Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thy Antichrist Live in Chicago 6-21-2014

Thy Antichrist first live appearance in Chicago, IL at The Cobra Lounge as part of their 2014 US tour. The song below is from the album Wicked Testimonies 2009 titled Where Is Your God? -Supporting acts included Hellfire Deathcult, Empyreus, Luciferium and The Cold Beyond please visit the band at their site THYANTICHRIST

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Battleroar - Blood of Legends

Battleroar is a six piece band from Athens, Greece. Genre describe as Heavy/Epic/Powermetal. Members are Gerrit Mutz - vocals, Stavros Aivaliotis - Bass, Alex Papadiamantis - Violin, Nick Papadopoulos - Drums, Antreas Sotiropoulos - Guitars, Kostas Tzortzis - Guitars.

Blood Of Legends album released through Cruz Del Zur Records on May 6 2014. Epic and adventurous are the feelings I got the first time I listen to this album. If battles of the ancient times needed a soundtrack this would be most fitting. Even in the opening track "The Swords Are Drawn", there is a wealth of progressive passages and catchy solos. Every instrument compliments each other perfectly. Its good to hear the violin (Alex Papadiamantis) on many of the tracks which adds another layer to explore in all the arrangements. Vocals can be best described as a cross between James LaBrie (Dream Theater) and Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden). The guitars are progressive and have great tone. The solo work is creative and never over the top allowing for the rhythm sections to flow through. The track Immortal Chariots is one of my favorites from this album, it reminds me of the old school style of metal I listen to back in the early nineties like Manowar or Intruder (Escape From Pain).
The Curse of Medea features an intense and memorable intro, highly recommend to listen to. Violin is a big highlight on this song. 

In conclusion, each composition is an adventure and has a solid production. The music lives up to the Epic feeling described. The arrangements come through with perfect precision and clarity. I recommend this album for fans of power/progressive metal to add to their collection. 

Odem - Valley of Cut Tongues

Three piece Death/Black metal ensemble from Saint-Petersbug, Russia. This is their EP Valley Of Cut Tongues released through Daemon Worship Prod. on April 3 2013. Members are S.N. - Guitars, S.V. - Bass, KH - Vocals.

This EP waste no time bringing the devastation. From the opening track Nails As The Weapon of Hatred, we hear a slab of intensity thrown at our ears. fast and dominating double kick work by this drummer. Many grinds and creative rolls. The production is great. Warm, yet crushing guitar tones and vocals exhibit several ranges from low guttural to high BM style. Cult of Flesh is one of my favorite songs from this EP. The bass lines cut through and are lightning fast matching the speed and aggression of the drums, well executed. Healing Catalepsy, reminds me of early Behemoth albums or Nile without all the Egyptian hymns. The last track is Satanskin, interesting title. Clever guitar arrangements can be experienced on this song and is on that line of progressive aggression, well balanced and stays intriguing without loosing the attention of the listener. 

In conclusion, devastating, intense and pure brutality from start to finish. fans of underground DM/BM Nile, Monstrosity, Vader, Suffocation, and Immolation be sure to check out this band. 

Dead Earth Politics - The Queen Of Steel

Dead Earth Politics is a five piece metal band from Austin Texas. Members include Mason -Drums, Will -Bass, Tim Driscoll -Guitar, Ven- Vocals, Aaron - Guitar. The Queen of Steel is a self released EP on March 11 2014.

Short but deadly EP by this band. The opening track Redneck Dragonslayer begins with a catchy guitar harmony and lays a solid foundation. A strong vocal attack in noticeable from the first riffs, ranging from mid growl to high vocalizing duo that is pleasing to the ears. The title song The Queen of Steel is an embodiment of pure metal. The drums come through with great clarity. The song features a memorable solo at about the three minute mark worth spinning several times. Madness of the Wanderer, more progressive than the previous two tracks. Interesting time signatures and creative drum dynamics. The vocals reach an even higher pitch, sounding like early era metal stylings, similar to early Iron Maiden or Overkill. About the only downside to this EP is that it is only three songs. The band does have some previous releases that include "Mark the Resistance" EP back in 2006 and "The Weight of Poseidon". Be sure to visit them on FB to keep up with their live performances. 


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DEUS OTIOSUS To Release Rise June 10 on Deepsend Records

Danish outlaw death metal unit DEUS OTIOSUS will release their third album, Rise, on June 10 via Deepsend Records.

In continuing their path towards a blackened totality, DEUS OTIOSUS have achieved a sound that's distinctively their own on their newest effort. Rise unleashes an even heavier emphasis on their violent, thrashing attack while absolutely obliterating the mosh pit. A complete and utter, neck-snapping campaign of death, Rise features nine songs of godless, headbanging metal that will rip your face clean off. These insane Danes seek to Rise and dominate the masses and their new album is a leap forward in accomplishing this goal. Rise was recorded Fast Beat Studio, mixed at Earplug Studio, and mastered at Necromorbus Studio. 

Listen to the album in its entirety, courtesy of Kaaoz Zine, at this location.

ENDING QUEST to release The Summoning on FDA Rekotz June 20

FDA Rekotz has announced the June 20 release of The Summoning from old school Swedish Death Metallers ENDING QUEST.

It is indeed time for some classic sounding "Stockholm Sunlight" Death Metal direct from the depths of Stockholm! The Summoning is the debut album of this three-piece slaughter brigade, which also boasts members of DESOLATOR. On offer are 11 tracks that any fan of GRAVE, GOREMENT or ENTOMBED will worship! The lyrics span suffering, pain and the dark side of this rotten life, while the cover artwork was done by ArtWars Medendesign (Master, Lifeless, December Flower etc.).

A promo video for album track "Sumerian Invocation" is now streaming. Check it out below

Ronny Munroe "The Others" w/ Dave Rude (Tesla) & Pamela Moore

Via Rat Pak Records- Ronny Munroe's Electric Wake is by far his best work to date! Produced by Bruce Bouillet and mixed by Jon Wyman, this 3rd offering from the Metal Church front man truly captures all the magic of the classic metal genre!  "I wanted to create something that was totally new, but at the same time allow all my influences to shine through" states Ronny on the recording of the CD. "I put two years into the writing process of this album, but when it came time to start recording, I threw everything out the window and just went with my gut and it worked out better than I could have imagined" Ronny further states. Electric Wake also features collaborations with guitar legend George Lynch, Tesla guitarist Dave Rude, Pamela Moore (Queensryche's "Sister Mary"), Paul Kleff (ex Firewolfe), Dan Donigian, Sean Baker and Tony Rossi. Ronny Munroe's Electric Wake delivers a healthy dose of fist-pumping, guitar-driven, well-conceived classic style heavy metal music and is a must-have for all fans of the genre! Three videos have been shot for this release, "United", "Pray" and "The Others (Long Live Heavy Metal)" which features a duet with Pamela Moore, and Tesla's Dave Rude on guitar which will debut in the coming weeks.  Official release date is set for Tuesday June 24, 2014. Click HERE to pre-order now!

FERIUM Post Video for "Change of Winds"

Via Clawhammer- Formed in 2006, FERIUM were initially inspired by Pantera and Lamb Of God but over time influence from the likes of Textures, Gojira, Death and more found its way into their sound. 2009 saw their first EP 'The New Law' which gained the band international recognition, enabling them to play large local events such as Summer Carnage and Hallelujah, but also shows outside of their homeland, including Wacken 2009. 2013 saw the band return to tour Europe/UK supporting The Agonist and Threat Signal

AD PATRES to release Scorn Aesthetics on vinyl and cassette

Clawhammer news- Kaotoxin Records has announced the upcoming release of AD PATRES' debut full-length, Scorn Aesthetics, on limited edition vinyl and cassette formats. The vinyl edition is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, with 100 copies in red vinyl. The cassette is strictly limited to 100 copies. Both editions will  be exclusively available from the band and the Kaotoxin Web Shop. The LP and cassette is set for release on July 8 with preorders starting  June 3. Preorder-exclusive bundles are being offered for both formats.

For pre-order information, visit:

IN THE WHALE To Release Nate & Eric June 24

Clawhammer news- The mark of a great rock song lies in its ability to catch ears and shake asses after all the bells, whistles and bullshit has been stripped away. In 2014, you'll be hard-pressed to find a rock band more stripped down than IN THE WHALE. Two dudes, each with a fistful of killer tunes and a million miles of highway underneath their shoes, IN THE WHALE embodies the essence and energy of pure rock 'n' roll. 

On June 24, the band will release their debut full-length record, Nate & Eric. Featuring seven of the most raucously entertaining and refreshingly honest tracks set to tape this year, Nate & Eric is the antidote to the current plague of over-processed and recycled rock.

In the Whale is a high energy, two piece rock band hailing from Denver, CO. Members Nate Valdez (vocals and guitar) and Eric Riley (drums and backing vocals) have been making no nonsense, balls-to-the-wall rock songs since they formed the band in 2011.

Since then, the two have stayed busy exploring the seedier sides of Denver that ­inspires their music. In 2012 they released their first EP, Cake, and followed it up with the EP, 
Eric, in late fall 2013. In between releases the band has been featured in national commercials for Victory Motorcycles and have played with a stupid number of artists you'd happily phone home about. In addition to sharing stages with bands like Murder by Death,­ Local H, Reverend Horton Heat and Electric Six in their hometown, the band has hit the road and played alongside The Airborne Toxic Event, Agent Orange, Bob Log III, The Pack A.D. and Slash. In the Whale released third EP titled Nate in late-Spring 2014 and continue relentlessly touring until they have conquered everything. The Nate and Eric EPs will be released together on one relentlessly rocking record titled "Nate & Eric

Post Maryland Deathfest sale at Relapse Records

Buy Relapse Records merch- The Relapse Office is still abuzz with the excitement of another awesome Maryland Deathfest. A big thanks to all those who came out to support any of our ten bands that were on the roster!

Even if you were not able to attend MDF, you can still help support your favorite Relapse act. Now through Sunday, you can get 15% OFF merch from our MDF-featured bands, like HOODED MENACE, WINDHAND, COFFINS, CRIPPLE BASTARDS and MORE buy link 

Ringworm: Kick Off North American Tour With Eyehategod

This week, the legendary hardcore outfit RINGWORM set out on a month-long campaign across Eastern and Midwest United States in support of stoner metal titans EYEHATEGOD along with metallic hardcore upstarts Enabler.

Locrian: Premiere New Video via The Quietus

LOCRIAN have premiered a brand new video via The Quietus for the track "Return to Annihilation," taken from the album of the same name released last year via Relapse Records. 

The seven minute video was created by director Francesca Marongiu. LOCRIAN's Terence Hannum commented, "One of the main influences was Andrei Tarkovsky's film "Stalker", and she [Francesca] tried to emulate that movie's bleak environmental landscape. One where the government blocks people from entering an area called 'the Zone' but people can enter illegally and confront a landscape that is always changing."


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

God Macabre: First New Song in Over 20 Years, "Life's Verge," Premiers Via Metal Insider

Relapse Records news: Earlier this year, Relapse records announced the re-issue of GOD MACABRE's The Winterlong. In anticipation of this exciting release, the band has unveiled a new track, "Life's Verge," via Metal Insider - their first bit of new material in over 20 years!
Listen to it here metalinsider-song-premiere-listen-to-the-first-new-god-macabre

Mortals: Brooklyn Extreme Troupe Premieres "The Summoning" via The AV Club

Relapse records news: The AV Club has just premiered a punishing new song from Brooklyn-based extreme metallers MORTALS. “The Summoning" is taken from the trio’s upcoming Relapse Records debut, Cursed To See The Future, which will see its release on July 8th.
According to the major media portal, MORTALS “summon the best of metal’s assorted sub-genre’s on new track.” Writer David Anthony heaped praise upon the new tune, noting that “the band shows it ability to defy classifications as it explores everything from doom to black metal over the course of the song’s nine pummeling minutes.”
Listen to it here avclub-mortals-summon-best-metals-assorted-sub-genres

Serpentine Path: New LP Emanations Out Now - Streaming In Full At The Obelisk

Relapse records news: Breaking two years of silence since the release of their self-titled debut LP, today, New York City-based morbid sludge metal executioners, SERPENTINE PATH, unleashes the band's disturbing second album, Emanations, once again through Relapse Records.
To unveil Emanations to the masses for its street date, The Obelisk is now exclusively streaming the record from its dredging opening to demoralizing finale, The Taskmaster issuing of this intoxicatingly brute entity without qualms, "It's fucking dark." The write up delves further into the murk, continuing, "Their tales may be morbid, and they may tell them with a lumbering brutality, but Serpentine Path also stand for the excellent end results that can occur with an assemblage of those whose joy derives from such dark artistry."
Listen to the entire LP at theobelisk.-obeliskserpentine-path-emanations-stream

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Updates and recent post to Artemorbid Channel June 7 2014

Subscribe youtube-artemorbid Brand new footage and latest post to the channel. Live concert events which include the groups Imperial Savagery, Final Drive, Psychomancer, Purge and Lost Dog Chicago band. Be sure to support these bands visit them online.

Captions text below-
Hello everyone, this is an update on all the new
videos that posted recently to the Artemorbid channel. First up, we got the band Imperial Savagery live at the Cobra Lounge.The band Final Drive, performing their song The Confession. The band Psychomancer from Michigan City, Indiana. footage of the band Purge, performing the song Man Dethroned. And finally, live from the Mutiny, Lost Dog Chicago band. Any unsigned bands that would like a video feature on my channel, inbox me here on YouTube or leave a comment letting me know who you are and what video you like featured. Thanks to all the new subscribers this week and if you just found this channel take a moment to subscribe. I will have brand new videos coming up next week, thanks again and I look forward to your feedback.

                                                                         Lost Dog

Friday, June 6, 2014

DAY OF DOOM streaming The Gates of Hell in full at

Via Clawhammer- NYDM trio DAY OF DOOM is now streaming their newest release, The Gates of Hell, in full at The album is due out on Friday, June 6 through Lavadome Productions, but fans can get an early preview at this location.

Dwelling in the underground of Long Island, DAY OF DOOM's third album is the first to be released on a label. The new material represents the raw, sickening, and undeniable brutality of early New York Death Metal, sending the listener back to a time when every new album sounded fresh and exciting; the sole aim to create music that delivered a punch to the face and a kick in the gut. That's the sound of The Gates Of Hell, a stab of bludgeoning, uncompromising force played with skill and passion. The cover art was conceived by the mighty Raul Gonzales.

Cold Colours releases MMXIV digital EP

Via Clawhammer Minneapolis' depressive doom metal entity COLD COLOURS has returned with a new line up and the follow up to 2013's self-titled full-length.  The band's new three-track digital EP, MMXIV, is now available at coldcoloursmetal.bandcamp

Expanding on the dark and heavy gothic/doom aura on the self-titled release, MMXIV sees COLD COLOURS reaching new levels of sonic and emotional aggression and depression. And this is just a mere taste of what's to come as the band continues to evolve as both songwriters and performers while crafting new material for the next long-player.

Vestal Claret releases video for "The Stranger"

Via Clawhammer- The Cult of Vestal Claret introduces to the masses a name that thus far has been quite popular only amongst the die-hard fans of the doom metal scene. In fact, Swanson is well renowned for his work with HOUR OF 13 and SEAMOUNT. VESTAL CLARET's pronounced BLACK SABBATH-inspiration together with Swanson's signature doomy style perfectly blends with the band's Traditional Heavy Metal influences, not to mention an accomplished drumming style, cutting guitars and catchy compositions. The morbid-themed lyrics walk hand in hand with the mesmerizing music: VESTAL CLARET celebrates the dark side of the human psyche, with abundant references to Occultism, Satanism and other disturbing imagery. Watch the video here cruzdelsurmusicvestal-claret-releases-new-videoclip

SERVANTS OF THE MIST to release Gross Knowledge of Genital Mutilation June 24

Via Clawhammer- Tampa merchants of misery SERVANTS OF THE MIST will self-release Gross Knowledge of Genital Mutilation on June 24. Unlike most doom metal and sludge from the American South, the usual bluesy "stoner" trappings are virtually non-existent in the depressive, depraved and terrifyingly abrasive brand of funeral sludge/doom. The new digital EP is the follow-up to last year's well received Suicide Sex Pact EP.
Check out a track at this location servantsofthemist.bandcamp

BLACK SPACE RIDERS Release Video for "Space Angel (Memitim)"

Via Clawhammer- German extraterrestrial heavy rockers BLACK SPACE RIDERS have released the official music video for "Space Angel (Memitim)."  The track off the band's third and most recent album, D:REI and features visuals and video animation from Blood Meridian
Artemortifica- The music resembles a cross of early Black Sabbath and Neurosis and the visuals for the video are a perfect fit.

RUDE: Streaming Soul Recall in Full

Via  Clawhammer and FDA Rekotz have teamed to offer a limited time full album stream of Soul Recall, the uncompromising debut from Berkeley, Calif., death metallers RUDE.

RUDE combine classic death metal in the vein of the early Pestilence stuff with the dirt of maniacs like Autopsy. Catchy, brutal, brain crushing metal to the bone. Soul Recall, featuring artwork by Dan Seagrave, will be released on CD, vinyl and digital formats on May 30 via FDA Rekotz. The first pressing of the vinyl edition will be limited to 150 copies in pus yellow and 350 copies in plague black vinyl.Ordering info can be found at Streaming in full at this location portal.xtreemmusic-streaming-del-album-completo-de-rude-soul-recall

HELGARDH Release Official Music Video for "The Aberration Scars"

Clawhammer -USBM extremists HELGARDH have released the official music video for its newest single, "The Aberration Scars."

The track is the first to be released off the band's forthcoming sophomore effort, Mallevs Maleficarvm, which is due out later this year on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The video and lyrics to "The Aberration Scars"



Forced open wounds
The infection spreads internally
The aberration scars
slowly reap the essence of what life has sown

Doctrines will guide martyrdom toward death

The gallows await the flesh of their necks
the vermin prepare to devour
Relinquish the vein of mortality
to the cold grasp of death

Bearers of ophidian blood
remain stagnant and cold beneath the mantled earth

For in their flesh they will suffer 
and in death a martyr they'll remain
In shallow graves they'll be buried
without a stone to mark where they are lain

The mark of hell is branded on forked tongues
to seek the profane glory of Black Mass genocide
...the Purge

In their flesh they will suffer 
and in death a martyr they'll remain
In shallow graves they'll be buried
without a stone to mark where they are lain

Doctrines will guide martyrdom toward death

Necrotic bones exiled to graves
the vermin prepare to devour
Relinquish the vein of mortality

to the cold grasp of death

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Desecration Premiere Debut Music Video ‘Coffin Smasher’ Exclusively With Terrorizer

Band Desecration from the UK released a new video "Coffin Smasher" exclusive on the Terrorizer page.

Official statement by Desecration "“We’ve thought about doing videos for songs in the past. We’ve sat down with people to bounce ideas across for storylines etc. but they’ve never amounted to anything. This time we knew it had to happen with everything being online these days. So we collared Adam Edgerley (drummer Mic and ‘Cemetery Sickness’ producer Joe Thompsons partners at Sonic Forge). We knew Adam would do a fantastic job, and also remain patient while we threw more and more challenging ideas at him. Fair play, we couldn’t be happier with how it came out.

“We chose this song for the video because every time we played it in the rehearsal rooms we knew it was a corker. The lyrical content meant that it was easy enough to think of a narrative for the video too, and we thought it was achievable whilst also being pretty daring.

“The indoor performance shots were recorded in a church that our friend Chi from Spider Kitten owns up in the valleys, and the outdoor scenes we filmed… locally. I don’t want to say much more there, as let’s just say we weren’t supposed to be there.

“Shooting the video was exactly how you would expect digging a 6 foot hole in the pissing rain at night would be. We didn’t want to cut any corners, so everything you see on the video actually happened.”
Go to this link to watch Coffin Smasher Video