Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cold Colours - Cold Colours

Cold Colours Release: 31 May 2013, through Sleaszy Rider Records. The band hails from Minneapolis and the mastermind behind the project Cold Colours is Brian J. Huebner. Live and studio performers: Aaron Lott, Chris Arnold, Will Maravelas.

The first track from the album is Orifice, starts of with a clean strumming acoustic riff that has a BM feel to it - then when all the instruments kick in I instantly begin moving my head, like been caught in the rapture of its dark harmony, its a great song to open with. Up next, "Disgust", bands like Samael and Satyricon come to my mind as I listen. "The Process of Dying", starts with low guttural style of vocals followed by catchy and captivating composition, there are also deep rhythms with obscure passages for a few measures in the middle section, this has to be my favorite song so far. "This Devotion", drums are highlighted with thunderous double kick work, dual vocals clean and BM style blend nicely together. "Suffering God", setting a dark atmosphere, a vast void unraveling inside my head. This is a song that requires your full attention and imagination to be able to capture its dark essence. "A Loss of Faith", clean guitars with chorus effect, then a cymbal build up into a heavy verse with sliding guitar fills and dual clean plus BM vocals, well executed. "Of Sand and Tears", a somber mid paced track with clean vocals this time, somewhat surprising and a bit different than the first several songs, I do enjoy it, it shows how versatile the band can be and still set a dark mood with heavy overtones. "Silent Speech", this particular song reminds me a lot of Samael in its delivery, Guitars achieve memorable harmonies and create a solid composition worth spinning several times on my stereo. Cold Colours is the closer which is a Rotting Christ cover, I never heard it before so its hard to say exactly what the comparison is, based on what I heard - its well performed, drums are precise and there are several solos towards the end that will remain in my head for a time to come.

Overall its been and intense listening experience. Definitely BM rooted and also melodic at moments. I recommend for fans of early Satyricon, Samael or Emperor. 

Moss Of Moonlight - Winterwheel

Winterwheel EP released June 21 2013 under Cascadian Alliance. Moss Of Moonlight hails from Bellingham, WA. The group is comprised of two members: Cavan Wagner, Jenn Grunigen. their style is Cascadian Folk Metal.

The first track on the EP is Gaet, I instantly get a sense of adventure. Production is good, I like the sound of the guitars - distortion is warm and subtle allowing the vocals to cut through effectively. There are two vocalist, Cavan does mid low growl style and clean, Jenn does some really impressive high vocals with much harmony and range. This track is epic at eleven and half minutes and is able to keep me intent as to what's coming next. "Eole", spoken word speaking of nature and pagan origins, musically beautiful with dual vocal harmonies and an engaging story unfolding. The song merges into a heavy rendition of the first verses and blends perfectly together. I have to be completely honest and say I am not familiar with folk metal and the only thing that I can compare this to is Arkona or Turisas, that is the extent of my experience in the genre. "Catte", is the third song, many open chords and another type of instrument is apparent. The vocals on the this track for a few measures resemble somewhat BM style for a couple of bars. Flute and guitar solo arrangements are catchy and stick in my mind. A long journey with many twist and turns, a blend of several styles folk, black and doom, you will find something of interest in the song of epic proportions at thirteen minutes long, prepare for the ride. "Hraefne", this is the final song on the EP. a harmonious and titillating start- meaningful and powerful message about nature. Perfect way to close this experience, I will more likely be looking forward to more music from this band as well investigating others in the same genre. 
~Artemortifica Moss of Moonlight
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To The Pain - To The Pain

Self released June 25th 2013. To The Pain hails from Long Island NY and consist of members: Steve Shaver - Lead Guitar, vocals, John Intagliata - Lead Vocals, Mark Trojanoski -Guitar, Jeremy Lustig - Bass, vocals, Jimmy Klimatas - Drums.

To The Pain is the debut album, First track is, For The People, Buy The people, good quality production, the vocals are very distinguishable, I can understand all the lyrics which is sometimes rare to find in metal bands. "Silent Horror", my first thoughts are- good dynamics on the double kicks, the riffs are metal all the way, like the early era of Savatage or Saxon. "City of Flames", war, sirens, gun fire intro- fitting for the title of the track. Solid bass lines, a clear tone with a certain punch that will get your head moving."The Smell of Sulfur/ Rise of The Demons", long title and the intro caught me by surprise, for some reason my mind thinks of early Megadeth influence for the beginning riffs. "Burn With Me", the early roots of metal are evident and are experienced in this composition. "Fuel Injected Nightmares", memorable chorus lines, and dual verses are a highlight on here, we also hear some cool guitar harmonies in the middle measures, well executed. "A Good Revolution", we come to the end of the album, open chords followed by a hard driven rhythm. A faster paced arrangement than the other songs with a good message about taking back the power to the people from the leaders. An excellent way to close the album. Overall, enjoyable to listen to, many elements of early metal influences are exhibited. 


Tritton - Face Of Madness

A self released album, August 2013. Tritton is a Heavy Metal band from Mexico City. Members are Yohann Torres - Drums, Enrique Torres - Lead Guitar, José Gómez - Lead Guitar/vocals, Victor Varas - Bass, Lorena Cabrera - Lead Vocals. 

Face of Madness is their debut album. "Wanton War", is the first track. My first thoughts are- excellent production, every instrument is clear and solid.
Lorena Cabrera has an amazing voice, reaching some high vocals ranges effortlessly. "Martyr", this song is just awesome, it has melody, power, and catchy verses that will stick in your mind."Face Of Madness", title track- speed and aggressive riffs come ripping through my speakers, these are some very talented guitar players. The quality of tone on the guitars is captured perfectly, warm yet heavy and when the solos come in they are fluid and crystal clear. "Asphyxia", if you want to hear how creative the rhythm section dynamics are then you will want to check out this song, the main riffs get my head moving. I get a feeling like the heavy thrash metal from early Overkill or Judas Priest era. We also get to hear a slow mosh type of rhythm towards the last measures with a catchy solo over it, well executed. "Insurrection", guitars achieve captivating harmonies on this track, the bass lines are punchy and the vocals continue to impress me, there are a few dual phrases that blend really well together. "Flash of The Blast", broken glass sample then into a speed metal lick that just blows my mind away, hammer on and pull offs with an aggressive assault by the drums driving this song at a high speed, then it slows down with an incredible melody that just keeps me captivated, there is so much emotion and feeling. This song is an instrumental with the melodies creating the story only your ears and mind can understand. Excellent work and will say this is my favorite song. "33 Degrees North" is the final track, the beginning of it reminds me of early Megadeth like "So Far So Good So What" album, there are several bass lines that stick out in my mind, like in the chorus part, the production quality really brings out the tone and clarity in the bass lines. The song ends at about three minutes and a half, and there is a hidden spoken word arrangement at the end if you listen long enough, it caught me by surprise but a nice touch after all.

An excellent debut by these talented musicians. You can tell a great deal of time was spent composing the music. Production is really top notch, every instrument was captured crystal clear and nothing sounded buried, good levels from song to song. Overall I recommend it for metal fans world wide, If you enjoy early Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Overkill or Judas Priest you can find many of the same elements influenced here but keeping it within their own form of expression. 

Tritton FB


Monday, August 26, 2013

Biomimic - Exogenous Embryonic Empire EP

Self released May 7th 2013. Biomimic hails from Chicago IL and members consist of 
Scott Vyper - Vocals, Keys , Zackulus Clinkman - Bass , Max Voloshin - Guitars , Joe Korkis - Drums , Alexander Kon-I Ho - Guitars. Exogenous Embryonic Empire EP is three tracks. 

First up is Hollow Earth, my first impression is "great guitar sound", noticing different elements as I listen, drums in particular are complex and full of dynamics, vocals have several ranges from low to mid to clean and this is only the first track. Really enjoying the solo and clean guitar towards the end of this composition, its well fitting and interesting to my ears. Reptilian Intellect, is track two. Brutal start, furious drums attacking my senses. Memorable verse riff with dual vocals into an alien like voice. I hear many metal styles, but they do it in such a way to keep me interested on what will come next. I also have to say the vocal phrases at times have a black metal tinge to them, well done, this track is also worth cranking up on your stereo. Double Helix, ah yes- I am familiar with this particular song. I had the privilege of listening and filming this song live and actually impressed me the very first time I experienced it. Very pleasing to hear the recording of it here. There are some solid and complex guitar arrangements that captivate the listener, a long journey of composition with many layers of intricacy. Its probably my favorite track from this EP. If I had to compare Biomimic to other bands I would say Illogist, Gorod or Gigan come to my mind, fans of these bands would definitely enjoy this EP, but I recommend it to all metal fans world wide. There is something in each song that will capture your imagination no matter what style you are into. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Abominant - Onward To Annihilation

Onward To Annihilation - released on August 6 2013 through Deathgasm Records. The band hails from Kentucky, U.S.A. and have been devastating with their brand of brutal DM since 1993. "We Are Coming", is the first track, starts with a sound of demons rising from the depths of the earth. Heavy blast beats and aggressive guitars set the mood in true brutal form. Conquerors of Dust, very catchy and captivating riffs lead us into an onslaught of solid double kicks and mosh inducing rhythms. "Left To Rot", this is a song from Hypocrisy's first album Penetralia, I remember listening to it back in the early nineties and this is a very nice surprise to listen to it here, they have definitely put their own mark on it and I rather enjoy the dual vocals of high/low mix- it adds another dimension to it for sure. "Battlescarred", a dark atmosphere building start with the drum and bass leading the charge into some open chords, then we take a detour into chaos with some grinding drums and speed picking medley. "Onward To Annihilation", title track, the roots of DM are expressed in every riff I hear, the drums are consistent and have great production value. "Hold Your Ground", this has thrash metal distinction and is yet another surprise, the track is awesome and I can easily sink my head into it. "Beside The Dying Flame", we get to hear the bass in good clarity in the beginning of this particular track, reminiscent of early Grave, Gorefest or Morbid Angel. Good arrangements and will surely get an audience slamming in a live situation. "Legions Of Hell", is the closing song, brutality galore as all the elements come together to finalized the chaos that was unleashed through their music. Overall a great album and I recommend it for all fans of DM plus with a few surprises your bound to find something of interest. Check out their other releases and follow them on FB.


Northwind Wolves - Astronomy

L.A. Neo-Classical-Melodic metal band Northwind Wolves self release album Astronomy. The band consist of, Noor - Lead Vocals/Guitar, Astaroth - Guitar, Alec - Keyboard, Gory Cory - Bass. The album starts of with the song Terrestrial Hellworld, sample intro about suicide, then some fast keyboards and guitar solos, great production- all the instruments are well balanced. Next up "Cold Celestial Northwinds", aggressive guitar lick, early metal style open chords with heavy palm muted transition. The drum accents did sound somewhat in the background at first. Many keyboard progressions can be heard and are well executed. Conjuration of The Plague Star, solid transitions and massive grinding on the guitar rhythms. The bass player can be clearly heard on this song and has a wicked sound. There is also an exchange of solos towards the end of the track that really perked my ears and I had to listen to it several times. Starlit Funeral Forest, the guitar tone is punchy and stomping through my speakers, this is complimented with elaborate keyboard progressions full on many notes played rapidly and with precision. "Astronomy", title track, very interesting name. This song definitely gets my head moving, great riffs that are catchy and easy to remember - the drums are thundering through this beast at high velocity while the strings interchange a variety of arrangements. This is probably my favorite track thus far. I have to take a moment and compliment them on their logo, its shape like a howling wolf and its probably one of the most unique logos I have seen in the metal genre this year. "Black Ritual Stardeath - The Vampires Waltz", an epic beginning. The vocals are done in a BM style and remind a bit of early At The Gates. There is also a memorable solo towards the end of this track which stays in my mind. "Sea of Storms", is the final song on this album. A symphony of chaotic intention, feels like all the elements come together to leave the listener enthralled and wanting more. The track seals the journey and it feels like a short one, but I have experienced a wealth of talent in each track. The hard work they put into each song is apparent. Northwind Wolves is a band that all metal fans should listen to. The album is available via Reverbnation and Youtube and should not be missed.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Perversion album release show 8-17-13 Photos and video

Live performances by Reaper. Nekrofilth, Terminate, Perversion, and Obeisance as part of the Perversion album release party in Chicago at Ultra Lounge August 17 2013. See the full HI RES photos at Flickr Ultra Lounge pictures 8-17-13


                                                                      Reaper Link

Terminate Link

                                                                   Nekrofilth Link


                                                                   Perversion Link


Obeisance Link

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dichotomy - Paradigms

A five piece Melodic/Technical Death Metal band from Dublin, Ireland. Paradigms is self release album August 14 2013. Members are: Rats ( Guitar), Andrew Kealy (Guitar), Dave Fay (Drums), Neil Coburn (Bass), Kev O’Connor (Vocals). "Empyrean", is the first song. Clean intro riff with a chorus effect. "The Sentient Oppressed", a very solid production, it is evident the guitar players are very talented from the first passages. This song has a very catchy riff right in the middle and it easily sticks in my mind. "All- Seeing Eye", drums are just blazing with incredible precision, the production on the drums is excellent, every hit is accentuated and clear from measure to measure. "Polarity", this song is just devastating, its aggressive nature is like getting smashed in the mosh pit- it slows just enough for you to recover before assaulting you again, one of my favorite tracks to play loud through my stereo.
"No Catharsis", reminiscent of Dying Fetus type of brutality or even some Cannibal Corpse but with a melodic tinge. "Covenant Of The Forsworn", good blend of high and low guttural vocals as well as some open discorded style riffing, this song will have you moving your head and punching things. "Alea lacta Est", clean acoustic passage setting a dark atmosphere and taking us into a deep void of melodies.
"Of Strife Of Discord", slide type of riff with arpeggios sweeping through and excellent way to begin. I really enjoy how involve the guitars are at creating some awesome harmonies at a high rate of speed. Overall, this album is an incredible ride full of melody and brutality merged in perfect arrangement. I recommend for fans of Dying Fetus, Zonaria, Bloodshot Dawn, DM, and tech melodic fans.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Revolution Harmony - We Are

"We Are", This single released on July 18 2013 features vocals from Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) - Ihsahn (Emperor), and guitar solos by Devin Townsend. It is for charity, proceeds will go to Buskaid a charity that provides free lessons and instruments to children in the townships of South Africa. The project was put together by British music lecturer/journalist Ray Holroyd.  An interesting song with high production and of course the amazing vocals of Serj Tankian, worth to listen to an help spread the word for this good cause. Check the music video which will explain more about the ideas behind it.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Humiliation - Turbulence From The Deep

Humiliation is a DM band from Malaysia. Turbulence From The Deep is their full length album released on Deepsend Records July 9th 2013. Members are Bear Bee (vocal), Matt (guitar), Afe (bass) & Mudon (drum) "No Return", starts off the album, solid production- brutal, heavy guitar sound, the first two band that come to mind as I listen is Grave and Gorefest. "Operation Obeo One", heavy stomping mosh riffs, precise double kicks and aggressive vocals. "Phosphorous Shell",  there's a tinge of doom metal being exhibited, the riffs are not complex, basic bare bones DM style and are used effectively. "Calibrate Chaos", the song stays in one pattern through out without changing much. Bachok's Invasion", feeling like the drums could be doing much more on some of the composition, they either do a passive beat and change to double kicks to signal a change, I think there could be more done in means of expression in rhythm. "Sea Denial", finally hearing some different picking styles on this song. "Home Front", the bass player sounds a lot more pronounced on this particular track, once again not very much creativity going on with the drums other than maintaining the beat. There are some long verses with a lot of room to for fills or rolls but it just never happens on this track. "Total War", they pick up the pace on this track, imagining this will get the people moving in a live situation. I finally hear a solo on this song, I was beginning to think there were no solos on this album but actually heard a small solo towards the end of this track. "Order of Battle", probably my favorite track, the main riff sticks in my mind and has a good chorus. "The Deadly Trouble", doom metal is evident from the very first riff, more engaging fills and rolls, its a good example of what is lacking on some of the previous tracks. "Submerged At The Seabed", final track and a surprise for me, a clean acoustic composition, this is a good way to close the album. Overall I enjoyed the songs and although sometimes riffs seem repetitive, it did have some strong DM passages. I recommend for fans of  early nineties DM and doom, like Grave, Amorphis, Benediction, Catatonia and others from that era.
~Artemortifica Humiliation

Maze Of Terror - Skullcrusher EP

Maze Of Terror is a thrash metal band from Lima Peru. Skullcrusher EP was released in 2012. Current members are  LEVIATHAN : Bass & Vocals, HAMMER : Drums, CRIMINAL MIND : Guitars."Damned To The Eternal Pyre", is the first song, raw guitar sound, speed and aggression is felt from the beginning. Vocals are rooted in true thrash metal form like early Anthrax or Slayer. "Hatred and Repression", this song is sure to have many people moshing, solid drum velocity on high octane. We also get some cool dive bombs on the guitar, much reminiscent of Kerry King style of slamming out solos, great song. "Lord of Destruction", starts with a sample that was a bit too long for me. Once the song kicks in we are back to the high speed picking style that originated on the first two songs, although not as strong as the others, there are some killer solos to compensate for it. "Rivals", the level of aggression turned up by ten, the song is just brutal speed and does not let up, would be quite amazing to see what an audience would do if this was unleashed upon them in a live situation. "Run With Death", I rather enjoy the sequence of composition, as it starts with some stop and start fills, then into triplet rhythms that will make most metalheads begin to bang their heads the moment they hear it. The contents sent to me included two bonus live tracks, not sure if the live songs are included on the EP but will write on this as well. "Live Damned To the Eternal", its a bit rough but then again it is a live performance, what is clear to me is that these guys do play fast, I am sure the fans love every minute of it. "Guerreiros De Sata" (Volcano cover) sounds like a good thrasher song with some interesting passages, the solos are cool too. Overall a good EP. I like all the tracks, the live ones are ok but hard to listen to since its a live situation, I still got a good vibe from it. I recommend this EP for fans of Thrash, speed metal like early Slayer, Sepultura, Overkill and Nuclear Assault.

Ditheist - Seduction of Demons

Seduction of Demons is a self release EP from 2008 by Mid-west DM band Ditheist and current members are Konrad Lysak- Guitar, Narcyz Fortuna.- Drums, Jason Dienethal-Vocals, Jarek Badzioch-Bass. The first track is "Vengeance is Mine", first impression is -solid production, double kick work comes in clear and precise, guitars are brutal and not over produced. I do hear a Decapitate influence on this song. "Thrown Into Oblivion", blast beats ripping through this song are awesome- then we hear nice chunky mosh style riffing that fits rather well. "Seduction of Demons", some killer riffs start this song of and remind me of early Morbid Angel, the vocals are aggressive and have that early nineties style of vocalizing that is guttural yet clear enough to understand the lyrics most of the time. There are some interesting arrangements that are most definitely rooted in the DM style but done creatively enough to call their own. "Twilight of Burroughs Asymmetry", grinding onslaught batters the senses, the bass player has a great sound on this production and adds to the heaviness being projected. Some similarities to early Monstrosity, Death and Vader. Overall a very solid performance and production was great. I recommend for fans of pure underground DM in the vein of early Deicide, Decapitated, Vader or Monstrosity.

facebook Ditheist 

Pantheon of Blood - Tetrasomia

Released through Eldritch Lunar Miasma July 22 2013. Tetrasomia EP does not waste anytime setting the mood, from its first song "Thunder Alchemy" we hear open chord progressions and solid double bass kick work leading the charge. Vocals are excellent in true Finnish BM style. "Monta Maailmaa Nahnyt", simi clean guitar riff and slow tom rolls set an eerie mood and atmosphere of chaos. Production is good, all the instruments are captured with good clarity and tone. "Stigma Ja Kolmikarki", an interesting arrangement of chords with multi style vocals, from low, mid, high BM screams. "I.N.R.I." is the last song on this EP, an its a beast of a track, coming in with a clean guitar, memorable BM passages creating a dark abyss of travel. If you visit the bands BandCamp site you can stream two tracks form this EP. their previously release material includes "Pantheon of Blood" TAPE (Saturnian Productions / Breath of Pestilence, 2010) and "Consociatio Solis et Lunae" 7" (Glorious North Productions, 2011. Visit them on FB check out what they got going on. Overall I enjoyed this album and recommend it for fans of traditional Finnish Black Metal.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Buffalo Summer - Buffalo Summer

Classic Hard/Rock from Neath/Swansea. Buffalo Summer self titled debut album was released April 2013 on Cargo Records/Retrobution Records. The band is Jonny Williams – Guitar/Backing Vocals,
Andrew Hunt - Vocals, Darren King – Bass/Backing Vocals, Gareth Hunt – Drums & Percussion. The album starts with "She's So Natural", my first thoughts are -this band sounds like they have been around for decades, so I was surprise to learn they have only been around for a year or two and are young band playing this style of Rock in the vein of Led Zeppelin or early Lynyrd Skynyrd southern rock style. "Ain't No other" is a track the sticks in my mind and jams like no other. The band has achieved some great success already completing a summer tour in the UK/Europe with Skid Row and Ugly Kid Joe. they have just announced another tour in October 2013 that will kick off in London on the 23rd of Oct. 
Other tracks of interest on this album are "Down the River", surely to be a classic in the time to come and "A Horse Called Freedom". Overall a solid outfit that should not be missed by fans of classic hard rock bands like Zeppelin, Skynyrd, Hendrix, and all around rock blues fans.

Cholos On Acid - Grab Your Brain

Cholos On Acid is a Thrash/Punk band from California. Their latest release is "Grab Your Brain", released through Thrash Valley Records August 6 2013. The first thing the captured my attention was the album cover, I saw it when visiting their Bandcamp page, it literally pops out at me, colorful, intense and definitely knew this was going to be some thrash metal coming my way. The album starts with "Hidden War", guitars have great tone and sound very clear, reminiscent of D.R.I. sound. "Cause of Pain", indeed memories of Suicidal Tendencies creep into my mind, this is a good thing, the track is a jam. "Cause and Effect is a short but killer track and has me headbanging. "The Way it Is", I had to listen to this several times, its just awesome- easy to jam, love the bass lines and chorus just sticks in my head. "Nowhere", alarm siren sample brings in the chaos, a thrash onslaught with distinguishable lyrics and engaging chorus. "Control", here we have some speed metal with some relentless drums leading the charge. "Laughing At Myself", feeling the punk style vibe all over this track, the mosh pit starter for sure. "Victim", yet another track the has me moving my head and wanting to start a mosh pit in my room. Great lyrics that have some meaning behind it to bring this song to the top of the list. "I Am Reagan", there is a sweet solo in this song, a thrash anthem with some aggressive riffs. "Sedition", political view type lyrics on war, gets straight to the point and brutalizes. "Fuck You Man", how's that for a title, love it already, this is the final song on this incredible thrash metal ride and its a solid closer. Surprisingly, unlike some of the new thrash metal bands appearing lately- these guys are the real deal and have been around since 1986- this is evident in their sound and songs. Do yourself a favor and pick up this album, you will not be disappointed - they deliver some solid tracks and worth every minute. Check them out on their sites.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Samael - Lux Mundi - In The Deep

Released on Nuclear Blast on April 2011. The track is from the album Lux Mundi entitled "In The Deep" check out the full stream and although many probably own this or have heard it already, there are many who have not. Check it out.

Dark Design - Prey For The Future

Dark Design new album "Prey For The Future" on Heaven and Hell Records to be released September 2013. The band consist of  Andrew Bertrand-Vocals, Mike Joyner-Guitars , Matt Mercer-Bass,Backing vocals. Ray Lewis-Guitars, Backing vocals. Robbie Mercer-Drums, Backing vocals. They describe their style as Progressive/Thrash/Power Metal. First track is "In Media Res", a welcomed change, as its a clean acoustic opening rather than the typical scream and riff that is repeated constantly in metal albums these years. In my opinion is good to listen to and keeps me interested. Dark Design, solid guitars and production. "No Death", I can hear the thrash metal influence, I also am enjoying the warm tone of the guitar and clear vocal patterns. "Abiding Contempt", drums kick this one off with some rolling tom fills, good track. "Welcome to You're Doom" bass is highlighted at the beginning on this song, then the song goes into a very chunky mosh pit feeling style of arrangements. "Dragonmount", for some reason the band Wrath keeps popping into my mind - it could be the vocal style- or maybe even early Forbidden, either way I like it. "Meditations", awesome guitar work right from the start, really kicking some ass and then into some speed that will have most people raging and headbanging."Spice World", is very interesting, the opening has some egyptian sounding riffs, then goes into something much more thrash death style- good combo."Dust In The Wind", here is a surprise- something unexpected, never in my wildest dreams did imaging listening to this song by Kansas cover in a metal format- When it came in I thought for sure it was not going to be good- but after listening to it several times- they did a great job- and found myself enjoying this version very much. Overall - I really enjoyed this album, I believe many metal fans will find something to like- lots of surprises keep the listener intent and solid performances by these musicians make the album a must have for your collection.

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Labyrinth FULL Stream

The new album "Labyrinth" by Fleshgod Apocalypse has been made available for streaming through Terrorizer and Nuclear Blast via NB records SoundCloud site- listen to the full album below.

Night Demon - Night Demon

Shadow Kingdom Release of Night Demon EP coming August 20 2013. The title track comes in and instantly transported back in time to the great days of Metal, like early Judas Priest or Savatage. The era is captured in its pure essence and very enjoyable to my ears. "The Chalice", many aspects of the song remind me of Iron Maiden Killers, the sound is pure HM the way it use to be and considering they are only a three piece band that is awesome to hear- specially in an era that has way to many overproduced super complex guitar playing- listening to something like this is very welcoming in my opinion. "Ancient Evil", decent chorus and well sticks in my mind -great track and awesome solo complete with wah wah effect, an instant jam. "Ritual", a solid classic sounding song right from the late 70s style of metal, just a great song to play loud and bang your head to. Members Jarvis Leatherby, Brent Woodward, John Crerar have accomplished capturing the sound of the HM era in all its spirit. The EP will be available in many formats and its worth going to their sites to follow their upcoming shows and other happenings. I recommend for veteran metal fans as well as for the next generation of true Heavy Metal lovers in the vein of early Maiden, Judas priest, Saxon, UFO and many others from that time period.

Moonloop - Deeply From The Earth

Progressive DM from Barcelona Spain. Moonloop is ERIC BAULE: Vocals, lead & rhythm guitars, JUANJO MARTÍN: Rhythm guitars & background vocals, RAÚL PAYÁN: Drums, VIC GRANELL: Bass. Deeply From The Earth released in June 2013 under Listenable Records. "Awakening The Spirals of Time", is the opening track. Captivating start, when all the instruments chime in, I get a clear understanding of production, it is top notch. "A Live Divided", we get to hear the DM influence in this track, solid guitar riffs with a warm tone. "Beginning of The End", enjoying the arrangements of passages, followed with some good guitar licks. Vocals are mid guttural and have distinct definition. "Fading Faces", this track reminds me of early Gojira in the beginning, we also get some clean vocals which are well executed without the song losing any potency. "Strombus", intense double kick work by Raul on this song, then into some interesting rhythms with synth overlay. "Legacy of Fear", I get the feeling of late nineties style of DM heavy influence for this particular song. "Wailing Road", is different and comes as a nice surprise, somewhat reminds me of The Devin Townsend project but just slightly heavier. "Deceiving Time", a clean guitar progression with lead background and more clean singing that I do not mind since it is well fitting for this composition. "Landscape", back to the heavy, chunky type chords probably would do well in live atmosphere. really impressed by the drums through out this entire album, as they do many different fills and creative arrangements instead of just holding a beat. "Atlantis Rising", complete with splashing sounds as to imaging the rising of the forgotten land, awesome, clean entrance and intriguing mysterious background ambiance, really like what I hear, this slowly builds up into a variety of heavy to clean instrumentation with a solid climatic solo to wrap it all up. Overall found myself exploring many aspects of the album and stayed interested through out without getting bored. I recommend for fans of DM, progressive, melodic, and ambient fans a like.

Misantronics - Moral Panic and The End of Reason

The album was released between February and March 2011 and are live improvisation sessions. First track is "A Failed Science", multi instruments is the name of the game here and to best describe it, here is the bio from his page "Misantronics is an experimental solo project from Antwerp, Belgium. His music is usually created through live improvisation sessions playing guitars, bass, violin, theremin CD-case, e-drums, loops, software and a bunch of effects. This results in multiple genre sounds like ambient, noise, drones, drum & bass and lately drone-doom and industrial experimentality". If I had to pick a track I would have to say "A Culture of fear" is my favorite. Normally not what I listen to but gave it an honest ear nonetheless . The album ends with "Please Think of The Children", many sounds paint an atmosphere of dramatic aesthetics and are well represented to give the overall meaning of the title. This particular album was released under the now gone label Darkmeadow Recordings. If you like instrumental albums with lots of ambiance and  moods then this will be something you might want to check out.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Alexythimia - Nucleogenesis

Another release from Darkmeadow Recordings which is no longer an active label. This album somewhat mysterious since I did not find any info on this album what so ever online. So, after looking for a while I decided to just start listening and give you the best idea of what I hear. "Black Heart Galaxy", keyboards and clean melody, not metal at all, something different which is good. Oblivious Blue, an intriguing and beautiful piece with open landscape of feeling -great sound. "Olivine", violin and industrial type of beats. Trance instrumental with many samples. "Made of Stone", heavy beats and complex arrangements of sounds. "Duplicity", smooth tones and high vocalization, samples are interesting dialog about the human mind. "Oblivious Blue Broken in Two", space like synth sounds and industrial style beats, fast keyboard notes are done with good precision, more samples of societal expression. "Mui", this track is easily stuck in my head, simple notes screaming type of samples, like smoking something good and taking a mind trip through vast spacial environments. "Alucaro Lament", is the final track in this experimental journey of total sound immersion.

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Evil Poetry - Letheus Nocturnus

Going back a few years now. This album was released back in 2006 on Omeyocan Productions. Members are Zephiroth-Guitars, Vocals, Rockarla-Bass, Shadowbuilder-Drums. hailing from Mexico and their style being Black/Death Metal. The album starts with "Drama and Evolution", no wasting time getting to the brutality, production is ok, I noticed right away the drums loose some stamina at times. "Beyond The Trees of Sacred Forest",  decent arrangements raw guitar sounds. "Lacus Somniorum", open chords start of- lack of creative fills as I was thinking, half hearted cymbal hits were just to basic and unintentional.  "Letheus Nocturnus", clean guitar begins and once again the lack of creativity on the drum fills make this rather good riff feel weak and unimpressive. "Omeyocan Conjure", to highlight how lax the drums are and I really don't like to keep bringing up but on this particular song the drums start it off and can't help but notice how novice it really sounds. "The Silence Is Behind", a decent blend of high and low vocals, really hard for me to get into the music, its just to plain and repetitive. "Hate", a fast grinder the drops in stamina as it approaches the next change up. While doing research I found that they do have a release from 2010, so maybe there is some improvement there but after listening to this I am not really inspire to check it out. Good effort on their part but really difficult to find anything of interest.
~Artemortifica Poetry/Letheus Nocturnus

Conjuration - The House on Nuclear Hill

The House on Nuclear Hill released in 2011. Through CMIA records. From Norway. Conjuration: Members include S. A. Destroyer - vocals, V. F. - Guitar , T. Terror - Battery, Andy "Coffin" - Bass (Session). The first track is an intro then into "Clavicula my Coat of Worms", an interesting name, my first thoughts are "damn solid production", brutal drums and pure intensity, rather immersing myself already from the very first riffs. Always a nice touch to be able to read the lyrics which are included in the two sided insert. The vocals do remind me of early Gorefest or Carcass style but hold their own distinct signature. Impressive guitar work is evident from song to song. production on the drums is pure, clear, balanced and precise, double kicks are powerful and thunderous. Necromantic Fever, excellent track, creative riffs and brutal onslaught on the senses. "Gangrene Limb Feast-You Are Who Your Eat", is a hell of a song, technical arrangement and pit inducing riffs are abound through this entire beast. "Cruel Cause", yet another solid track, just relentless with many great destructive compositions. "Outro -The Great Satanic Black-Rot", different samples of evil intention are mixed together for a haunting memorable ending. Overall this album will be playing in my stereo for many days to come because I just enjoy it that much. Highly recommend this album for fans of Brutal DM done in solid production you will definitely be getting in the pit when you hear this.

Close To Perfection - Life is Better In Red

An EP released on Satanica productions in 2010. Members in this project are Necrosadik, (Mexico) vocals/lyrics/organs/recording. Danny (USA) acoustic guitar/programming/recording/samples The intro really captures everything that will be experienced within this mad creation, its title is Words Splattered On My Chest, keyboard and wild obscure screams. "A world Without you', Psycho intro- very nice touch, followed by discorded passages and more madmen screams. Misled Illusions, not sure what type of vocals effect is used but it comes in wild and loud - but its fitting for a chaos of melody meets madness. "Think is A Regret", clean type of guitar and bass painting dismal turbulent ride. "Crushing The Walls Of My Mind', acoustic guitar time, disturbing psychotic screams from the asylum plus some organs and distant creepy sounds. "Nothing Left Inside My Eyes, feeling the oppression and despair by this point, agony whispers and captivating composition. "Astral projection', different from the other tracks, backward type of effect is cool, this is the end of my journey into this album. Overall found myself listen intently for the next surprise. I recommend for those who seek obscure sounds and chaotic type of vocals.


Death Chant - Among The Shadows

The album was released in 2010 on Death Chant Music which I will assume is their own label. The album is title Among the Shadows. This is another one man band project. We start with the track "Among the Shadows which just blast in without warning and set a chaotic mood. MK Ultra, title after the mind control drug, we get to hear a low guttural style and a BM high style vocals with some samples. "Prelude" is next and sets a great melody, I enjoy this beginning very much, captivating and well thought out. "Peddler's Wish, reminds me of early nineties style of BM, drum sound somewhat far away, creepy and whispering type of vocals. "Night Terrors', back to the guttural vocals, more death metals style type riffs on the guitars, fast paced notes and fast run downs, I like this one. "Inner Crisis', must say this track is pure death metal, good elements, drums are much more pronounced and heavy palm muting can now be heard. "Delirium', back to the BM feel of things, for some reason the drums sound far away now and not as up front. Good open chord progression and creative passages. "Dreaming', keyboards are expressed - beautiful melody, I was quite surprised by this. then a build up of haunting sounds into clean acoustic guitar that really appeared out of now where- really talented and creative, my favorite on this album. "Revelation", come in very loud and up front, back to the BM style, a good song reminds me of early style Satyricon. the last track is a cover- At The Gates, "Suicide Nation", a good expression of the popular song, although drums are a bit lagging, guitar do a good job on the riffs. Overall I like this album and found myself surpried from track to track the production is not the best based on the volume levels that seemed to go from very loud to low, I most enjoyed the clean melodies and keyboard parts. I recommend to fans of obscure underground sounds.
~Artemorticia Death Chant/Among the Shadows

Baalberith / Razakel Krieg - Dawn of A New Existance

This is a split released under the no longer in existence label Darkmeadow Recordings in 2011. First on the album is Baalberith. The song My Withering is a great to kick things of, very strong and awesome production in the drums although a bit loud in the mix they are accurate and consistent. The Cullin of Ignorance, eatures some good riffs both open chords as well as palm muted ones- love the fast parts. "Helvete Storm", the ride cymbal hits chime like ancient bells- I rather like it most would say its to loud but i enjoy it- we then get an onslaught of pure BM madness- its awesome. "The God That never Was', I am digging the title and really like this song - I feel it captures the old sound which began in the early nineties BM genre- fast brutal and really gets the head moving. This recordings is awesome. Now with on to Razakel Krieg which is a band that is still active, one man project from the UK. The intro takes us into a dark void. Blood Soaked Suicide, assuming the drums are programmed sound good. Dismal guitar sound open drone progressions. 'The Resurrection of the Beast', sounds different than the previous track, maybe recorded at a different time. Fast paced drums sound different too- guitar has a raw sound. Gates of heaven, interesting start, a quick switch to instruments. More drum fills and chaotic atmosphere. 'Bound By Satanic Victory', bare bones raw crude sounds but i think thats the only way to incarnate the beast being portrayed, drums sound more solid. "Churchburner', the sound dropped a few decibels on this track, and the drum program has a bad snare in my opinion, guitars sound like they a very far away- as far as composition is ok- but the production does take away a bit from it. 'Storm of Amguish', dismal creepy hymns, once again a different kind of sound. I will concentrate on the music- its well arranged and features some high vocals in true BM style. Last song of the split is 'Stigmata of The Universe', that sound huge and engaging. Some of the beats used sounded somewhat awkward but none the less got the message across. Overal an album the has a variety of production and many songs to explore. if you enjoy pure underground raw to the bone dismal feeling than you might enjoy this split.