Monday, December 28, 2015

Suppressive Fire – Bedlam

Suppressive Fire is a three piece band consisting of  Joseph Bursey - Guitars. Aaron Schmidt Bass/vox. Brandon Smith - Drums. Genre described as Metal. Band origin Raleigh NC. 

Bedlam album to be released on January 14, 2016. My first thoughts are, the opening track gives the feeling of preparing for battle. All guns blazing, no survivors style of metal. It is a rapid fire attack from the start. Good sounding guitar distortion and fluid solos can be heard in most of the compositions. Among my favorites would be "Bayonet Penetration", it contains catchy thrash metal driven riffs. Thinking of Overkill on high octane. "Pyrophoric Blood", is another track high on my list. The song will get your fist pumping, if you like to mosh then this track would most likely drag you into the mosh pit in a live concert environment. "Ironsights", ever wonder what the sound of flying bullets near you head might sound like? this song is close to it. A straight assault to the senses with perfect metal execution.

In conclusion, if you want to hear thrash/war metal with a sharp edge then look no further. A solid performance with enough fuel to burn the block down. 


Monday, December 7, 2015

INSISION - Terminal Reckoning

INSISION is a five piece band consisting of - Vocals: Carl, Guitar: Rogga, Guitar: Adam, Drums: Ibrahim, Bass: Gustav. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Stockholm.

Terminal Reckoning album to be released on Sevared Records December/January 2015/16. First thoughts, the opening track did not immediately catch my attention, but when "Ominous Spiral", the second track begin to play, it was full speed ahead. Like getting punched in the face. My adrenaline started to flow. Once "Infected" came in the levels of brutality are turned up past ten, like a sledge hammer hitting me. Some of the bands that seemed to have an influence would be Decapitated, Morbid Angel, Suffocation and Demolition Hammer most notable. 

This album is straight forward extreme death metal that does not hold back. If you like raw and powerful riffs, then this is one to add to your collection. The guitar tones are heavy distorted and the vocals just blow me away. Very guttural and penetrating. If your fist are not pumping by the time you reach the end of this album, then extreme music might not be for you. 
In conclusion, the band shows relentless punishment with heaviness. Never a dull moment. Crushing vocals and killer drum attack. An album not to be missed.


Austerymn - Sepulcrum Viventium

Austerymn is a four piece band consisting of Rik Simpson - vocals, Guitar, Steve Critchley - Bass, vocals. Stu Makin - Lead Guitar, Nikk Perros - Drums. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin St Helens, Wigan, Athens.

Sepulcrum Viventium album released on April 2015 on Memento Mori Records. My first impression, an intense powerful ride. The band manages to capture the early roots of the death metal genre. Demonic vocals, heavy guitar tones, devastating double kicks. Songs like "Written In Scars", have an impact that is hard to dismiss. Fast attack, memorable verses similar to those found in early Monstrosity albums. Other bands that come to mind that show heavy influence would be Grave, Suffocation, At The Gates and others from that time frame. I also enjoy the solos, they are well thought out and not overdone. Darkness Burns Forever, is one of my favorites from this release. Sonic perfection and an excellent tune to get into. The song "Dead" is another strong contender. It is relentless brutality and I ended up putting this on repeat on many occasions. 

Overall, this album is a beast. You will not be disappointed. If you like extreme death metal with old school themes, then this is the album for you. 


Saturday, December 5, 2015

AWE - Providentia

AWE Black metal from Athens Greece

Providentia album released on November 13th 2015 Pulverised Records. This release caught me by surprise. Upon lending my ears to this, the intro slowly drags you into a deep abyss that stretches its long tentacles inside your mind and will not let go. "Actus Primus", pulls you into a dark void. It sets a dark atmosphere before hitting you with dark manifested blast beats and oppressive hymns. "Actus Secundu", is up next and it is methodical in its delivery. There is no build up to this one. It kicks right in to the madness with furious blasts and punishing guitar riffs. Around the four minute mark on this song the music hits some dissonant chords that add another twist to the type of compositions we are listeinig to. The band explores different chord progressions as well as complex arrangements that make it stand out from the standard black metal coming out these days. It is refreshing to hear a more immersed projection of the music while staying intense and powerful through the album.
In conclusion, at first glance it may not seem like much for only a three song release, but believe me, each song has its own characteristics and much arrangements to explore. Not just for black metal fans. If you're looking for crushing and intense melodies that explore different realms then look no further. ~Artemortifica


Affliction Gate - Dying Alone

Affliction Gate is a five piece band consisting of Herostratos (vocals), Grief (rhythm guitar), Bobby (lead guitar), Nico (bass), Laurent M. (drums). Genre described as Old School Death Metal. Band origin France.

Dying Alone EP to be released on January 5th 2016 Transcending Obscurity productions. My first impression, a furious attack of powerful death metal comes at you from the start. No long intro or crazy long scream, just a straight to the song and get punched in the face with raw brutality type of music. 

Indeed the old school roots are evident, but they do deviate at times. One of my favorite tracks that demonstrates this is "Devising Our Own Chains", while maintaining the old school vibe, it slowly creeps into something much faster and diverse, plus the solos are done tastefully and are memorable. Another strong contender is "Manicheism Inertia", catchy verse riffs reminiscent of Morbid Angel early days or Malevolent Creation style of transitions. Blistering blast beats and punchy distorted guitar sound bring forth the devastation. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for that raw early death metal sound with a slight edge, then look no further and add this one to your collection.~Artemortifica


NAHUM - Raging Chaos - video

The new album of thrash/death band NAHUM called "And The Chaos Has Begun" is out and their music video got more than 10.000 views. Extra big thanks for your support!

Listen to the album on
Get the album on 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Coffincraft - In Eerie Slumber

Coffincraft is a three piece band consisting of N. - Guitars/Vocals, R. - Guitars, T. - Drums
Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Joensuu, Finland.

In Eerie Slumber album released on July 27, 2015 Memento Mori. My first thoughts, no nonesense straight to the throat death metal. After listening to this several times it transported my thoughts to the style of death metal coming out in the late 90s. The raw, cut to the bone riffing that initailly spark the flames in the underground. Nothing super complex, back to basiscs type of compositions. Think of bands like Entombed, Obituary, Sepultura and Gorguts.

It is a brutal and intense ride. Some of the more stand out songs would have to be "The Claimant", I revisited this song a few times. Ego pt.I is a good head bashing track. If that one does not get your blood running, then try Ego pt.II, its feautres a slow build up that eventually ends up kicking you in the gut.

In conclusion, if you like your metal in old school passion, then look no further. Eight tracks of destructive and devastating raw death metal.


Thy Worshiper - Ozimina

Thy Worshiper is a six piece band consisting of Vocal & guitar:Marcin Gasiorowski, Bass: Krystian Mazur, Accustic & electric guitar: Dariusz Kubala, Drums: Bartosz Maruszak, Percussion and ethnic instruments: Grabaż, Female Vocals: Anna Malarz. Genre described as Tribal Metal. Band origin Wroclaw.

Ozimina album released on September, 15 2015 Arachnophobia Records. My first impression, eclectic, mellow and atmospheric. Musically, there is an overabundance of sounds. Every tracks contains its own individual characteristic. The passages keep the listener in trance and captivated. The song "Halny" is a good example of mesmerizing tones with enchanting female vocals by Anna Malarz. The song "Ożyny" is certain to rise your spirits. Its feeling is monumental and I ended up playing this one several times because is that good. The subtle build up in the song "Wietlica", is both beautiful and filled with positive energy. The guitar melody makes this one of my favorites from this release. There are a few metal oriented riffs such as in the track "Wśród cieni i mgieł", but they are kept to a minimal amount.

In conclusion, the band manages to capture the essence of nature elements through out its entirety. If you like music with many paths to explore then you will want to add this one to your collection.


Pessimist - Slaughtering the Faithful reissue

Pessimist is a five piece band consisting of Kelly McLauchlin - Guitars, Chris Pernia - Drums, Kelly Conlon - Bass, William Hayden - Guitars, Ivan "The Evil One" - Vocals. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Baltimore, MD/ Los Angeles, CA.

Slaughtering the Faithful (reissue) album released on October 31 2015 Obscure Musick. My initial thoughts, if you want guttural and abrasive then you come to the right place. This is a mammoth release featuring fourteen tracks. Four of those are live recordings from the radio show WNYU. Some are from a demo in 2000. These brutal and powerful hymns rattle my speakers in a good way. The raw energy that is output by this band is intense. In terms of production, the recording is very good. Solid guitar tone. Punchy bass rhythms. The drums could be slightly louder at times but that's just a minor observation. I like the low vocals. very demonic and crushing. The music stays at full throttle and is relentless in its aggression. I enjoyed listening to the majority of the this album but some of my favorite songs would have to be "Baptized in Blasphemy" and "Metempsychosis".
In conclusion, extreme death metal fans will definitely not want to miss this one. The raw energy emanating from this recording will get your blood pumping.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Human Desolation - Mind Grind Paradigm

Human Desolation is a five piece band consisting of Vocals-Kristian Reunanen, Guitars-Fredrik Danielsson, Guitars-Fredrik Iggfors, Bass-Daniel Severinsson, Drums-Miika Hakomäki. Genre described as Melodic Death Metal. Band origin Stockholm, Sweden

Mind Grind Paradigm album self released on September 11 2015. Distributed by Nordavind Records, Plastic Head. First thoughts, heavy and melodic. Good sounding guitars. Tight and heavy drums. Bass has good tone overall. Aggressive vocal style. Reaching some spine shaking highs as well as punishing lows. The release is twelve songs in its entirety. Some of my favorites include "Fear and Loathing", it reminds me of old At The Gates music. The track "Desolation", sticks in my mind. It is an instrumental and I really enjoyed the riffs and its subtle build up. I played this one many times. The song "Frost Bite", is another powerful composition. Strong chorus and killer verses.  This particular song reminds me of Lamb of God.

In conclusion, the music does not break any new ground, but it is brutal and aggressive.


Canyon of The Skull - Canyon of the Skull

Canyon of the Skull is a two piece band consisting of Erik Ogershok: Guitars, Bass, Adrian Voorhies: Drums, Percussion. Genre described as doom metal. Band origin; Austin, TX.

Canyon of the Skull album self released on October 30th 2015. First impression, rhythms that could shake the walls down. This release is only two songs, but they are both long and powerful. Rooted in doom, you can hear the down tune strings rattle the speakers. "The Path" (Of Bear and Wolf) the opening song, goes for over fifteen minutes. In terms of production the sound is very good. Heavy riffs abound and drums sound natural and precise. Bass tone compliments all the long arrangements very well. Don't expect to hear vocals since there are none. This is an instrumental release but the music is interesting enough to keep your attention that you really don't need vocals. The self title track is also over fifteen minutes long. The short melody at the ending caught my ears. A well written opus.   

In conclusion, the music feels like a long journey through cavernous realms. A good and solid performance is delivered by these musicians. ~Artemortifica


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cryptopsy -The Book of Suffering Tome 1

Cryptopsy is a four piece band consisting of; Flo Mounier: Drums/Vocals, Chris Donaldson: Guitar, Matt McGachy: Lead Vocals, Olivier Pinard: Bass Guitar. Genre described as Extreme Technical Death Metal. Band origin Montréal, Québec.

The Book of Suffering Tome 1 EP self released on October 30th 2015. My first thoughts, this new EP rips your skin apart, no doubt about it. A bit of history, back in 1994 when the first album Blasphemy Made Flesh reached my hands, I became an instant fan. I would play the shit out of it every chance I got. Then came "None So Vile", and it completely blew my mind. To be completely honest here, I stop listening to the band after those two albums, no real specific reason, I think that those two albums were plenty for me. I might have heard a song or two from the albums in between but nothing that really stayed with me. 

Fast forward to May 2015. I got an opportunity to see Cryptopsy live in concert. What an impressive set they played that night. The music was technical, fast, aggressive and just destroyed everything in its path. I felt just like I did back in the late 90s. This brand new EP touches back to those times. The raw brutality and complex arrangements that initially grabbed my attention are all represented here, but with an edge, a razor sharp edge. Creepy samples into blistering blast beats. I have always been a big fan of Lord Worm (Dan Greening) and I never really thought anyone could fill those shoes, but after seeing Matt McGachy live performance and listening to this recording I can say he fills those shoes and then some. The superior technical guitar work is crushing to say the least. Powerful rhythms and fast scale work. Olivier Pinard does a great job keeping all the madness ongoing with a killer bass tone and complimenting all those arrangements with perfect precision. The drumming is tight, with fast double kicks and interesting drum rolls at every turn. My only disappointment would be that it all ends quickly, at only four tracks. By far, all the songs kick ass but my favorite would have to be "Framed By Blood", it reminds me of all those tracks from the Blasphemy album. The vocals are insanely high and those lows are hard enough to punch you in the throat.    

In conclusion, the band continues to set the bar even higher with this release. Fans of their earlier work will want to lend their ears to this EP. For the new comers, they will be completely devastated by their brutality.


Friday, November 27, 2015

Marasmus - Conjuring Enormity

Marasmus is a four piece band consisting of: Devon-Vocals, Andy-Guitar, Trynt-Drums, Brandon-Guitar. Genre described as Death Metal, Metal, Speed Metal. Band origin Kansas City.

Conjuring Enormity album self-released 2 October 2015. My first impression, powerful death metal with atmospheric melodies. So, let me start by telling you, I am into paranormal subjects and the opening to this album is an audio sample of paranormal investigators capturing an EVP. My ears immediately perked upon listening to it and was curious to see what else was in store. The opening and title track "Conjuring Enormity", is brutal and gets straight to the heaviness. Strong double kick work and heavy guitar tones in true death metal projection. We can also hear some elaborate guitar riffing in the song "Direct Demonic Influence" with some complex scale work. There is a nice surprise at the end of this particular track that caught my ears. Its a clean melodic piece that is very haunting and leads perfectly into the next song.

Some of the bands that come to mind when I listen to this opus would be, Sinister, Immolation, Krisium, Cryptopsy and Malevolent Creation. I really enjoyed listening to this release from beginning to end but my favorite track would have to be "Post Mortal Possession", the chorus is catchy and makes you want to pump your fist in the air. On top of all that chaos and madness the solos are coming at you lightning fast and punishing. It is for me the highlight from the entire album.   

In conclusion, an intense and haunting experience. Fans of extreme death metal will have to put their ears to this one. The crushing grinds, demonic vocals and catchy solos are on a top level. Metal heads both old and new make sure you add this to your collection.    


Otargos - Xeno Kaos

Otargos is a four piece band consisting of Urich Wegrich. Dagoth-Guitars & Vocals, John A-Drums, Hindrik A.S.-Guitars, M. Pliszke-Bass. Genre described as Dark Extreme Metal. Band origin France.

Xeno Kaos album released on Kaotoxin Records 13 November 2015. My first thoughts, this is probably one of the heaviest albums of 2015. The music is both complex and brutal. The onslaught of devastation can be felt from the start. The drums hit you hard with sonic destruction. Full throttle blast beats and crushing double kicks. Guitar tones compliment all the powerful beats perfectly. 

This release has a total of eight songs. It was difficult finding a particular favorite since I really enjoyed pummeling my brain to each track. The opening song "Dominatrix" delivers a straight punch to the gut that any metal head cannot resist but to keep their ears glued to this opus. 

On top of the album being heavy and punishing, the band also adds some melodic parts such as in the song "Realm of the Dead". This one is not super fast composition but still heavy enough to melt your face. An easy one to jam to and creates some interesting melodic passages to make you bang your head. Now, if you want to run into the pit and smash things, then you should definitely hit play on the song "Dark Mechanicus", I found myself hitting the repeat button on this song many times. The overall vision is one of a maniacal future were technology has pulverize humanity and those who remain struggle to survive in this chaotic state. Well, at least that's what I envision while I listen to this awesome album. 

In conclusion, the band manages to pummel your senses while adding subtle melodies that slowly creep into your mind. There is enough brutality to satisfied the taste of most extreme death metal listeners and to also devastate unsuspecting new comers to the underground.   


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Neuronia - Exclusive interview

Very happy to introduce our readers to metal band Neuronia from Warszawa. This is their exclusive interview with us.

1- Hello, first off, thanks so much for participating in this interview. What are you guys currently up to?

Tektur (vocals): Hello, thanks for taking your time to do the interview! Currently, we're about to release our third full-length album "Under the Same Sky" on December 14th. It took us three years of hard work to prepare and record this album, so we're hoping that it will make some waves with metal fans. We're also planning some local shows for next year to promote the album.

2- Could you tell our readers a short history of the band?

Long story short, the band started in December 2013 as a jam-duo of Misiek (guitars) and Chief (drums). In the beginning, they were playing simple rock music. Some time later, Radek joined on bass and vocals and the band started playing live. In 2006, the band issued two demos: "Neuronia" and "Wedding Day", before parting ways with Radek, taking on two new members, Acid (vocals) and Domo (bass). In this line-up, Neuronia started to play straightforward metal music with a doom/death sound intertwined with thrash and hard rock. The EP "First Blood" (2007) and debut album "The Winter of My Heart" (2008) are a testimony to that era. In 2009, Thor became the new drummer, replacing Chief and adding a more edgy, thrashy feel to the music. The band started to play bigger shows, including the festival circuit. I joined in the fall of 2009 and played the first two gigs as a guitarist/singer, but stuck to vocals from then on.

In 2010, we've released our sophomore album "Follow the White Mouse", which marked a more melodic and eclectic sound. We've played a lot of gigs in the next two years and had some line-up changes: in January 2011, Thor and Domo left the band. We've recruited Beton on bass and played the most of 2011 with Deviant on drums, but switched to Lukass at the end of the year. In this line-up, we've recorded the "Insanity Relapse" EP, where we added even more melody to our sound and put the main impact on thrash metal. We have spent the most of the last three years working on our third album and we were gigging sporadically. Now, the new album is coming and we can't wait to play and promote it!

3- How could you describe your sound?

It's really hard. Thrash metal is surely the main element of our music, but it's intertwined with influences from heavy & melodic death metal, sludge and of course also classic rock. We're trying to keep it as eclectic as we can - in most of the cases, playing in one straightforward style can be a bit boring.

4- What are the band’s main musical influences?

We have very diverse musical backgrounds. Misiek loves classic thrash in the vein of Metallica, Megadeth & Sepultura. Lewy is a very accomplished solo guitarist with a penchant for progressive playing, but he also likes thrash metal. Beton's main interest is in death metal and grindcore, but he also adores Pink Floyd. Lukass is also a death metal freak, but he really likes all kinds of good metal. I was a punk rocker in my teens and I still like to listen to this kind of music, but I'm really into all kinds of music from classical to black metal, putting the main accent on thrash/crossover though.

5- I have listened to the promo for the new album, sounds melodic and captivating, has the writing process become easier since the first release,"The Winter of My Heart" back in 2008?

I haven't been there when the debut was recorded, but from what I know the process was for Misiek and Chief to write the most of the music back then and Acid to add the lyrics and vocal parts. Now, it's a more collective process, where we discuss the arrangements together and everyone has an influence on the final outcome. I write all the lyrics though.

6- Does your band have a strong fan base in your town?

It would be a huge exaggeration to say that we have a cult following or a very strong fanbase here. We're one of tens - if not hundreds - bands in Warsaw. The people have a wide choice and they prefer to listen to many bands than just follow one very strongly. But yes, we do have quite a few big fans who have supported us for years - thanks guys!

7- How could you describe this upcoming album in just 3 words?

Anger, force, melody.

8- How was the production process for your new release?

It's been quite a long one, as we've recorded the drums in December 2014 (in JNS Studio, Warsaw) and closed up the final take on the vocals in the end of April this year. Apart from the drums, all the instrumentals have been recorded in Heinrich House, the studio of our producer and friend Filip "Heinrich" Hałucha of Vesania, Rootwater and Decapitated fame. The vocals were the hardest bit - we've recorded them in a span of a few weeks at Sonic Strike and Sound Division studios. Then, Heinrich took to mixing and mastering and in May we received the final master recording.

9- Is the band planning on doing any touring in support of the new music?

Yes! We're very keen to promote the new album and plan on touring in the summer and spring here around Poland. We don't have any details yet, but we're starting to work on next year's options.

10 – Finally, what are you near-future plans?

Promoting the record and touring as much as we can. The last album was a huge piece of work for us and we're not planning on recording anything new soon for sure. We also hope that the new album fares good abroad, maybe we can also do a few shows outside of Poland - that would be exciting.

11- Thanks so much for taking time to do this interview, any final thoughts?

Thanks to you! To all the readers - support your local scene, you're the ones keeping it alive!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Morkesagn - Where The Darkness Never Ends

Morkesagn is a four piece band consisting of Ekvil - Guitar/vocal, Farn -Guitar/back vocal, Heydvald -Bass guitar, Heisenbeard-Drums. Genre described as Black metal. Band origin Ukraine.

Where The Darkness Never Ends album to be self released on November 30th 2015. A dark and captivating intro, a haunting guitar melody that leads into a destructive onslaught of black metal fury. The abyss is unleashed. The double bass kicks are thunderous and precise. There are a good amount of guitar solos that are complex and memorable. The tracks Heart of Darkness, Poison and Flame are epic and flow together perfectly. The song "Frost", is among my favorites, I played this one several times. Powerful and devastating. Killer verses and crushing blast beats add to the layers of brutality being experienced in this album. "Throne of Doom", contains a wicked malevolent beginning sure to turn your skin cold.

In conclusion, I enjoyed listening to this entire album. Every song contains its own character and structure. A powerful performance is captured. If you're looking to add a furious and intense black metal album to your collection this is the one you must get.


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tales of the Tomb - Volume One: Morpras

Tales of the Tomb is a five piece band consisting of Connor Adams - Vox , Bryn Herbert - Bass/Vox, Tres Thomas - Guitar, Corey Skerlak - Guitar/Vox, John Thomson - Drums. Genre described as Psychological Horror Metal, Death Metal, Murder Metal. Band origin Edmonton.

Volume One: Morpras debut EP to be self released on 27 November 2015. Here we have a short but powerful EP. Only three songs and they pack a good kick. Dual vocal combos, high and low are experienced in each track. Catchy melodies with powerful drums to back it all up. The opening track "Snowtown", introduces us to this mayhem. I am reminded of some of the groups like Macabre, Cannibal Corpse, Haemorrhage and Phobia. "The Pig Farmer", is next and the slaughtering is very evident from the beginning. The inception of well placed arrangements make the music interesting to my ears. I also like the creative tempo changes and awesome drum rolls at the end of this song. The track that most resonated with me would have to be "Dr. Death", the song grew on me the more and more I listen to it. The chorus and catchy verses stick in your mind and you can't help but find yourself moving your head and tapping your feet to its horrific beat. 
In conclusion, a crushing, skull shattering debut EP by this band. They managed to introduce chaos and killing and add melody to the whole murderous thing. Don't pass up the opportunity to listen to this EP. If you like your metal blood soaked and full of carnage, this is the one to add to your collection. 


Monday, November 16, 2015

Second To Sun - First Chapter

Second To Sun is a two piece band consisting of Vladimir Klimov-Lehtinen, Theodor Borovski, Aleh Zielankievič. Genre described as Metal. Band origin Russia.

First Chapter album self released on October 18 2015. This is an album that continues to reverberate in my head. Its an instrumental album that delivers a massive blow. Heavy, progressive, melodic and intense. I can listen to this from beginning to end on high volume and it feels great everytime. About the only part that resembles vocals is in the song "Red Snow", but it is a short piece and could be a sample. The production is great. A solid performance is captured. I absolutely enjoy every song, but if I have to pick favorites they would be "Me Or Him", "Narcat", tight grinds and pure brutality. Virgo Mitt", for its enchanting melody at the end of the track. The bonus song "Chokk Kapper", sounds so good with low tuning guitars and memorable arrangements. An all around excellent tune.

In conclusion, this album is heavy and progressive on all levels. Although its an instrumental album, it will keep you captivated and keep your blood pumping.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nuclear - Formula For Anarchy

Nuclear is a five piece band consisting of, Sebastian Puente - Guitars Francisco Haussmann - Guitars, Punto Sudy - Drums, Roberto Barría - Bass, Matías Leonicio - Vocals. Genre described as Thrash Metal. Band origin Santiago, Chile.

Formula For Anarchy album released on Candlelight Records, August 21 2015. My first impression, the heart of rebellion can be felt through out the entire album. From time to time the music reminds me of early Exodus, D.R.I., Nuclear Assault, Agnostic Front and even an early Slayer influence like Haunting The Chapel era. Good production quality in every composition. Tight drums, pounding double kicks. Heavy distorted guitars. Intense vocal attacks. It is an enjoyable album. My favorite songs from this release would have to be "Self Righteous Hypocrites", "Waging War" and Tough Guy. I can honestly say every song kicks you in the teeth. No holds barred, fist in the air type of aggression.

In conclusion, the album carries the old school essence of death/thrash metal. Fans of early Nuclear Assault, Suicidal Tendencies and D.R.I. would be more than happy to add this to their collection.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Instigator - Bad Future

Instigator is a band consisting of various artist from bands Antichrist, Portrait, Devil Lee Rot, Trap, Autopsy Torment. Genre described as Speed/Heavy Metal.

Bad Future 7" vinyl EP to released on Gates of Hell Records 11 December 2015. So, this is a short but interesting EP. My first thoughts, the music seems to have teleported to the future from the early 80s heavy metal era. The lyric content on the other hand is futuristic. Awesome samples of sci-fi nightmares bring it all together. Tracks like "Inseminoid" bring the space battles and creepy sensations to mind. "Anabolic", is another track that can make you feel like you are traveling through some strange multi verse. The vocals are impressive and reach some intense highs, remind me of King Diamond or Rob Halford at times. The recording quality sounds like it came out of the 80s but, it adds to the overall feeling of the music. A decent amount of solos keep things interesting.

In conclusion, if you like early heavy/trash metal with sci fi themes, this one is worth checking out.


Sadism - Alliance

Sadism is a five piece band consisting of Ricardo Roberts-Vox, Juan Edo. Moore-Bass, Gabriel Hidalgo-Guitar, Pablo Proharam-Guitar, Juan Pablo Donoso-Drums. Genre described as Old School Death Metal. Band origin Santiago.

Alliance album to be released on Toxic/Mechanix Records December 4, 2015. My first thoughts are, furious and relentless. Its raw sound and crushing persistence can be heard from the very beginning. The early death metal influence is undeniable. Bands that come to mind are Malevolent Creation, Obituary, Benediction, Death and Immolation. Powerful drum attack with destructive double bass kicks. Catchy guitar riffs and savage guttural vocals. The entire album kicks ass, but some of my favorite songs would have to be "Mother of Prostitutes", the main riffs crushes and you can't help but headbang to it. "Impure and Obscene", straight forward brutality and killer attacks of raw death metal. Very reminiscent of the band Pestilence. 

In conclusion, this album is heavy, intense and brutal. If you're an old death metal head this is for you, but, I also recommended to all fans of metal.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Islay - Angels' Share

Islay is a five piece band consisting of, Tommy - Guitars, Synth, Lemmi - Drums, Chicken - Vocals, Baal - Guitars, Picco - Bass. Genre described as Death Metal. Band origin Emsland.

Angels' Share album released on Final Gate Records September 15 2015. The band name did not immediately strike me as something heavy, I was completely wrong. The music is brutal and melodic. You hear a wide range of vocalization from low guttural to pig squeels along with a few goregrind style of grunts and screams like in the song "Instinct". Take tracks like Self Adulation, just crushing right from the start. Relentless battery and killer low/high vocalization that leads into some memorable melodies, very well executed. But my favorite song from this entire album would have to be,"Havok and Decay", I ended up jammin this song several times on my way to and from work. Very catchy rhythms and verses. Some of the parts featuring guitars harmonies are well constructed and stay in my head even after the song is over. 

In conclusion, there is something to enjoy in every song. Catchy arrangements and memorable melodies will keep you coming back for more. ~Artemortifica


War Curse - Final Days

War Curse is a five piece band consisting of, Tarek Puska-Vocals, Justin Roth-Guitars, Joshua Murphy-Guitars, James Goetz-Drums, Eric Payne-Bass. Genre described as Thrash / Heavy Metal. Band origin Cincinnati, OH.

Final Days album to be self released December 4 2015. As the name implies, it is exactly what you'll hear. Opening with bomb sirens into the song "Dawn Patrol", a powerful track to pummel the senses. Guitar riffs shredding with fast attack and ripping solo work. Some of the influences that come to mind would be bands like Overkill, D.R.I. early Anthrax and Slayer. As you might imaging the majority of the content is war and conflict related. The song that peaked my interest the most would have to be the title track "Final Days". A futuristic war against aliens with dire consequences.

In conclusion, good production quality catchy riffs and memorable solos. Fans of thrash/war metal will want to add this one to their collection.~Artemortifica


Grey Heaven Fall - Black Wisdom

Grey Heaven Fall is a three piece band consisting of Arsagor - Vocals, Guitars, SS - Bass Guitar, Pavel - Drums. Genre described as Black Metal, Death Metal. Band origin Podolsk (Russia)

Black Wisdom album released on Aesthetics of Devastation October 30 2015. My first impression, the dark atmosphere converges all the senses from the opening track. It captivates my interest. The dissonant chords of the song "The Lord Blissful in Grief", set you up to explore the deepest part of the abyss. Visions of dark paths through hazy mist materialize in my mind as I listen. The production is very good. The vocals are mostly black metal style with some high peaks at moments. Solid drum sound and powerful guitar tones. Along with all the dissonance and chaos, you will also hear some melodic phrases in the compositions. Tracks like "That Nail In The Heart", is haunting and catchy and it is one of my favorite tracks on this album.

In conclusion, the band manages to capture the listeners attention with dark malevolent sounds and still remain melodic. I recommended it to all BM as well as death metal fans. 


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled - Preemptive Space Warfare

Mastication Of Brutality Uncontrolled is a four piece band consisting of; Manuel - Vocals, Bastian - Bass, Flo - Guitars/Vocals, Basti - Drums. Genre described as Brutal Death Metal/Slam. Band origin Aschaffenburg.

Preemptive Space Warfare album released on October 31 2015 Rotten Roll Rex. Slam and brutality, what more do you want. If the name does not spell it out for you then you might not want to hear it. But, for those of us who like our vocals heavy, pig squeals, fast attack and full of relentless gore this is just perfect. Songs like Milkstreet Mass Collision are bound to stomp you like yesterdays thrash. Another track worth mentioning is "Prophecy Of The Apocalypse", its a short song but packs a punch. Want to trow in some spacial and universal shit in there?, then checkout the track Orbital Corpses, its bound to make you punch asteroids in space. 
In conclusion, the music deals out brutality with pure intensity. fans of slam metal like Devour The Unborn, Vulvectomy, Ingested and Whoretopsy will want to explore this album.~Artemortifica


Grunt (UK) - 'Codex Bizarre'

Grunt is a three piece band consisting of Boy-D - Drums and Vocals, Boy-G - Guitars, Keyboards and Vocals, Boy-Z - Bass and Electronics. Genre described as Grind. Band origin Liverpool, United Kingdom. 

Codex Bizarre album released on Bizarre Leprous Productions August 24 2015. I was not sure what to expect upon looking at the album cover and researching the band. Latex and grind, interesting combo. Keeping an open mind and letting my ears explore all aspect of underground music, I gave this one a spin. First of all, the production is very good, killer sounding drums, heavy guitars and stomping bass lines. Electronic samples that make you think of industrial music, but it is kept to a reasonable amount and done in a way that fits the level of brutality being projected. Grind is the main ingredient here and they deal it out in massive doses. The guitar player and drummer both handle the vocals, high and low trade off. The lyrics as you might aspect will leave you feeling a bit dirty. S&M, chains, whips, latex and domination. Songs like The Edge Play, Vassalage Grotesque and Teratoid Latex Feudalist are among the stand out tracks.     

In conclusion, punishing in every sense of the word. If you are into S&M, latex and grind then this is the band to fit all those needs. The music combines grind brutality and Electronic sampling in a way that I had not heard before, which makes this album worth checking out. ~Artemortifica


Police State - Mind Collapse

Police State is a four piece band consisting of, Vox- Cole, Bass- KC, Guitar- Paul, Drums- Tyler. Genre described as Power-violence, grind and crust. Band origin; York, PA

Mind Collapse album to be released on Grimoire Records November 6th 2015. The heart of rebellion and anarchy can be heard in each song. Fast aggressive guitar riffs along with grinding/punk rock style of drumming. You can tell by the album cover they are anti-political and based on the FB banner "Fuck your War, Fuck your Borders, We Won't Follow your Fucking Orders", I like it, we need more bands like this.

The production is raw and to the bone. Of the ten tracks contain in this release, the songs that stood out the most to me would have to be, Resolution, Pure Filth and Karma. If you are looking for pure aggression with a message to the mainstream to "fuck off" then look no further. This band delivers a punch and kick to the brain. Any grind heads out there are sure to put this one on for several spins.    

In conclusion, I enjoy the raw gritty nature of the compositions, anarchy and complete chaos is the main recepy and what's not to love about that. ~Artemortifica


Avulsed - Altar of Disembowelment

Avulsed is a five piece band consisting of Dave Rotten: Vocals, Cabra: Guitar, Juancar: Guitar, Tana: Bass, Erik: Drums. Genre described as death metal. Band origin Madrid

Altar of Disembowelment album released on Xtreem Music September 15 2015. I remember listening to this band back when I was a teenager. Someone gave me a copy of Carnivoracity, I thought it was some of the most brutal stuff around. The cover was pure carnage and was struck by how intense the music was. Avulsed is a band that helped contribute to all the initial ground work for the death metal genre in the beginning. Releasing music since 1992 and continuing to build their arsenal without loosing vision of pure and aggressive compositions.

Listening to this latest Ep, I can say these are five tracks of heavy destructive death metal. From the start, the music obliterates the senses. No victims are spared as they deal out punishing blow after blow. Songs like Ceremony of Impalement devastate with low tuned guitars, stomping bass and savage drum attack. Some of the influences that can be picked out, would be, Obituary, Death, Gorefest and Cannibal Corpse. My favorite tracks have to be "Tremble in the Darkness" and "Red Viscera Serology", solid and crushing sounds. Plus they also dish out a Black Sabbath tune "Neon Knights", probably the heaviest version of this song I have ever heard.
In conclusion, the Ep adds to the ongoing saga of aggression these musicians have carved out in the history of death metal. Old school fans will not be disappointed and new comers to the scene can take note as to how brutality is dealt by these pioneers.