Saturday, May 31, 2014

Metallica - Frayed Ends Of Sanity - First live performance May 28 2014

A rare live performance of Frayed Ends Of Sanity, from Sonisphere in Helsinki. They actually sounded awesome and it is one of my all time favorites. Check out the footage.


SARCOFAGO: Vinyl Reissue of Rotting out now on Greyhaze Records

Clawhammer-"Greyhaze Records has released vinyl reissue of SARCĂ“FAGO'S second album, Rotting. Originally released in 1989 via Cogumelo Records, Rotting's devastating output made waves throughout the Metal underground upon its original release. Today, the album still stands as a hallmark of Black/Death Metal". 

The 2014 Rotting release has been carefully remastered to ensure optimal sound output, bringing out all details of this savage and utterly classic recording. The vinyl will be housed in a deluxe gatefold jacket, which will feature all the original artwork, including a full-color gatefold insert and limited to 700 Nightmare Black vinyl and 300 Alcoholic Green. The reissue will resonate with fans of MYSTIFIER, BLACK WITCHERY, BLASPHEMY, and BATHORY.

Rotting will also be honored with the release of several special product offerings, including a CD/DVD Digipak version, the release date for which will be announced soon.

To order, visit greyhazerecords

Deep In Hate - (premier video) -Altar Of Lies

Youtube deleted the original release on Metal Injection for some unknown reason. This video is from the Kaotoxin YT site -check it out before it gets taken down. 

 Clawhammer-"Chronicles of Oblivion is set for a June 3 release on Kaotoxin Records. The album is being offered on digital and limited edition digisleeve CD formats with multiple merch + CD bundles available, including the pre-order exclusive which features the Chronicles of Oblivion T-shirt and digisleeve CD, along with the band's previous releases - Only the Strong Survive (2007) and Origins of Inequality (2011). Preview Chronicles of Oblivion in its entirety and pre-order at

Super Massive Black Holes - Digital Edition of Calculations of the Ancients Out Now

Clawhammer-"Intriguing, thought-provoking and memorable, SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLES plays a mix of genres that will make you scratch your head and tap your foot, all the while banging your head into solid objects. Seamlessly blending Death Metal, Rock, Jazz-Fusion, Prog, Blues, and a variety of others, SUPER MASSIVE BLACK HOLES will expand your mind and prove that new and interesting music is alive and well."

Minotauro Records


Friday, May 30, 2014

HORRID: "Blood on Satan's Claw" Streaming at Crown of Viserys

ClawhammerPR "Metal hub Crown Of Viserys is streaming "Blood on Satan's Claw" off of Sacrilegious Fornication, the new album from Italian old-school death blasphemers HORRID. 

A ripping and relentless slab of true death metal in vein of DEICIDE and AUTOPSY, "Blood on Satan's Claw" is now playing at this location. 

Sacrilegious Fornication is out now on Dunkelheit Produktionen on CD and digital formats. To order, visit the links below:

Italy's HORRID have cultivated their bleak style of cult death metal since 1989. The band's newest album, Sacrilegious Fornication, stays true to their roots without sounding rehashed in any way.  The evil ones rage through their rolling and martyring tracks in a brute and insanely sinister way. The music is variable yet disturbingly morbid. The genre has not produced something of similar quality in years! Fans of Satanic Death Metal can revel in HORRID's pure and unrelenting blasphemy.

The album was recorded at Sweden's Sunlight Studios (KATATONIA, TIAMAT, ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER) by Thomas Skogsberg and mastered in the Occultum Studio in Biella, Italy. Sacrilegious Fornication contains an exclusive HELLHAMMER cover ("Massacra") and a special guest appearance by Johan Johannson (INTERMENT). Artwork comes courtesy of Cristophe "Thorncross" Moyen.

Darkest Era - Debut "Trapped in the Hourglass" with New Noise Magazine

ClawhammerPR "New Noise Magazine has given worldwide premiere to "Trapped in the Hourglass," the newest track from Northern Ireland's DARKEST ERA. The song comes off the band's forthcoming second full-length album, Severance, which is due for release on June 3rd (US) and June 13th (Europe) on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Cruz Del Sur.

To listen, visit:

Since their formation in 2005, DARKEST ERA have progressed their special and original 'Celtic Heavy Metal' formula, with epic compositions influenced by the darker side of Irish folklore as well as the classic, double twin-guitar dueling of bands like Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden. The new album shows more of this perfectly balanced formula with a more reflective spirit than in the past, but maintaining the untouched energetic vibe that has been the main characteristic of the band to date. The album was recorded at Data Recording Studios in Ballyheigue, Ireland and produced by Chris Fielding and Darkest Era. The artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu.

Flayed Disciple - The Gates of Bedlam (Video)

FuturePR 'The Gates Of Bedlam' is taken from their three track self-titled vinyl EP of which is due for release early June, independently via Bethlam Records as a 12” coloured vinyl.

‘The Gates Of Bedlam’ is lyrically set in London's Bethlam Hospital and discusses the atrocities committed there by the rich and upper class of society, against those deemed unfit for real life.

Guitarist Jon Whitfield commented, “This video was loads of fun to do, it's straight up and simple, fast and dark which is what we wanted. It's difficult to do a video without coming across as bent and pretentious, but I think we've done well here. The lyrics for this track are really clever and for me it was the obvious choice to do a vid for.”

The video was recorded at the Collective Studios, Bridgewater by Jody Cusack of Zero Cut Media


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Arch Enemy - You Will Know My Name (New Video)

Released on May 28 2014 through Century media. Arch Enemy - You Know Will Know Name. Support local acts check out live concert footage at

Monday, May 19, 2014

Vile Regression Reveal ‘Empires’ Artwork

Artwork by Bartek Siegieda (aka Splin) from Poland. Visit the band to keep up with all the new developments on the upcoming album. facebook-VileRegression

The band comments: “Bartek really took time to understand our record and really brought an interesting concept to graphically represent it. The record is very much about not being a slave to the fragility of prevailing systems and being free to be your own person. Splin envisioned a similar fragile ecoystem, a society and empire of clay golems. Born from clay they are desiccating and crumbling. The servant golems have no access to water for themselves, so in place of broken elbows / knees / necks they have rags and wires barely keeping them together. Without water their mouths dry out and their voice of discontent is silenced. The exception is the queen, who is in charge of water. She has servants that regularly change wet bandages enveloping her like a mummy, with an elaborate mist system to maintain moisture. Beautiful skin and the ability to speak however doesn't come without a price - she can't move from her protective wet clay, so she remains in the red chamber, distant from the crumbling empire outside. All water is entirely assigned to the production of fresh clay, from which large "pools" of new servants are formed to serve her. In a way, the queen is just as enslaved as her servants and rely on them to keep her alive.”

Sunday, May 18, 2014

DivahaR - Alien Video

DivahaR has performed in various metalfests and metal concerts held in Armenia in Georgia. This video was released in April 2013. Line up is; Dev - Vocals, Urubani - Guitars, Skadi - Guitars, Freya - Bass. The band is currently working on releasing an album.

The latest post from their FB site on May 6 2014:

"Hails! We are currently searching for an artists to design and execute the ARTWORK of DivahaR's UPCOMING ALBUM. Contact us with your portfolio, if you're interested."
Visit them at facebook-divaharband

Seprevation Stream ‘Consumed’ In Full With Terrorizer

Recorded at 16th Cellar Studio with producer Stefano Morabito (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, Eyeconoclast, Acrania, Bloodshot Dawn); ‘Consumed’ is an unholy barrage of old school death and thrash metal. Fans of classic early 90’s death metal and of the first records released by thrash pioneers such as Sepultura et al will no doubt get their fill, plus a little more.

In the words of guitarist Joss Farrington, “3 words – Old School Worship.”
Free streaming link here

Cold War release Ether Child lyric video

Cold War recently debut the lyric video for Ether Child, be sure to grab the new album "Pantheist" released 28th April 2014 via Candlelight Records.

 'Pantheist' Tracklist'

Heart Of Darkness
Ether Child
Mazu Awakens
13th Moon
The Falcon Cannot Hear The Falconer
Consciousness Paralysis
Abandonment Of Being
Last Days Of The 4th Sun

Morbid Slaughter set to release 7" EP May 31 2014

Boris Records to Release "Wicca" 7-inch EP from Peru's Morbid Slaughter May 31 2014. Current line-up is Envenom - Vocal/Guitar, Necrophiliac Sodomizer - Guitar, Ripping Corpse - Bass, Aggressive Tyrant - Drums. With names like that you know it will be raw and destructive. For more details visit the band at facebook-MorbidSlaughterOfficial

Reality Grey - Define Redemption

Reality Grey is a five piece band from Italy. Members are Tommy - Vocals, Alex - Bass, Albo - Guitar, Anto - Guitar, Claudio - Drums. 

Define Redemption album released April 15th 2014 under Bakerteam Records. Their genre is described as Melodic Death Metal and Death Metal. The group started back in 2004 and have a previous "Darkest Days are Yet To Come" in 2006 and an EP "DAY ZERO" in 2008 by Razar Ice Records. 

The band has a solid background a have performed with acts like Deicide, Hatesphere, Municipal Waste, Sick of it All, Unearth and Malevolent Creation. Ascension Lapse is the opening track and it waste no time setting the ground for some brutal arrangements. The thing the grabs my attention right away is the quality in production. Clean and polished, heavy guitar tones and excellent quality of drums. The music is heavy and has catchy rhythm patterns. The song Rot of Nation gives the listener a good idea how impressive the drummer can be, tactical and accurate in his attack and delivery plus solid double kick work to make you want to punch things. The band does remind me of a group called Pissing Razors from the early 2000. Departed Designs is a track that captures the melodic aspects of this group, in essence brings together all the brutal parts and perfectly adds catchy harmonies in just the rights spots, this is my favorite track of the album. Burn The Sky is a song that brings to my mind early Fear Factory influence. Hypocrisy Breeds Hatred, a dismal intro leads into a slow moshing stomping riffs, and half way into it the throttle lets up enough to get you back into the pit. Finally we end out journey with the song "Define Redemption", I can envision the audience pumping their fist in the air to this track, assaulting drums and low bass drops follow with some melodies to round it all out.

In conclusion, a relentless devastating album that will have you headbanging from beginning to end. ~Artemortifica



Human Butchery - Psychopath Abduction

Human Butchery is a three piece band from Yautepec, Morelos- Mexico. Members include Cristopher Guerra -Drums, JosuĂ© Guerra- Bass, Carlos Gamboa-Vocals-  Lead Guitar. Genre is described as brutal death gore grind. 

Psychopath Abduction released on Inframundo Records May 2014. This band has been around since 2007 and this is their first album. The intro is the staple horror film slasher, slice them and dice them. The sounds live up to the title of the album which I like. On to the songs, on the first composition the drums have a mechanical sound, which may work for some or be dismissed by others. I would have preferred the guitar to be more dominant. Instead, the bass seems to be at a peak for most of the content. Again, it is a matter of preference, consider that this is to be an all out gore obsessed slab of flesh, most of the time the fans of this genre prefer the more raw the better. The vocals are guttural on 80% of the mix with a tinge of murderous high screams, like a maniac or psycho on the loose, and fit well with the content. The song "100 Nails In Your Face" would make many Dying Fetus fans proud, slow mosh stomp and deep pummeling bass make this one my favorites. The track "Necrophilia", is very interesting and you will need to keep an open mind, the drums seemed to hit a certain peek and then a layer of clean acoustic comes in unexpectedly, not sure if I enjoy this one or my mind is just waiting to grasp the artist expression of its message. The title track "Psychopath Abduction" shows a progressive arrangement at key moments and fades back to the grind a twist at a time. Blood Rivers, nice title, strong opening and definitely got my head moving. Necro-Cannibalism is another favorite track, the bass player does some creatives fills with his riffs and keeps the song interesting, pig squeals and radical style solos really make this song stand out amongst the rest. 

In conclusion, a strong debut, the production could be tweeted at certain points but consider it is an onslaught of raw gore then most fans would rather enjoy as is. Fans of early Mortician, Dying Fetus and Skinless will surely want to add this album to their collection.
Music provided by facebook-xreviews 



Thursday, May 15, 2014

Winter Nights - An Endless Apocalypse

Winter Nights is a four piece band from New York City, genre is described as Bone-Crushing melodic death metal. Members are Jeremy Farfan - Lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Efrain Farfan - Lead guitar and backing vocals. Martin Tune - bass, Mike Malleo - Drummer.

An Endless Apocalypse - self released album May 16th 2014. The group started back in 2007 and released two previous demos, Deceptive dreams and What Compels The Dead in May 2010. The new album begins with an epic intro track "Uprise and Fall", good quality recording, intense guitar work. The album goes right into the title track, An Endless Apocalypse, I must say, it brings back memories of old In Flames and early Amon Amarth. Well executed arrangements with warm guitar tones. Nuclear Winter begins with a dominant bass line, punchy and tremendous. The Pledge gives me a more aggressive feeling than the previous songs. The vocals are deeper and the opening riffs are hard driven. The Pleasures of War, interesting title. I would say this song sounds trash metal style, like Overkill or D.R.I., I really like the solo in this track, it is very memorable and fits perfectly in the composition. One of my favorite songs on this album is Deceptive Dreams, in contrast to the entire album, this one starts with a clean acoustic guitar building up into an intense atmosphere. I feel this song captures all the strengths of the band, melodic, crushing, hard driven and progressive.

In conclusion, a strong debut. The album highlights the bands strong points and shows they can be both intense, brutal and then melodic at just the right moments. It will be interesting to see how they evolve in the coming year. Be sure to listen to their previous demo releases and support them at a venue near you.


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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

H.R. Giger dies at 74

H.R. Giger died from injuries sustained from a fall according to the Huffington post. Most famous for the Alien movies and his depiction of surreal merging of mechanical biological creatures. He inspired a generation of artists and will be deeply missed. R.I.P. H.R. Giger