Thursday, January 31, 2019

Exclusive interview with WITCHGÖAT

1- Hello and welcome to Metal Music Midwest, first off, thanks for taking the time to do the interview, could you give our readers a brief description of the group? Where is the band from?

  Thanks for the interest, Witchgöat is a band formed with the idea of retaking the old-school brutality of early Latin American and European thrash metal, adding a bit of the melodic aspect of the school of blackened death metal bands of the nineties. Witchgöat is formed by Salvadoran musicians with some experience in this musical genre.

2- Egregors of the Black Faith is the band's debut full album, how long did it take to write?

 I started writing the songs for the project at the beginning of 2016, with the idea of awakening the interest of some musician friends in the Salvadoran scene who soon joined the project, and the composition of the music for this album was finished at the beginning of 2017. There is a song "Putrefaction of Souls" (that was composed in 1991 for my first band called Funeral), this song was never recorded before so I decided to retake it and made arrangements to incorporate it to the album.

Although the album was composed since the beginning of 2017, there were some setbacks to coordinate with the rest of the band and to prepare the songs. It took us just over a year to be ready to record all the instruments, time in which M. Miasma composed the majority of lyrics for the album.

 3- What musical influence inspires the bands compositions?

 Some of us are not so young anymore, we have been listening to metal music since the eighties and we played our instruments since the early nineties, I would say that our influence comes from those days, from music like the early Sepultura, Sarcofago, Bathory, the melodic lead guitar of Coroner, the old sound of Mercyful Fate, the speed metal of Running Wild and Motorhead. Much of the music that was played in those days was quite melodic and catchy, bands like Exorcist, the early sound of Possessed and Death. There is also something of the sound of minor third harmonies developed extensively by the Swedish and Norwegian bands of the nineties ... we try to incorporate a bit of all the music we love and have been fans of all of our lives.

 4- The group started in 2016, can you tell us what inspired your ambition to begin the project?

 El Salvador is a very small country, underdeveloped and not much known, but we want to show that here we also share the spirit of primitive brutality that made great metal music from South America and the whole world. We spit our version of the metal music from the third world trying to collaborate with our effort to the development of this kind of music in the Central American region. Many of the current bands in El Salvador do a good job, bands like Conceived by Hate have set precedents coming up on European tours, bands like Invocation of Death, Morbid Stench, Conflicto just show very good potential, we hope to be part of that family of bands that put El Salvador on the metal scene map.

5- Can you give us details about the content and more in depth meaning to this new album?

In terms of the lyrics we touched topics related to SLM, war and psychotic illness.

6- In the beginning was it difficult to find musicians to collaborate with? did the band start out with one or two members? or did everyone come together at the same time?

After composing the first two songs, drummer E.Driller joined the band, he takes part of other projects in which I had the opportunity to participate. He showed interest in the new music and accepted to play for the new band. A few months later I asked M. Miasma for help, besides his talent as a great musician, he had the right voice for the project and, above all, he shares with me the same philosophical vision about what a band of this kind of metal should be. He accepted to be the vocalist and immediately recruited bassist C.Fog who is also a musician of great experience in the local bands of El Salvador. This is how by the end of 2016 the band was all complete, and in early 2017 we began to work on developing the compound themes.

7- The demo Umbra Regit originally recorded July 2018, how well was it received by the metal fans from your area?

Umbra Regit was the pilot demo that we recorded in parallel while preparing the debut album. Its sound is quite different from the album, it has a precarious production since it was totally produced by the members of the band in home studios. However, I think it has an honest sound and by listening to this demo you can already appreciate all the elements of the music of Witchgöat. Being a pilot test, a very limited edition was produced on tape , which was sold out in preorder, which was quite surprising. The review of the demo was generally positive and this encouraged us to continue working and improving the elements of the sound of the debut album.

8- Are there any upcoming shows or tours you can tell us about?

At the moment we don’t rule out performing concerts locally organizing with other Morbid Skull Records bands. El Salvador is a small country and it is easy to cover the entire territory in a few shows. Later on, if there is an opportunity to promote the album and organize concerts outside of our territory, we would be very interested.

9- Thanks for your participation, finally, what is the best way to get a hold of the band, in case someone wants to book or promote the band? Any final words?

Thanks to you for the invitation, it's a pleasure to participate in Metal Music Midwest. To communicate with the band you can do it through the Facebook site:  or directly to the email:

Our album can be pre-ordered at


USA MSR Webshop:



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A short announcement for the last post in January

Thanks to everyone for visiting this site and supporting the bands. In this video I will mention a few of the bands that are having releases in February. Be sure to check out Plague Throat, The Left Hand Path and Apes Of God. See you all in February.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Apes Of God will release new EP on Death In Pieces Records

Apes Of God will release their new EP on Death In Pieces Records on Feb. 25 2019. They are streaming one of the songs via No Clean Singing Soundcloud in the link below. Definitely worth listening to this Salvadorian death thrash metal outfit.

Listen exclusively on No Clean Singing HERE

Visit the band here

The promo states:
DEATH IN PIECES RECORDS presents APES OF GOD’s newest EP "Procession of Death", which contains four new deadly tracks, full of Centro American rage and darkness.
This is filthy and destructive death metal attack, created with incisive thrash metal elements, old school spirit and very bad blood.
This EP includes two live tracks recorded at Megarock Fest 2018

"Apes of God cycle through riffs that are vicious and cruel, savage and swarming, fast and jolting. Driven by a blood-pumping rhythm section, the music exudes a vibrant electricity but also murderous hostility, thanks in part to the bestiality of the vocalist’s growls" -No Clean Singing-


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The Left Hand Path to debut self titled EP on Loud Rage Music

The Left Hand Path released the video for "Egoschism" last year and it's a good indication of what to expect from their upcoming EP due out in the spring of 2019 thru Loud Rage Music.

Szenasi Attila (bass), José Morales (drums), Ádám András (guitars), Wagner Tamás (guitars), Cristian Aionese (vocals)

The promo states:
Cluj-Napoca, Romania based Progressive Extreme Metallers LEFT HAND PATH were founded back in 2014, but 2019 sees the band in its best line-up to date, ready and fired up for the release of their debut self-titled EP due to drop sometime this Spring 2019 in collaboration with Loud Rage Music in both digital and CD versions.

Visit facebook-LeftHandPathRomania
Visit loudragemusic


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Monday, January 28, 2019

HATH will release their FULL length "Of Rot And Ruin" via Willowtip

HATH are about to release a brand new album April 12 on Willowtip Records. Of Rot And Ruin is already making waves on No Clean Singing site streaming a song from the album, Usurpation, visit the link below and make your ears happy.

Visit the new song here nocleansinging-hath-usurpation

The promo via Clawhammer:
New Jersey Blackened Death Metallers HATH will release their full-length debut album, Of Rot and Ruin, April 12 on Willowtip Records. Of Rot and Ruin doesn't just live up to the promise of superb 2015 debut EP Hive; it more than surpasses it with impressive songwriting growth and a sonic intensity that penetrates deep into the bones.

HATH released the following statement concerning the giant steps the band took to reach Of Rot and Ruin:

"For the new record, we wanted to take everything we learned with the first EP and build off of it. 'Hive' was really a learning experience for us. AJ was in the process of building a proper studio and we were all figuring out the best ways to record and engineer an album. Once AJ's studio was up and running and with a few album releases under his belt, we felt confident in what we'd written and in his ability to produce a great album. The writing process for Of Rot And Ruin was much more deliberate than Hive. We really wanted to focus on songwriting and give special attention to how the songs and dynamics worked together. We strove for diverse yet cohesive songs. The result is a collection of songs that each have their own identity, yet all have the distinct Hath sound."

HATH is currently on tour with COGNITIVE and MICAWBER. Click here for more info. Remaining tour dates follow:

1/18 Port Charlotte, FL @ The Hive
1/20 Pensacola, FL @ Chizuko
1/21 Pascagula, MS @ World Famous Celtic
1/22 Nashville, TN @ Media Rerun
1/23 Roanoke, VA @ Front Row
1/24 Ravenwood, WV @ The Landing
1/25 Pittsburgh, PA @ Smiling Moose
1/26 Baltimore, MD @ Raven Inn
1/27 Harrisburg, PA @ JB Lovedrafts

Visit Hath facebook-HathNJ


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Witchgoat - Black Vomit Of Souls premieres on The Toilet Ov Hell

Streaming now, head over to The Toilet Ov Hell and listen to a brand new track by Witchgoat, Black Vomit Of Souls. The song is from their upcoming "Egregors of the Black Faith” album on February 13, 2019 via MORBID SKULL RECORDS.

The promo states:
WITCHGÖAT was conceived in the middle of 2016 by the long serving Salvadorian guitarist P. Scyther with the aim to form a black/thrash metal project that would carry off the effervescence of the old school thrash metal, the brutality and the precariousness of the ‘80s extreme metal, and the dire melodies of the ‘90s blackened death metal. He had shortly begun composing for the nameless project. The drummer E. Driller joined him in the early 2017 and the recording process was started straight away under the moniker of WITCHGÖAT. The lineup of WITCHGÖAT was completed upon the arrival of M. Miasma (vocals) and C. Fog (bassist) in the mid – 2017. 

The profane quartet bestowed the demo tape “Umbra Regit” (all 33 copies were sold out immediately after issuing the pre-order) upon earth on July 31, 2018 via MORBID SKULL RECORDS. The demo assault is a momentary demonstration of the profound malignancy and the inevitable destruction that the impending debut is to inflame in the beginning of the year 2019.

WITCHGÖAT is equipped to discharge the debut opus “Egregors of the Black Faith” on February 13, 2019 via MORBID SKULL RECORDS (El Salvador – CD & Cassette) and HELL PRODUCTIONS (THAILAND – CD). Rejecting all type of modern technological enhancements, this opus conjures the filthiness and wickedness of the bona fide old-school extreme metal sound. With a malefic storm of barbaric black/thrashing numbers present in the album, WITCHGÖAT is destined to intensify the spirit of the Central American metal underground.

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Of Hatred Spawn reveal playthru video for Severed Limb Convulsion

The song Severed Limb Convulsion comes from the self titled debut album released back in December 2018. Check out the video on No Clean Singing link below.

View the playthru video Here

The promo states:
The latest blistering death metal entity Of Hatred Spawn unleashed their self-titled debut album worldwide this past December on Boonsdale Records. The band’s studio and live line-up consist of JJ Tartaglia (Skull Fist) on drums, his brother Remy Tartaglia on guitars, Oscar Rangel (ex-Annihilator) on bass and Matt “Coldcuts” Collacott on vocals. The project is the first-ever collaborative offering by the Tartaglia brothers and holds great promise and expectations within the metal community around the world.

The band delivers an old-school death metal sound in the vein of old Morbid Angel, Decapitated, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Ruination-era Job For A Cowboy, while staying true to the modern trends of today’s extreme metal. Super low-tuned guitars, guttural vocals, blast beat drumming, odd-time signatures, and tempo shifts create the atmosphere for Of Hatred Spawn’s demonic sound. The lyrical themes tell stories of plagues, slavery, darkness and the balance of evil.

Teaming up with, the band is premiering drummer JJ Tartaglia's new playthrough for the album's track "Severed Limb Convulsion". 

Tartaglia comments: 

"This song is probably the heaviest one on the album. Straight up death metal, with quite a few changes in odd-time signatures of 11/8, 7/8, 5/8, and 6/8 and a tempo shift as well. All of the elements give it quite a modern sound making it one of my fave tracks. Real fun to play as well.”

Track Listing:
1. Overture (1:36)
2. Global Dehumanization (3:38)
3. Nest Of Vipers (4:57)
4. Severed Limb Convulsion (3:30)
5. Plaga (5:34)
6. Nocturnal Swarm (4:06)
7. God Of Wrath (5:27)
Album Length: 28:50

Of Hatred Spawn is:
Matt Collacott (Vocals)
Remy Tartaglia (Guitars)
JJ Tartaglia (Drums)
Oscar Rangel (Bass)

Visit the band facebook.-ofhatredspawn


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Sunday, January 27, 2019

PLAGUE THROAT release first single off upcoming EP- 'Evolutionary Impasse'

Take a listen to this brand new track by Plague Throat, "The Epoch of Catastrophe II" From their upcoming EP Evolutionary Impasse due out February 20, 2019.

Visit the band facebook-plaguethroat3

The promo states:

Indian Death Metal duo- PLAGUE THROAT have released their first single off their upcoming EP- 'Evolutionary Impasse'. The track entitled- 'The Epoch of Catastrophe II' gives fans a glimpse of what the EP packs. Marked with chaotic blast beats, technical riffs often showing melodic passages and monstrous vocals pummeling it's way across. This EP promises to divulge into the path of strong Technicality yet showing heavy undertones of brutality unlike their previous releases.

The band's front man Nangsan comments, "This song strongly condemns and questions the misusing and misleading of the masses by utilising the easily accessible stupidity and incoherence of the majoritarian mindset which in turns leads to division among people".


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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Neorhythm release (Death Cover) - Crystal Mountain

Neorhythm is streaming the song "Crystal Mountain" originally by Death from the album Symbolic released in 1995. The band features two members only known as Red One Red Two.

Listen to it HERE

The promo states:

Interstellar duo NEORHYTHM have released a new digital single, a cover of DEATH's "Crystal Mountain." The original song appears on DEATH's 1995 album Symbolic.

NEORHYTHM recently released the Meteoric Thoughts EP. The follow-up to this year's creatively aggressive debut album, Zetetic, includes three new tracks, as well as pummeling covers of DISTURBED's "Stricken" and MUDVAYNE's "Dig." Stream Meteoric Thoughts in its entirety: neorhythm-bandcamp-meteoric-thoughts

NEORHYTHM offer what can only be described as Metal from Space. Creative in concept and aggressive in approach, you are cordially invited to take an interstellar journey that will prove impossible to forget.

Meteoric Thoughts was recorded and produced by NEORHYTHM. The EP was mixed/mastered at BlastbearSound. The artwork was created by Orm Embar.

 On a distant planet in the constellation E61,3 (which we call Neuw ourselves), two renegade traitors of interstellar spaces from the red subrace of Nameless decided to penetrate the Virgo Supercluster. It happened on the earthly calendar in the year 1703. For more than 300 years our spaceship plowed through the galaxy until it came across the Milky Way to the bright yellow dwarf G2V, which you call Sol. A strong stream of stellar wind carried us to the orbit of planet Earth, where as a result of a breakdown of one of the plasma engines we were forced to land in the geographic terrestrial region of Lapland, in a barren taiga. Since we needed help, we sent encrypted sound signals to all regions of the universe, as well as to the top leaders of the human Terra planet, to provide us with technological support. Our signals, converted into musical scales, were intercepted by the developed radio frequencies of earthlings, and you can now listen to them in the form that you call songs.


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The Scars In Pneuma release "Glorious Empire Of The Sand" listen now

Italian black metallers launch "The Glorious Empire Of Sand" single, this is the the third release from their debut album coming in February!

Their new album Path Of Seven Sorrows is due out February via Promethean Fire / Kolony Records

"The Path Of Seven Sorrows" tracklist:

01. Devotion
02. Souls Are Burning
03. Spark To Fire To Sun
04. All The Secrets That We Keep
05. Dark Horizons Ahead
06. The Glorious Empire Of Sand
07. Constellations

The promo states:
THE SCARS IN PNEUMA initially started as a solo project of Lorenzo Marchello (vocals / guitars / bass) in the beginning of 2017, and it turned to a band when trusted musicians Francesco Lupi (guitars) and Daniele Valseriati (drums) joined the ranks later during the same year.

Musically, THE SCARS IN PNEUMA provides it's own particular black metal style, which can be defined as a mix of black metal, death metal with melodic riffing and epic passages, with a touch of doomy mood. Some bands that can be cited as inspiration are Dissection, Mgła, Be'lakor, Rotting Christ, Forgotten Tomb, Blut Aus Nord, Emperor.

Lyrically, THE SCARS IN PNEUMA is all about themes such as dealing with your own demons, life's biggest regrets, the passing of time, the beloved people we lost.


Lorenzo Marchello - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Francesco Lupi - Guitars
Daniele Valseriati - Drums


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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Larsen is streaming their new song "First Song"

Larsen is an Italian cult experimental band and they are streaming a song from their upcoming EP "Tiles" coming February 21st on Hypershape Records. Entitled "First Song". Read more about it below.

The promo states:
Today, Hypershape Records set February 21st as official release date for LARSEN’s new mini-album, “Tiles”, on vinyl and digital format.

"Tiles" is a new manifestation of the inimitable vision they've been unveiling since New York-born performer Little Annie joined the band.

Annie joined LARSEN in 2008 after seeing the band performing at an Austrian festival. She appeared on the following albums "La Fever Lit" and "Cool Cruel Mouth" (2008/ 2011) and the relative European tours.

"Tiles" follows up LARSEN's latest album, the fully instrumental "Of Grog Vim" (2016), and features four pieces on the edge between "song" and "orchestrated spoken words" marked by Annie's personal urban storytelling and vocals.

The first single, aptly titled "First Song", is now streaming on Bandcamp. Check it out HERE!

Little Annie comments:

"I live  in 3 times zones - and write in two - the then and the now. My work with my Italian brothers, LARSEN, whom I love dearly  by the way, is much the latter.  Life is lived in the lateral, despite the illusion of it being a path from point a to b in fact it is NOW - a thousand perceptions - that if we really consumed, really saw, well we’d all cut of an ear - death by sheer force of everything bring alive - so we  see tiny consumable bits, lest our hearts burst - The then only exists in the rear view mirror - there are times to do so, but not while driving. These pieces are notes, sketches from the highway".

"Tiles" has been engineered by LARSEN long time collaborators Marco Milanesio and Paul Beauchamp at O.F.F. Studio Torino in Italy. A deconstructed cover version of Lucio Battisti's "Don Giovanni" from the same sessions was featured on the Industrie Discografiche Lacerba tribute compilation "LB/R - La Bellezza Riunita".

LARSEN, active since 1995, has so far released 16 full length albums and 3 EPs ("Tiles" being the 4th) on record labels such as Important and Young God Records, has performed extensively in Europe, US and Canada and collaborated with musicians such as Michael Gira, Johann Johannsson, Z'EV, Nurse With Wound, Lustmord, Julia Kent, Baby Dee, Martin Bisi, Xiu Xiu... The band is currently at work on a new album.

"Larsen - it's easy - we are family, but we just didn’t know it. Be a sleazy hotel near the airport or an alpine motorway cafe just over the Swiss border, with them it's always home" - Little Annie

"Tiles" tracklist:

1. First Song
2. Barroom Philosopher Pt. 1
3. She's So So
4. Barroom Philosopher Pt. 2

Written, performed and produced by LARSEN:

- Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo: guitar, electric viola...
- Little Annie: vocals...
- Marco Schiavo: drums, cymbals, percussions, glockenspiel...
- Paolo Dellapiana: keyboards, synths, electronics...
- Roberto Maria Clemente: guitar...

Recorded by Paul Beauchamp (music) and Marco Milanesio (vocals)
Mixed and mastered by Marco Milanesio
O.F.F. Studio Torino, Italy, 2017/2018
Artwork by Roberto Maria Clemente for Fionda
(p) Hypershape Records, 2018


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Flames At Sunrise premiere new video "Dolmen"

The band Flames At Sunrise just released their brand new video "Dolmen" which is part of their album "Born Of Embers" via Wormholedeath. View in full at the link below and read up on their latest news.

Watch it here

The promo states:
Spanish Modern Metal combo FLAMES AT SUNRISE are proud to present their brand new official VIDEO for "DOLMEN", track taken from the album "Born In Embers" out via Wormholedeath. 

"Her fate is in your hands." 
Two ends, one election. Fate is in your hands. Flames At Sunrise presents "Dolmen", the band's most ambitious audiovisual creation to date.
"Only we can decide to light the flame of hope or plunge into the loop of darkness.

This video clip builds a bridge between their two previous productions, "III Faces" and "Ark Flesh", connecting the stories and creating a new universe where music finds its reflection in the image, and where only we have the power to choose how we want it to end up. How does it work? It's simple: this video has two endings and we will be able to choose the option we want.
Shot by Jordi Flames, the band's guitarist, and starring the group's own members, with the collaboration of Aitor Torres, a former member, this video clip is presented as a starting point for a new world that will redefine the creative limits of Flames At Sunrise.



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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Misshapen - The Swarm video and upcoming EP

Misshapen just revealed their brand new video for the song "The Swarm" and it is intense. Watch it below and read about their upcoming EP "Transcendence" due out February 8th 2019.

Live Line Up: Adam Semler: Guitars / Vocals, Lana Andrews: Vocals, Nick Rodgers: Drums, Mitch Dimitriadis: Guitars / Vocals, Ben Bertrand: Bass
Photo by: Jessy Dwyer from DwyerJPhotography

The Swarm

The promo states:
Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Misshapen are a diverse and melodic metal band blending elements of death metal, technical metal, and black metal. They are releasing their EP ‘Transcendence’ February 8, 2019, and now present the official music video for ‘The Swarm’.

Capturing the attention of audiences since 2016, Misshapen seeps melodies with harsh vocals, further ignited with technical riffs and meaningful lyrics. ‘The Swarm’ is the most ferocious track on the EP and would be recommended to fans of Ne Obliviscaris, Children of Bodom, At the Gates, and Dimmu Borgir.

The band shares their thoughts on the track: 

“It’s the black metal song of the EP, filled with dark riffs and horrific orchestration that revisits early Dimmu Borgir days. The lyrical inspiration was derived from ‘Castlevania’ the series. It means that people who follow a corrupt leader will bring a sense of hell on earth. This song intelligently showcases how we visit the other side of the spectrum of the emotion we generally induce in our music.”

Powerful and enthralling, the video was shot and produced by Dark Moon Productions and Silver Wings Studios. 

The five-track EP ‘Transcendence’ will be available on February 8, 2019. This will be the first release after their 2016 demo and promises to be adventurous, dark and distinct.


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Sinnrs - Profound self released

A powerful and melodic landscape. The album Profound by Sinnrs was made available to the world via the bands Bandcamp site and it is worth listening to every track.

The promo states:
"Profound”  is the debut full-length from danish melodic black metal duo Sinnrs, which merges the furious brutality of extreme metal with the elegance of opera and classical music, offering a dimensional musical experience in pure dark matter. The juxtaposition of punishing guitar riffs and relentless blastbeats with symphonic arrangements and soaring vocals is fascinating in the way it highlights the inherent differences and similarities these genres have. While classical fans might balk at the savagery of Sinnrs’ sound, metal enthusiasts will enjoy getting swept up in the epicness the classical elements bring to the table. Whichever side you might fall on, “Profound” is an honest manifest that makes a wonderful spectacle out of rather unlikely pairing.

The album was mixed and mastered at the Hertz Studios in Poland (Behemoth, Vader and Decapitated).

Label: Self-released
Genre: Orchestral Black/Death metal – Dark matter

01. Nihil
02. To Derive Eden's Flame
03. The Storm of I
04. Lift My Bones
05. Renowned Praetorians
06. No Promise to Mankind
07. It Calls Me
08. Et Sic Incipit
09. Watch Her Soul Burn
10. Commemorate None

Nero: Guitar/vocals/orchestrals
Maestus: Drums



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Welcome and Introduction to Metal Music Midwest

Metal Music Midwest features several metal bands from around the globe. Featuring promos provided by ClawhammerPR, AgainstPR, Transcending Obscurity, Asher Media, FuturePR and several others. Album releases, concert events, single song streaming, concert photography, concert videos, festival promotion, zines and other music related topics.
Would you like to be featured on here? Send me an email at and I will get you details.

Bands featured in this video can be viewed in their entirety at the following links
Carcass live - Video
Nervosa live -  Video
Immolation live - Video

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Traveler release new single "Street Machine"

Fresh off their split with Finland's CORONARY, Canada's TRAVELER will release their self-titled first full-length on February 22 via Gates Of Hell Records. Recorded at three different studios throughout 2018, Traveler will feature eight songs of up-tempo, classic metal, right up the alley for fans of vintage JUDAS PRIEST, MANILLA ROAD and

Listen to it here travelermetal-street-machine-2
Pre order album here cruzdelsurmusicproduct

According to guitarist and founding member Matt Ries, Traveler will certainly appeal to fans of their debut demo and split with CORONARY. The three songs from their demo have been re-recorded and given new life thanks to TRAVELER's now-complete lineup, a first for the band. "To have this become a reality is amazing," he says. "I've learned a lot about who you jam with and not settling for anything less than the best. I've also learned how much work comes behind taking the reins on everything, but it's all worth it."

TRAVELER, who are now rounded out by vocalist Jean-Pierre Abboud (also of GATEKEEPER), second guitarist Toryin "Junior" Schadlich, bassist Dave Arnold and drummer Chad Vallier, tracked drums at AB Records, guitars at Ries's home studio and vocals at Richhobo Studios. In all, their self-titled album shows just how far TRAVELER has come in the span of a year, with the re-recorded songs from the demo blending seamlessly with the band's new compositions.

"The newest songs all vary differently from each other," says Ries. "We feel this will make for a really interesting album. But, of course, the album has no shortage of dueling guitars and powerful vocals. And, after hearing the vocals laid out for the first time over these songs, I can safely say they all pound just as hard! The lyrical themes are mixed with real life experiences and total exaggerated scenarios. Ripping leads and harmonized guitars. Driving bass lines. Everything I love to hear when I throw on a record. So, if we share the same taste, you'll be raising your fist."

TRAVELER, who originally started as an outlet for ideas that weren't suitable for Ries's other bands GATEKRASHÖR and HROM, has enjoyed a year that has gone far beyond the guitarist's expectations. Starting with the positive feedback from their split with CORONARY to the writing and creation of their full-length debut album, TRAVELER has capably handled the whirlwind that was 2018 and now has their eye toward 2019.

"This year has been a really exciting experience," says Ries. "It's also been extremely challenging getting everything together. Our love for the music has kept us on the right track. However, the feedback from everyone has lit a fire under our asses to make the best possible record. I didn't expect to be working under such a great label so soon. Again, all of this has been nothing but motivation to keep moving. Now that we are wrapping up the year, we are focused on making a great live show for everyone! We can't wait to rock the stages for all of you. We have a lot of great plans in the works for shows and future projects. So, the way I see it, we're just getting started. FEEL THE REIGN OF STARBREAKER!"

"Traveler's debut is a towering example of modern trad and an early-strong-contender for album of the year 2019." [9.5/10]
- The Metal Observer

"If you love melodic twin guitar soloing akin to the legends like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, then this is the album for you. The guitars just rip and shred on this record!" [8/10]
 - Brave Words

Track Listing

1. Starbreaker
2. Street Machine
3. Behind The Iron
4. Konamized
5. Up To You
6. Fallen Heroes
7. Mindless Maze
8. Speed Queen

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Immolation live - View it here

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Musket Hawk new album and Tour

Baltimore Sludge/Grind Addicts MUSKET HAWK will release their long-awaited third album, Upside of Sick, March 29 on Unholy Anarchy Records.

Continuing to plumb the depths of extremity, MUSKET HAWK seek to annihilate any semblance of tranquility and bruise the psyches of fans and unsuspecting victims alike. Upside of Sick scrapes its way through sludge reverberations, while fomenting chaos through grindcore bursts with a punk aura that is as undeniable as it is palpable.Grab hold of something immovable and hang on for dear life!

MUSKET HAWK will spend the month of February on the Winter 2019 Tour across the U.S.

Upside of Sick Track Listing

1. Roidhead Swindler

2. Hexagon

3. Dios Mio

4. Punk Rock Ruined My Life

5. Bad Times

6. Uncouth

Recorded and Mixed by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations (

Additional recording sessions took place at Electrical Studio in Chicago, Illinois and Jam Room in Columbia, South Carolina.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (

Artwork and Layout by G Fry (

Listen to the music here muskethawk.bandcamp


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Check out some live performances here
Carcass live - View it here
Nervosa live -  View it here
Immolation live - View it here

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Transcending Obscurity release a fifty band label sampler for download

Take a good listen to this news from Transcending Obscurity. They are offering up some amazing music and you can check it out right this moment in the links below. While you there get yourself some merch and spread the word.

We're thrilled to put out our new free-for-download label sampler that features exactly 50 bands from all over. We've come a long way doing this from a small bedroom in Mumbai, India when the idea of doing this for a living seemed all too fanciful. After tons of rejections from both bands and potential customers, we're finally getting around to convince some of them that despite our geographical disadvantage, we can still do things in a significant manner. Circa 2019, we have two exclusive stores for US and Europe, in addition to ground distribution in two continents, while of course running our popular Bandcamp page and official store on our website. It's not been easy but we're not stopping any time soon. Please check out our new label sampler AT THIS LINK to get a glimpse into what's coming from our side this year.

We've also put out new merch to commemorate the same, staying true to our roots while continually transcending obscurity.

Transcending Obscurity (India) - '2019 Label Sampler' (January 17th, 2018)

Genre - Death Metal, Crust, Grindcore, Black Metal, Noise, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal, Sludge
Release Date - January 17rd, 2018
Record Label - Transcending Obscurity Records

This is our most ambitious sampler yet. It includes many new signings that we've worked hard on and which we hope you will enjoy. These are but songs off some very good albums to serve as a microcosm for what's to come. It's going to be our biggest year without a shadow of doubt. Like before, it starts off with the focus on death metal and grind, then to some very selected black metal and lastly, slowing things down in style with some expansive doom metal from all over. Each band brings its own sound to the sampler, further enhancing the overall appeal of what we're striving to achieve with the label, working with variety and depth culled from the underground and taking it higher. The keyword here is 'emerge' and if any of these acts get better noticed after we're done with it, our purpose will have been achieved.

This is a pay-what-you-want compilation and any amount that is donated will be used towards the making of the upcoming hoodies and merch which has the fantastic front and back artwork exclusively created by the Italian designer View From The Coffin. We will also be looking forward to upgrading our packaging and offering more goodies with these artworks in the new year.

Track listing -
1. MASTER (Czech Republic) - Vindictive Miscreant (Death Metal) 05:06 
2. PAGANIZER (Sweden) - Apocalypse Writings (Death Metal) 03:40 
3. THE GROTESQUERY (Sweden/US) - By Feral Ways (Death Metal) 04:10 
4. REVOLTING (Sweden) - 1888 (Death Metal) 03:45 
5. RIBSPREADER (Sweden/US) - Flesh Desperados (Death Metal) 03:16 
6. BURIAL REMAINS (Netherlands) - They Crawl (Death Metal) 03:00 
7. LIVE BURIAL (UK) - Swing Of The Pendulum (Death Metal) 05:12 
8. NECROGOD (International) - In Mortal Confinement (Death Metal) 03:36 
9. TO DESCEND (Sweden) - People Of The Abyss (Death Metal) 02:40 
10. GRISLY (Sweden) - Parasite Parasite (Death Metal/Grind) 03:20 
11. BURIAL HORDES (Greece) - Thrownness And Fallenness Of Being (Dark Death Metal) 05:06    12. COME BACK FROM THE DEAD (Spain) - Restless In Putrescence (Death Metal) 03:33 
13. THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE (Sweden) - Another Victim Of Insanity (Death Metal) 03:37 
14. BONES (US) - Carrion Crows (Death Metal/Crust) 02:44 
15. HENRY KANE (UK) - Embraced By Nothing (Death Metal/Crust) 00:59 
16. GOREGӒNG (US) - Goregӓng (Death Metal/Crust) 02:47 
17. CRYPTIVORE (Australia) - Cadaverizer (Death Metal/Grindcore) 02:59 
18. MARASMUS (US) - Carrion Ascension (Death Metal) 03:14 
19. INNARDS (Portugal) - The Fog (Death Metal/Grindcore) 06:14 
20. DRÅP (Sweden) - Verkanseld (Death Metal/Crust) 02:29 
21. MEDIUM (Argentina) - Maximum Rampage (Grindcore/Crust) 02:11 
22. ETERNAL STORM (Spain) - Detachment (Death Metal) 06:33 
23. THORNAFIRE (Chile) - La Sierpe (Death Metal) 03:20 
24. DEATH COURIER (Greece) - Mourning Ecstacy (Death/Thrash Metal) 02:07 
25. HATEFUL (Italy) - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing (Technical Death Metal) 02:32 
26. NOX IRAE (France) - All Is Over (Death/Thrash Metal) 03:42 
27. COLOSSO (Portugal) - Famine (Atmospheric Death Metal) 04:13 
28. ABSCESSION (Sweden) - Final Furnace (Death Metal) 03:29 
29. DØDSFERD (Greece) - An Existence Without Purpose (Black Metal) 11:00 
30. TEMPLE KOLUDRA (Germany) - Grey Apparition (Black/Death Metal) 05:02 
31. BEDNJA (Croatia) - Povratak Kralja (Black Metal/Hardcore) 03:05 
32. TRENCH WARFARE (US) - Axioms (Dark Death/Black Metal) 02:55 
33. WAR POSSESSION (Greece) - God Of A Wicked Mind (Black/Death Metal) 04:58 
34. WARDAEMONIC (Australia) - Endless War (Black Metal) 07:04 
35. VAHRZAW (Australia) - Husk (Black/Death Metal) 05:40 
36. SARCOPTES (US) - The Vertigo Soul (Black Metal) 06:47 
37. MRTVI (UK/Serbia) - Chains Of Illusion (Experimental Black Metal/Noise) 03:18 
38. KOSMODEMONIC (US) - With Majesty (Experimental Black Metal) 03:33 
39. VANHÄVD (Sweden) - Om den vulgära farsens nonsens (Black Metal) 08:55 
40. FELLED (US) - Fire Season (Atmospheric Black Metal) 07:17 
41. MAZIKEEN (Australia) - Fratricide (Black Metal) 04:02 
42. APHONIC THRENODY (UK/Chile) - Locura (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal) 07:38 
43. OAK (Portugal) - Abomination (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal) 06:19 
44. SOOTHSAYER (Ireland) - Cephalopod (Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal) 07:25 
45. EREMIT (Germany) - Froth Is Beckoning (Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal) 11:22 
46. HEX (Spain) - Thy Kingdom Gone (Death/Doom Metal) 04:25 
47. THE DROWNING (UK) - In Cold Earth (Death/Doom Metal) 08:02 
48. HEXER (Germany) - Pearl Snake (Cosmic Doom Metal) 12:30 
49. POEMA ARCANVS (Chile) - Orphans (Doom Metal) 05:31 
50. NOCTU (Italy) - Fitte Tenebre (Atmospheric Doom Metal) 16:09

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Check out some live performances here
Carcass live - View it here
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Immolation live - View it here

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Wacken Metal Battle 2019 coming to Chicago Cobra Lounge

For over a decade at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival Wacken Open Air, independent metal bands from around the globe have been performing in front of thousands and competing against one another for one to be crowned champion of the world along with winning multiple prizes (prizes info). For the third year, Wacken Metal Battle USA is returning to America and will be hosting qualifying rounds in select cities across the nation. The national champion of those battles will perform at 30th edition of the festival taking place from August 1st – 3rd, 2019 in Wacken, Germany. The 2019 line up for Wacken Open Air includes Sabaton, Parkway Drive, Demons & Wizards, Powerwolf, Airbourne, Rose Tattoo, Within Temptation, Meshuggah and many more. Details here.

Chicago Battle Bands:

This show is 18 & up, 21 & up to drink.
Doors 6:30pm - Show 7pm
Tickets: $10

Cobra Lounge
235 N Ashland Ave, 
Chicago, Illinois 
USA battle rounds and bands can be found listed here.

How it works:
Participating cities will host qualifying rounds plus a city final organized by a local city concert promoter where one band will move forward to the American national final in Los Angeles on May 25th, 2019. The winner of the national final will move on to perform at the 30th edition of Wacken Open Air and compete against the winners of 29 other countries in a final global battle.  All bands will be judged during battle rounds by respected local music industry representatives.


Battles will be held in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, Atlanta, Tampa Bay, Orlando, New York City, and Chicago with more to be announced.

Promo Trailer:
Youtube - Here  

Last year’s battles saw the best from over 50 competing bands from the Philadelphia, Tampa Bay, Orlando, San Diego and Los Angeles areas. Crowned champions were Anaheim’s VOICES OF RUIN (pictured below) who performed a beast of a set at the 2018 Wacken Open Air.

2018 – WMBU Winner
VOICES OF RUIN (Anaheim, CA) - voicesofruin-com

2017 – WMBU Winner
CORPSE HOARDER (Philadelphia, PA) -facebook-CorpseHoarder
Live at Wacken 2017 - Here 

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Check out some live performances here
Carcass live - View it here
Nervosa live -  View it here
Immolation live - View it here

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