Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Imperial Savagery - Imperial Savagery

Imperial Savagery is a four piece death metal band from Chicago, IL. Members are Tom Flanagan - Guitars, Garrett Scanlan - Drums, Brice Dalzell - Vocals, Pat Clancy - Bass. 

Imperial Savagery self released and self titled album in the fall of 2013. This record consist of ten songs of vicious old school style death metal. I have had the opportunity to see this band live twice, even before listening to this album, so I knew what kind of devastation was about to attack my ears when I popped the disc into my cd player. My first impression is, the music is relentless and intense. In terms of its production, it has a raw quality to it, like the early Morbid Angel, old Sepultura (Schizophrenia) or even Slayer Haunting the Chapel albums. 

Fast riffs and grinds with a dirty and crunchy guitar tone. Bass lines are upfront and clear. The drummers' double kick attack is aggressive and never lets up. Vocals are in the mid range guttural most of the time, to some high screams on a few of the songs. Don't expect any technical or complex compositions, just a straight in your face music like the early days of the DM genre. 

Although I enjoyed listening to every song, some of the more stand out tracks would have to be "Thy Kingdom Crumbling", I liked the subtle drum fills using the cymbals, as well as the catchy verse riffs that completely remind me of early Death. The song "Infernal Disgust", for its blistering and catchy solos, I played this one several times. "His Hollow Hands", I witness this song live a few times and it kills, in this recording it is just as intense. A well executed slab of sheer brutality. 

In conclusion, a great debut by this band, it delivers the essence of the nineties death metal days and the songs are memorable and crushing. I recommended it for fans of Death, Immolation, early Slayer, Morbid Angel, Grave and Sinister. ~Artemortifica



Friday, November 28, 2014

In This moment - Big Bad Wolf (Official video)

In This Moment have just released their brand new video for the song Big Bad Wolf from the new album Black Widow. Check out the video below. Enjoy and share.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

SEXCREMENT Releases Free Digital EP / Unleashes Scandalous New Video

Via Clawhammer: Boston Death Groove Perverts SEXCREMENT have a bad habit of delivering a devastating blend of sleaze and brutality.  They have spared no expense with their latest platter of perversion XXX Bargain Bin Vol 2, which is now available for free download/streaming on their Bandcamp page. sexcrement-bandcamp

XXX Bargain Bin Vol 2containsoriginals and covers with some surprises to boot: a searing version of ALICE IN CHAINS' "We Die Young" with guest shred from REVOCATION's Dave Davidson, and an epically heavy take on the PAT BENATAR classic "Heartbreaker" done duet style with Mallika Sundaramurthy (ABNORMALITY/PARASITIC EXTIRPATION) to help round things out.  The band is offering the collection of new recordings as a palette cleanser for their third full length of debutant sonic fury to be released at the end of 2015.

In commemoration of the EP's release, the band in cahoots with underground filmmaker Victor Bonacore have unveiled a video for the first single "Salt Peter," which is now up for viewing at this location. In just shy of 10 minutes you are taken to a world of depravity, filth, camp, scandal and heaviness that will scramble your brain for the next week.  The video (their second with Bonacore) even has some well disguised cameos from members of
JOB FOR A COWBOY and REVOCATION to keepit interesting - see if you can spot them.  It serves as a great initiation into the wild world of SEXCREMENT, and anyone who is familiar with their brand of hijinks will feel right at home as well.

Abhorrent Decimation To Feature In Final UK 'Box sized DIE' Performance

If you recall the video were a death metal band (Unfathomable Ruination) is put inside of a small box then locked in for 20 minutes in the middle of the city, well this is what Abhorrent Decimation will do on Thursday. Here are details as sent to me by FuturePr;

For one night only, 6pm GMT this Thursday, 27th November, Abhorrent Decimation follow in the footsteps of fellow UK death metal upstarts Unfathomable Ruination as they enter João Onofre's 'Box sized DIE' which is located outside The Gherkin in London, UK.

After a hugely successful summer run, which featured Unfathomable Ruination, this one-off performance celebrates Onofre’s solo exhibition, Tacet, held at Marlborough Contemporary.

Abhorrent Decimation vocalist Ashley Scott comments, "The lads in Unfathomable Ruination put an incredible amount of work into the project earlier this year and made the stop in London such a success. We are delighted to step in for a single guest appearance this Thursday at 18:00. So if any of you are able to come down to the Gherkin and check it out, please feel free to do so. We will be doing just one performance in the box, only playing NEW material from our debut album in the soundproof box before it is shipped away to another destination."

'Box sized DIE' is the work of João Onofre and consists of a large hermetically sealed soundproof steel cube in which the Portuguese artist invites a local death metal band to play inside of. The band perform inside the cramped space with all their equipment both with the door open, and then with it closed. When opened an audience can hear and see the band perform but when closed the audience cannot hear nor see them. The interesting part is that the band are limited to the performance length because when closed oxygen eventually runs out forcing the band to escape the box for air. According to Onofre, the installation, which is situated in the heart of the business district in London, is meant to symbolize the office buildings that surround the box, filled with cubicles, impossible to know what’s going on inside from the exterior.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Asphyxiator band working on a new album.

Asphyxiator is a three piece brutal/death metal band from Chicago IL. Members are, Miguel "GoreGrinder" Medina- Vocals/Programming, Frank Garcia- Guitar, Rafael Diaz- Bass.

The band is currently composing and recording music for the album "Inhaling Fluids of Thoracentesis". All the art for the cover and backcover are completed. The album will consist of eleven plus tracks. They have released a two song sampler demo featuring the songs Hallucinogenic Cadaver Autopsy and Slamming Sexual Domination through their Bandcamp page available here. This past September they also released another song through Youtube, "Stench of Rotting Flesh" and is available here.

They are promoting through Facebook to reveal a brand new song, once they reach their goal of 2300 likes. You can go to their official FB page and show support by checking it out here . Recently guitarist Frank G. had this to say about the recording, "The writing process for the album is 90% complete. Half of the material is ready for vocals and bass bass lines and is moving along progressively". If you are interested in following their progress visit them on any of links above. Check out the album art from the pics below. ~Artemortifica


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cuff - Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere

Cuff is a two member project from Oshawa, Ontario. Members are Bob Shaw - Vocals & Samples, Zach Smith - All Music. genre is described as Sci-fi Slam grind.

Transient Suffering Through the Ergosphere released on Nov. 18 2014 under Gore House Productions.
In terms of production, its a solid slab of brutality, strong guitar tones both in level and balance, bass is punchy and upfront. Good drum sound and vocals are extremely guttural, dirty and sludgy and fit the content perfectly. Lots of sci-fi samples and horror screams galore. 

Think of those rare horror movies like Creepezoid, Night of The Comet, Nightbreed and add a bunch of cannibal raving aliens and you might come close to what is being projected by the music. I enjoyed the entire album but some of the more stand out songs to me would have to be Through the Ergosphere, it reminds a bit of the film From Beyond, when that monster thing first appears in the room with slime and shit falling from it, the opening to this song reminds me of the that, its followed by some slamming riffs that makes me just what to punch everything in sight, there are also some cool solos to experience in this song too.  Transfusion of Bodily Fluids, for its eerie and catchy clean guitar lines, spine trembling and disgusting but in a good way. Breeding Diverse Entities, a great name, as if Godzilla was mating with a UFO and making twisted inbreds, well, at least that's what the intro sounds like to me. Gorging on the Sacred Carrion, deep low vocals start this one and there are some catchy verse riffs. I also enjoy the double bass kicks on this song. Not sure how the vocalist sings that low but it sounds great with the music. In conclusion, a pure slab of raw brutality in all its devastation. Fans of gore, horror, sci-fi and slam grind metal will want to add this one to their collection. ~Artemortifica


Black Metal's Unexplored Fringes - One Man Metal (Documentary)

Noisey Youtube channel published on Oct. 2 2012 "For this new, three-part documentary, we interviewed Leviathan, Striborg, and Xasthur, three solo artists who produce Black Metal on the margins of society. Here's part one of One Man Metal"

Part 1/3

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

OBITUARY Live at The L.V.C.S. in Las Vegas (Full set)

Check out the entire Obituary set live from Las Vegas Country Saloon on November 13 2014 as part of their tour with the bands Death and Massacre. All credit to youtube-user/infernopunxmedia for taking the time to film and post this video.

Set List:
1. Stinkupuss 00:00:05
2. Intoxicated 00:02:52
3. Bloodsoaked 00:08:40
4. Immortal Visions 00:12:35
5. Infected 00:16:40
6. Visions in My Head 00:22:10
7. Violence 00:27:48
8. Chopped In Half 00:30:38
9. Turned Inside Out 00:34:30
10. Back To One 00:37:01
11. Dead Silence 00:41:22 ~Encore~
12. Drum Solo 00:46:05
13. Inked In Blood 00:49:23
14. Slowly We Rot 00:54:23

Aversions Crown, Battle Beast and Avatarium new releases

Pre orders and new releases from Nuclear Blast. Aversions Crown will release album Tyrant on November 24 2014. Rise of the North Star to release Welcame on Nov. 24th 2014. Battle Beast pre order the new album Unholy Savior due out January 2015 and finally on Nov. 21 2014 the band Avatarium will release their album All I want.

Hellfest 2015, Obituary, Bloodbath and Lamb Of God

Hellfest 2015 has just been announced, some of the bands include Slipknot, Scorpions, At The Gates, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, Motorhead and 150 other bands.

Bloodbath new album Grand Morbid Funeral streaming in full at Metalsucks click here

Obituary recent show during their tour with Death and Massacre in full at this location 

Lamb Of God - Chris Adler mentions they are working on the new album visit the official page here

Saturday, November 15, 2014

COPROCEPHALIC - The Oath Of Relinquishment

Coprocephalic is a three piece brutal death metal band from Taiwan, Tapei. Founded in 2012. Members are Christiani Peluso - Guitars, Writing, Lyrics, Larry Wang - Vocals, Lyrics, Hsuan Liu - Drums

The Oath Of Relinquishment album released on July 31 2014 under Lacerated Enemy Records. A well polished slab of pure brutality. In terms of production this one is top notch. Guitars have heavy and crushing tones and are very clear and distinct distortion. Bass lines are destructive and keep up well with the complex guitar arrangements. Drums sound sick and devastating, solid production in all its dynamics. Vocals are on the low end guttural and fit perfectly with all the chaos being expressed.

The albums is comprised of many complex arrangements but not overdone. One can still easily get into the madness they are creating. I really enjoyed each and every track but some of the ones that really stuck in my mind would have to be Retunding Our Humanity (feat. Blue Jensen), the rhythms are catchy and I found myself moving my head on several parts. Galerians (Interlude), this one is an instrumental but its creepy and really has a way of wrapping itself inside your head and ripping your mind with its eerie tentacles. Desolation Of Conjoined Embodiment (feat. Angel Ochoa) begins like an opening to a horror movie then into some grinding drums followed by fast arpeggio work by the guitars. Oracles From The Netherrealm, I really enjoyed the way each pattern in the composition led you through some twist and turns, this one is pure relentless brutality and should be played many times. In conclusion, the album is brutal, complex, technical and melodic at times. It really set a new level as far as BDM is concerned. Any fans of the brutal death metal scene should add this album to their collection. ~Artemortifica. 


Ashes of the Forgotten - Dark Aeons

Ashes of the Forgotten is a four piece band from Dallas, TX. Members are TJ - Vocals, Conner- Guitar, Chase - Guitar, Tony - Drums, Max - Bass. Genre is described as Extreme Metal/Death Metal/Deathcore.

Dark Aeons EP released under ATP records on April 19 2014. A solid production. Heavy and distinct guitar tones, crushing bass rhythms, strong drums and low to mid guttural vocal ranges. The opening track "The Void", grabs my interest right away, an eerie melodic piece. Keys with an over-layed storm sample is very well composed and memorable. Simple and effective writing style, no over complex rhythms. Hints of Lamb of God or Meshuggah in a few of the tracks but they keep their own flavor happening through out. 

Although I enjoyed the entire ep, some of the more stand out songs for me would have to be "Forty Two", for its catchy rhythm and stomping bass lines, it makes you want to headbang and punch things. Depraved Awakening, for its fast and devastating feeling, I really enjoyed the double kick work being projected by drummer Tony on this particular song. I also liked the dual high and low vocals verses, they are well placed and easy to remember. In conclusion, the ep is a great debut for the band and they have much to offer from heavy to melodic compositions, you are bound to find something to please your ears in each song. I look forward to what they will create in the future. Be sure to check out their music at ashesoftheforgotten.bandcamp ~Artemortifica.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

PUTRID OFFAL Release 'Suffering EP' on Kaotoxin Records / New Full-Length & Career Compilation Out Feb 10, 2015

Kaotoxin Records has released Suffering, the new EP from legendary French Goregrinders PUTRID OFFAL. Stream and/or purchase the EP exclusively at this location kaotoxin-album/suffering. The EP will be available for worldwide digital purchase on February 10, 2015 at i-Tunes and other digital retailers.

Kaotoxin Records will also release new PUTRID OFFAL full-length Mature Necropsy and compilation Premature Necropsy digitally on February 10, 2015. A specialist 2-CD version of Mature Necropsy, which will also include Premature Necropsy, will be released on the same day.

You got a taste of Suffering from Kaotoxin label sampler  Weapons of Self-Destruction and now the body bag is wide open! Limited to 1,000 copies, the double-CD first press will feature the Mature Necropsy album, along with two bonus cover versions and Premature Necropsy, a compilation of all of the band's 90s material remastered, while digital versions will be made available separately (without the bonus cover versions).
Mature Necropsy features a total of 15 tracks for more than 34 minutes of gory art (including the two bonus cover versions) and is made of all of the band's material (de)composed throughout the 90s, completely re-recorded in 2014 with special guest vocals by Stéphane Buriez (Loudblast) and Frédéric Blauwblomme (Noise Emission Control, ex-Krhomadeath, ex-Corruption). Mastered by El Mobo at the Conkrete Studio (We All Die (laughing), Otargos...), the release marks the 25-year anniversary of the band and is a completely rewritten and up-to-date piece of merciless Goregrind that even those just now discovering PUTRID OFFAL will adore!

Premature Necropsy is a completely remastered collection of all of the band's original material from the 90s, including their 1991 Unformed demo, their 1991 At the Stench of the Foul Offal split with Agathocles and their part of the 1992 Obscurum per Obscurius compilation CD (that also featured the likes of Supuration, Krhomadeath and many more) for a total of 18 tracks in more than 38 minutes of early Goregrind history!

Foul Body Autopsy Release Explicit New Music Video

Via FuturePR: In an ode to industrial farming and the animal cruelty that goes alongside it, one man army Foul Body Autopsy has released an explicit new music video for the title track from forthcoming EP 'So Close To Complete Dehumanization'.

"The video was shot in the attic where I work," laughs founder Tom Reynolds as he explains how his employer lets him make death metal videos in the workplace.

"The video follows the concept of the EP which is to shine a light on the routine cruelty that goes on in industrial farming. The song itself is about how people can turn a blind eye to the suffering that goes on in industrial farming and how it is destroying the environment, people's health, the animals and finally the mental health of the workers in the factory farms."

Inferion performing at Black Kvlt fest

Via clawhammer: INFERION have released three raw 'n rippin'  live videos that collectively capture the band's recent performance at Black Kvlt Fest, which was held October 17-18, 2014 at Churchill's Pub in Miami, Florida. INFERION performed on October 18 and Parts 1-3 of their set can be viewed below.



Decimation exclusive streaming at New Noise mag

Via Clawhammer: Turkish Brutalists DECIMATION have premiered a new track from upcoming Comatose Music release Reign of Ungodly Creation (December 9). Stream "Supreme Wisdom of Blasphemy in the Reign of Ungodly Creation"at exclusive stream

Reign of Ungodly Creation follows the band's 2010 Comatose Music release Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion. During their 15 years of existence, DECIMATION has crafted a very unique and technical style, giving them a distinct sound with an extremely eerie and dissonant aura of brutality. Mind bending riffs with ferocious drumming and guttural vocals collide to bring you this ungodly creation of death metal that is certain to reign supreme in 2014! This CD release includes a 16 page booklet featuring the brilliant artwork of the legendary Dan Seagrave. Mixed and mastered by Sasha Borovykh at TsunTsun.

ZOM brand new song at Decibel mag

Via Clawhammer: Blackened death metal trio ZOM have debuted a new track from their upcoming album, Flesh Assimilation, at DecibelMagazine.com. The song, appropriately titled "Conquest," can be heard at this location

Flesh Assimilation will be released November 24 in the U.S. via Dark Descent Records on CD, vinyl and digital formats. The album will be released in Europe through Invictus Productions November 30. Artwork for the album comes courtesy of renowned artist Zbyszek Bielak.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New albums streaming at Decibel, New Noise and Terrorzer magazines

Recent, exclusive streaming of the band Drawers - Shadow Dancer at Decibel Magazine. Arroganz full album stream at New Noise Magazine. Eye Of Solitude - Dear Insanity full album stream at Terrorizer magazine. Eye Of Solitude link is here terrorizer.-stream-eye-solitudes-new-ep-dear-insanity-full

Nuclear Blast new releases November 2014

New releases at Nuclear Blast. Machine Head-Bloodstone & Diamonds. Devilment - The Great and Secret Show. Carcass - Surgical Remission Surplus Steel EP. Within Temptation - Let Us Burn EP. Check out these releases and support the bands by going to nuclearblast.com

Relapse Records new releases November 2014

New album releases at relapse Records. Usnea -Random Cosmic Violence. Broughton's Rules -Anechoic Horizon. Anatomy of Habit -Ciphers and Axioms. Support the bands check them out at relapse.com/store

                                                                    Check out Usnea at usnea

Check out Broughtons Rules at broughtonsrules

Check out Anatomy of Habit at anatomy

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

AC/DC drummer attempting to arrange a murder!

BBC news reports- Phil Rudd (AC/DC drummer) charged with attempting to procure a murder of two people, as well as possession of methamphetamine, possession of cannabis and threatening to kill. He was charged in New Zealand court earlier. Read the full article here AC/DC drummer in trouble

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Edmonton's Dire Omen Debuts New Song at BraveWords.com

via Clawhammer: Edmonton, Alberta Black/Death Metallers DIRE OMEN have teamed with BraveWords.com for an exclusive stream of new song "Onward with Wounds of Disillusion." The track comes from Dark Descent Records release Wresting the Revelation of Futility, which will be available for mass consumption on November 12. Listen to the song right friggin' here.

Characterized by a progression towards the chaotic, opaque darkness that now permeates their sound, the history of the Canadian Black/Death Metallers has led to the establishment of an undeniable identity, most evident on this debut album. Utilizing abyssal, morose imagery combined with a strong sense of Thelemic ritualism, DIRE OMEN has developed a unique take on the Black/Death genre.

Pre-order Wresting the Revelation of Futility here

Here and Hereafter (Overture)
Onward with Wounds of Disillusion
Hemotically Possessed
Servus Sevorum Dei
Foretold Untethering from Existence
Beyond Stillness
Vacuous Altar
Inversion of Samadhi Dire Omen
Closing the Portal

Khaøs Reveal New Lyric Video: ‘Crisis Factor’

This time last week Swiss American rockers Khaøs released ‘Risen’, their debut full-length album via MRR Records. Now the band has revealed the second single from said album as a lyric video.

Entitled ‘Crisis Factor’, this song delves into the darker side of modern society and is undoubtedly one of the heaviest songs on the entire album.

Singer and lyricist Chandler Mogel, (also of Outloud and Chrome Republic fame) comments: “This song is really an in your face, kick ass rocker which really says, ‘We're here!’ It's more or less about the state of affairs that we're in today but from a personal point of view, the struggles one might go through as a result of societal problems and aberrations.”

“Ramification and danger are the main topics of the lyric video,” adds guitarist Mark Rossi. “The song is about the negation of responsibility and the ramifications of that, and finally culminating in the chorus which considers that we as a society are in danger if we don't wake up and see what's going on, and change many of our ways.”

Sunday, October 26, 2014

THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK Release Video for "A Whisper to the Thunder"

THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK, the musical equivalent to a wrecking ball of pachydermic proportions, recently premiered their first-ever music video, "A Whisper to the Thunder", with Metal Injection.

Check out the video now at this location.

The song is taken from their 2013 debut EP, Hand of Glory, which was recorded and mixed by one of the band's drummers, Olive T'Servrancx at his own studio, the Electrik Box Studio and mastered by Billy Anderson (EyeHateGod, Cathedral, Neurosis).

The band will start recording its debut full-length this month with a series of special guests, including Alexandre Colin-Tocquaine (Agressor, ex-Bloodthron, ex-Loudblast) for a 2015 release. The album will still be produced at the Electrik Box by Olive T'Servrancx while mastering will be taken care of by none other than Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts, Behold the Arctopus.

The limited-edition - 1,000 copies at first pressing - DigiFile CD version of Hand of Glory can be purchased at shop.kaotoxin.com.

"The Lumberjack Feedback throw down the grooves in a bunch of steady and sturdy riffs that pummel their way into the depths of your psyche with remarkable ease. There's nothing about this EP that isn't impressive"  - Ghost Cult Mag

Saille Post 'Eldritch' Studio Videos

Belgian epic black metallers Saille are only a few weeks away from releasing their brand new record, ‘Eldritch’, which will hit the shelves on 10th November via Code666 Records. Over the last number of weeks the band has been offering fans insight into the recording process via a series of studio videos. Here is 'Eldritch' in the making..

Piano Recordings

“‘Eldritch’ differs quite a bit from our two previous albums,” keyboardist Dries Gaerdelen begins. “We wanted the new songs to be more guitar oriented and more edgy, so we worked on the songs in a different way than we used to. Guitar players Reinier Schenk and Jonathan Vanderwal started writing the songs from a guitar perspective adding the keyboards and drums later on. On our two previous albums ‘Ritu’ and ‘Irreversible Decay’ the songs were created the other way around.”

“Our new drummer Kevin De Leener had a big impact on the creation of this album, as his input from a drummers perspective was higher than we're used to. These factors, songs being based on drums and guitars, form a solid base for haunting melodic black metal songs.”

“We started writing the new songs immediately after the release of our second album ‘Ritu’ (2013). This gave us more time for the pre-production process, which made everyone more prepared and focussed. After the recording of the drums, bass and guitars, we chose again to record some real classical instruments. We have recorded violin, cello and trumpet as we have done on our previous albums; new to ‘Eldritch’ are the introductions of the oboe and a great stage piano. Recording these instruments isn't the easy way, but it sure adds to the atmosphere we wanted to create.”

“All of the lyrics on ‘Eldritch’ were written by Saille's vocalist Dennie Grondelaers and are based on horror literature, both classics, turn-of-the-20th-century and modern stories & books. The lyrics explore the pure nature of horror as conceived in different times and media. They complete the songs by adding in horror, the untouchable and the uncomfortable in an organic and unforced way.”

“Although we didn't intend to make a Lovecraft based album, H.P. Lovecraft's influence is noticeable throughout the whole record, and can't be ignored. Even stronger, the source of every song, except for ‘Walpurgis’ (based on Goethe's Faust), can be considered as proto-, post- or pure Lovecraftian.”

“As the album will also be released in a limited digipak edition, we decided to go the extra mile and we contacted all currently living writers (or their heirs) of the books we based our lyrics upon. In the ‘Eldritch’ digibook we have received permission from all writers, even Stephen King, to use quotes from the real books. These quotes will be displayed next to our lyrics for our fans to compare/embrace.”

Friday, October 24, 2014

Deserted Fear's 'Kingdom of Worms' Out Today on FDA Rekotz

Kingdom of Worms from German Death Metalists DESERTED FEAR is out today on FDA Rekotz on CD and digital formats. You can grab a copy at the FDA Rekotz Store.

 The vinyl LP version will be released on November 21. A variety of vinyl formats and CD/LP/Shirt bundles can be ordered at this location.

Thuringia´s DESERTED FEAR are one of the best Death Metal bands to come out of Germany in years. The band's 2012 debut My Empire was praised the world over and won them recognition in the European scene as a force to be reckoned with. Germany´s Rock Hard magazine referred to the album as "simply amazing."

Kingdom of Worms was recorded in June and July 2014 at Eisensound Studio in Eisenberg (Thuringia / Germany) under the knife of guitarist Gitarrist Fabian Hildebrandt. Mixing and Mastering duties have been handled by the legendary Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, etc.), who put the finishing touches on Kingdom of Worms in his very own Unisound Studio. The dark and atmospheric artwork was once again created by Thomas "Necromaniac" Westphal fits the music perfectly.

Pre-order info can be found at www.fda-rekotz.com.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Northern Crown: In the Hands of the Betrayer streaming in full at Metal Underground

South Florida Epic Doom Metallers NORTHERN CROWN have teamed with MetalUnderground.com to stream the band's new EP, In the Hands of the Betrayer, in full a week before its release.  

Immerse yourself in this five-track veil of doom and gloom, which includes a cover of Candlemass' "Crystal Ball," at this location

As one of the oldest genres of heavy metal, doom metal's roots are buried deep and anchor the extensive forest that heavy metal has become. NORTHERN CROWN pays homage to those who have come before in its approach to riffs, organ use, and pacing, but doesn't let the old school ways of doom define it.  

In the Hands of the Betrayer will be released on October 14. Order the EP at music.northerncrownband.com

Bloodshot Dawn: New Music Video ‘Smoke and Mirrors’

In August of this year, from the Main Stage at Bloodstock Festival, UK melodic extreme metallers Bloodshot Dawn announced mid set that their new album was to be entitled ‘Demons’ and would be released on 26th October. The band then went on to debut a brand new song called ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. Today that very song is being unleashed to all as it features in the brand new Bloodshot Dawn music video.

The video was directed by Lewis Carter & Phil Berridge (Vision Video) and was in an old photo studio in Peterborough.

Frontman Josh McMorran comments on the video: ‘It’s a play through using natural visual effects to give an arty and moody vibe. We used colours of the new album artwork. This is the opening song of the album and encompasses all that is Bloodshot Dawn into one song! It's also kind of catchy...”

‘Demons’ is the second Bloodshot Dawn album and was funded by fans in a Kickstarter campaign, which was achieved in just 4 days, testament to the band’s loyal following.

Engraved Disillusion - The Eternal Rest

Engraved Disillusion is a five piece band from Taunton, UK. Members are Vocals - Matthew William Mead. Lead/ Rhythm Guitar, Toby Stewart. Lead/ Rhythm Guitar, Marc Matthews. Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals, Aaron Preston. Drums - Chris Threlfall. Genre described as Metal.

The Eternal Rest album to be released on October 31 2014. In terms of production this one is top notch. Very clean and pristine sound. Guitars are heavy with great quality tone. Drums are upfront and clear. Vocals range goes from low to mid with out loosing any aggression. 

This album features ten compositions. They are all well structured and easily capture the listeners attention from moment to moment. Each track is melodic in nature but does retain its aggression. I enjoyed each passage. Some of the more stand out arrangements would have to be the song "Shadows Run Black", I really like this track, it is monumental and the guitar work easily captivates you. "Into Oblivion" is a heavy hitter, I like the solid drum kicks and roll fills. It is probably one of the more brutal tracks on this album. "Echos From A Silent Sky", a clean strumming guitar opens this up and it is a catchy well written composition and finally the closing and title song, The Eternal Rest. Keyboards are a big highlight at the start of this track. I would have to say it is my favorite from the entire album. In conclusion, great release with awesome sound. If you like melodic intense metal with a lot harmonies and epic sounds then you will have to add this one to your collection. ~Artemortifica 


Internal Rot - Mental Hygiene

Internal Rot is a three piece band from Melbourne. Members are Brad - guitars, Christoph - drums, Max - vocals. Genre described as Grindcore.

Mental Hygiene released on September twenty 2014 through Blastasfuk Records. As you might aspect the production is crude and raunchy which is fitting for the content. The instruments however are tight and recorded a good performance. Fast and destructive is the name of the game and they do it well. There are twenty compositions in total with the longest one being around six minutes and the shortest coming in at a blistering speed of just ten seconds.

Many of the tracks are similar in structure as they are meant to be heavy fast raw and in your face, which is great, so which ones stand out the most?, well I would say the track Lashed With Viscera, clever title and catchy riffs. Teeth Eating, I enjoyed this one because it reminds me of old Napalm Death. In conclusion, a great release and lives up to the grindcore experience. I recommended for fans of Brutal Truth, Terrorizer and Napalm Death. ~Artemortifica