include: Fabio Lione: Vocals, Nick Savio: Guitars, Dave Cestaro: Bass Guitar, Camillo Colleluori: Drums.

Hollow Haze began in 2003 and have four other full length albums since the start of 2006. This new album begins with the intro "Room 212" and leads us into the first song "Watching In Silence", a mood setting like entering into a horror sci-fi film. Once the music starts you can easily tell its a high quality production. Guitars sound amazing and have creative catchy arrangements. "Still Alive", is much more fast paced. The song has power metal influence but stays unique in the way the verses are sung by Fabio Lione. "No Rest For The Angels", this particular song is very epic in the beginning. Solos are engaging and creative. "Life Has No Meaning", I get a sense of early metal style on the opening riff. "We Must Believe", some bands that come to mind are Dream Theater, HammerFall, Iced Earth and Sonata Artica. "The Answer", a bass line that's punchy and has great tone starts this composition. The dual vocals are strong and match perfectly together. The chorus is memorable and stays with me long after the song is over. "A Fading Angel's Life", at almost seven minutes long, we get all the elements that make this band great, from the intense vocals, dynamic drums, melodic guitar riffs and catchy solos. "Countdown To Revenge", title track and close to the grand finale', much heavier in arrangement and monumental opening that could move any audience into pounding their fist in the air from sheer excitement."The Gate To Nowhere", is the final song, a bass line that is both captivating and intriguing to listen to. Overall a solid performance, I recommend it for for fans of Helloween, Iron Maiden, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot and DragonForce.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

DARK MOOR - Ars Musica

Scarlet Records release June 18 2013. Ars Musica full album by Dark Moor. The band hails from Madrid, Spain. Genre described as Symphonic Metal. Members include: Alfred Romero - vocals, Enrik Garcia - guitars, Roberto Cappa - drums, Mario Garcia - bass.

The band has been around since the early nineties and this is their latest album. Top notch recording production and incredibly talented musicians. There is and Intro and to say its epic is an understatement. The vocalist has huge range and his style is right up there with other great vocalist like Marc Hudson of DragonForce or James LaBrie of Dream Theater. You can hear a wide range of musical creation in each and every track and its difficult to find anything to be critical of. Some of my favorite songs on this album include, Together As Ever, The City OF Peace, Living In A Nightmare, and El Ultimo Rey.

The album its full of elaborate arrangements and memorable passages. Every song contains many layers of melodies from keyboards to epic vocalization. Along with all the intensity and orchestrated phenomenon, they also include a spanish sung track El Ultimo Rey plus an Acoustic version of the song "The Road Again" and Orchestral version of "Living In A Nightmare" that is mind boggling and enormous in sound worthy of being called legendary.

The band has many other releases spanning back to 1998 when they released their first demo "Dreams of Madness", which was a self release. This latest album is monumental in achieving a full melodic orchestrated sound that will most certainly last for decades to come.

Purify The Horror - Untitled EP

An EP released through Sociopathic Sound Recordings / Dissected Records. July 30 2013. A three piece grind ensemble hailing from Birmingham. Genre described as Grindcore.

The firs song, The Deepening Revolt, is a brutal assault from the start, psychotic screaming and frenzied drumming paint a picture of the terror that is yet to unfold. Next up is "PIG", a crank call of sorts. Catchy riffs and heavy thunderous drums get my head moving. "Future & Fantasy", this particular song reminds me of the bands Phobia and Napalm Death, if those two bands had a baby this track would more likely be it. "Kill Them All", none stop violence continues to churn out yet another slaughter slab of madness, solid performance that will more likely have you punching things. "Give me Your Money", another band that comes to mind as I listen is also The Berzerker", more in the vocal style, would also have to include Carcass as an influence as well. "Wearing The Crown", a circle pit can be envision, many fist flying and will have to be a mass assault on unsuspecting victims. "Christmas Party Mayhem", what a title. A none traditional kind of event I imagining, grinding madness very short in its attack. "Restitution", I like this one, cool bass drum opening riffs draws the listener in to be destroyed, guitar tones are solid and brutal without loosing any of its raw feeling. "The Resistance", is the final track, fast and furious attack, a take no prisoners attitude. The band, wishing to remain anonymous are only known as Sergeant Squeal: Vocals, Fat-belly Pig: Additional vocals, Bear-Pig: Guitars & Bass, Lord-Pig: Drums & Lyrics.

Overall, I really like the EP and found myself spinning it several times in my stereo. I recommend it for fans of the grindcore genre, fans of Brutal Truth, The Berzerker, Napalm Death, Phobia, Noisear and Terrorizer will want to add this one to their collection.
~Artemortifica Purify-The-Horror  


Fyrnask - Eldir Nótt

Upcoming release by Temple of Torturous, September 23 2013,  Fyrnask - Eldir Nótt is a one man project and comes to us from Germany. Genre described as Ritualistic Black Metal.

The Intro opens the experience with a bell chime or tuning fork capturing its resonance perfectly. The atmosphere is deep and engaging, like shadows beckoning to enter a dark fortress in the middle of a forest. Intriguing how sound can invoke such imagery without any narrative, that in it self is a huge plus in my mind."Vigil", thunders in seamlessly, guitars are solid with even tone and vocals are in true BM style. The track explores many passages and takes us from high screaming to silent whispering. "Jarðeldr" light rain in a cold night, fire is burning, embers crackling. A mood of epic adventure, dismal passage. This builds into an onslaught of grinding drums - open chords high screams, a malevolent painted voyage into an abyss, an open bottomless pit of maniacal creation. "Suonnas sedir"
clean strumming finger picking melody with abstract drums."Saltrian", drums sound a bit further in the background on this song. It still manages to create the path of dissonant sounds from the previous expressions. Reminds me of early Mayhem or Bathory. "Samas stígr", consider this is one person creating all this music, its a huge task, not only to write all the instrument parts but also record, mix and master the entire thing. great accomplishment. This particular track is more of a mood setting song with layers of different stringed instruments intertwine to give us a feeling of despair and in rapture of shadows of old spirits. "Síaiða", ten minutes of pure and raw distant drones. "Sút" brings all the elements and combines them to finish our journey through the mind of Fyrnd. Overall an interesting in depth manifestation, achieving and staying true to its description of ritualistic BM.
~Artemortifica Fyrnask Fyrnask
Label Temple-of-Torturous

Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit - Vertilger

Upcoming release September 23 2013 under Temple of Torturous "Vertilger", by Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit. A two member project from Germany. Genre described as experimental black metal.

The opening track is Lachenvieh. Now here we have something that's very different and intriguing which warrants more investigation. I get a sense of chaos wanting to escape some sort of structure. Guitars have very little distortion and are dissonant to an extent. Drums exhibit knowledge of unconventional time signatures and stray away from the standard. The closes comparison which I can hear would be a band that few people may know called, Sleeping Time Gorilla. "Schabenbrut", talk about epic, this track goes for about twenty minutes and has everything from BM, DM, thrash, industrial, ambient and dissonant. Experimental is the name of the game. "Multiformale Leiberdimension", dark malevolent forces weaving a wall of dismal sounds. As far as the content I am not familiar with since its in German. Like an astronaut at the helm of a spaceship giving directions. "Kadavermeer", much of a surprise to my hearing. This composition begins with clean strumming melodic riffs and a good sounding bass before heading into madness, if you were a lunatic suffering from schizophrenia this would be your favorite. 

Prothesensucht, is the final installment in this maniacal experiment. This one last for about seventeen minutes. The beginning is catchy. An off-time beat that somehow manages to embedded itself in mind. Imaging yourself in a carnival ride that was created by several asylum patients. Managing to escape the structure, this beast travels were ever it pleases. The musicians here explore all the boundaries and take the listeners to the very edge and leave them hanging there long enough to loose their minds. Overall, I found myself enjoying each song and wondering what will happen next. It is pleasing to hear such exploration of sounds as an art form which ultimately represents new discoveries. 
~Artemortifica Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit-Vertilger 


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Autumnblaze - Every Sun Is Fragile

Every Sun Is Fragile full length released on Pulverized Records in late July 2013. Autumnblaze is Markus Baltes - vocals, guitars, bass. Arisjel - drums. Andreas Schuler - guitars. The bands hails from Germany. Genre described as Melancholyrockmetal.

The album starts with "opening" and is a minute thirty seconds intro with clean guitars, building a musical map of what is to come. "New Ghost In Town", is the first full song, the first thing I am reminded of is early Anathema. Clean vocals are dominant through most of the track and I hear some higher pitched ones towards the end. "Invisible Fields", solid bass lines and drums set creatives passages with the lyrics being easily digestible and comprehensible to my ears. "I'm Spiegel", interesting title, much heavier guitar tone and vocal style are found in this track. Assuming this is all sung in German which sounds great anyhow, even though I don't understand a word, I can appreciate the musical content just as well. Its heavy rock start captures my attention and drives with an awesome chorus line that is catchy to my ears."Mein Engel, der aus Augen filest", this track reminds me a lot of The Devin Townsend project or even, dare I say Type O Negative. "Every Sun is Fragile", title track, much more melodic than the rest of the songs. The clean guitar tone captured on the recording is crystal clear and fits with the vocals perfectly. "How I learned to Burn My Teardrops", that's a huge title with deep meaning. The track is full of emotion and hard not to become moved by the content. The mood is somber and melancholy almost reminiscent of End Of Green. "Verglimmt", is the closing song, this one is in German too. Completing and epic journey of sound. Overall surprised by this release and found many tracks pleasing to my ears. 


Majalis - Cathodic Black

Cathodic Black EP released July 2013 through Pulverized Records. members include: Tobias Netzell- Guitar,keyboards,backing vocals. Björn Pettersson - Guitar,keyboards,backing vocals. Daniel Jansson - Vocals,bass. Jonas Martinsson - Drums. Band roots from Falun, Sweden. Genre described as Post rock/metal.

This EP is comprised of three songs starting with "Rusting Sun", keyboards lead us into a heavy and mood setting opening. My first thoughts are, great production, guitars are clear and have excellent tone. Dark passages and somber feeling is what I am experiencing on this song. Nine minutes of total doom rock destruction, an epic way to start us of. "Altar", chorus effect and drone riff arrangements painting a vast landscape of dismal sounds, a heavy Neurosis influence is apparent. Vocals are low and raspy. Lyrical content is easy to understand as the vocalist finds a balance level between heavy yet discernible approach to his style. "Tooth and Bone" is the last song, upfront and punchy lines of sludge rock and heavy overtones. I am reminded of a band I recently witnessed live called The Flight of Slipnir which has similar attributes. As the title implies it is exactly what you will get.

In total the EP is twenty five minutes of heavy, Rock, Doom filled mystic. I can recommend it to fans of Novembers Doom, Neurosis, Catatonia, The Lumberjack Feedback, The Flight Of Sleipnir and many other in the sludge, drone, rock and doom genre.


Sonus Mortis - Demo 2013

Sonus Mortis -A self release demo July 2013 available only through Bandcamp and Soundcloud. A solo project by Kevin Byrne hailing from Dublin, Ireland and described as Atmospheric Black-Death-Doom. 

The first track on the Sonus Mortis Souncloud site is "Harbinger of Doom", solid production value is evident from the first measures. Quality of guitar sound is great, warm yet intense and brutal. Drums are balanced perfectly and every hit is pronounced. Lots of atmosphere with open chords and synth is also apparent. "A Pale Reflection", clean strumming sets the mood, somber and eerie, reminds me of early Novembers Doom or early Neurosis. At times you forget that it is only one composer, so many layers of instrumentation you might thinks its a five piece band. The track is a long journey and takes into different soundscapes of dark ambient roads. At eleven minutes long it never gets boring, rather leads you into one passage to another with intrigue. "In The River Mist", harmonized guitar and clean strumming commence this composition, heavy and in glorious doom rapture like early Paradise Lost. keyboards create catchy and enthralling phrases to accompany the open chords and intense vocals that sometimes are BM in style and switch to DM effortlessly fitting perfectly with the mood being expressed. 

Always impressive to hear what one person can achieve creating all the arrangements to make the songs come together. I recommend this for fans of DM, BM, doom and atmospheric genres. Quality of production is great. Looking forward to the full length album. In the meantime the three tracks are available to listen on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, check them out in the links below. ~Artemortifica



Friday, September 6, 2013

Neldoreth - The Saints of Blasphemy - I: Baptized in Blasphemy

The Saints of Blasphemy - I: Baptized in Blasphemy full length released April 2013 under Extreminal Productions. Studio members are: Bloodcurse-Vocals, Sixrazor- Guitars, Ricktor Ravensbrück- Guitars, Ixitichitl- Bass, Dorjan- Drums. Live performers include: Bloodcurse- Vocals, Hellskald- Guitars, Mörg- Guitars, Deragore- Drums. The band hails from Wilkes-Barre, PA.

The first song is an intro, Diabolicae Baptismum- Spoken word with a horror movie style of sound in the background almost reminded me of the old style 70's horror film music which I enjoy very much and grabs my attention. Next up is "Baptized in Blasphemy", title track, solid performance high BM vocal style kicks in immediately, good production quality - guitars sound aggressive and have heavy brutal tone. "Spawn of Creation", this one has thrash metal elements on the arrangement of the riffs, I hear dual vocal, mid-low to high executed with precision. "Christian Despotism", very creative guitar work, some intense harmonized composition, more on the death metal side of the spectrum with some influences to be noted as early Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel or Overkill. "Abomination Proclaimed Through Heresy", this track has guest vocals from Demonic Christ vocalist: Dana Duffey. A very nice surprise to hear her vocals on this album as I am a fan and very familiar with the music of Demonic Christ. The song has many open chords and it is raw metal sound reminiscent of old school Motorhead at moments. "Satanae Regni", ends my journey through this record, it's a minute and a half outro and has an epic feel to it, battle like drums and most definitely fitting. This album is part one of a trilogy and leaves the door open for part two which I will most likely keep my ears open for when it comes out.

The band has several other releases since 2004 which include two full lengths and other demos. Overall, I enjoyed listening to this record and recommend this for fans of BM and DM alike as you will find something memorable in each track. ~Artemortifica

Monday, September 2, 2013

Melle Noire - Feature model #26 9-2-2013

Happy to introduce all my readers to the feature model for September 2013 Melle Noire

                                                     Photo by Viola Odorata ( 

1- What inspired you to do modeling? Was there a point early in your life that sparked your interest? 

I loved to be photographed ever since I was a child, but for a long time I thought would not get a chance to start modeling, then in the late summer of 2001 somebody approached me in a club and asked me if I would try to start an alternative model career,
I didn't even know that alternative amateur modeling even existed.

                                                                        Photo by Tobias K.

2- You have dark elements to your style, was there an event or moment that made you decide on your style? 

In my private life I am in the German gothic scene since 1998. I met somebody at school, who was always dressed in black, I was fascinated and a few weeks later I wore black clothes only, too and started listening to dark music. 

                                                       Photo by Catherine Lee Mason

3- Name some of your favorite music or bands? 

Darkwave, Future Pop, Electro, EBM, Industrial / Noise, Angstpop ( Haus Arafna ), Gothic, Neue Deutsche Haerte, Neue Deutsche Todeskunst, Goth Rock, Metal, Middle Age Crossover, Folk, Post Punk, The Crüxhadows, Diorama, Wolfsheim, Blutengel, VNV Nation, In Strict Confidence, Covenant, Apoptygma Berzerk, Project Pitchfork, Absurd Minds, And One, Suicide Commando, Feindflug, Grendel, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Spetsnaz,
Leatherstrip, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Combichrist, Dulce Liquido, SPK, DIVE, 

PAL, Haus Arafna, Predominant, Deine Lakaien, Lacrimosa, Das Ich, Janus, ASP, Rammstein, Megaherz, OOMPH!, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, Type-0 Negative, The Sisters of Mercy, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Metallica, Blind Guardian, In Extremo, Subway to Sally, Faun, Schandmaul, Tanzwut, Corvus Corax, Mila Mar, Die verbannten Kinder Evas, Qntal, Fiddler's Green, Joy Divison.

                                                                Photo by DarkmoonRising

4- Name some of your accomplishments or highlights of your career so far? 

At first I have worked with so many wonderful photographers in Germany and in Switzerland,

Martin Black, Herr Buchta, Elisabeth Hackmann, Incarda DesEYEn, Stephan Sackmann, Viola Odorata, Andreas Lehrke, TOM BIXX, Fairytales-Art, Heile Mania, Nicolas Henri, Salix alba Tristis, Birgit Heidrich, Ulrich Grolla, Calvin Hollywood,
Unholy Beauty, Catherine Lee Mason, S.T.FotoArt, Art of Shadows, Von Sêl Photo, Don Ricchilino. thank you.

Publication highlights :
- Cover, FOTOHITS magazine
- Cover, Dark Vibe Magazine
- Book cover, Goodbye Teddy!

There were many more publications on flyers, in magazines, in books -
you can find all my references on my official website : 

                                                                       Photo by Tobias K

5- Do you enjoy regular photo-shoots? or ones where you get to play a character? 

Both and I enjoy to play several roles, I love to show 1000 different faces. Of course to play a character is always very interesting, so this year I was Mellum ( Gollum style ), I was an elf and in July my make up reminded on Alma Wade ( F.E.A.R. )
I was playing a horror kid, that was amazing! 
Generally I have a very black sense of humor and I also like "ugly" photo themes, I love striking pictures, I love weird pictures, if I model regular, I wear dark fashion because in my private life I am a gothic girl.

                                                    by Viola Odorata 

6- What other interest do you have besides modeling? 

My hobbies are : Watching TV, going to the movies, surfing the internet, meeting friends, celebrating the nights in clubs, listening to music, doing crossword puzzles, editing pictures, writing poems, drawing, and reading.

7- Are there any significant projects or events you are looking forward to in the coming months? 

I never plan projects for a few months in advance, I am planning more on the spur of the moment.
What will I do for example in Christmas time ? I don't know... We will see... :)

8- If someone is interested in hiring you (modeling agency, bands, producers, etc..) where is the best place to get a hold of you?

Zebulon Kosted - The Corrupt Dictator Mobutu Sese Seko

The Corrupt Dictator Mobutu Sese Seko released through Hammerkrieg Productions April 5 2013. Rashid Abdel Ghafur plays all instruments on recordings, and uses a rotating lineup of session musicians to play live shows. Genre described as Experimental Black Metal with Dark Ambient, Avant Garde and Harsh Noise elements. Hails from Missoula, Montana.

Having a long history of releases for over one decade now, this musician has a tremendous library of content most of which were limited releases and are sold out. This particular album provided to me by AEA zine is one continues song that is one of the longest I had ever heard in my life. The length of the track is 49:32, this is a huge journey of investigation of sounds of all sorts. Going on the info of the inlay this is the story of Mobutu Sese Seko, a political person who held many roles, a head of the military of Congo was just one of the experience within his life. The story is told from his childhood through his death from a musical aspect that is encompassed within. Production is raw in quality. Guitars has very little distortion. Vocals are done in BM style but go clean from time to time as well as high agony screams like in pain or torture. Wondering how this music would be performed live as one continues performance must be a great undertaking and would be interesting to see how that would go off with a live audience. The experience is a good one, never before had I listen to a concept album such as this. If you are open minded and can listen to an entire 49 minutes worth of music, then this album is worth investigating.
Physical publication AEA zine #23


Valkynaz -Valkynaz

A one man BM project. S. Stormhammer: All screams ov agony, instruments, and genocide. Genre described as Raw Black Metal, Ambient and True Tamrielic Black Metal. Roots from Henderson, NV

This album is part of several provided to me by AEA zine for inclusion in issue #23. There are a total of 23 songs with a combined total of 45 minutes. As raw as it gets as far as production quality. Sometimes there are real drums and sometimes drum machine. To quote directly from the insert "Crafted in unbridled disgust and revulsion for all things, living or dead, between the months of Morning Star and Second Seed, 2012". A couple of tracks feature interesting intro with a dark atmosphere. Guitars are recorded in their purest form without any type of processing except for slight distortion and sound like they were captured straight to recording. The riffs are interesting but do fall of timing with the drums on occasions. Vocals are in true BM style just like he describes "screams of agony" is what you will hear. Further into the disc bass lines become apparent but do not match up at times with either the guitar or drums. As an art form I keep an open mind to it as much as possible, but I do feel people will probably not get it or like it. Capturing despair, aggression and hate sometimes requires it to be expelled right onto a track without much thought other than heading into as its been felt. Most of the songs finish with a slide on the guitar giving me the impression its completely live production with only few adjustments if any. Some tracks are purely instrumental. The layout for the album is good B/W in true BM form. I like the logo, its sharp and stands out. If you like totally underground obscure raw to the bone sounds this will surely be part of your collection.
Physical publication upcoming AEA zine #23 


Caladmor - recent news

CALADMOR - releasing the new album ,Of Stones And Stars' 8-30-2013,
featuring Chrigel Glanzmann, vocalist of ELUVEITIE!

 Chrigel of ELUVEITIE quotes for "Of Stones And Stars", the upcoming full-length of CALADMOR:
,I’m really excited about the upcoming album of my Swiss friends CALADMOR! Not only because of the indisputable improvement compared to their debut ,Midwinter' but also because ,Of Stones and Stars' is in my opinion simply a very originally arranged Epic Folk Metal-Opus with clean (mainly female) vocals coming along with harsh vocals.
Sounding very simple so far, there is much more about ,Of Stones and Stars'! For I think CALADMOR’s true strength lies within their skills in creating a sound with stunning diversity still preserving the typical CALADMOR-Style within all their songs. On ,Of Stones and Stars' CALADMOR coquette with every imaginable genre.
There are for example tracks in true Amon Amarth manner, fine melodies reminding of good old AMORPHIS ’ ,Tales From The Thousand Lakes', songs in pure Epicness like those of MOONSORROW as well as Songs in typical ,Central Europe Pagan Metal tradition' of the brand EQULIBRIUM & Co. – CALADMOR succeeds in bringing all those styles in without being self-denying or forgetting about the typical CALADMOR trademarks. Really an interesting album!'

,Of Stones and Stars' can get ordered at:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Serpent Crown - Serpent Crown

Serpent Crown released June 4 2013 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The band is described as Metal- Sludge, Thrash and hail from San Francisco USA. Members are: Dara Santhai- guitar, vocals. Dave Dinsmore- bass. Mike Jochimsen-drums.

No Beacon of Light, is the first track on the album. "Raw pure metal sound" is my first impression. One of the bands that come to my mind is Nuclear Assault in the style of vocals. Good bass sound, punchy tone. The song builds into a fast thrashy riff that gets my head moving. "Prelude to the Netherworld", great title, this song does not waste any time setting the intensity and kicks into a solo from the first measure, well executed. All the roots of the early days of thrash metal are evident. bands like Vio-lence, Wrath and D.R.I. can be noted as an influence. "To Leave This Land", drums do some interesting fills and rolls at the start of this composition, as well as doing solid footwork on the kicks. memorable and catchy verses - vocals are strong and have their own distinction. "The Trickster", I can easily see many circle pits to this particular song, this track will have you punching things and headbanging. "Doomsayer", reminiscent of Sacred Reich early days. The bass is holding down an excellent tone and brings forth the heaviness. The solos are well thought out and are very fitting for the style involved. "Children Of The Night", is the final track, open chords set a dark eerie atmosphere, like walking through a dark forest. Vocals achieve high octaves here that are captivating and pleasing to my ears. 

Overall I enjoyed the album and its early metal roots are captured perfectly. I recommend for fans of Wrath, Overkill, D.R.I. Anthrax and Sacred Reich. The band has their own vibe to each song and metal fans will find something enjoyable in each composition.


Odetosun - Gods Forgotten Orbit

Gods Forgotten Orbit is a self released album, August 1, 2013. Members consist of Luke Stuchly-Vocals. Benny Stuchly - guitars, bass, synth. Gunther Rehme - Drums. Based out of Augsburg, Germany. The band is described as progressive metal.

Cracking Shell of Calypso, is the opening track. Clean strumming riff captures my interest immediately, short and gets right into the heaviness. Really digging the vocal style - its mid growl but easy to discern lyrical content. We are led into a bass line that has impressive tone and clarity. A solo comes in, fluid and well written, blending perfectly with the rhythm section."Veil of Leviathan", great title. Catchy and captivating bass line leads the journey into this composition. Drums sound powerful and well executed.
"Eclipse Chaser", this track builds many layers of harmony, from the open chords and progressive bass arrangements. It's a composition that makes your brain inspect all aspects of the riffs being projected. Journey to Gilese, (instrumental), two of the bands that come to my mind as I listen are Ozric Tentacles and Cynic. A strong rhythm section creates an immersed landscape, sort of a cosmic trip into unknown territories, I hear a Pink Floyd influence in the transitions, an amazing song indeed and probably one of my favorites."The Swarming Infinity", intensity comes roaring through my speakers, excellent vocals just dominate with power and brutality."Gods Forgotten Orbit", title track and last song on the album, a perfect way to encapsulate all the elements of cosmic trance. A great way to close the experience and found myself listening to it several times. 

Honestly, I was not expecting a vast journey such as the one I encountered here. Definitely an album I will be listening to for a long time to come and sharing it with my friends. This band deserves much more recognition and attention. Creating soundscapes that are both pleasing to your ears and mind. Recommend it for fans of Gojira, Ozric Tentacles, Cynic, and Tool. The band has their own vibe going on for sure and I feel people of many genres can find something to enjoy in each composition.


Toxic Waltz - Looking for label support

Thrash metal act Toxic Waltz from Germany seeks label:

Thrash Metal; Germany
Searching for label
Debut full-length 2013 "tba"

In the beginning of 2009, TOXIC WALTZ were founded by lead guitarist Jimi and ex-drummer Tim.
Bass guitar player Rahman, vocalist Angelo and rhythm guitarist Alex joined the band soon to form a THRASH METAL ensemble that is clearly affected by the US BAY AREA style (e.g. EXODUS, HEATHEN, DARK ANGEL), neither leaving out influences from other genres nor lacking recognition value.

TOXIC WALTZ are delivering aggressive, but artistically demanding THRASH, characterized by diversified songwriting.
The band's unique style and live experience, originated with many smaller gigs, earned them bigger venues soon.

TOXIC WALTZ shared the stage with well-known bands like SIX FEET UNDER, ALPHA TIGER and DEBAUCHERY.
In near future the debut full-length record “tba” is ready to be released through a record company.
The band is fully ambitioned to reach the maximum success for them and the label!"