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Russian Death Metal Vol. 5

Symbol Of Domination, Armaada Art, American Line, Sevared Records and Darknagar Records present this massive release featuring eighteen extreme death metal bands from Russia. 

The opening band is The Mutilator, "Decent Elimination", with a name like that you know its going to be intense. They surely deliver aggression, surprisingly there is a clean melodic riff that comes out of nowhere and its a nice touch. Next we have, House of The Butcher, with blasting double kicks and blistering speed, they waste no time crushing the senses. Band number three are called Contrabandist with the song "Fat Fitness", brutal and potent, the bass lines really stand out and its a great song to jam to. Number four is the band Brainteasers, the song is "Little Fucker Factor", guttural and massive is my first impression, maybe not as fast as the previous bands, but, I think that's what makes them stand out. Number five is the band Cane Will Rise with the song "Born in Sand", low to high death metal vocals and massive double kick drums are presented with menacing force, great production too, I definitely played this one several times. Number six is the band Embodied Deception with the track "Playing With Your Mind", catchy riffs and very potent vocal attack, no shortage of brutality here, the solo in this song delighted my ears. In short, pure intensity and delivery of aggression. Number seven is the band Corvus Lives Again with the song "Shail", a dual vocal attack is noticeable at the onset, catchy riffs and strong bass lines are expressed with precision, a definite stand out from this compilation. Number eight is the band The Faceless Hunter, and their song "The Prophet", certainly different opening to this compare to the previous bands. I will have to say that this is a more progressive composition and is a bit technically in writing style. Number nine is the band Rotting Butcher with"Eaten By Sakhalin", my first impression is the embodiment of classic death metal style, simple yet devastating and catchy. Next band is Unplexiety with "Extreme Reality",  complex riffs fill my ears. An exciting mix of progression and brutality, I will be definitely looking for more music by this band. There's a lot happening in this song, very proficient musicians indeed. Number eleven is Marble Carrion with "Vitoria", extreme guttural sample, imaging someone is meeting their end, then the music hits and it just comes in with pure velocity, punishing sounds at every turn, its worthy of playing this track several times, crushing. Number twelve is Rage Of Kali with "With Clusters Stand Divides", a punishing assault with penetrating riffs, low gutturals will send chills down your spine. Next is number thirteen Poghost with "The Dicktator", compare to the past few bands, these guys are raw. Next up is number fourteen, Teodolit with "Blood Soaked Revenge", another dual vocal attack, blistering drums heavy bass tones and punishing guitar riffs, spin this one several times. Number fifteen is the band 602 with "Axes", wishing the drums could be more audible but not a huge deal, I like the solos and creative bass lines. Next is number sixteen the band The Serpent and The Rainbow, with their song "Seeker", an interesting mix with keyboards and a mix of high vocals and gutturals, certainly a welcome change compared to the previous bands. Number eighteen is The Nameless with "The Last Word", a much different approach taking from the classic dm style of early nineties, its fiiting and easy to get into. Finally we have Bridge To Infinity, the song is "The Storm Is Coming", progressive riffs and melodic passage are a welcome to my ears after listening to a monument of heavy tones, this is well executed and features some nice melodies mix with brutality. ~Artemortifica

Visit the bands
The Mutilator - facebook-themutilatorband
Contrabandist - facebook-Contrabandist
Brainteasers - facebook-brainteasersband
Cain Will Rise - facebook-cain.willrise
The Faceless Hunter - facebook-thefacelesshunter56

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Manipulation - The Future Of Immortality

Manipulation is a four piece band, members are: Rado.Slav, Bysiek, Vulture, Kriss
Music style is listed as, metal. Band location, Poland. Web site facebook-manipulation

The Future of Immortality is a reissue by Grimm Distribution and Satanath Distro. It features eight powerful songs. Starting with a clean melodic strumming and then punching you straight in the gut. Listening to songs like "Sacred Science" and "Doctrine Over Person" will definitely get your blood pumping. The production is great. Heavy double kicks, aggressive guitar tones and massive vocal attack. Lets talk about the solos. Well executed, not over the top, but just enough to keep you interested. A lot time was taken to be sure everything flowed with precision.

In conclusion, powerful and relentless music is served up with pure velocity and never let's up. ~Artemortifica

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Enoquian - Llamas De Gloria Primera

Enoquian is a black metal band, featuring two members. Not sure if its a full project, 
the promo sent to me shows a live performance photo with two members. Band location, Argentina.

Llamas de gloria primera album released on Satanath Records. No shortage of brutality. Every song on this release is crushing. It is very reminiscent of old Morbid Angel and Behemoth. Eight tracks of well delivered madness and velocity. The topics are all sung in spanish. Fast and precise drumming. Well though out riffs. Powerful vocal attack. With this release we get an overall idea of a dark voyage taking place. Songs like "Esclavizando al maestro" and "Destructores del ser" come at you with fierce potency. 

In conclusion, If you enjoy dark abysmal sounds, rooted in the path of black metal then look no further.

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Enoid - Livssyklus & Dodssyklus.

Enoid is a black metal compilation featuring two groups from Switzerland
Music style is listed as black metal. Album released Grimm Distro and Final Gate Records.

The thirteen songs on this compilation are raw and relentless fury. With a brutal drum assault and well thought out compositions. The bands here are two sole musicians, Livssyklus & Dodssyklus. Impressive to hear the amount of music being output in this release. The production quality is very good. Strong sounds. A lot time and effort went into the compositions. Its definitely worth listening to for anyone into obscure themes and dark passages.

In conclusion, setting a atmosphere of nightmarish quality and dark forces will keep any listener interested. The music is well delivered with intensity.

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Nadir - The Sixth Extinction

Nadir is a five piece doomcore/death metal band from Hungary, members are 
Ferenc Gál-Bass, Szabolcs Fekete-Drums, Norbert Czetvitz-Guitars, Hugó Köves-Guitars, Viktor Tauszik-Vocals. FB link here facebook-Nadirhungary

The Sixth Extinction album released thru Grimm Distribution and NGC Prod.
Here we have nine songs that will transport you to another dimension. An assortment of heavy and melodic passages with dissonant tones that will delight your ears. With crushing riffs living up to the doom element they describe. Its bound to give you a boost.
Very well produced. The melodic parts combined with dual vocals are a good blend. You can hear it in songs like "Along Came Disruption" and "Fragmented". The band has crafted a very defined process to their method of writing with this album. And overall it is well executed.

In conclusion, building on a long span of music since 1993, this new record delivers powerful songs that are both supremely heavy and melodic at the same time.

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Bastardos - Bastardos

Bastardos is a three piece band, Members are, drums: Tomás Creatini. Bass and Vocals: Damián Alfaro. Guitar: Tomás Doglioli. Music style is listed as Thrash Metal
Band location, Buenos Aires.

This is a reissue by Grimm Distribution and Morbid Skull Records. Here we get ten songs striking with full thrash metal ambition. With songs like Horror Celestial and Apocalipsis Thrash, they pack a lot of strength in their composition. Powerful bass lines 
and sharp detailed solos are strung about from song to song and it is very easy to enjoy if you like the thrash metal genre. The album also comes as a vinyl pressing that looks very nice and should make it into your collection. 

In conclusion, the energy and potency of the music comes across in clear and powerful production. If you like the old pillars of thrash metal like old Destruction, Overkill and Kreator then you will definitely want to check this out. 
Visit the band at facebook-thrash.bastardos

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Evil Nerfal - Bellum Est Pater Omnium

Evil Nerfal is a black metal band from Colombia.
Website facebook-EvilNerfal Album released through Grimm Distribution and Morbid Skull records.

Bringing us closer to the void. Bellum Est Pater Omnium is an album featuring ten tracks.
The amount of melodic and technical riffs in this release is impressive. Yes, definitely black metal at its roots, but the more you listen the more convinced of the complexity of music arrangements. You can clearly hear it in the song  "En las Fauces del Demonio" it is very evident that these are very talented musicians. Let's chat about drums.
With the majority of songs, the drum keep up with great intensity and offer interesting fills to keep you on your toes. The band had a previous album in 2016 that is also worth checking out.

In conclusion, if you want brutal and dark than look no further.

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Taiga - Cosmos

Taiga is a two piece band, members are Nikolay Seredov - Vocals, guitar and drums. Alexey Korolev Keyboards. Music style is listed as, depressive black metal.
Band location, Russia. Visit the band at this location.

Cosmos album released Final Gate Records. A force to be reckon with. The music is powerful and well arranged. This project featuring only two memebers delivers a massive amount of materail and imagination. At melodic and at chaotic. This volitile chemistry
is stiched together perfectly and wraps its sonic tentacles deep inside the mind. Songs like "Религия мёртвых" and "Космос" are perfect examples of  this expression. Production quality is very good. A cohesive and well produced album. Vocals are most certainly depressive and have a way of delivering a certain anguish and pain to every song within. 

In conclusion, a journey through the abyss. Pain and suffering expressed through chaotic hymns that deliver an impact.

Bestialord - Law Of the Burning

Bestialord is a three piece band from Wichita Kansas, members are Mark Anderson - Guitar & Vox, Rob Harris - Bass, Chris Johnson - Drums
Music style is listed as, Occult Horror Metal. Visit the band at this location

Law of Burning album released on CSR and Symbol Of Domination. Featured here are nine tracks that will haunt your mind. The classic tones of early metal can be heard profoundly in each composition. Living up to the expection layed out in the description
'Occult Horror", the music will make you feel like you have been transported into one of many classic horror films like a menacing Dario Argento Suspiria or John Carpenter The Thing. Some of the stand out songs for me would be "All Fall Down" and "I am Pain".
Don't expect a clean polished production here, it is more of a raw and grit recording, which is a perfect fit for the intent of the sound. Heavy bass lines and some awesome lead guitar riffs. The vocals are well understood, which is something I prefer. Its a great thing to 
be able to understand the lyric content without having to decipher through a bunch of growls. 

In conclusion, the theme and delivery is established withing the first few songs and made crystal clear. Raw and relentless power that goes well with any of
your favorite horror films.

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Inhibitions - La Danse Macabre

Inhibitions is a two piece band, members are Dimons Night drums, guitars,bass,keybords,vocals,music production. Pain-vocals,guitars. 
Music style is listed as, Black Metal. Band location, Greece.
Visit the band at facebook-INHIBITIONS

La Danse Macabre album released on Satanath Records. Ten songs of punishing intensity.
Creating an atmosphere of dark roads and distant voids, the music delivers compositions with elaborate keyboard pieces. Songs like "My Journey to Death" and "Eternal Winter" are a perfect example of the mix with brutal riffs and melodic arrangements. The song "Back To The Dust", is one of my favorites from this release. A well thought out expression of sorrow and deep sadness. They end this album with the song K.I.N.G. which happens to be a Satyricon cover and they do a great performance of it. 

In conclusion, a journey of obscure dark voids and sad melodic expressions. I would definitely recommend this to any listener of the old school as well as younger generation of metalheads.

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Neter - Inferus

Neter is a four piece band from Spain, members are Manuel Gestoso: Vocals & Guitars, Andrés Rosales: Bass,  Manuel Sánchez: Guitars, Luis Ruiz: Drums 
Music style is listed as, death metal.

From the moment I heard the first riffs I was drawn in right away. The music is well planned and delivered in a brutal form. Catchy and melodic arrangements can be heard on all the songs. Rooted in the death metal pillars of original formulas but most definitely adding their own flovor to make their own brew of catchy and moving composition. Songs like "Atlantis of the Sands", "Rebirth of the Overthrown" and "Primordial Entity"
are amongst favorites from this release. Crushing drums with blistering double bass kicks and huge guitar tone bringing all together in a devastating package.

In conclusion, the band unleashes a crushing blow with every song. Each one building higher and higher making your blood start pumping. A must for any death metal fan who wants something brutal and well executed.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Metal Music Midwest - Welcome to the site

Welcome to Metal Music Midwest. The site features several promos from Metal bands around the world. Watch the video below for a full introduction.


Attn: Bands that would like to be featured here, please send an email to
for further details.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Apparition Official lyric video for Break The Chains

Uk melodic metal act Apparition are proud to unleash their new official lyric video for "Break The Chains", track taken from "The Awakening" album due for release on February the 2nd 2018 worldwide and on March the 28th in Japan via Wormholedeath / Aural / Disk Union Distribution

Watch their video in the link below

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Black Space Riders - Amoretum Vol. 1 - Streaming now

Amoretum Vol. 1, the forthcoming new album from German Riffonauts BLACK SPACE RIDERS, is now streaming in its entirety! Take the trip at this location.

Amoretum Vol. 1 will be released on vinyl, CD, and digital formats on January 26. The single can be purchased and the album pre-ordered on all digital platforms, including Bandcamp, as well as at the band shop: blackspaceriders-shop

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Apostle of Solitude premier My Heart Is Leaving Here via Decibel

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE premieres "My Heart is Leaving Here" via Decibel Magazine

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE has tapped Decibel Magazine for the exclusive premiere of "My Heart is Leaving Here," taken from the band's upcoming fourth album, From Gold to Ash.

Clocking in at nearly 10 minutes, "My Heart is Leaving Here" is an emotionally-stirring and powerful display of APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE's brand of True American Doom Metal.

Take the journey at decibelmagazine-track-premiere-apostle-solitude-heart-leaving

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Blood Harvest to release cassette edition of Obscene's Sermon To The Snake

Indy-based death metal outfit OBSCENE are rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. After self-releasing their debut EP, Sermon to the Snake, in late 2017 on limited-edition cassette, OBSCENE teamed with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions to release the EP as a digital download.

The band's no-frills, old-school approach earned them widespread praise throughout the metal community, including scribe Allyson Kingsley, who calls OBSCENE a "Maryland Deathfest worthy band."

Building off the momentum created by the digital release, Sweden's Blood Harvest Records has announced the February 16 cassette reissue of Sermon the the Snake. The reissue comes as part of Blood Harvest Records' "onslaught of new demo tapes" and is now available for pre-order.

Purchase the digital edition of Sermon to the Snake at

Cassette pre-orders available at bloodharvest pre order

OBSCENE is gearing up for a string of live dates in support of Sermon to the Snake. Confirmed dates as follows:

March 2 @ State Street Pub - Indianapolis w/ ORGA
March 8 @ Northside Yacht Club - Cincinnati w/Fenrir and Flesh Mother,
March 9 @ New Dodge Lounge - Hamtramck, MI
March 10 @ Sabbatic - Milwaukee w/ Pig's Blood
April 28 @ Live Wire Lounge - Chicago w/ Head Rot and Churchburn
May 18 @ Black Circle Brewing - Indianapolis w/ Morta Skuld

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Frost Giant - The Harlot Star streaming at Decibel Magazine

Transcending Records has released The Harlot Star, the new album from troll-ravaged folk-metallers FROST GIANT. The album is streaming in its entirety at this location, courtesy of Decibel, and can be purchased here.

The Harlot Star is an 11-track salute to the glory of battle from one of folk metal's most unique and entertaining bands. FROST GIANT's third full-length is a catchy mix of 90's So-Cal punk, European folk metal and American hardcore rooted in Norse mythology, historical references and general silliness.

FROST GIANT previously released the official video for album cut "Prisoner of the Past." Check it out

Inspired by Norse mythology, epic metal, punk rock, and combined with an American hardcore attitude, FROST GIANT drops an icy hammer on everything trendy and weak. The music pays no attention to boundaries, deliberately crossing genres and bringing them all together in one truly unique sound. From the mead-hall sing along choruses to the shredding melodic death metal passages laced with tortured growls and screams, from the pounding double bass to the pop-punk riffs that linger for days, FROST GIANT's music journeys through stories and lore, bringing to light the tales of old in a modern folk-metal context. Whether they be warm memories of hearth and home, heroic sagas, or tragic remembrances, the songs will carve these colorful volumes into the soul of anyone whose ears they touch.

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Vantablack Warship band release new lyric video

L-R – Yannick Pilon – Vocals / Pierre Pitre – Drums / Kurt Clifford – Bass / Thierry Hivon – Guitar / Pat Gordon – Guitar
Photo Credit: Wayne William Archibald

You also view it here
Once again, Canada’s molten cauldron of metal, its crucible of carnage, spews forth a new release from one of its fine bands, the splendidly named VANTABLACK WARSHIP. Formed by veterans of the Quebec metal scene (Arseniq33, Ghoulunatics, Brutal Chérie, Foreshadow, Les Ékorchés, Buffalo Theory Mtl), this Montreal quintet conjures up images of a neon black pirate ship come to wage a metal storm on an unsuspecting Earth.
Metal legend Tony Dolan, AKA The Demolition Man of Venom Inc. recently described VANTABLACK WARSHIP as a “Cool Slayer”.
The band's new album "Abrasive Pulmoic Speak" due out on January 26th, 2018 features eight tracks of just solid riffage from heavy hardcore speed demon ripping to sludgy down tunes all applied with dirty in your face vocals ready to destroy with its moshpit anthems. 
Guitarist Pat Gordon comments:
“Abrasive Pulmonic Speak”, the title of our album is a testimony to the harshness of our lyrics and music. They are pretty hardcore! But it also refers to the title track, which is based on the works of Henry Miller. He was expatriated for some of his earlier works that he put into print that at those times people never dared say out loud.  We are trying to channel that but from another an angle which is the stereotype that comes with metal music, which, quite frankly is tired. We have metalheads that are well into their 60s and 70s today. It’s annoying that people see us as a subculture when in fact we are a very legitimate culture.”
Teaming up with, VANTABLACK WARSHIP is sharing their next video "Another Dead Rockstar", a track lyrically written from a firsthand perspective by a female mixed martial arts fighter and her graphic accounts in the ring.

The band comments:

“Another Dead Rockstar is a term coined by the band to describe a certain breed of musician who continues to chase the dream of stardom but ends up sowing a path of disrepute and shame.”

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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Hypothesis release new single 'Illusion Now'

Following on from their acclaimed debut Origin, Finnish melodic death metal quintet The Hypothesis today release their first new music since summer 2016. "With 'Illusion Now', The Hypothesis comes with a darker and heavier grip with a beautiful and melancholic chorus. The song itself tells about going to a place so dark, that you want to give up on everything and just let go," comments band leader Jusso Turkki

Watch the new video in the link below

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Beldam album Pasung is streaming now!

Pasung is BELDAM's second release on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions and their first with new vocalist/lyricist Randall Guidry. The band recently relocated to Seattle, continuing their vision to play skull-crushing, soul-wrenching, paint-peeling Sludge with blackened touches. With influences ranging from Sleep, EyeHateGod, Graves At Sea, The Melvins and Black Sabbath, BELDAM combines a massive wall of guitars, thickened bass tones, bone-rattling drums and harsh vocals featuring lyrics building on the themes of death and despair. Pasung clocks in at 50 minutes of pure, unadulterated American Sludge.

Pasung was recorded at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville, TN, April 5-7, with additional tracking on August 31 and September 1, 2017. The album was engineered and mastered by Drew Carroll who recorded BELDAM's original 5-song demo in 2015. All guitars and bass on the recording were performed by Grahm Reynolds with the exception of "One from the Stable." Cullen Wade handled the drums on the entire record. Pasung represents the truest BELDAM. The band focused a significant amount of time on songwriting and pre-production to get the heaviest tones and thickest riffs possible. After parting ways with their original bassist and relocating to Seattle, BELDAM is psyched to release Pasung to the masses and play as many shows as possible in its new Pacific Northwest home.

RIYL: Bongzilla, Brainoil, Coffins, Conan, Crowbar, Dopethrone, Grief, High On Fire, Indian, Meth Drinker, Neurosis, Noothgrush, Om, Orange Goblin, Order Of The Owl, Pelican, Primitive Man, Pungent Stench, Rwake, Soilent Green, Sourvein, Sunn O))), Thou, Ufomammut, Weedeater and Zoroaster
Visit this location to stream Beldam new album

Commander to release new album on Black Sunset

Death metal veterans Commander base out of Munich will be releasing a new album via Black Sunset. It will feature nine songs and will be over forty minutes long. The album was mixed and mastered by Patrick W. Engel in the Temple Of Disharmony (Morgoth, Maroon, Asphyx)!  More info coming soon!

Visit the band at this LOCATION

Asphyxiator upcoming concert at Wire Feb 10 2018

In case you missed the announcement last week. Asphyxiator will be performing live at Wire February 10th 2018. 

Asphyxiator invites you to a concert event at Wire in Berwyn IL. Celebrating Miguel's 34th birthday and featuring performance by Sarcophagy from Indiana, Lividity from IL, Necrotic Disgorgement Ohio, Septicemic Minnesota, the return of Wounds Illinois,  
Introvert Perversions, Missouri. Also celebrating birthdays will be Dave Kibler, Jesse Watson and Matt Cary.

Doors at 6:30pm show starts at 7pm, This show will be 21 and over only! 

Tickets will be $20 and will be soon available
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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Asphyxiator show announcement 2018 Today at 7pm

Asphyxiator will make a special show announcement today at 7pm on their FB page - Click Here
Check out the show flier below. There are a few frames included as well. Feel free to share this and tell your buddies about the group and concerts coming up.

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