Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nights Amore - Subscribers of Death

Subscribers Of Death album released through Immortal Frost Productions in 2010. All music written and recorded by Nights Amore which is Chris; all instruments and programming.

The opening track is "We Of The Suffering Kind", the song is deep and talks in depth about depression an its symptoms, keyboard riffs and slight rhythm. The verse repeats and ends at about ten and half minutes. Next song is "The Depressive Years (Tribute to Endless Sorrow)", high chorus effect and several samples from different sources like movies and documentaries. Odesdod, interesting name, not sure what it means. A well stitched song and has discorded transitions in a few spots. Pure instrumental journey with several cresendos. "Cutting Close To The Edge", at moments this song reminds me of the Silent Hill song from part three, "A Stray Child" there is an interesting sample of a girl speaking about dealing with depression by cutting herself - the composition works perfectly and will say is one of my favorite songs so far. "Let Me Drown In Suicide", dark oppressive mood created by the music. Chorus and flanger on key passages take you into a deep void of emptiness. "When A Child Decides To Die", with a title like that you know it will be a moving piece, samples of a child speaking about suicide, captivating somber depressive on all levels. The track captures the essence of the entire album and the arrangements are memorable. "When My Heart No Longer Beats", much in the same vein as the others but with a more straight forward edge and less effects. Final and bonus track is "Age of Suicide" many samples of people speaking on the topic of depression and suicide many sound young, the music is very fitting and a great way to close this story. Overall, I enjoyed this album, the production is good and balanced. I recommend it for people who like instrumentals of mainly keyboards and synth with a depressive mood. Be sure to check out the other releases 'Sorgens Minuter Om Slutet" from 2012 and "In Memoriam Vitam" through bandcamp.  
Published in AEA Zine 23


Eratomania - Mental Suffocation

Mental Suffocation EP released under Immortal Frost Productions in 2011 limited to 300 copies. Songs written by Eratomania (name changed Ars Veneficium) B/M from Belgium, members include Surtur - Vocals & Lyrics (2010 - present), Drums & Guitars (2010 - 2012), Sorath - Drums (2012, 2013 - present), Ronarg: Guitars. Sir Chasm: Bass.

Recorded during autumn of 2010. This EP starts of with the title song Mental Suffocation, clean guitars played in a depressive somber resonance and a slight drum march layered under to keep it all in time, this goes for about a minute then the vocals and distorted affect on the guitars begin. Staying true to its B/M nature in raw production format. Although my feeling is that the drums could have been brought up in volume by a few notches. The tracks ends in clean guitars once more but adds a change in acoustic riffing at the last measure. Lasting Days is track number two and comes in with distorted guitar work in droning style. Vocals are screams of agony and torment which fits the lyrics. Written short and are only a few paragraphs for this particular composition. The final song is Within My (B)reach, something about the opening riffs sticks with me and will say this is my favorite song from the EP. Lyrics are in full depressive mode which fit the music perfectly. Drums are up in volume for this track and give me a better perspective of the arrangements in riffs. Overall a decent EP and I can recommended it for fans of depressive B/M with raw production and dark overtones.
Publication AEA Zine 23

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Horizon - Don't Let The Time Pass You By

Immortal Frost Production present Horizon EP -Don't Let The Time Pass You By, released June 26 2011. Limited to 300 copies. 

The EP opens with Flight of a Snowflake, mood setting of calm and deep voyage. Above The Ashes, The Blue Sky Gazes, very intriguing title, keyboards paint an enigmatic landscape. The Darkness Days are Finally Gone, many layers of intense and emotion filled passages, I will have to say this track stays with me the most, well arranged and delivered. The Time Passes You By, title track. Here we experience a collaboration of both clean guitar and keyboards. The song takes my senses to many farscapes and long thoughts of serenity. The final song is "Light To Thy Path", on this particular track there are some scratch samples that I am not to keen on, but nonetheless are done in a tasteful manner. Overall an intriguing listening experience, the EP is completely instrumental so don't expect to hear any vocals. Good production quality and several memorable, captivating compositions are worth listening to.
Published in AEA zine 23

Evil Palace - Born In Darkness

Born In Darkness album released 2011 under Immortal Frost Productions. Wolfheart all music and programming. Sid all vocals and lyrics. Session "Astaroth" bass. 

Black Ritual is the first track. Sounds like a horror film of intense dramatic events. Salvation is song two, black metal in full attack. Drums are a bit mechanical in some spots but do have a good mix. Vocals are high and raspy in true B/M style. The Death Here Reigns, common title, opening is a sample - screams of agony in a pit of hell is the vision it paints. Melodic keys are inter-mixed and well executed. Elizabeth Beauty of Death,  drums sound somewhat different and the guitars became more dominant. Ghost of Dead Wood, this song features Sid on vocals. Haunting and creepy intro, thinking this might have been recorded at a different time, mix is rough. "Fuck You God", well this is a straight forward lyrically, heart beat sample an into flies sworming sound. Almost has an industrial feeling to it. Unholy War, like the dead rising from deep slumber, bass lines come to the front on this track and do clever arrangements. The final song of this release is Prophecy, chains and drone type of composition kick this one of. The track has a good build up and interesting keyboard harmonies. Overall I enjoyed this album, sometimes the drums seemed low in volume but I could still grab the creative intent being projected.
Physical publication AEA ZIne 23 


Monday, November 18, 2013

Broken Hope - The Flesh Mechanic (video)

Broken Hope, The Flesh Mechanic music video Century Media Records October 2013 release.

Astral Winter - Perdition

Astral Winter is Josh Young - Vocals, Instruments and Composition. Genre is described as Epic Melodic Black Metal. Perdition album released March 2013 under Immortal Frost Productions.

The opening track is "The Rain Falls Upon This Distant Land", acoustics set the tone and give a good impression of the production quality, clear and balanced sound. Next is "An Endless Vast Horizon", an excellent keyboard piece with very interesting and enchanting overlays. "Disappearing Into The Nights Embrace", rain background and two acoustic overlays featuring sliding style riffing. "To Destroy The Veil of Time", this track creates a deep soundscape, combining both keys and clean guitar work. I would have to say it is my favorite track so far in my listening experience on this album. Next we get "I Gaze Upon The Sky With Lifeless Eyes",  a deep meaningful title with complex acoustic rhythms to project the dark atmosphere taking place. "Shrouded In The Mist and Pale Light", this particular song reminds me of very early Anathema style of songs. Memorable and enchanting song with solid vibrance. "A Vision In The Eclipsing Moon", slightly different than the previous song. setting a sad mood and deeper harmonies. The final track is "The Pillars Of Creation Descend to Ashen Ruin", completing the journey with a title like that you know it will be epic. Keys lead the way, creating elaborate arrangements along each measure slowly introducing another acoustic piece to fit seamlessly in place and also features slight haunting vocals to tide everything together. Overall, an enjoyable instrumental adventure with many levels of exploration.
Physical publication in Aea Zine 23


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dirigiri - Dirigiri EP

Dirigiri is a three piece DM/thrash/speed metal band from San Antonio, Texas. Members include Omar Guerra/Drummer, Gene Olivarri/Guitarist, Derek Dishner/Vocal's/Bassist. This is their self titled debut EP released in early 2013.

The opening track is "Death By The hands Of An Angel", straight to the brutality, catchy riff and grinding drums to assault the senses from the moment you hit the play button. Bone Collector, this song I can imaging a huge circle pit in a live situation, it also features a memorable solo that is very pleasing to my ears and worth spinning several times. "Boiled In Blood", getting the thrash metal vibe on this particular composition. Vocals do a good interchange between lows and highs. Solid double kick work by drummer Omar Guerra through this entire album, a solid performer. "Riot", chaotic and destructive, now I hear the speed metal influence on this track, complete with a solo that will remain in my head for a long time to come. "Straight From The Grave", several bands that come to my mind as I listen, Malevolent Creation, Brutal Truth, Benediction and Dismembered. "Toilet Extermination", is the final track on this journey, the title is interesting, the song does have some punk rock elements which I enjoy. The bass lines cut through and have a solid production which add that extra dimension to all the arrangements. Overall a good way to complete the EP. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for this group in the future as their hard work is evident in the music they are projecting.


Solium Fatalis - Solium Fatalis

Solium Fatalis self titled and debut album released on October 2013. The band comes from New Hampshire. Members on this recording Jeff DeMarco-Vocals, Jim Gregory-All Guitars, Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Jeff Loomis, Scarve.) - Drums, Loic Colin (Scarve) - Bass.

Opening track is Prepare For Extermination, brutal and intense, enough to make the walls rattle and crumble. "Black Market", starts with a solid precise attack to the cranium. The production on this album is top notch, the drums come through with clear dynamic range. Guitars are heavy and extreme but retain a certain warmth when applied to the solo riffing. "Serpent Crown", I like the vocals, its a good range between guttural and low growl with a tinge of highs spread in the right spots. "Dead Sands Of Time", some of the bands that come to mind as I listen are, Immolation, Sinister, early Hypocrisy, Death and Suffocation. "Your Truth is A Lie", grinding and pummeling, if your not in the mosh pit by now you must be getting stomped on. The levels of adrenaline are past the peeking point. I would say this is my favorite track thus far, well executed and destructive. "Molecular Devices", death metal in its purest form, we also get to hear a solo that leads into an interchange of harmonies that is catchy and memorable. The 7th Gate, this particular song reminded me of another band I enjoy, Bloodbath, but only in the beginning. This final composition is "The Antilife", this track has a slight twist from the extreme brutality and features a clean guitar harmony with the bass layering some creative fills over it.

In conclusion, everything you could want from brutal to extreme with a solid production. Fans of death metal in the vein of Suffocation, Brutal Truth, Bloodbath, Cannibal Corpse, and Immolation will want to add this album to their collection.


Sacral Rage - Deadly Bits of Iron Fragments

Sacral Rage is a Heavy Metal, Speed Metal band from Athens, Greece. Current line up is Vaggelis F. - Drums, Marios P. - Guitar, Spuros S. - Bass, Dimitris K. - Vocals. Deadly Bits of Iron Fragments is their EP released in February 23 2013 under Eat Metal Records. 

The opening songs is "Foreshadower", eerie and malevolent start. Return Of The Dead, aggressive powerful onslaught of pure metal adrenaline. Master of a Darker Light, capturing the essence of the early years metal genre, Merciful Fate, early Judas Priest come instantly to my mind. Force to Betray, speed metal riffing and high screams abound, feeling every bit of the nostalgia with every song. "Gladiator (Nasty Savage cover)" hitting those high octaves with intensity and really doing a superb job, the band adds their own vibe for sure. This is a good choice for a cover since it fits with their style. "Burning Yearning" last song on this ride, open chords and melodic feeling before kicking in with the speed injection. This is my favorite track, its got good verses, all the high screams, thrashy solos, I feel all the compelling moments from the previous songs are brought forth here to leave the listener fully consumed in a total experience.

In conclusion, this EP is a trip back in time done in solid Heavy Metal form. Fans of early metal in the vein of Mercyful Fate, Nasty Savage, Judas Priest, early Flotsam and Jetsam and others from that genre will definitely enjoy this EP.


Circsena - Circsena EP

Circsena is a self released EP on September 12 2013. Genre described as post dark metal. Members are Daniel Kirchhoff - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Jens Wallis - Drums and Percussion. Origin, Norden.

The first track is Wandering Above The Trees and Moors, a flute introduces and sets the mood. Catchy riff that is easy to the ears and will stick in your mind. "The Sleeper", clean strumming on the guitar. Good tones and quality of production. Eerie yet captivating composition. This one is an instrumental and creates many paths to explore. Next up is "I Am Here", this arrangement contains early metal vibes with a somewhat BM style of vocals. Towards the last measures of this song there is female vocals that come in, surprisingly intriguing and add another dimension to the music. I would have to say this song is my favorite. It is one of those songs I found myself listening to several times. "The Age Of The Dryads Pt.1" is the final song, This song brings all the elements together and combines then perfectly to leave the listener wanting more.
Overall this was an engaging experience. At times it feels as if there were more musicians involved. Many layers of instruments create an elaborate dimension of sound. Recommended for fans of melodic, progressive metal, in the vein of Insomnium, Dark Tranquility, Nightwish and Moonsorrow.

Hannes Grossmann (Obscura/Blotted Science) to release solo album

The Radical Covenant will be the title to this upcoming release. It will feature many guest musicians including Christian Muenzner (Obscura, Spawn Of Possession, Ex-Necrophagist), Ron Jarzombek, Fountainhead, Danny Tunker (Aborted), Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) , Jeff Loomis and others.

Here is the official statement from Hannes;
"The music on the album sounds a lot like my band Obscura, but that's just how I compose. The reason not to release it as an Obscura album is simple: Obscura is a band, which means that four people work together and create music as a collective. If I write 45 minutes of music on my own, it has to be a solo record. It's probably gonna take another year until a new Obscura album will see the light of day, so here's your chance to make time pass more quickly."

More info on this project can be found at projects/the-radial-covenant-solo-album

Of Wolves - Evolve

Of Wolves is a three piece band from Chicago, IL. Formed in 2007. Their current line up is Steve, Jon & Ivan. Genre described as Punk, Metal, Hardcore/Crossover, Stoner/Doom. Evolve is their debut album. Released 2013.

The opening track is "Dead Wait", raw and aggressive. The punk element is immediately apparent. Song two is "Moot Point", one of the things I like is the tone of the bass, very dominant and punchy. The composition is simple but its a great jam, easy to headbang to and reminds me of early Agnostic Front. "No Loss for Words", I will have to say the track has a metal vibe and I hear a heavier distortion on the guitar tones. "The Man", an unexpected clean strumming discorded guitar style. Southern rock feel is my impression, this leads us into "Red Skins", heavy sludgy and crunchy riffing. I can say this song would probably get the mosh pit circle moving in a live situation. "Buffalo Nickles", a heavy bass driven track, impressive to hear solid and creative bass line arrangements. This is one of those tracks that sticks in your mind and find yourself humming along through out the day. "Shit Sandwich", clocks in at a lightning fast speed -seven seconds. Well done, if you blink once you might miss it, would really like to see that one played live. Nice title too. "Legal Lies", back to the raw punk style. This song evolves into a death 'n' roll style, then builds into a grinding speed metal ending. Most bands would have a hard time bringing all those styles together in one song but Of Wolves seem to do it very easily and in a tasteful manner. The final song on this album is "Seal The Deal", a perfect way to end this journey. Distorted bass blast in. Heavy and stomping. In your face no holds barred type of song. 

In conclusion, the band effectively merges several styles while maintaining a high level of aggression. Listeners looking for a bare bones gritty sound with sharp edge assortment of compositions should definitely investigate this album.


Monday, November 11, 2013

Infitar - (News) upcoming release

Infitar is an old school style DM band from Bongor Indonesia. Formed in 2010. Their current line up is; Ryan- vocals, Latif- guitar, Leonard- guitar, Chat- Bassist, Ceng- Drummer. 

The band is currently working on their upcoming debut album. One of the tracks provided for this post is the song "Merely Grow Then Die", its a rough mix but I get a good sense of what they will accomplish. One of the things I like is the vocal style. Reminds me of early Max Cavalera or Lars Goran (Entombed). The guitars has a rough distortion tone giving it a raw DM sound which is not bad, but could be brought up in volume once they complete the final mix. They provided another song which is a Vader cover "Helleluyah (God Is Dead), good solid drums and excellent vocals, impressive to hear these young guys brandishing this level of brutality. Overall a good exhibition of DM styles, grind and a tinge of thrash metal as well. This band is very ambitious and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for them. Be sure to check out their video "Kebusukan Moral Sang Penguasa" and visit them on FB. ~Artemortifica


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Rayne De-vine Feature model #27 November 2013

Introducing Rayne De-Vine feature model for November 2013

1- What inspired you to do modeling? Was there a point early in your life that sparked your interest?
I wanted to be a model from a very young age and my parents always took me to castings sadly it never happened and as I got older and my look changed from main stream to the goth/alt look I have now, I had given up on the idea of being a model and then I came across kitty brooker on Facebook and thought "hey maybe I can give it a go" and here I am, giving it a go :)

2- You have dark elements to your style, was there an event or moment that made you decide on your style?
I think I get it from my mum, when she was younger she was very gothic but I mainly like to be myself and wear things that make me feel good.

3- Name some of your favorite music or bands?
I really like listening to Marilyn Manson and pink Floyd I also like placebo, who I'm hoping to go and see at Manchester if I can get tickets... These I guess are my fave bands but I also like Eminem and Lady Gaga, I have a very wide music range at home that I listen to.

4- Name some of your accomplishments or highlights of your career so far?
A big highlight so far for me was discovering latex and also finding out that bondage is more sort after than I thought as this is the main focus of my modelling, I love anything very out there. I hope to incorporate some of my fetishes in to my shoots very soon.

5- Do you enjoy regular photo-shoots? or ones where you get to play a character?
I love doing regular shoots and meeting new people to work with, I do like playing a character but I also like to be my self in front of the camera shooting the styles I like most which are bondage and fetish.

6- What other interest do you have besides modeling?
I enjoy reading and taking my two dogs to the beach. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends this is a big part of my life. I also enjoy acting out my fetishes with my partner.

7- Are there any significant projects or events you are looking forward to in the coming months?
I have a few ideas I would like to do, I'm looking to do a latex shoot very soon and arranging a fetish shoot that is focused around my fetish for blood and feet.

8- If someone is interested in hiring you (modeling agency, bands, producers, etc..) where is the best place to get a hold of you?
You can contact me through my like page on Facebook

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

P.H.T.O. - Affliction EP

This is a five song EP released in 2011 under Immortal Frost Productions. The band is described as Depressive/ambient black metal. Current members are Saddy: vocals, Alrinack: Bass/back vocals, Ogmios: Guitars, Bartuk: Drums. Country of origin; France.

Affliction is the opening and title track. Slightly distorted guitar and mood setting riffing begins my journey. Once all the instruments start I get a clearer picture of expression. Solid bass sound, my guess is that it has a distortion pedal running but not cranked up, just enough to give it a thick pronounce tone. Neurasthenique, is track two. vocals style is in true BM raw form. Screams of agony. Very raw guitar, lots of open chord styles. The drums do some grinding from time to time. There is also lots of spoken word lyrics. Unfortunately I can not elaborate on them since they are all in French. Next up, we have L'Enclave, rather enjoy the way this song starts. Empty hollow feeling is projected by its content. Clean strumming, dismal tones enthrall my senses. The composition works well with the screams of pain and anguish. Fin D'une Sombre Agonie, is song number four. The production dropped big time. My best guess this was a live performance or recorder somewhere else, the volume level shot down several notches. I can still make out the song but definitely noticeable. After the first minute it picks up again, maybe it is something they intended to do but really not pleasing to my ears. Last and final song, Dansant Pour La Lune, Dance by the Moonlight is my guess in translation. Dissonant chords abound. Good mix of vocals and great bass tone. This will have to be my favorite from the entire EP. In reading their bio on Metal Archives and also on the back of the inlay, it informs the listener that their previous drummer Molasar committed suicide in conjunction with this recording. Their former release is a demo from 2009.
Publication in Aea Zine #23 


Total Death fanzine 1 - review

Total Death fanzine 1, published February 2013. Half page B/W print, 32 pages. From Istanbul, Turkey Editor Cenk A. 

Feature interviews with bands: Bestial Mockery, Gorelust, Melek-Tha, Infernal Execrator, Vomitile, Deathraiser, Exile, Weaponizer, Pyre, Gra, The Way Of Purity, , Waning, Cosmic Funeral, Flying Disciple. Making its debut in the underground world. This zine covers a lot of material. Sathanas makes the cover, and its a great choice. very interesting interview , the band talks about their upcoming releases and all the previous efforts since the late 80's. The interview with Melek - Tha is worth checking out, this guy has been a long time supporter of the underground and has a huge collection of vinyls/tapes.  Although it is a half size page print, the zine packs a ton of material including two pages of album/demo reviews. The font is a traditional typewriter style which I like because it give it a raw and pure feeling. The format is easy and pleasing to the eyes. The zine works in conjunction with Extreminal Webzine and Distro. At a cost of only five dollars this zine packs a punch and delivers in showcasing some great DM/HM bands that would normally not get the recognition they deserve. Issue number two has just been released, so be sure to pick up a copy. it also comes with a free CD. Visit the Extreminal Website to buy albums from most of the bands listed in this publication.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Prometheus Rising - And All Returns To Ash

And All Returns To Ash, self released LP on September 17th 2013 by Prometheus Rising which is a one man project- Carwyn Marshall- Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Lyrics, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Photography and Design.

The style is described as varying styles of Black Metal/Own brand of DSBM. The first track is Empty, sample clip as an intro, a solid start with good drum sound, the vocals are pure BM style high and assaulting, good creative riffing and memorable passages. "Lost and Hopeless", clean strumming guitar and a drinking man sounds off by taking some shots. Catchy guitar piece which builds into an eerie somber sound before getting heavier. The bass lines come in nice and clear on this one. "42" is track three, the drums sound slightly different in this song, maybe recorded at a different time but not as loud or pronounce at the first two tracks, the song arrangement is great, we get a good dismal feeling and captivating composition. "And All Returns To Ash", title track, great production. Really enjoying the mix in stringed instruments, catchy and memorable keyboard passages in a climatic ending, well executed and will have to say this is my favorite track on the LP. "Nothing Worth Living For", final song, bringing all the elements together to encapsulate the journey of depressive and haunting melodies. Sixteen minutes of intensity, this song stays interesting from measure to measure. A balance of different harmonies is achieved, at times the listener may think that there is five or six musicians but is really only one and he blends all the instruments perfectly. In conclusion, I recommend this LP for fans of BM/depressed/haunted music. be sure to visit the FB site and Bandcamp page to check out previous releases; Gospels of Hate - EP, April 2010, Cruel Britannia - Demo, June 2010, The Embrace of Night - LP, April 2012, I Don't Give a Shit - Demo, November 2012, Ex Oblivione - Split (with Black Serpent Sun), March 2013, The Definition of Evil - EP, July 2013.

Prometheus Rising FB
Prometheus Rising Bandcamp

Friday, November 1, 2013

Soylent Zine 1 - review

Soylent Zine #1 is a B/W Half page (A5) publication released in the Spring 2013. Glossy hard cover and semi gloss pages inside. Written in English. This issue is a tribute to the band Fondlecorpse and produced/distributed by Dead Beat Shop: Label, Zine, specializing in extreme music, Import t-shirts, Mags, Hats, Bags, Cds, Vinyl, Cassettes, patches and stickers. Based out of Penang Malysia. Issue copy provided to me by Dave W. at Aea Zine.

The zine has a pro look compared to others. The cover art is by Ironworx Gravefix. High detailed grabs the eyes right away. There is a huge amount of content with introduction by The Jenglot. The editors are Zuul Scum and Jill Girardi. Feature interviews with Kam Lee, Machetazo, Possessed, Hooded Menace, Rotgut, Ruinebell, Stiff and Cold Zine, Tales from the Sick Zine, Fondlecorpse, Sorrow, Bizarre Charlie Alien, Nadir, Cauchemar, Anima Morte, and 62nd Chamber Productions. Having a full team dedicated to the zine give it several dimensions and points of view. The art work is in traditional underground style of gore, brutality and splatter. I enjoy reading the interviews and checking out the art at the same time. The Fondlecorpse interview is the highlight. Very detailed account of the ups and downs of the band, the current projects and history of previous releases, is a great read. Stiff and Cold fanzine, Jill interviews the editor and they discuss candidly about what it takes to put all the content and material together as well as previous zines she has work on. The interview with Kam Lee is very insightful, as he discusses his latest musical and art projects. Here is the list of contributing writers who helped put together this awesome zine; The Gorenome, Victor Metal, Chan Shek Weng, Tanya Sim, Emese Tatrai, Goatrider, Brian Straight, and Cristian Barbieri. Fans of pure and true underground be sure to check this out. Contact info: and for regular snail mail contact at: Soylent Zine c/o Dead Beat Shop Lot 2b-04-05 4th Floor Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak (Komptar) 10000 Georgetown, Penang Malaysia

Nox Inferna Zine 3 - review

A Full page B/W publication written in Spanish from South America. Publication date 2012/2011. Copy issue number 33 of 150 provided by Dave W. of Aea zine

Feature interviews with, Werewolf, Grave Desecrator, Mandragora Zine, Abhore, Cryfemal, Muert, Orkus Traktatus, Nekromanteion, Isamu Sato, Insepulto, and Attera Totus Sankatus. This is a thick zine full of great imagery, each page with barb wire borders and skulls galore. The editorial was slightly difficult to read due to the font but I got a good sense of the efforts involved. They cover B/M, D/M and some thrash metal acts from around the world including fliers and promos from other zines from the Brazil, Bolivia area. There is a red stamp logo that appears a few times, not sure what is for, my best guess is for authentication. There are no reviews of demos/albums there are however three pages of albums and demo pictures. I enjoyed the dark and occult imagery found through out and is fitting for all its content. All the interviews are well executed and we get to know lots of information from the bands. Most are poised in the underground and are rooted hard metal-heads following their passion for aggressive music. I get the sense that none are very interested in reaching the majority, in fact, would rather stay unknown and obscure but then again it seems the theme for most of them, which is fine, because there are some true hard followers that do support their efforts including myself. I tried locating some contact info about this zine but did not come up with any. However, here are a few emails for the bands interviewed that were provided;,, and


Art Pagan Zine N 2 - review

Full page B/W written in Spanish. From Santa Cruz , Bolivia. Published between 2012 and 2013. Issue copy provided to me by Dave W. Aea zine.

Feature interviews with bands; Majesty, Luxuria De Lillith, Tortura, Sing of Evil, Verdugo, Imperium Des Tenebras, Opus Inferii, Wisdom, Inhumation, Sobibor. Historical views feature;  Historia Del Paganismo Segunda Parte, Historia Del metal, Cultura Metalera. This issue is clean and organized. The first several pages are dedicated to the history of paganism and metal. Followed by five pages of zine reviews. Amazing to see the vast number of underground publications, I counted thirty plus. The format is well written and although B/W, the text and page borders give it a more professional look than the standard form. There is also a dvd review section, demo reviews and book reviews. Is a large collection of all things metal and underground. Most enjoyable read was the interview with Luxuria De Lillith, B/M pagan band from Brazil which have been doing their brand of sound for over twelve years and have encountered several ups and downs. 
In conclusion; this zine covers a lot of ground in several formats of publictaion from Cds, dvds, and books. Its worth investigating and spending some time learning about the history of the metal scene from that region. To contact by email go to or
c/o Alex Pedraza Vargas


Alcoholic War Zine 2 - review

Traditional old school style zine from South America. Published Feb. 2 2011. Full page B/W cut and paste method written in spanish. Issue copy 135 out of 444 made, provided to me by Dave W. Aea zine.

The zine features interviews with bands; Infernal Massacre, Nefario, Metal Attack, Caceria, Alcoholic Death, Bestial Holocaust, Tortura, Death Invoker, Kulto Maldito, Arsenikal and Volcano. Biography of Trueno Azul, Pentagram and Nebiros. In the editorial section by "Alcoholic" he speaks on how much he despises the mainstream posers, how there are many fake people on facebook etc.. Dedication to pure underground is what this publication is concerned with.There are no album reviews either, no horror films or any extra fat, sort of speak, just straight to the bone bands and music mostly in the B/M genre.

Some smaller cut out ads for other fanzines can be found intermixed with along with the interviews. Plus fliers of tape and vinyl releases from around the same origin of that continent. I would say the interview with the band Arsenikal is my favorite. The majority of the groups share the same distaste for mainstream and are deeply involved in their style of writing occult war like themes. Overall a good read. Pages are not number but them again they are shooting for a crude true underground form and they have achieve it. To contact this zine you must go to the email address at