Monday, July 29, 2013

Averse Concept - Symbol of Loss

A self released album from February 21 2013. Averse Concept is a BM project consisting of two members: Farace (Vox,guitar,bass) and Lujan (drums) residing in Philadelphia US. Symbol of Loss is an EP which starts of with "Grey Skies", really enjoying the way this sounds, clean guitar with a slight effect, creates a darken feeling at sets the atmosphere for "Welcome to the Trance", now we hear the BM influence coming through, guitars are raw in true obscure style. "Resigned Devotion", the opening riffs is great, it really stays in my mind. Vocals are somewhat different on this song as they go from screaming to BM style- which I enjoy. "Desolate Alleviate", haunting intro leading us into a dark void of despair. Drums are doing some solid kicks -although they sound a bit in the background than the other instruments, not a big deal it still kicks ass. "Clouded Recovery", guitar with a heavy effect creates a dismal and eerie feeling. This track is faster paced than the others but still sticks to the raw BM feeling. Overall I enjoyed this EP and would like to hear more from them in the future. Be sure to check them out on FB link I am providing at the bottom. 


Quest Of Aidance - Misanthropic Propaganda

Released on Pulverised Records July 23 2013. Hailing from Sweden the band consist of Daniel "Daaz" Valström - vocals, Christian Älvestam - guitar and vocals, Christian Lundgren - guitar. "A New Storm Rising" is the first song, an instrumental, my first thoughts are, great production -drums sound clear and solid. "Seething Voids", brutal aggressive devastating. "Deadly Viral Strain", fast furious double kick by the drummer. Almost sci-fi type of synth through the track. "To No Avail", reminds me of At The Gates first album or even early In Flames on some of the guitar compositions. "Section 34", captivating and creative guitar licks start this one off. Some complex arrangements and heavy chunky fills to compliment the entire opus. "Anyx", a short fast devastator. "Dimout", grind and punk style drums as well as some thrash metal elements- we also get to hear some low guttural vox for a few moments. A very interesting song and one of my favorites. "Sothis Allegro"(Instrumental), listen to some incredible guitar arrangements with a flurry of effects. "Spawnlayer", is one hell of a ride. Brutal devastating drums thunder through the entire track, solid work. "Sirian Breed", visions of a quest in outer space, epic sounds, very dramatic effects and evolving theme, very surprising and pleasing to my ears. After about a minute the onslaught begins, aggressive guitar riffs and killer vocals. "Like Shadowing Suns", memorable intro, creative open chord progressions. "The Fifth Column", a complex song with some amazing tempos and arrangements, constantly impressed at how warm yet brutal tones the guitars have in this entire production. "Doom Reactor", turn this one up loud and let the mosh pit begin, an intense and furious attack that exhibits elegance and technicality. Overall a great album. Readers take note this project was founded by Christian Älvestam of UNMOORED / SCAR SYMMETRY and Christian Lundgren from CARNALIZED, so if you are familiar with these bands you might enjoy this album as well.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Pete Flesh Deathtrip - Mortui Vivos Docent

Released on Pulverised Records July 22 2013. The Pete Flesh Deathtrip is a one man project and recorded with two other session players. Pete Flesh: Vocals/Guitars/Bass, Micke Broberg: Guest session vocals, Andreas Jonsson: Guest session drums. Originating in Sweden. "Fallen Bliss" is the first song, DM/BM is evident from the first riffs, high vocals and crushing type compositions. "The Eternal Dawn", haunting and captivating song, reminds me of early Forest of Impale. "Crave The Fire", brutal entrance, heavy solid guitar, some interesting harmonized riffs blend perfectly together. "The Suicide End", creepy eerie feeling corses through my body when listening to this song, then builds into a chanting ghost like atmosphere. A great song that should be listened to in the dark to get the full spectrum of its tones. "Burning Darkness", raw guitar sound give this track an edgy texture that is sure to get metalheads building devastating mosh pits. "Raven's Reborn", open chord progressions and pure sickening style vocals like the kind use to hearing from Samaels early albums. Pete's previous project include, Deceiver, Thrown & Maze of Torment. "God of The Crawling Whore", great title and possibly my favorite track from this album. "Bleed", like been swallowed into an abyss swirling in perpetual darkness, hymns that enthralled the senses and remain etched in my brain. "Recycle My Death", is the final track, BM madness is heard in every note, well executed. The cover was created by Erik Sahlström (Crucifyre, General Surgery, etc). It captures the ambiance of the music within. Overall an intense ride and I recommend for fans of old school DM/BM.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Laid8 - These Faded Lines

A self release album from September 2012. Based in London the band consist of: Tal Itay - Vocals, Oded Grosz - Drums, Dave G. - Guitars, Uri "KaBuKiM" Ofir - Bass. They describe themselves as new wave alternative metal. The album is thirteen tracks, starting with the song "Your Mistake", warm guitar riff, once the vocals start I am drawn in for more inspection. "Corner of The Evening Sky", really enjoying the bass sound, solid and crisp. The more I listen to the vocalist the more I enjoy it. "Flush", drum bass hold a cool intro in the beginning, interesting lyrical content, clean vocals make easy to understand. "You" simple yet effective title, I here some Korn style of riffing at times but only on a few rhythms. Incline to say it reminds me a bit of a band I have seen a few times live -Otep, but with a much warmer and inviting sound. "Ode To You", a beautiful song, melodic in spirit engaging dynamics on the drum part, vocals remind me of Portishead. The track is easily digested by the senses and found myself listening to it several times. "Is This what You Waited For", the paced is picked up a few notches for this song, great guitar sound, not to over-dominating but just enough to give a heavy lining. "Hopelost", the lyrics are more basic on this track compare to the others. "Before You Choose", a melodic and emotional ride, subtle clean guitar with a slight chorus type effect, very captivating an easily stays in my mind. The last four tracks on here are from a 2010 EP (Remaster), starting with "Necessary Evil", clapping and harmonize guitar into a much heavier sounding composition. "Point of no Return", more crunch on the instruments giving it that metal genre style. "Answers", faster and stepped up rhythms, I can see this being an audience pleaser in a live concert situation. "Living Flame", interesting compositions, clean to heavy with great harmonic vocal phrases. Overall an enjoyable listening experience and is sure to reach vast audiences as well as radio friendly music. be sure to check them out at a concert near you.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bedridden - Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals OFFICIAL VIDEO

Video release on Housecorerecords. Phil's new project- new song Bedriden. I rather enjoy the video, its basic bare bones shot in a small bar much like you would see at a local metal event. Good jammin song not super complex just straight forward metal/dm thrash- very cool- check it out.

Monday, July 22, 2013

MALAS Album release show review 7-20-13

Sable Beldum, Nucleus, La Armada, Mutant Supremacy, and Malas. Live at The Underground Lounge on 952 W. Newport Ave. Chicago, IL. Malas (Path to Holocaust) CD release show. Hosted by Renato Brujo. All the pictures from this show can be found here Artemortifica Photos

The Underground Lounge is located on one of the busy parts of Chicago, Sheffield/Newport area near Wrigley Field. My first time checking out a metal show there. Small place in the basement, but overall good atmosphere and sound.

The opening act Sable Beldam began their set around 8:45pm. Heavy thrash metal influence, very energetic and enthusiastic. Drummer Frenz played fast and solid. Guitars sounded raw and in true thrash metal sound.

Next up Nucleus, although my first time listening to them the audience seemed to be familiar with them and were giving me positive feedback about how good of a band they are. After listening to them play, I must say they were correct. Definitely death metal influence and some solid bass playing by Daniel Williams. Aggressive sound brutal vibes got the people moving and headbanging.

La Armada hit the stage with intense energy and really grabbed my attention. Fast speed, sometimes punk, hardcore, grind, clean stops and overall creative riffs with a sharp edge. The audience was receptive to this and got a nice mosh pit started. I enjoyed their music so much I ended up buying their LP on vinyl for only ten dollars. With a good variety of music happening and more people showing up it set the mood for the next act.

Mutant Supremacy came all the way from NY to play. The Chicago metal heads were in full support. Brutal death metal with three vocalist. The trade of phrases between high and low vocals was very cool to see and really enjoy the solo work being played by the guitar players Sam Awry, Curtis Johnston.

The headliners Malas came on close to midnight. With the only lights illuminating from the bottom of the drums and everything else in darkness, it created a great atmosphere to top of the night. A destructive performance in true death metal style. Solid drum performance by Jim Kerley. Sound was good, everything was well balanced, slamming vocals and thick bass lines being dealt by Erik Pert and Alex Mcintire shredding some killer solos to complete the brutality.

Overall I had a great time. Got to chat with Tom from Cardiac Arrest, Bernardo from the band Purge, Renato, Deathmetal Pauly (Kataplexy) and others. A great night for metal.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dehuman Reign- Destructive Intent

Another killer release on FDA Rekotz July 26 2013. "Destructive Intent" is the album from Dehuman Reign a band from Berlin, comprised of  Totte, Ulf , Tesk, Rouven, and Alex. The first track is "Prelude to Perdition", deadly tones and dark landscapes are my first thoughts. Next up is "Extinction Machine" brutal as it gets in true DM manifestation, the raw guitars destroy with much velocity. "Invocation I Black Seed", a spell is been cast or demons being released from its long slumber, that's what I envision when I first heard this. "Irreversible Soul Consumption", great title. drums are intense, precise and very devastating. My favorite track on the disc so far. "Staring Beyond the Edge of Time", another awesome title. the composition reminds me of old Sinister or early Hypocrisy. Vocals are low and guttural on this song in particular towards the end. "Invocation II Scorched Earth", another incantation of malevolence which leads us into "Veil of Ignorance", excellent work, from riff to riff its by far the most intriguing song to me, although DM as fuck, they do it in their own style which shoots it straight to the top with aggression, intensity and pure madness."Masks of Sorrow", early Monstrosity or Immolation -very well executed. Amazing from beginning to end, hope they get more exposure and death metal fans should play close attention as there is so much to enjoy from this brutality.

Wound - Inhale The Void

FDA Rekotz release July 26 2013. Wound hails from Wiesbaden, Germany and is comprised of four members Schulz, Appel, Schettler, Last. "Odium" is the opening song and sets the mood perfectly for "Codex Arcanum", it comes in true DM style, raw guitar sound, high low mix vocals. I am transported back to the early nineties style of DM like Entombed or Grave, great sound. "Echoes", got to love the way this starts, I hear some triplet ride cymbal action and then it whips us into the pit. "The Unsolved Obscurity", a mosh stomper of a track, instant circle pit envision. The feeling of thrash metal influence is evident on this song. "Forever Denial", some cool open chord progressions with a fast solo to tie it all together."Confess to Filth", walking the fine line between DM and thrash, a great combo in my opinion. Drums are solid and relentless through out."Corroded From Withing", damn, shocked to hear a great bass line kick this one of, reminiscent of old D.R.I., I have to say this is my favorite track, assaulting the senses and playing it over several times, an awesome tune."Among You", I really enjoy the lyrics to this song, the bass player is solid and holds a tight rhythm."The Prince of Tyranny", liking the title, catchy and involved riffs, almost like old Celtic Frost or early Sepultura. "Inhale The Void" is the final song on this album, eerie mood setting clean guitar is a nice touch, slight contrast from all the brutality experienced. Its the type of clean guitar that will stick in your memory for a time to come, well executed and paints a dark dismal path. The band also has a demo Confess to Filth -"Demo of the Month" in Rock Hard Magazine-. A great album with true underground DM roots. A must for all true fans of the DM genre.


Serocs - The Next

To be released in October 2013 on one of the most heavy labels around Comatose Records. Serocs describes themselves as "Technical Death-Grind from all over the world", featuring Antti Boman (DEMILICH), Chris Lollis (LECHEROUS NOCTURNE) and more. The project began in 2009 as a one man band (Antonio Freyre) guitar. "The Next" is an eight track album filled with speed, technicality and brutality. Some crazy time signatures churned up in a mad-mans lab in hell. The drums are blazing and never let up, a solid and precise yet chaotic and frenzied style. The bass is doing some superior fills that defy explanation at times. Most casual listeners might not understand what to make of it, more advance listener will absolutely love it. Some bands that come to mind are Gorod, Illogist, Necrophagist, Psycroptic and Braindrill. For death/grind that spans world wide it delivers many thrills and surprises. "Alienus Gignesthai" is the last track and is the only track the has a somewhat mid pace clean guitar in the beginning but ends quickly back into the brutality. Overall enjoyable to listen to and for fans of Tech/Death grind.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Skeletal Spectre - Voodoo Dawn

Released on Pulverized Records recently, Voodoo Dawn is an album by Skeletal Spectre consisting of Vanessa Nocera - All Vocals, Behold The Pentagram - Guitar & Bass, Haunting The Beyond: Drums. The first track "Voodoo Dawn", comes in strong, instantly reminds me me of early Benediction or Bolt Thrower. "Altar of Damballah", catchy riffs, strong vocals and killer bass tones drive this beast, very epic sound. A distinct voice in the BM genre although rooted in BM she maintains a unique signature, achieving low to high pitch effortlessly. "Serpent Moon", interesting title, raw production add to the feeling on the composition. "Bone Dust", surely to become a fan favorite amongst the underground culture if it hasn't already. This track just screams brutality in all aspects. "Shallow Grave", like the most memorable styles of the early nineties BM/DM this one bring it forth from start to finish."Black Augury Hollow", must speak on the drums, solid performance, the recording has thunder feeling when the double kicks begin to roll. Great song. "She Wolf of Devil's River", with a title like that you can't go wrong, we get to hear some really good solo work towards the end of this song, its cool to spin it several times to get an overall dismal feeling, excellent writing. "Haunted Gallows", this track had me headbanging from the opening, lyrical content is awesome, the clarity of the vocals lends itself to be recognizable. It is yet another track that is bound to be a fan favorite as it has become one of mine. "Flip-Side of Satan", a brutal assault to the senses, a surprise on here, we hear some clean vocals mix with the BM style, really impressive and destructive. Anyone who is interested they also have these releases,  "Tomb Coven" (2009 Razorback Recordings), "Occult Spawned Premonitions (2011 Razorback Recordings / Selfmadegod Records), split 7" EP w/Druid Lord (2011 HGPD Productions)
I highly recommend this album for fans of old school DM/BM genres, I believe both old and new metalheads will find something to enjoy from this journey.

Graveyard of Souls - Shadows of Life

FDA Rekotz released on June 21 2013. Graveyard of Souls - Shadows of Life album. Melodic/Death Doom consisting of two members, Raúl Puente and Angel. "Genesis", intro track develops the atmosphere and leads us into "Shadows of Life", instantly think of many different doom bands but I will refrain from mentioning any and try to listen for its own aesthetics. Open chord progressions as well as keyboards create a smooth layer of epic feeling. "Dreaming of Some Day to Awake" this song grabs my attention, something about the opening riffs linger in my head way after the song is finished. "Memories of The Future" (We Are), vocals are in the range between brutal low and mid but yet understandable. Composition not super complicated, just simple and good rhythms. "Follow Me", in doing my research for this band, I found them to be obscure. not much info on their FB site, this lends to really playing close attention to their music and explore the landscapes they create. This particular song almost sounds other worldly, it creates infinite travel, like a journey through stars. One of my favorites from this album. "Mad World", almost reminiscent of early Neurosis except only two members holding all the instruments in this case. "Solitude's My Paradise", a rock style of riffing starts this one, keyboards layer chant like melodies, vocals remind me of Novembers Doom at moments. "Dead Earth" much different than the other tracks, a tad more upbeat. "There Will Come Soft Rains", captivating from the beginning, I found myself listening to this song multiple times, doom overtones with certain melodic feel, catchy and entrancing composition by far my favorite. This track seals the epic adventure that is Shadows of Life. I highly recommend it for fans of doom, melodic, hard rock and ambient listeners.
metal-archives Graveyard of Souls


Infected Society/F is for Fuck You/Miserable Failure - Miserable Fucking Society

This is a three way split to be released through Kaotoxin in August 2013. Infected Society, F is for Fuck You. Miserable Failure are the bands on this true grind masterpiece. Nineteen tracks of some of the most raw intense grind punk crust noise ever. "Old School Traditional Butchery", I am transported back to the days of Brutal Truth and Phobia, certain mayhem manifesting in its true colors. "Definitely Dead" edge of your seat, ear splitting madness. "Ultimate Slavery" hints of punk are evident and its really good. "Mentally Deranged", heavy Napalm Death influence for this track. "Crack Whores" you have to love the title, skanky type of rhythm, slamming bass fills make this one to turn the volume up. "Life Eraser", if your are not in the pit by now you might be getting your ass kicked, great song. "Raw Quad Orgy', been wanting to hear this style for a while and not many musicians do it this well. "Zero", bringing out aggressive drum assault like the good days of grind/punk era. "Sound of Nothing", almost speed metal thrash influence followed by a skank beat to give it the extra punch. "Fit", grind menace on this track, includes fast double kick work to tie it all together for a mosh pit inducer. "Fuck Off" the title says it all, every part of rebellion can be experience from riff to riff on this song, fast, stomp, slow thrashy and then grind, very good track indeed. "Firesky". punk furiosity, I can imaging many injuries deriving from this song in a live environment, a true stomper. "Summoning Chaos", want insane, out of control vocals and frenzied playing? then this next few track will surely feed your appetite."All Women must Die", does not get much more to the point than that. Like a possessed madman screaming in an asylum, maybe projecting several demons, this track is a lunatics dream come true. "None shall Be Saved", if you do happen to see a live performance more likely you will not survive. "Inside Me" is the last track on this compilation, a grind manifestation in its true form. Overall I like this entire comp. It lives up to the grind/punk/speed elements right from the roots.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spheron - Ecstasy of God

Apostasy Records released on July 5th "Ecstasy of God" by German based technical DM band Spheron. The five masterminds are Daniel Spoor -Vocals, Tobias Alter -Lead Guitar, Mark Walther -Rhythm Guitar, Matthias Minor -Bass and Tobias Blach - Drums. "A Means To An End" is first. great opening piece, it builds a huge epic atmosphere then slows just enough to set you up for the next assault. "The Beheaded Coachman" at first my ears are drawn to the drums, there is a lot happening in terms of dynamics, its mesmerizing. Amidst all the complexity the song goes into clean guitar parts that catch me by surprise and its a good one. "Prestige of the Mortals", lightning fast kicks highlight this track plus some awesome descending guitar licks. "Saturnian Satellites" thinking Nile or Cryptopsy, vocals are intense. "Clasp The Thorns", I played this track numerous times, the beginning sticks in my head. We hear a wide variety of tempos within the song and are battered by some heavy floor tom work towards the middle, this is my favorite track on this album. "Prelude to Misery" enjoying the clean introduction, haunting yet inviting, a horror nightmare unfolding into "Five Degrees", the band most definitely has their own style and at every turn you find a surprise which is hard to hear these days. "Pulse of Instinct', open progression into some slam style riffing. "Tragedy of Clerics", 'pit' get in the pit, that's my first impression, this track gets the blood flowing as if the rest of this album did not blow you away, this track comes in kicking and mutilating everything in its path. "Chocking on Incense", an interesting title for a complex and very technical creation, there is so much going on, a controlled chaos of sorts, well executed. "Anthropogenic", amazing bass line, melodic, fast, captivating and memorable. "From Glint to Crackling", this is the last track from the album, its a bit more mid paced than the rest of the songs which is good, showing how diverse the compositions can be and still remaining technical. What I really enjoyed the most was the middle part, clean tones and great sounding guitar solos paint an amazing soundscape. The album is certainly one of the best I heard in this genre for 2013. It delivers on tech, melodic, death metal, grind and overall just good music for all audiences into metal. 


I Killed Everyone - Necrospire

Another brutal release on Pavement Entertainment. Necrospire is the new album by the band I Killed Everyone, great name for a band by the way. Members are: Tim O'Brien- Vocals, Bill Williams-Guitar, Jason Cordero-Bass, A.J Kolar-guitar, Tom Salazar-Drums. The cover to the album is awesome. I am familiar with the art of Mark Cooper, he does wonderful work and I recognized it immediately. The first song is "A Sanguinary Mass", my first thoughts are brutal and destructive, intense low vocals. "Grimoire I- Evicerated" solid foot work by the drummer in true DM style, really enjoying this so far."The Devourer Beyond" tuned low and a guttural feeling leading into a mosh inducing frenzy. "Necropire" simple title yet musically effective battery of sound, open chord progression and sometimes Meshuggah elements to the riffs. "Born of the Abattoir", turning this track up loud on my speakers, good catchy memorable composition and some cool solo work towards the middle. "State of Filth", starting of in true DM aggression then building into a massive more modern metal lashing. "Crucified and Consumed", want to hear some progressive type guitar licks? you will find some at the beginning and through the rest of the track. I am impressed at how fitting and effortlessly the solo work is achieved. "Antipathy", dissonant intro, crushing and devastating track, all the death metal influence comes forth in true glory for this song and will have to say its my favorite track. "Grimoire II- One with the Void" title and lyrics are awesome, I get a sense of peril in a dismal abyss of chaos, killer progressions with battle like precise drum dynamics, specially the triplet hits on the ride cymbal, its a small detail but one that shows how talented this drummer is. "The Human Error" final song and its intense, dual vocals high and low compliment each other and I also here solid bass lines come forward on this composition. I recommend this album for both new and old school metal heads, it most certainly delivers brutal, sadistic, ear shattering, mosh stomping feelings from beginning to end.


Ocellus - Departure

Released on Pavement Entertainment, Inc. May 2013 "Departure" is the latest release by Ocellus from Lyons, WI they are a six piece band: Matt - Vocals, Jordan - Guitars, Griff - Guitars, James -Guitars/Cleans, Phil - Bass/Cleans, Goody - Drums. Their first release "Crush. Kill. Destroy." was back in 2010. The new album Departure starts with "Bittersweet Misery", great production, I hear a variety of influences as well as a great range of vocals styles. "Sleepless" at times the vocals remind me of Fear Factory or Suicide Silence. "Epiphany" solid drum work, you can hear some very precise footwork as well as great executed arpeggio riffs in this track. "Endeavors" enjoying the way all the vocals don't clash with each other, they seemed to be in good collaborations through out all the songs.
"Death of A Tyrant", interesting title, aggressive licks and grinding drums, this reminds me of The Haunted first album, this is good because I enjoy that very much. "Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" I hear an early Lamb Of God influence but with diverse style vocals, great guitar riffs happening. "My Protector" , the bass lines come through nice and clean for this track, brutal and assaulting, a great song to headbang to. "Undying Allegiance" more on the modern metal shape of things, engaging the new generation of metal heads, I also hear some cool guitar run downs. "The Great Scape" is the last track, lots of stop and start drum fills on this track, a captivating ending to seal the deal for the record. If you live in or around the mid-west region I recommend checking out a live set. Anyone can find something to like on this album, I recommend to fans of Lamb Of God, The Haunted and Machine Head.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Lumberjack Feedback - Hand of Glory

Released in France just last week on Kaotoxin Records. The Ep will be made available in the UK and US in August 2013. Hand of Glory features two tracks, the masterminds behind this opus are Boumt Hersina-Guitar, Arnaud Silvert-Guitar, Sebastien Tarridec-Bass , Chris Ito-Drums, Nicolas Tarridec-Drums. If you noticed two drummers listed its not a typo - there are two drummers playing on this EP. Doom drone sludge style. The first song is "A Whisper To The Thunder", heavy heavy is my first impression and I also get a huge Neurosis feeling happening, the guitars are setting a dramatic state of reality, its doom but has a certain heavy rock vibe to it not sure how to explain that but the song will have you moving and searching for someone to hit. Feelings of a dismal landscape, a dark heavy atmosphere of much malevolence.  "The Dreamcatcher" low deep bass begins this song. Intrigued by how well produced this is, consider the fact there are two drums and a low tuned bass and guitar you might think this will not come out so great in a recording but far from that, its balanced and clear giving it a perfect canvas on which to explore its enormous sound. I found myself digging deep into the tones created here. In case you are wondering there are no vocals just instruments. The entire Ep clocks in at the 17 minute mark which is fitting to ingest the entire adventure the composition creates for your mind


GraVil - Thoughts of a Rising Sun

GraVil is a five piece metal band from London, members are Grant Stacey - Vocals, Andy Slade - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Tony Dando - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Sparx - Bass and Backing Vocals, Conor Harkness - Drums. A very active and successful band they recently played The Download Festival back in June 2013 and are about to play HammerFest 6 2014 slated to play among major acts Kreator and Overkill. Thoughts of a Rising Sun is their latest album released in May. "Structurally Unsound" is the first song and it slams in with raw brutality. my first thoughts, amazed at how many styles I heard on just this first song, we get thrash, melodic, technical along with a good spectrum of vocalization. "Enemy Within" sounds kind of industrial metal at first then gets some riffing that give it a Machine Head type of vibe. "Beyond Reprieve" solid drumming and very catchy riffs, really sinking my ears on this track. "The Wanderer" has a modern metal style feel to it, maybe a bit of Devil Driver tinge. "Something Worth Chasing' surprising and inviting keyboards lead this song, not a fast driven but remaining well structured and heavy. "Interlude" and its a clever one, introducing a much fitting guitar part that melds perfectly with the entire composition taking us right into "Thoughts of a Rising Sun", my first thoughts are, I hear a somewhat power metal influence here, except the vocals keep it in the modern scope of things. "Through The Eyes of Spartans" fast and relentless, I imaging this being the mosh pit starter in a live environment. Drums are keeping solid beat and executing great dynamics. "Bottle of Shadows" I am digging the clean melodic guitar start, then building into a memorable composition featuring harmonized riffing towards the end. "March of The Titans" (feat. Cradle of Filth) interesting track, a wide array of instrumentation assaulting the senses, everything seemingly coming together to complete this beast of an album. Overall this album really captivated me and I recommend to metal fans of Machine Head, Fear Factory, Chimaira, in general the audience will find something enjoyable in each and every song.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CARCASS - Surgical Steel - Album teaser

Nuclear Blast Europe just posted a YT video as a teaser to the upcoming Carcass album. Check it out

Forlorn Path - Man's Last Portrait

Forlorn Path is a three piece metal band from NJ, USA. Previous releases include their first EP, Being Towards Death and second EP, Intifada. This is their current release Man's Last Portrait. The first track "The Coming Of Winter" sets the mood for an epic journey that is about to unfold. The first thing I notice is the amazing quality of production. The tones and rhythms are crystal clear, superior drum quality. At times sounding like there are more than three musicians with all the sounds taking place. "Empire of Decadence" thunders in in full BM glory then drops back with melody, some different vocal styles are exhibited from high to low and guttural. "Words Only Winds Can Speak" I like the guitar work on this particular song, some imaginative 'hammer on' 'pull off' work. Some of the influences I hear are old Dissection, At The Gates, early Behemoth and Samael. "As Hope Fades" a dismal atmosphere is created, very impressed by the keyboards, imagining a landscape of desolation. "Ghost" captivating and inviting clean guitar begins this one, killer open chord progressions ."Man's Last Portrait" title track, catchy chorus and verses, an epic story taking place. "What Lies Beyond", testing our view of reality through their lyrical content and creating a canvas musical investigation at the same time. "Relics" this brings me to the end of the album, it has been an incredible experience, I will be thinking and replaying this tracks in my head for a time to come, the last song is very intense in true BM/DM style. Its been a pleasure listening to this album and I highly recommend it to both DM and BM fans around the world. 

Twisted Wrath - Madman's Chorus

Twisted Wrath are from west Ireland and are comprised of  Patrick Fitzgerald - Vocals/Guitar, Colin Dunne - Lead Guitar, David Mahony - Drums and Niall McGuinness - Bass Guitar. Madman's Chorus EP released in 2/2013. "North Titan" is the first track, heavy thrash and intense are what come to my mind. Vocal style is rooted in thrash metal but does hold a certain unique feel to it. "Madman's Chorus" title track, really enjoying the drums on this song, very precise and solid, also very involved solo work by the guitars towards the end. "To The Sword" brutality abound, this would be an instant mosh pit starter in a live situation. I hear many influences from Overkill, Exodus, early Testament, Nuclear Assault and Slayer. "Smoke" is the last song, metal as fuck- aggressive intense and relentless, the chorus sticks in my mind and all the lyrics are well understood yet stay brutal and forceful. If you are wanting to hear more the band also released an EP, "Hath Fury", in 2010. their music is available on Bandcamp and also Soundcloud, visit them on FB as they are doing many things, catch a live performance near your area.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Ritual of Odds - God is an Atheist

Melodic Death metal from Greece, God is an Atheist - album released in 2010. The band is comprised of: Kostas - Vocals, Petros - Drums, Nicolas-guitars and Marios - Bass. Previous work include Building Up the Underverse (demo) 2008 and Underverse (full length) January 2010, they are currently working on their third release. The first and title track is aggressive and brutal yet technical. Much talent is experienced right from the start. "Haunt' is a mosh stomper, very cool bass line can be heard on this track. "Deliverance" great verses and chorus, I can easily sing to this and all the content is clear and understandable. "Nightmare on Elm Street' an unexpected title but really good music plus it also happens to be one of my all time favorite movies. Very cool to listen to something that is away from the typical war or doom aspect and more based on a film, creative indeed in my opinion. On top of that at the 3:30 mark we get a haunting and captivating throw at the classic theme from Nightmare on Elm Street film. "Mist Covers Everything' many styles of vocalization are fitting together well, just enough of lows, highs and mids. "Masterplan" yet another song the stirs away from the rest -not to compare to much but definitely Slipknot influence I hear. "Boomerang" sirens begin in this track but is different than you standard intro much more involved, must speak on this talented guitar work, many great solos and clean parts showing a range of dynamics. "Crocodile Tears" I can envision a large mosh pit building to this song in a live situation, some grinding and sick double kicks towards the middle. "Leftovers of My Faith" catchy chorus and some excellent guitar licks, would say this yet another favorite from this album. "3d Side of the Coin" a perfect way to end my journey through this record, overall I enjoy this album very much, I recommend for all metal, DM, melodic, and even thrash oriented fans. I will be looking to see what the third album has in store.


Nailgun - New World Chaos

New World Chaos released through STF Records in 2012. Nailgun is comprised of vocals - Manuel Blesch, guitar - Daniel Morsch, guitar - Nenad Eppli, bass - Sven Rakowitz and drums - Steffen Wiesel
Making their brand of metal since 2008 and the bands previous releases include self release album Paindustry They are from South Germany. "Fragment of Chaos" has an epic start, grabs the attention from the first few riffs. "Traitor", loving the clean opening, definitely catchy riff and equally catchy rhythm. "I Have Enough" some hints of power metal influence in this track and a few others as well. "Abyss of Shadows" such an excellent bass line leads this one and remains in my head, I don't want to compare to much but the song reminds me somewhat of End Of Green, which is a band I am a huge fan of. I would have to say this is my favorite track from this album. "Deep Shades of Sorrow' much heavier the the previous tracks, chunky and strong rhythms. "The Result" interesting choice of guitar work, followed by wha wha voice vox effect the really creative and catchy."Change of Seasons" great chorus and verse will most likely capture the attention of a vast audience, just a well rounded song all together. "When God Turned Away", my mind thinks of Dream Theater, because of the vocals but more the progression of compositions. "Time is Running Out", much more speed is exhibited  on this song but keeps the melodic experience well intact. "You Are Everything" is the final song, long intro before building into another epic track to bring us to the end of this journey and leaves me wanting more, overall impressed very much by the entire album. Recommend this album for metal fans of Symphony X or Dream Theater.

I Am The Trireme - I Am Many - sample

Check out the song I Am Many by I Am The Trireme from the Unholy album released on Saturday on Darkharvest records- You can purchase it at the following link 

Preludium - 'Impending Hostility'

Preludium hails from Mielec Poland and members are: Jan Skowron - Guitar, Marcin Deszcz - Bass, Lukasz Dziamarski - Guitar/Vocals, Piotr Ungeheuer - Drums. Impending Hostility album released on Transcending Obscurity. "Legacy of Destinations" armies marching through hell is my first impression then building into an aggressive force of massive proportions. "Realm of Void" an assault to the senses from the beginning, good open chord progressions. "Desolation" I hear some Vader influence as well old style DM, impressive solo work on the guitars. "Hostile Area" reminds me of early Morbid Angels Altars of Madness style. "Bitter Cold" I actually listen to this track on Youtube before I was even aware of the album so I am familiar with it. I enjoy the drums, making fast stops and keeping solid double kick work in precise timing, I would have to say this is my favorite track."Blessing of War', brutal and chunky guitar work. a mix of dual vocals give that certain DM feel from the early nineties. "Death Campaign" want to hear some fast and relentless double kicks? than this is the song for you, it can easily be a mosh pit starter at most live situations for them. "Execution" straight to the point no nonsense DM happening here, many memorable passages to be observed on this song. The last track is "Warfare", a clean guitar with added harmonizer paints a dark landscape of sheer brutality building to destructive composition. Previous releases include  'Rape Mankind Disorder' album and 'Abomination' EP. I highly recommend for fans of Vader, Behemoth, Obituary or old Sepultura era. 

The Vein - Scouring the Wreckage of Time

Shadow Kingdom Records released on June 25th 2013. Scouring the Wreckage of Time, the debut album by The Vein from Aalborg Denmark. The Vein have created this journey of old school doom/ BM sometimes DM style ride that encompasses several old school genres in the modern day. "Pale Dawn Rising" sludgy and dark tones with deep guttural style of vocals. "Seeds of Blasphemy", we get to listen to some keyboards on this track and really enjoy the mood this sets, like old Paradise Lost or Novembers Doom but with heavy low vocals. "Acedia" without a doubt my favorite song, very much intrigued by the melody and atmosphere this track creates, I found myself captivated and only disappointed that it did not last much longer. "The Poisoned Chalice", close to nine minutes long is an epic story, keeps the listener intent from riff to riff. "The Great Deception",  we get to hear some dual vocals on this track and some long drone style compositions. the band began in 2010 and current members include  JBP: Vocals, Martin Meyer Mendelssohn Sparvath: Rhythm/Lead guitars, C. Nörgaard – Bass & keyboards, Thomas Wesley - Drums. "Carving a Labyrinth of Despair", crossing into the thirteen minute mark, the song takes us into a journey of dark abyss, an oblivion of madness if you will. the opening riff wraps its tentacles around your ears and sucks you in. Many elements from samples to keyboard passages can be experienced, making this a great way to end our ride. Overall I recommend for metal fans of doom, sludge, BM and even some ambient listeners. 


Besieged - Victims Beyond All Help

Besieged Thrash/ Death Metal band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Fast, aggressive and relentless is what comes to mind from the opening track "Internal Suffering" reminds me a lot of Overkill or Vio-Lence. "Death" pure and straight to the point, really enjoying the solo work on the guitars for this one. This album will be available through Unspeakable Axe Records on July 9th 2013 so keep your eyes peeled for it. "Buried Alive" a thrash metal pleaser for sure, think of Death Angel early days on this one. "The End' want to hear some elaborate drum work? then check out this track, some killer dynamics are created by drummer and at times remind me of early Sepultura like Morbid Visions album. "Victims Beyond All Help" title track , sure to be an audience captivator, a flurry of solos like the kind experienced in the early Slayer albums, well executed. "Trapped Inside", speaking on the album cover, than this song would fit the best, as thrash metal goes this track exhibits all the right components. The band's first demo release was in 2004 entitled Visions of Pain followed by original CD-R release of Victims Beyond All Help in 2010 only 300 printed. "Black" is the final song, pushing the boundaries of speed with some complex riffing and lightning fast double kick work, a great way to seal the album that is sure to become a favorite among the Thrash/DM audience. 

Bakken - Death Of A Hero

Another great album has just thundered through my speakers. Hailing from Northern Ireland. Bakken is a band that is new on the scene having formed in 2011 this is their first release, The album starts with "Darkest day" many sirens going off as we prepare for some battle. Once the song starts I get a good idea on production, well balanced and clear. Guitar sound aggressive and tight. Solid drums and bass. "Mystic Mogul" reminds me a bit of Symphony X or early Dream Theater. "The Cursed" power metal influence on the majority of the tracks. "Sasquatch" interesting title for a song, a variety of rhythms can be experienced from triplets and slow mosh like chops. "Back to the Future" not sure what I was expecting but turns out to be a catchy track after all, kind of reminds me of Hammerforce. "Get Back To Your Feet", enjoy how this begins, clean guitars create a great harmony into some fast driven riffs like old Helloween style. "Fortress of Evil", strong bass leads this one, talented guitar players doing complex riffing. "Voyage of Aodh" the last song and it an impressive one,  saving the best for last and is my favorite track from the album, thinking Megadeth meets Maiden meets Savatage. Overall I recommend this album for Heavy Metal lovers from several genres, you'll find something to like in each song. The album is available on their bandcamp site for those who are interested Bakken Bandcamp

Sunday, July 7, 2013

ATIUS - Gods of Science

Self release April 5 2013. Gods of Science is an album which began taking form in 2011. Atius hails from Denmark and has been active since 2003. The opening track has an intriguing black metal feel and melds into something melodic and elegant. "Condemned"  is very pleasing to my ears, a certain catchy composition the reminds me of the classic BM riffs from the early nineties but done in way that sticks in your mind. Descending to Triumph brings me back to the old Dissection - At The Gates days, pure brutality mix with melodic passages, very well executed. "The Forsaken" solid drums highlight this song, double kicks are machine gun precise, they come through clear and crisp. "The World Forgotten" thinking Mayhem or Absu for this one. A well mix of vocals high and low together give it that certain unique aspect that transition perfectly with the instruments. Production quality is amazing when you consider this is a self release. Everything is on the level no matter how loud you turn it up, it all stays balanced. A certain clarity makes all the melodic composition and aggressive riffing up front and enjoyable to listen to. "The Gates of Hell" with a title like that you know its going to be intense and it is. Found myself spinning this track several times. grinding elements on the drums can be experienced on this song, well done. "The Rising Shadow" enjoying the intro riff which is harmonize guitar work building into classic BM style of intensity. I would have to say this is my favorite track from the entire album due to its complicated guitar work which is executed flawlessly and remains in my head for days . "Soundless Decay" battle like drums guide us in for the last journey into this band. The main riff is a moshing montage that is sure to please concert goers in live situations. This song definitely leaves me wanting more. The bands previous releases is a demo from 2005 and "Gods of Science" being their first full length release. Overall a pleasurable experience and highly recommend this for fans of old style of BM/ DM and melodic listeners alike, you will surely find yourself immersed from the first note.

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