Saturday, January 31, 2015

PUTRID OFFAL Announce Live Session on Cult French Radio Show

PUTRID OFFAL has announced that their first gig in 20 years will be a live session for French radio show Killing Machine (airplay on Radio Campus Lille, PodCasts available on MixCloud). The metal show is one of the oldest on French radio. Scheduled for airplay on February 15, this session will mark PUTRID OFFAL's official live return in support of their February 2015 debut full-length Mature Necropsy on Kaotoxin Records and will be the first of an ongoing series of shows, including appearances at Unideath Fest (BE) on May 23 and at DeathFeast (DE) September 10-12.

DJ Arno Geenens was part of Underground Records / Reincarnate Records in the 90s and responsible for the release of several Supuration albums and the Obscurum per Obscurium compilation (1992), which featured six of the best extreme metal underground bands from the Northern France scene. The PUTRID OFFAL contribution to that release can be found on their 90s discography compilation Premature Necropsy.

Picking up where the Suffering EP, the band's vehement return from hiatus, left off, Mature Necropsy is the first PUTRID OFFAL full-length in 25 years. Mature Necropsy, will be released on February 10 via Kaotoxin Records and will feature the band's entire back catalogue completely re-written and re-recorded. Kaotoxin is offering the album as a 1000 copies limited edition double DigiSleeve CD, with both Mature Necropsy along with bonus cover versions and Premature Necropsy, a compilation of all of their 90s original material, remastered. The digital version will come as two separate releases.

FERIUM Studio Update

Israeli metal outfit FERIUM are hard at work in the studio working on their upcoming concept album, Behind the Black Eyes. Video footage from the recording sessions can be viewed below.

Behind The Black Eyes greatly expands the concept first introduced on FERIUM's debut album Reflections. The connection between the two albums is evident in part by the inclusion of a new track titled "Reflections," while the debut album contained the song "The Black Eyes." Behind The Black Eyes is the story of one man's deteriorating relationship from beginning to end; from promising beginnings to the bitter end. Musically, Behind the Black Eyes raises the intensity level and deepens the impact with powerful riffs and melodic atmospheric parts, ensuring that nary a listener is left unaffected by the experience. Behind the Black Eyes is one again being produced and recorded by FERIUM guitarist Boxer at his very own Boxer Studio.

Mandatory - Catharsis

Mandatory is a five piece band from Austria. Members are Max Hundsberger - Vocals, Chris Hörmann - Guitar, Leo Wolfmayr - Bass, Mike Pfaffenhuemer - Drums, Clean Vocals, Manuel Rohrauer - Guitar.
Genre described as melodic death / thrash metal.

Catharsis album released on September 20th 2014. This is the bands second album featuring nine songs. High energy and progressive. The guitar riffs remind me of early Dream Theater, although they contain modern metal arrangements that are comparable to Heaven Shall Burn or At The Gates. The Lyrical content touches on the human aspects of todays world and are high spirited as well as inspirational. One of several stand out tracks would be Act II Catharsis, I found myself headbanging to many of its aggressive and moving tempo changes. It is a song that will get the audience raging in a live situation. Act III Purification, a massive build up into some well executed solos. One of the groups that come to mind is The Haunted but with more melodic approach. The song Blue Print is another song worth playing several times, crushing and memorable.

In terms of production, this is a solid and well balanced recording. Great drum sound. Crushing guitar tone and the bass is massive and devastating. I recommended for fans of Lamb Of God, The Haunted, Dream Theater and At The Gates. ~Artemortifica


Cerebral Agony Zine 1 and 2 summary plus video

Cerebral Agony is an art, fiction, photography and poetry zine from the editor and publisher of Autoeroticasphyxium.
Visit facebook-cerebralagony
Issue 1 featuring submissions by Jesse Abundis, Kelvin VA Allison, Jezibell Anat, Anthony Begnal, Winston Blakely, Rob Burns, Kaya Chaos, M Teresa Clayton, Lioness DeWinter, Laura Petellat-Entwisle, Skitz J. Fitch, Abyss Forgottentomb, Eric Forsberg, Lola Forsberg, Frank Garcia, Isis Graywood, Peter Hall, Jonathan Hawk, Johnny Hellion, Alexander Kautz, Jerry Langdon, Armand Madji, Lush Montana, Sarah McKellar, Andrea Norton, Rich Orth, Steven Michael Pape, Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza, Illyriah Sahjaza, Tara Sallis, Twiggy Thunderstorm, Teddy Whittenbarger and Joseph Zuchowski

Issue 2 Jesse Abundis, Kelvin VA Allison, Jezibell Anat, Jillanna Babb, Winston Blakely, Rob Burns, M Teresa Clayton, Damion Darkheart, Lioness DeWinter, Skitz J. Fitch, Abyss Forgottentomb, Eric Forsberg, Lola Forsberg, Fury, Frank Garcia, Peter Hall, Jonathan Hawk, Johnny Hellion, Alexander Kautz, James Ward Kirk, Charlie JJ Kruger, Jerry Langdon, Alan Lisanti, Armand Madji, Nikki Marshall, Lush Montana, Rich Orth, Steven Michael Pape, Laura Petellat-Entwisle, Goddess Rosemary, Corvo Obsidian Sahjaza, Stormy Sahjaza, Sybelle Silverphoenix, Twiggy Thunderstorm, Teddy Whittenbarger, Jonathan Zuchowski.

Here is a review of issue 1 Review by Jerry Langdon;
Loads of brilliant art, photography, poetry and stories. The art from Abyss Forgottentomb is always a joy to see. Her Surrealistic Mythological art is like no other. Thanks Frank Garcia for reminding me of the Nightmares I don't want to have. American Demonology from Isis Graywood also a great piece. The art from Twiggy Thunderstorm raged into my eye the most. The Retro patterns that weave a darkness and light into one grand illusion was simply awesome. I enjoyed every word spun in the Poetry. What captivated me most was Venom by Abyss Forgottentomb again with Mythology. The great words of Rich Orth, especially Cauterized by prayer. Occupy this by Kaya Chaos left me thinking. My personal favorite was If God were a Fucker! from Eric Forsberg only question is If?!

Visit to obtain a copy at this link 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Cowboys From Hell cover by In This Moment live 1-24-2015

At a recent live performance in Anaheim, California, In This Moment did an instrumental cover of the Pantera classic, “Cowboys from Hell.” Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Katherine Ludwig R.I.P. 1-30-2015

Sad news. R.I.P. Katherine Ludwig
Statement from the LymphoManiac FB page

"This is hard. 
Katherine passed today, Friday, January 30, 2015, at 1pm, peacefully, surrounded by friends and family.
I will write a proper message when I can get my head around the fact that my dear friend is truly gone. For now, just let me say that she truly was thankful for all of the support that she got from everyone here, and told me many times how much it touched her that so many people cared. All of the well wishes, support, messages, benefit concerts/fundraisers and donations did make a huge difference in her quality of life.
Alicia Morgan"

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Solanum/Epi-Demic 'Passages to Lunacy' Split Out now

Passages to Lunacy, the new split album from Canada's SOLANUM and EPI-DEMIC, is out today on Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The split is streaming in its entirety at: bandcamp-passages-to-lunacy-split

Passages To Lunacy unites the forces of the mighty SOLANUM with the fierce EPI-DEMIC, resulting in a devastating old school assault; no comprimise, no conformity and no trends! This is pure Canadian Crossover/Thrash Metal murder that displays intrinsic power and relentless attitude. Be forewarned as Passages To Lunacy is your ticket to mayhem, confronting your mind with harsh realities, rotten visions and inevitable pain. For fans of Attitude Adjustment, Broken Bones, Cro-Mags, Crumbsuckers, Destruction, DRI, English Dogs, Excel, Lethal Aggression, Ludichrist, Nuclear Assault, Vio-lence and Wehrmacht.
Purchase Passages to Lunacy at this location.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Singularity - Singularity

Singularity is a four piece band from Arizona. Members are, Jack Fliegler - Guitar/Vocals, Nathan Bigelow - Drums, Adam King - Bass Guitar/Vocals, Nick Pompliano - Keyboards/Vocals. Genre is Metal, symphonic black, tech death metal.

This is their self titled, self released album on September 24th 2014. The record contains ten songs. The first thing that perked my ears was how progressive and complex the music sounds. These are well thought out compositions. The black metal roots are evident. The arrangements do break away from the standard b/m structure and they add more layers within each verse to give the band a unique sound. Some of my favorite songs from this release are Utopian Flesh and The Descent, melodic and yet complex, I played them at high volumes many times. "The Ascension", features some wicked and memorable guitar riffs, I was completely blown away at how flawlessly they played the harmonies and makes this another song to crank up the volume on. 

The production overall is excellent. Drums are spot on, every grind and mid tempo passage sound devastating. Guitars have great tone and the solos sound amazing. The bass is powerful and punishing.

My final thoughts, a powerful album that should not be overlooked. Rooted in black metal but breaks the boundaries with progression and complexity. Memorable interludes and epic atmosphere. You'll want to keep your ears glued to this album. ~Artemortifica


UNREST Debut New Track on Apoch's metal review

Philadelphia/Brooklyn grinders UNREST have debuted new track "Quit" from upcoming album Grindcore. Check out the exclusive stream and an interview with the band at apochs-unrest

Grindcore will be released on Unspeakable Axe Records March 24.

If the band name doesn't spell it out for you, the album title surely will.  This is nothing but grindcore - stripped down, unpretentious, and loud.  At the same time, it's much more than that. UNREST is comprised of craftsmen from bands both familiar (WOE, TRENCHROT and those about to be (Dark Descent's up-and-coming doom act, CRYPT SERMON).  The riff and song construction throughout this debut album is right in line from what you'd expect from a group of such capable veterans.  They wear their NASUM (and by proxy, NAPALM DEATH) influence on their sleeves, but through sheer mastery of the craft elevate the material well beyond a mere tribute to old masters.

Ingurgitating Oblivion - Continuum of Absence

Ingurgitating Oblivion is a five piece death metal band from Germany. members include, Ingo Neugebauer - drums, Christian Pfeil - bass, Sascha Hermesdorf - guitars, Ulrich Kreienbrink - vocals, Florian Engelke - lead guitars.

Continuum of Absence released on September 16th, 2014, Willowtip Records. This album consist of seven tracks. Even after listening to the first couple of songs, it was hard to figure out what genre to place their style in, not that it needs to be categorized. Metal roots are evident. Lots of twist and turns in the verses, grinding drums and stomping bass sound. There is a certain dark atmosphere to the writting process, off time interludes, dissonant chords, maniacal and deliberate execution. The music is intricate and mad as possible. The song Avatar Of Radiating Abscence is a mind bender, it makes the listener wonder where exactly in the cosmos they might end up. Since they are not following the standard formats we hear in many other bands, the music becomes an entity of its own unique signature.

In conclusion, an intriguing musical journey, much like its cover, mysterious and suspenseful, the album breaks some boundaries and wraps its dark tentacles inside your mind. ~Artemortifica


Venom, Destruction, Annihilator, Behemoth performing Motorhead live 2015

Check out this recent footage of Venom, Destruction, Annihilator, Behemoth performing Motorhead's Ace of Spades live on the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Colombia's NEPENTE to Release 'I Will Get Your Soul' March 31

Colombian Death/Black Metallers NEPENTE will release I Will Get Your Soul March 31 on Cimmerian Shade Recordings. And this time the temperature surpasses face-melting levels!

I Will Get Your Soul follows sophomore full-length Suffering is the Seed (MetalHit 2012/Sonic Blast Media 2013), an album The RingMaster Review called "a savage and sonically scurrilous violation, a torment of corrosive intensity and unbridled devastation" and Teeth of the Divine described as "one hell of a vicious cyclone."

I Will Get Your Soul was recorded at Manizales Studio (Manizales Colombia), and mixed/mastered at Hertz Recording Studio (Bialystock, Poland) by Slawomir Wieslawski and Wojciech Wieslawski.

1. I Will Get Your Soul
2. Show me that You are Suffering
3. Gray Land
4. Last Rites 

All music by Pablo Vasquez.
All lyrics by jose Fernando Ospina C.
Additional rhythm and lead guitars by Victor Hugo "Tormento"
Cover art by Leonardo Duarte Enciso.
Album layout/design: Leoonardo Xiomara Valencia
Nepente logo by Julian Carddona

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dysnomia - Dysnomia

Dysnomia is a five piece band from Vigo, Pontevedra. Members are, Jorge Fernández, Rodrigo Blas, Aaron Fariña, Alex de la Sota, Eloi Pascual. Genre is described as death metal. 

The self titled album released by Suspiria Records on November 20 2014. This album contains ten tracks. My first thoughts, this is relentless and destructive. It delivers high energy from the opening song to the last. There is a mix of keyboard and harmonizing guitar riffs done flawlessly and are epic in proportion. The guitar players do some complex arrangements, the solos are catchy and show a lot of talent. The song Baptized In Rain is a good example of the creative level being experienced. Along with all the high energy and wicked guitar riffing, there are also some great sounding female vocals included in this composition that makes this a replay worthy track. If you want fast and intense, the song "A Light At The Shore" brings the devastation full force, strong drum kicks and fierce verses. Reach Clarity is another notable song that should be played at a high volume while driving at high speed on the highway. In conclusion, metal on full throttle, strong delivery and excellent first debut album. I recommend it for the new generation of metal heads as well as the old school dm fans. ~Artemortifica


Below The Sun - Envoy

Below The Sun is a five piece band from Siberia. Members include, GurGenn - Guitars, Mind Sarcophagus - Guitars, Vocals, Foltath Eternum - Vocals, Covert Lore - Bass, Mourning - Drums, Overtone Singing. Genre is described as Experimental/Post-Metal. 

Their album Envoy will be released via Temple of Torturous Records on February 2015. The album contains six songs. Each one with a long build up. The opening track is about eight minutes long. The music slowly soaks in and festers in my mind. I enjoyed the entire listening experience from start to finish. One of the songs I hit replay on was Drift in Deep Space, it sounds monumental. The opening builds up into demonic growls and then into some spine crippling highs. I like how it all comes together and suddenly a clean guitar piece chimes in, really memorable transitions and stands out to me from the other tracks. The Earth, is an instrumental, it resonates with me because of the lead guitar work, catchy interludes and clean melodies combined with powerful distortion give it a unique form. 

As far as production goes, drums are punchy and powerful. Solid guitar tone even at the low end. Bass is massive and lays a solid foundation. In conclusion, a great release, an epic doom metal album, reminds me of Neurosis or early Paradise Lost. Be sure to add this one to your collection. ~Artemortifica 


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Heaving Earth - Denouncing The Holy Throne

Heaving Earth is a five piece band from Prague. Members include, Tomáš Halama - guitars, Jirka Zajíc - drums, Michal "Žlababa" Štěpánek - vocals, Jaroslav Šantrůček - guitars, Pavel Šatra - bass. Genre is described as death metal.

Denouncing The Holy Throne album to be released on Lavadome Productions February 6th 2015. The album consist of twelve blistering, hyper and technical compositions. The record is absolutely devastating from the moment you hit the play button. The opening song comes at you with a thousand notes crushing the senses. It is a controlled chaotic madness. A few bands come to mind like Nile, Braindrill and Gorod. The tracks have complex arrangements, think of it as lunatic scientists in a lab forging a maniacal creation. I can honestly say this band pushes the boundary of death metal, in an era of constant redundancy their music is a breath of fresh air. 

Some of the more outstanding tracks would be Worms of Rusted Congregation, Into the Depths of Abomination and Doomed Before Inception.

My final thoughts, excellent and original work, it shakes the pillars of the normal template and crushes skulls in all directions. I recommended for fans of technical, blasphemous and progressive death metal. ~Artemortifica


Convictors - Envoys Of Extinction

Convictors is a four piece band from Germany. Members are Fabian - Vocals, Lasse - Guitar, Zufi - Drums, Samuel - Bass. The band formed in 1986. The genre is described as old school death metal. 

Envoys Of Extinction album self released on October 2014. The album contains eight brutalizing songs. The band does not waste anytime and gets directly to the assault. A fast grinding guitar riff grabs me by the throat and trows me in the pit. One of the most predominant things that captures my ears is the bass tone. It is massive and completely devastating. The clarity of it is insane, nearly as great as Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) type of sound. The entire disc is one of those that I enjoy from beginning to end, it is difficult to choose a favorite. Angel of Purity, if this track does not get your blood pumping you might be dead. Let Malevolence Arise, is a mosh provoking track, it contains verses that remind me of early Suffocation albums. Festering Infestation Strikes, is another song worth spinning several times. It reminds me of early Cannibal Corpse, like Tomb of The Mutilated.

As far as production goes, the sound is massive and as I mentioned before the bass tone dominates. Drums are upfront and lay a solid foundation. Guitars are heavy, yet retain enough clarity to distinguish each note. Vocals are brutalizing and aggressive. 

In conclusion, an excellent release, I will be adding this one to my collection. There is a bonus track, if you make it to the end of the album is worth listening to. I recommended for fans of brutal death metal, fans of Immolation, Death, Grave, old Hypocrisy, Suffocation and early Cannibal Corpse. ~Artemortifica


Friday, January 23, 2015

NAPALM DEATH - Smash A Single Digit -video plus album cover

NAPALM DEATH are now launching the cover artwork and the tracklisting for their upcoming 15th studio album. Entitled "Apex Predator - Easy Meat", the album will be released on January 26th, 2015 in Europe and January 27th, 2015 in North America via Century Media Records.
The album's striking artwork, which can be seen above, was created by Danish designer Frode Sylthe /, who has previously worked on NAPALM DEATH's latest album "Utilitarian" as well as with bands such as At The Gates

Lord Dying: Streaming New Album via Loudwire

With exactly one week left until the release of Poisoned Altars, Portland, Oregon's LORD DYING have partnered up with Loudwire for an exclusive full album stream. That's right: you can listen to Poisoned Altars in its entirety at this location

Primitive Man: Set to Release Limited 12" EP via Relapse

Denver blackened doom heathens, PRIMITIVE MAN, will release a special 12” EP next month via Relapse Records. Fittingly titled Home Is Where The Hatred Is, the four track slab was tracked at Flatline Audio by Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Catheter, Cobalt, etc.) and delivers thirty-one heinous minutes of nihilistic, feedback-doused audio atrocities brimming with gnarled riff torrents and enough fury to level a nation. Home Is Where The Hatred Is is limited to 750 copies on black standard gram wax and 250 copies on silver standard gram wax, and will be available for purchase on February 17.

Get sad with the EP trailer featuring opening track, “Loathe,” video below 

Abysmal Dawn: Confirm New Headlining Tour Dates with 1349, Origin, and Wolvhammer

In support of their crushing 2014 full-length, Obsolescence (Relapse), ABYSMAL DAWN will hit the road again this winter. This run starts with a string of headline dates that kick off February 2nd in Farmington, NM and run through February 6th in Panama Beach, FL.

Following those dates, ABYSMAL DAWN will join up with 1349, Origin and Wolvhammer on February 8th in Tampa, FL and will run through February 23rd in New York, NY. ABYSMAL DAWN will also return to Europe this March as part of The Death to All Tour. A complete list of dates can be found in the Tour Dates section below.

Embrional Presents Cover And Next Track From New Album

Polish death metallers Embrional have premiered a new song off their upcoming second full-length album "The Devil Inside". The nightmarish, atonal waltz "Funeral March" can be streamed at this location: Funeral March

"The Devil Inside" is the follow-up to 2012's "Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors" and sees Embrional developing their sound into mysterious yet technically complex death metal monolith, where devastating blast-beats mix with hypnotizing slowdowns and non-routine rhythms, roaring screams with whispering and moaning of the damned souls and sick harmonies with steady pillar of Death Metal tradition. The album is due out on February 28th 2015 via Old Temple (CD), with the vinyl and tape versions following early Spring through Hellthrasher Productions and Third Eye Temple / Godz Ov War Productions, respectively.

The album's artwork was made by Mariusz Krajewski &

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

NADER SADEK Debuts final track from 'The Malefic: Chapter III"

Multi-media artist NADER SADEK has debuted the final track from The Malefic: Chapter III.  The song "Descent" is now streaming at, and

Nader Sadek had this to say about the song: "Initially for 'Descent'  I had asked Rune Eriksen to write a song that would  be a sequel to " Nigredo in Necromance," a song from our first record, with the exception of a few spoken word lines, an instrumental .  What Rune presented us with was way beyond my expectations and hopes, Multi-layering gives depth and a sense of exploration in the emotion of tragedy and remorse. The structure of the song  also carries you all the way up to the crescendo and then drops; this technique is utilized several times in the song. With the help of Flo Mounier's [CRYPTOPSY] non-static drumming, textures come and go, further intensifying the song. During the mixing stage, we had decided that it would be criminal not to include Carmen's amazing chants , as well as several passages of vocals with Travis Ryan's [CATTLE DECAPITATION] and I . Andreas Kisser's [SEPULTURA] solos give the song an unexpected turn, extending and conjuring warm emotions from an unexpected style, yet fitting seamlessly. We all pitched in on certain aspects of the mix at the Helm of Bassist Martin Rygiel. 'Descent"' is the perfect closer to the demise of the story line, and marks this song as one of our most collaborative efforts." 

In other news, NADER SADEK will be performing at Neurotic Deathfest in Tillburg, Holland (April 17-19, 2015). 

NADER SADEK's new four-song EP The Malefic: Chapter III was released as a free CD insert in November and December via Decibel Magazine (#122), Terrorizer Magazine in the UK (#254) and Legacy Magazine in Germany (#94). The Decibel release has a different mix and master from the UK and German versions. .The album will be available digitally in the coming months.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

OTEP Announces March European Tour with The Agonist and Ferium

OTEP will embark on a European tour in March. Joining in support are THE AGONIST and FERIUM. Tour dates are below.

Outre stream first song of new album - The Fall

After suffering a setback with the loss of their vocalist Andrzej Nowak, black metal group Outre have unveiled a track from their upcoming album recorded with participation of Stawrogin (Odraza / Massemord). A twisted and ripping track drawing as much from French bands such as Deathspell Omega as Outre's compatriots Behemoth, it will surely draw the attention of those with a finely-tuned black metal radar.

The band comments:
"We are now finishing the production of our debut LP "Ghost Chants". With minor delay caused by our vocalist leaving, the vocals recording session are now heading to an end. We asked Stawrogin for help, who in our opinion is one of the best throats in Polish black metal underground, and so far we are more than satisfied with the effects of his work. A promo track "Chant 3. - The Fall" gives a sneak peak of what you can expect on our debut long player. We gave our best to make this record as much essentional and intense as possible."

DEHUMAN to Release 'Graveyard of Eden' on Kaotoxin Records March 9 / Announce Spanish Tour

Via Clawhammer: Belgium Death Metallers DEHUMAN will release Graveyard of Eden on Kaotoxin Records March 9, followed by the North American and digital release on March 10, as a limited edition (500 copies) first press deluxe three-panels DigiSleeve CD. Featuring an exclusive bonus track, the LP version will be available on April 13 (April 14 in North America) both as a 100-copy collector edition on white vinyl (band and label exclusive) and 400 copies on black vinyl.

After the release of their 2012 debut full-length Black Throne of All Creation, four European tours with the likes of Master and Agathocles and many festival appearances, DEHUMAN are back with a ferociously raging and ravaging second full-length produced at both the Blackout Studio (Enthroned, Emptiness...) and Sainte Marthe Studio (Arkhon Infaustus, DEEP IN HATE, DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION). Preorders will start on February 9, exclusively at, and will come with exclusive special package deals including a new line of t-shirts, girlies and hoodies.

Right after the official release party on March 13 at Le Biplan in Lille (Facebook Event) with label mates SAVAGE ANNIHILATION and INFECTED SOCIETY, DEHUMAN will embark on a Spanish tour with Hungary's GraveCrusher and Spain's Riot of Violence. Scroll down for tour dates.

Insurrection - Teaser 2 (Video)

Assaulting witnesses in both languages of French and English, Gatineau, QC death metal band INSURRECTION have posted their second teaser for their upcoming music video 'Prototype' filmed by La Corp. The video is set to be unleashed on February 3, 2015 for the title track from INSURRECTION's first crowd funded and third full length album produced by Topon Das (Fuck The Facts) that was released via Canadian label Galy Records in late 2013.
"It's almost time to release this thing and we can barely contain ourselves. We can't wait to show everyone what we've been working on, our very first videoclip! Get ready, it's coming!" comments vocalist Stef Jomphe.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cyhyraeth - Servants To The Fire

Cyhyraeth is a metal band from Dallas Texas. Members are, Jessica McCain - Lead Vocals, Alex Jack- Guitar/Vocals, Zachary Marsden - Guitar, Zach Palmer - Bass, Dan Mitch- Drums. The band started in 2011.

Servants To The Fire album self released on December 24th 2014. The album consist of eleven songs. My first impression is the music is metal oriented and contains elements of modern metal riffs from bands like Arch Enemy, Heaven Shall Burn and Lamb of God. Jessica's vocals are spot on both on the low end death metal style as well as the clean singing, a very talented and impressive performance on this album. The track A Farewell To Harm is a perfect example of the pitch ranges exhibited by the vocalist. The music is well structured. Power and aggression is in full effect through the album. Beyond the melodic aspect of the music there are some heavy hitters on this record as well, Mutation, Awakening and Indoctrinate are intense, like a tank plowing through fields, the fierce energy comes full force at you.

My final thoughts, this debut album hits hard and contains many of the elements the make a solid and crushing record. Great solos by the guitarist. Vocals melodic and heavy. Drums construct the perfect ground for all of it to come together. I recommended for fans of both old and new generation of metal. ~Artemortifca


Apocryfal - Aberration Of Mind

APOCRYFAL is a death metal band from Finland. Members are; Pasi Vastamäki - Vocals, Mikko Homanen - Guitar, Juha Lausamo - Guitar, Joni Välipakka - Bass, Juho Suomi - Drums. Band started in 2009.

Aberration Of Mind EP self released on October 2nd 2013. This is a five song disc containing fast and punishing music. On a short trip to the city, I was able to listen to it twice and got a good idea of what the songs are all about. A recollection of bands I was into back in the early nineties, bands like Benediction, old Napalm Death and Suffocation come flowing to my mind as I listen. Indeed it is hard to denied the early death metal roots when confronted with tracks like Mother Of All, catchy tempo changes, grinding drum attacks and brutal vocals of course. The title track Aberration of Mind comes in with relentless velocity and I will have to say it is one of my favorites from this release. 

The production is very good, the drums are upfront and destructive, double bass kicks and tom hits are explosive. Guitars have a crunchy distortion attack. Bass compliments all the rhythms perfectly. My final thoughts are, the music creates fast momentum and feirce emotion. I recommended for fans of Incantation, old Morbid Angel, Immolation and Monstrosity. ~Artemortifica


Nangilima – The Dark Matter

Nangilima is a doom/death metal band from Malmö, Sweden. Members are; Emilio (Ov Mhurn): All Vocals. Nikolay - Guitars/Bass/Keys. Khalvst Ov Mhurn (Marahkain, Ov Mhurn): Keyboards and Drums. 

The Dark Matter album released on November 2014 through Xtreem Music. It consist of six songs. Rooted in doom which is evident from the opening song, dark and mostly mid-tempo on the drums. Deep and haunting keyboard compositions are a big part of the content. The Link of Reminiscence is a great song, the opening grabs my attention, reminds me of some of my favorite bands like Neurosis, Novembers Doom and some Paradise Lost as well. The track Éternel Sommeil (Outro) is a mind bender and worth spinning several times. The keyboard piece is captivating and melody easily stays with me. 

In terms of production, the drums are strong and dominating, the double kicks are thunderous. The guitars are heavy distorted and carry the rhythm well. Final thoughts, the somber, memorable and depressive melodies make this album worth investigating and the majority of doom/death listeners will find something that resonates with them within each track. ~Artemortifica  


Voice Of The Soul Release 'Pendulum' Playthrough

Via Future PR: Earlier this month Middle Eastern extreme metallers Voice of the Soul released a brand new song entitled 'Pendulum' taken from their forthcoming debut album 'Catacombs' which will be released on 27th March 2015 distributed via UK label Hell's Hammer & India's Transcending Obscurity. Today the band have released a playthrough video for the same song.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dreamgrave - Presentiment

Dreamgrave is six piece ensemble from Hungary, Szeged. Members are Dömötör Gyimesi (vocals, guitars), János Mayer (keyboards), Mária Molnár (vocals), Ádám Kovács (guitars), Domonkos Altorjay (drums), Márton Attila Kovács (bass). Genre is described as progressive dark metal.

Presentiment released independently on October 15th 2014. This release contains eight tracks. My first thoughts are, this is melodic, complex and very progressive song structures. One of the things that perked my ears was the vocals of Maria Molnar, she has an excellent voice and it blends well with the death metal style growls. By no means is this a new thing, I have heard bands with a similar style before, like Therion, Epica, Within Temptation and several others but I do enjoy how good that sounds on this album. One of the songs that stuck out in my mind the most would have to be the song Presentiment 2, it is an amazing and epic melodic piece which is mostly stringed instruments and vocals but the melody stays with me long after the song is finished. False Sense of Confidence contains a variety of styles from death metal to blues to progressive all stitched together flawlessly.

In terms of production, with all the instruments involved the sound always remained intense and clear. Drums very powerful and dynamic. Keyboards, violin, guitar and bass all at good levels through out the entire album. I recommended for fans of death metal, metal, progressive and melodic genres. There's something to enjoy in each track. ~Artemortifica


Soulskinner - Crypts of Ancient Wisdom

Soulskinner is a four piece death metal band from Athens, Attica. Members are: Gothmog- Vocals, Bill-Guitars/bass, Spiros-Guitars, Kostas-Drums. 

Crypts of Ancient Wisdom released on October 15 2014 through Xtreem Music. This album consist of twelve tracks. It begins with a clean strumming acoustic. Melodic and unassuming. When the second song hits, you know right away this some heavy and brutal music. Vocals are very low which I enjoy a lot. Devastating guttural like old Monstrosity or Death. Energetic and intense album from beginning to end. The Furies Hymn has some catchy and memorable solos at the end making it worthy of spinning several times. This is followed by Deadland part1. Crushing verses and demonic vocals, this is one of my favorites. Deadland part2 is equally strong and offers more complexity and progression. Why Shrink From Death starts with an interesting intro, haunting and mind altering another one on my favorites list. The keyboard melody reminds me of classic horror films from Dario Argento. I like how the entire track builds into a savage and pummeling song. 

In conclusion, the album is deeply rooted in the classic death metal from the 90s era. The intros and outros are in line with the likes of good 70s horror films. I recommended for fans of Sinister, old Hypocrisy, Immolation, Grave and old Morbid Angel. ~Artemortifica


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Autumn League - Concept of Irony

The Autumn League is a band from Sydney Australia. It is a project by PJ Somers. Genre is described as atmospheric death/black metal.

Concept of Irony album released independently on June 2014. The production quality is great. Good sounding guitar distortion as well as clean strumming riffs come through perfectly. Drums are intense clear and upfront. Solid and punchy bass tone. Vocals are blended well between clean singing and black metal style.

This release consist of fifteen songs. All totaling an hour worth on music. After playing this album several times I got a good feel for what all the different paths it creates inside my mind. The first couple of tracks lure you in slowly with melodic riffs that are catchy and well thought out. A good amount of synth and keyboards create some interesting soundscapes. As far as the black metal parts, they are written within the song structures in a way that I never really heard before, I guess the closes I can describe it to is Strapping Young Lad meets black metal. Comparisons aside, the band have their own style going on. For this album being an hour long, the tracks never get boring. Some of my favorite songs from this release are, The End of Enmity, Lament, These Remain and A Flame Within. In conclusion, the album contains many layers to explore, I recommended for fans of both black metal, melodic, atmospheric and progressive rock genres. ~Artemortifica


Horrified - Descent Into Putridity

Horrified is a four piece death metal band from United Kingdom. Members are Dan Alderson -Guitars/ Vocals, Ross Oliver - Guitars, Dan Hughes - Bass, Matthew Henderson - Drums.

Descent Into Putridity album debut on October 2014 through Momento Mori. Production quality is fairly good. Heavy distorted guitars, bass has good tone, drums are dominant an a bit overpowering at times, but that's just a minor observation. 

The album contains seven tracks. The music reminds me of Benediction, Brutal Truth or Broken Hope. Just some good old school style death metal from the nineties era. The song Narcolepsy is a good example of that, easy to get into and stomp your way into the mosh pit. Tons of double kick grinds and mid tempo moshing beats. Repugnant Generation has some riffing reminiscent of Obituary or early Cannibal Corpse. The drums are a bit rough on this particular track. Tomb of Rebirth has memorable verses and found myself replaying it several times. You will also get to hear lots of catchy solos through the record which I enjoyed very much. 

In conclusion, a good release, not ground breaking. All the elements of the early death metal era are present here. Fans of old school dm will surely want to check this out. ~Artemortifica


Tongues - Thelésis Ignis

Tongues is a band from Denmark. The project consist of two members Thorbjørn & Qvortrup. They began the group in 2012. Genre is described as Black, death, doom metal. 

Thelésis Ignis EP released on November 2014 through I, VOIDHANGER RECORDS. Production is tough and gritty which adds to the atmosphere being created by the band. If you want to step into the abyss, this would be the music playing in the background.

The EP consist of four songs. The music creates some dark realms. After experiencing the track Bloodline of the Blind which is mostly a chant with an inescapable hymn, you know these are some deep black metal compositions. I listened to the EP a couple of times to grasp the entire scope of what they have recorded. The opening song Void Meditation takes us through some twist and turns. The only other music I can compare it to would be the band Portal. Another thing that caught my ears was how each track flows into each other effortlessly, you could easily think of the EP as one long song. 

In conclusion, a great debut EP. An adventure through hellish realms. I recommended for die hard fans of obscure underground black metal. ~Artemortifica 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Inconcessus Lux Lucis - Crux Lupus Corona

Inconcessus Lux Lucis is band from Manchester, UK. It is a two member project consisting of  W. Malphas - Guitars/Drums/Vocals, A. Baal - Bass Guitar. Genre is described as Saturnian Black Magic.

Crux Lupus Corona EP released on November 2014 through I, Voidhanger Records. Raw production quality. Drums are ok but sometimes the kicks are difficult to hear, just a minor observation. Guitars have a slight distortion and not over processed. The bass has good tone. You get to hear the bass really good in the song Lupus. Vocals go from clean singing to black metal and all the lyrics are comprehensible.

The EP is four tracks totaling seventeen minutes. The band blends different styles of early heavy metal like Candlemass or Draconia with touches of black metal stitching it all together. Lots of classic heavy metal solo approach which fit the song structures perfectly. Some of the tracks the caught my ears was Crux, for some reason it completely reminded me of old Megadeth, So far So Good... album, maybe it was the solos but that's what came to my mind. Corona is another strong contender for replay. 

In conclusion, a good release and has a lot to offer to both old generation of metal heads as well as the new. I recommended for fans of Black Sabbath, old Megadeth or Venom. ~Artemortifica


Mare Cognitum - Phobos Monolith

Mare Cognitum is a black metal band with sole member Jacob Buczarski. The project started in 2011 and location is Santa Ana, California.

Phobos Monolith EP released on November third 2014 through I, Voidhanger Records. Very good production. Dominant drums with some of the best bass kick drums I have heard in a while. Clear and distinct toms and cymbals. Great distortion on the guitars. Good bass tone with a strong resonance. Vocals are good but could be louder in some spots, just a minor observation. 

This release consist of four songs. Each one is long and full of artmosphere. The black metal roots are evident from the opening track. There is a lot of drama and build up before the body and structure of the composition come into my ears. The song Weaving The Thread of Transcendence lures you in with a clean strumming guitar that easily sticks in my mind. Think of it a long distant journey through winter night. The build up is steady and worth the wait. If you made half way into this song then you can truly appreciate the scope of musicianship being projected. The ending guitar interlude is epic and catchy. Entropic Hallucinations comes in much faster with grinding drum attack and reminds me of old Dimmu Borgir or Emperor. Noumenon, haunting eerie keyboards, a much slower pace for this track. I enjoyed the drum fills and rolls, it gives the track more depth. The final composition is Ephemeral Eternities, in contrast to the other three songs, I hear some low death metal style vocals on this one and those are blended with some highs perfectly.

In conclusion, a great release, excellent production and well composed music. A sonic journey full of exploration and dark atmosphere. I recommended for fans of Darkthrone, Bathory, Marduk and Dissection. ~Artemortifica


Blast Off - World Of Lies

Blast Off is a four piece band from Spain. Members are  Fonso Alonso (Vocals), Fran Gómez (Guitar), Rubén Cuerdo (Guitar), Dani Zonka (Bass), Iago Ramilo (Drums). genre is describe as Thrash metal. The band started in 2011.

World Of Lies EP released in October 2014 through Suspiria Records. Great production. Strong drums, solid double bass kicks and clear distinct cymbals. Guitars have heavy tone and are blended well together. Bass is solid and punchy. Vocals are in true thrash metal format. 

This is the bands second EP. My first thoughts are, the roots of the thrash metal genre are flourishing in each song. It reminds me of Overkill, old Anthrax, early Testament and Dark Angel. As expected, I hear lots of awesome solo work by the guitar players. Growing up as a teenager, thrash was a dominant force in my era. I really enjoyed the entire EP. It is difficult to pick out which songs resonated with me but I will have to say "Government of Money", I like the verses and it has a very catchy chorus, plus the guitar licks at the end are great and memorable. Hunter Of Evil, the heart of thrash can be felt in each and every note down to the solo trade offs. A very intense and energic song. Blistering double bass kicks with supreme attack. This one is probably my favorite.

In conclusion, a great EP. I am looking forward to hearing a full length from this band. All the thrash elements are all thrown in to make most die hards add this to their collection. I recommended for fans of Kreator, Destruction, D.R.I. and others from that era. ~Artemortifica 


Monday, January 12, 2015

Flesh Disgorged – A Pulchritudinous Macabre

Flesh Disgorged is a five piece band from Singapore. Members include Salim - Vocals, Za - Guitar(RIP), Shah - Guitar, Farrid - Bass, Faizal - Drum. Genre is described as Groincore.

A Pulchritudinous Macabre full album released on July 2014 under Bizarre Leprous Production.
A good production quality. Raw distorted guitars, solid bass sound. Grinding drums with clear cymbals and good balance in the mix. Vocals are low guttural and mid range in certain spots. 

The album is thirteen tracks of gore and horror galore. Fast intense riffing with the standard template of horror movie sample into crushing dirty song structures. As grind goes thats pretty much what you expect. A strong delivery with the vocals which is fitting with the content. Songs like Exenteration of the Rectal Carcinoma, Erectile Disfunction of the Blue Balls Effect, Abattoir's Choice of Dismemberment and Sweet Flesh Solder, you get the idea of the gritty madness contained in this gem. 
Think of bands like Gorgasm, Cannibal Corpse, Avulsed and others from that genre. I enjoyed listening to this entire madness. One of my favorite tracks would be No, No, No, -and yes thats the title, not sure what movie the sample is from but its awesome, I banged my head to this track many times, its intense.

In conclusion, a great debut album, if you like butchery, extremities and horror then you would want to add this one to your collection. ~Artemortifica