Wednesday, September 24, 2014

SludgeHammer - Organ Harvester EP

SludgeHammer is a four member Metal band consisting of Chris Szarota- Vocals, Jeff Wilson- Guitars, Dan Ayers- Bass and Backing Vocals, Fernando Villalobos- Drums. They are based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Organ Harvester is a self released EP on August 28th 2014. In terms of production its a great sounding recording. Solid guitar sound and stomping bass riffing. Drums are upfront and devastating. Vocals range from deep guttural to high and clear singing. Well executed solo work fit perfectly with the vast arrangements of rhythms.

This band started out in May 2013 and have a previous self titled demo at bandcamp. My first impression upon listening to the opening track of this new EP, the band is well rounded and very talented. Strong metal roots are obvious, but the way they blend several styles of death, groove, thrash, and even melodic metal is impressive. Never a dull moment and it makes each song distinct from each other. Consider the length of time they have been together as a band, they craft their music effortlessly while most bands take years to find their style this band has done it fairly quickly and gathered many elements of the metal genre into a cohesive arrangement that is sure to please many metalheads around the world. 

In total there are six tracks. Although I enjoyed the entire EP some of the more stand out songs for me would have to be Wendigo, since I am a fan brutal death metal, this particular song resonates to me. Great grinding drums with excellent double kick execution along with blistering high speed solos, its definitely one of my favorite tracks. Rising Spirits, the song gives me that old school thrash metal feeling, memorable solos too. Payment Due, an excellent bass intro, then a clean strumming twelve string acoustic chimes in leading us into classic metal onslaught. 

In conclusion, a great EP with a variety of styles executed perfectly to give it a unique appeal. I recommend it to all metal fans; death, groove, thrash and melodic. There is something to enjoy in each composition. 


Sempiternal Dusk - Sempiternal Dusk

Sempiternal Dusk is a three piece band from Portland, OR. Genre is described as Death Metal. Members are JH/G, TC/D,V, TG/B.

Self titled and set to be released on September 30 2014 through Dark Descend Records. Raw and extreme production. Heavy tuned down guitars and low devastating bass sound. Heavy guttural style vocals and precise double kick work. I am reminded of early Gorefest or Grave. At times some of the riffs can be considered doom influenced.

There a five tracks in total. Some of the more stand out songs for me would have to be Seclusion of Bereaved, I enjoy the deep guttural vocals and memorable phrases. Streams of Night, it carries the essence roots of the the DM genre. Straight forward raw brutality. Upon The Gallows of Perihelion, good intensity and groove make a perfect song to mosh to. 

In conclusion, a strong EP staying true to the original DM roots. I recommend it for fans of Death, Grave, Gorefest, Malevolent Creation, Brutality, Monstrosity and many others from the same era.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nephren-Ka - Praise Shai Hulud Lyric video

French Death Metallers NEPHREN-KA have just unleashed their brand new music/lyrics video hybrid for "Praise Shaï-Hulud" as an exclusive premiere at Metal Injection. The video can be viewed at  this location.

The song is taken from the band's 2013 debut full-length, The Fall of Omnious on Kaotoxin Records. The video was directed and edited by Xirod Media and features the band performing with lyrics included. Ready for a brutal karaoke?

NEPHREN-KA's follow-up to 2010's Revenge and Supremacy EP is the musical embodiment of Frank Herbert's 'Dune' saga. As heavy as Shaï-Hulud, the giant worm, and as brutal as a horde of raging Feydakins, The Fall of Omnius is the manifestation of a war for survival and supremacy. Produced at Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader, Insain...) and featuring artwork/layout by Stan W. Decker (Avalon, Vanden Plas, Dysmorphic...), The Fall of Omnius is dark, heavy, and frighteningly intense Death Metal.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mausoleum Gate - Mausoleum Gate

Mausoleum Gate is a five piece band consisting of V.-P Varpula- vocals, Count L.F. - guitars, Kasperi Puranen - guitars, Wicked Ischanius - bass, Oscar Razanez- drums. Country of origin is Kuopio, Finland. Genre described as traditional Heavy Metal.

The self titled debut album released on October 7 2014, through Cruz del Sur Music. Its interesting to hear the sound coming from this band. I can best describe it as Iron Maiden Killers meets Black Sabbaths Vol. 4. The production captures the essences of that era perfectly. One of the things that stand out the most in the recording are the bass lines. The bass player is very talented and is doing some amazing finger work through out most of these songs. The production captures the bass sound perfectly. 
Although metal oriented, the band does stray away from that and experiments with different riff passages, which can be heard through organ and eerie drum fills. Memorable solos with that classic heavy/rock wah wah effect really capture the listener. At times the arrangements transition into progressive blues or Frank Zappa influenced compositions. 

Although I enjoyed the majority of this album, consider the bulk of my reviews are brutal death metal and Black Metal/doom, this was a welcomed change. My favorite tracks would have to be, There Must Be Demons, catchy chorus and an epic solo really got my head moving. Mausoleum Gate song is just amazing, with a twelve string strumming away an enchanting melody that leads us into a solid bass driven phrase that builds into an epic journey, at eleven minutes, I found myself playing this track several times without loosing interest. Lost Beyond The Sun, for its catchy intro and an awesome bass solo with guitar solo that really sticks in mind. The way both musicians combined their string arrangements both progressively without clashing is epic in itself.

In conclusion, a great debut album with much to explore, an although rooted in the 70s 80s metal, the band is also progressive and blues influenced. I recommend it for both old school and new generation of metalheads.



Pyre - Human Hecatomb

Pyre is a four piece band from Russia. Genre is described as death metal. Current members are: Dym Nox - vocal / bass, Roman Rotten - guitars, Fred Obsinner - guitars, Kannib Maledik - drums.

Human Hecatomb released on October 6th 2014 through Chaos Records. This band got their start in 2011 and released a previous Ravenous Decease EP. In terms of production its a decent recording. Raw death metal to the bone. Gritty drums and heavy sludgy guitars, sound like the type captured in the early nineties era. It is reminiscent of the first Death or Monstrosity recordings. The bass sound is solid and follows the rhythms perfectly. Some killer riff work by the guitar players and involved solos are well thought out and memorable. Not breaking any new ground but adding to the pool of the great death metal from the first generation. 

A big feeling of nostalgia flows through my mind from song to song. Back when I was growing up this would have been the heaviest thing to listen to next to Entombed, Sinister, Hypocrisy, Grave, Malevolent Creation and many others. In total, there are nine tracks, the ones that stood out the most to me would have to be Merciless Decease, as it starts with a dominant bass line and takes us into a devastating blast beat. Disturbia, memorable open riffs and catchy classic DM style arrangements had me moving my head. Under The Death Reign, if Slayer and Malevolent Creation had a baby this song would be it. Last Nail In Your Coffin, for the cool wah wah soloing towards the end and excellent and memorable chorus line that also features the sound of a nail being driven into a coffin, well executed.

In conclusion, the band captures a time portal to the great music at the beginning of the death metal genre, all the elements that make the genre amazing can be found in each and every composition herein.
I recommended it to fans of early Death, Monstrosity, Slayer, Wrath, Embalmer, Dismember and Obituary. Also the next generation can also benefit from checking this out to hear how raw and intense DM can be without being super polished or complex. 



Thursday, September 18, 2014

Lunarsapian - Fade Into Oblivion EP

Lunarsapian is a two member project consisting of Matt TR and Scott K. They are based out of Clevedon, UK and AL, US. Genre is described as doom/drone metal.

Fade Into Oblivion EP released on September 1 2014. It has been a very long time since I listened to a doom metal album. This one consist of five tracks and close to an hour in length. In terms of production its a decent recording. The drum sound is in the background, not sure if this is deliberate or just the way it was recorded. I feel that it adds to the atmosphere been portray, so no big deal. Vocals are black metal in style which makes sense since the band was formerly a BM oriented project. From the first song this EP makes you feel like traveling inside a darkened, swirling abyss. A feeling of cold and endless paths, like a labyrinth of torment and despair.

Each song has a unique adventure that only each individual listener can formulate inside their mind. For me, the stand out tracks would have to be "As I Tie My Noose", something about the keyboard compositions really resonate with me. The melody grabs my attention and the feeling of hopelessness and depression is captured perfectly in its delivery. Divide and Conquer, probably the heavier of the songs on this EP, makes me feel like walking through an industrial wasteland with many bodies scattered about. The Craft and The Witch, if you were traveling alone into a cave and came upon a seance, this is probably what it would sound like. 

In conclusion, a welcomed dark journey with many soundscapes. The compositions slowly wrap their tentacles around your mind and before you know it your are swimming in the black abyss. The band has many other demos an EPs which can be found by going to their site lunarsapian-releases be sure to check those out too.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Total Death Fanzine 2 promo

Total Death Fanzine 2 is an underground fanzine featuring DM/BM bands from around the world. In this issue - Master, Teitenfyre, Ptahil, Tales Of Blood, Impaler of Pest, Krow, Sickrites, Scibex, Radiation Sickness, Internal Damage, Masachist, Disforterror, Moonkult, My Funeral, Neldoreth, Patronymicon Towards Prophecy, Vortex Of Clutter, With Burning Contempt, Goat Skull, Grom Records, Shotgun Sludge, Putrified, Skineater and Ugra Karma. 

The zine comes with a Kaotoxin cd promo, Darkallslaves EP Abysses of Seclusion. Interviews with the bands Scent of Death, Black Witchery, Tales Of Blood, Haiduk, Moonkult, Disforterror, Towards Prophecy and many more. Fifty plus pages full of reviews, interviews, promos and upcoming releases.

You can also check out my promo for issue 1 at this location- Video promo for issue 1

Be sure to visit Total Death Fanzine at its official FB site


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Entombed A.D. and Grave - Back To The Front TOUR 2014

Century media recording artist Entombed A.D. and Grave will be hitting the road this year. Check out the official trailer, Grave vocalist Ola Lindgren and Lars Göran Petrov give us a short run down on the upcoming tour.

ENTOMBED A.D. – “Back To The Front” tour 2014 with GRAVE & support
18-09-14 Berlin, DE @ K17
19-09-14 Tilburg, NL @ o13
20-09-14 Amstelveen ,NL @ P60
21-09-14 Kortrijk, BE @ De Kreun
22-09-14 Wiesbaden, DE @ Schlachthof
23-09-14 Nürnberg, DE @ Rockfabrik 
24-09-14 Köln, DE @ Gebäude 9 
25-09-14 Paris, FR @ Divan du Monde
26-09-14 Lyss, CH @ Carnage Feast
27-09-14 Toulouse, FR @ Dynamo
28-09-14 Barcelona, SP @ Apolo 2
29-09-14 Madrid, SP @ Shoko
30-09-14 Bilbao, SP @ Sonora
01-10-14 Cannes, FR @ MJC Picaud
02-10-14 Trier, DE @ Ex Haus
03-10-14 Essen, DE @ Turock
04-10-14 München, DE @ Feierwerk
05-10-14 Brescia, IT @ Circolo Colony
06-10-14 Ljubljana, SI @ Gala Hala
07-10-14 Sarajevo, BH @ Club Sloga
08-10-14 Belgrad, RS @ Dom Omladine
09-10-14 Skopje, MK @ Club Havana
10-10-14 Sofia, BU @ Jet Rock Club
11-10-14 Bucharest, RO @ Romanian Thrash Metal fest
12-10-14 Budapest, HU @ Dürer Kert
13-10-14 Graz, AT @ Explosiv
14-10-14 Vienna, AT @ Viper Room
15-10-14 Ostrava, CZ @ Barrak
16-10-14 Kosice, SK @ Colloseum Club
17-10-14 Krakow, PL @ Fabryka
18-10-14 Poznan, PL @ Eskulap
19-10-14 Gdansk, PL @ B90
20-10-14 Vilnius, LT @ New York
21-10-14 Riga, LV @ Melna Piektdiena
22-10-14 Tallinn, EE @ Rockclub Tapper

23-10-14 Turku, FI @ Klubi
24-10-14 Tampere, FI @ Klubi
25-10-14 Helsinki, FI @ Nosturi

11.11.2014 UK Manchester, Roadhouse
12.11.2014 UK Glasgow, Audio
13.11.2014 IRE Dublin Voodoo Lounge
14.11.2014 UK London, Underworld

Monday, September 15, 2014

FEDRA - exclusive interview

Introducing FEDRA, Black metal band from Colombia. Members are; vocals- Darksuccubbi
Guitars-Janis, Bass and backing vocals- Ana, Drummer: Yathur-ea

1) Welcome, please give our readers a brief description of your band, when did the band begin? What country does the band reside in?

In early 2006 FEDRA was born in Bogotá Colombia from love of Metal, with the goal of exalting the role of women in the metal scene.

2) Has the band always had the same members? how did the group come together?

The band has had changes in its lineup, because of some problems with the old members of the group (commitment and time).
The founder of the group was Catherine Correa (drummer). In early 2011 Janis Gutierrez join the group (guitarist) and at the end of 2011 the band carried out auditions searching for a new lead singer and bassist. This year Carolina Araque (lead singer) and Ana Briñez (bassist and chorister) enroll the group.

3) As far as live performances, how often does the band play out? 

We play out about every 3 to 4 months.

4) What are some of the most notable concerts the band has played?

FEDRA has participated in many events in Bogota, and also in national and international level. 
-“Queen of Darkness Latin American Tour”.
-We played in Quito (Ecuador) as supporting band of Nargaroth.
-“Metal De Las Montañas” Bogotá (Colombia).

5) The band released the song "The Law Of Hell"on Reverbnation, where did you record that song? how long did it take to record that song?

The album was recorded in SoundtechStudios (Bogota-Colombia), The Law of Hell was recorded in 2 hours.

6) When it comes to writing new material, Is there one person who writes all the music or is it a collective effort?

Is a collective effort, because each of the members of the group contribute with the lyrics and the music.

7) Musically, what bands are a major influence for your group?

Our influences are Classic Black Metal bands such as Bathory, Venom and Immortal.

8) How has the Black metal community in Bogota responded since you first appeared?

The Colombian Black Metal scene is a bit sexist, so it is difficult to participate in some festivals. Furthermore, the band has been supported by many people who are interested in getting material from the band (shirts,demos,posters).

9) Fedra is promoting a new album on Youtube, can you reveal the name of the album to our readers?

At this moment we want to keep the name of the album hidden. But we are going to provide more information soon. Stay tune!

10) When is the band expected to release the new material? will it be an independent release or through a label?

The band will release the new album at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2015, through a label.

11) Will the band ever come play a show in the USA?

Yes, we will. We are talking with event organizers in USA, in order to coordinate something in the future.

12) If someone wants to book the band, promoter/label, what is the best way to get in contact with the group?

If you want to support or contact Fedra, you can get in contact with us through our E-mail: and
Also you can follow us in Facebook “fedra _oficial_” or twitter “fedrablackmetal

13) Any last words?

Thanks for the support, we hope to be soon in your country, a greeting.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Furor - Impending Revelation

The Furor is a one man project describe as Black/Thrash/Death speed metal. Member-Dizazter - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Lyrics. Roots from Perth, Western Australia. Dizazter also plays drums in the Black/death band IMPIETY.

Impending Revelation released March 2014 under the bands own label Westernterror Records. As far as production quality, its a well polished work. Solid drum performance, heavy guitar tones as well as fast and fluid solos. Bass sounds leveled and does not over power the other instruments. Vocals are in BM format, featuring killer mids and hellish highs at appropriate points. Blistering blast beats with a high dose of double kick supremacy.

The music is black metal oriented but does reflect death metal riffing as well as thrash metal styles in certain spots. The song "Corpse Eclipse" gives us a good example of the genre mix. The guitar compositions are excellent in my opinion, well structured passages and solos in almost every track. The stand outs for me would have to be "Black Sorcerer of Sadism", great roll fills and memorable guitar licks. "Show No Mercy", the song slays, and it sounds thunderous on all levels, I would have to say I played this track several times. "Seven Trumpets" is another one to check out, it reminds me of old Morbid Angel compositions, very sick and brutal, love the solos on that song too. This is the fourth album by The Furor, be sure to look up the previous albums which can be heard at the bands Bandcamp site, Sermon Of Slaughter (EP), War Upon Worship and a few others. 

In conclusion, the music definitely delivers black/thrash/death metal in its purest form. Some songs stand out better than others but its worth adding to your collection if you are a fan of Morbid Angel, Samael, Sinister, Incantation, or any other early BM/DM bands of the nineties.


Aghast! Reveal Debut Album Details

Entitled ‘All The Rage’, the album will see the light of day on 1st October 2014 and in their own words expect “Fast. Heavy. Catchy.”

Since their formation Aghast! have recorded a number of EP’s  and have gained a reputation for delivering the goods every time. Their most recent record ‘Live Dangerously’ seen media attention soar with Thrash Hits commenting on the EP as, “…three tracks of straight-up speed, for those of you who like stuff where guitars shred faster than a Betterware onion slicer and the sound of drummers feet snapping away from their ankles", while Metal Hammer said, "Blasting fury? Check. Venomous brutality designed to tear flesh from bone? Check. Sadistically evil in a way that's worrying? Check. Really fucking good? Hell yes."

Why the long wait for a debut you say? Well… “We have spent years experimenting and honing our sound” commented the band. “But you only get one opportunity to release your debut album and ‘All The Rage’ is a statement of intent. It exemplifies every aspect of the Aghast! sound and our attitude to making heavy music. We wanted it to be brutally heavy with a recognisable groove and packed with hooks that people can grab on to. Heavy metal should be entertaining and fun to listen to and that’s what we feel we have achieved with this record. It is a thrill ride from start to finish and we hope that everyone can get on board with us!”

facebook- AGHASTKVLT

Track List
01) Die Laughing
02) All The Rage
03) Hollywood Ending
04) Afterlife Crisis
05) Drop Dead Famous
06) Bang To Rights
07) It's Your Funeral
08) Look Alive!
09) Sea of Trees
10) Hells Bells (and Buckets of Blood)
11) We Fear Silence
12) Noise Pollution

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rebirth The Metal Productions - Slam Promo 2014

Recently got this package, Brutal Slam package at RTM productions visit this link to get yours for only 30 bucks rebirththemetalproductions-merch/brutal-slam-package-deal-4-cd-s-for-22

Includes, poster, several stickers, four cds plus a free download of the band Macabre Demise. The bands featured on the four way split are Parasitic Ejaculation, Traumatomy, Gorepot and Intestinal Alien Reflux
The other cds are by the bands White Indian, Suicide of Disaster, Disfigurement of Flesh, You can also visit the RTM FB page at facebook-rebirththemetalproductions

Solace Of Requiem support Charity Orgs

Via Clawhammer:

Technical blackened death metal trio SOLACE OF REQUIEM has announced a partnership with various charities that help promote arts, education, music and free-thought to children in need. The band will donate 10% of all online clothing sales to one of the following - The Dreaming Zebra Foundation, Camp Quest or the International Child Art Foundation. Members of SOLACE OF REQUIEM explain in further detail in the following statement:

"It is with extreme pleasure that we can finally say that Solace Of Requiem will now be donating 10% of all online clothing sales towards three wonderful children's charities. We wanted to give our "secular" support to Science and The Arts and we are delighted to say that we have found three charities that fit that criteria perfectly. But before we tell you about the charities, we're going to tell you a little bit about how this works. Firstly, the 10% donation is non negotiable. If you buy an article of clothing from our Online Store, 10% of that money is going to one of those three charities for kids, whether you like it or not. The next thing you need to know is that when you select the size and quantity of your order, you will see an additional drop-down menu that will give you the list of three charities you have to choose from. It is your choice which of the three charities your 10% will be donated to. However, if you choose not to select one of the charities before making your purchase, your 10% will be automatically donated to our default charity. We'll tell you more about who that default is really soon. First we'd like to tell you about how the money will be handled. PayPal will not be involved in any of the transactions. However, you will have the donation accounted for on your bill and receipt from PayPal. Once every 3 months, we will tally all the numbers and make a donation to each charity accordingly. This ensures that the 10% you have donated will not be taxed on our end and the full dollar amount of your percentage will be given to the charity you have chosen.

Go to Solace Of Requiem page Here
Visit SOR bandcamp here

Corpse Garden - Suspended Over The Abyss- New single

Via Clawhammer:

The new single is representative of the band's old school, technical Death Metal sound combined with progressive passages, killer solos and dense atmospheres."Suspended over the Abyss" reflects the band's new direction, due in part to lineup changes and musical growth since guitarist Esteban Sancho, bassist Carlos Venegas and vocalist Felipe Tencio joined the band. Ecdysis was crafted from December 2013 to May 2014 in Bushido Audio Productions in Costa Rica; it was recorded, produced and mixed by Juan Pablo Calvo. Album artwork was created by Alexander L. Brown of BNB Illustration and Design based on the concept provided by the band.

According to the band: "Ecdysis means the shedding or molting of an outer layer of skin particularly on snakes, it means transformation for us. We shed our skin and changed our approach to music in every aspect and this is what we wanted the album's cover and title to reflect that. The concept is based on the steps of Solve Et Coagula, the alchemical process; making reference to Carl Jung' studies of the collective unconscious, psychology and alchemy. This conceptual piece is crafted to capture the journey through all the stages and emotions finding the underlying patterns of order in darkness and nature of the psyche."

CORPSE GARDEN is a death metal act hailing from Heredia, Costa Rica. It was formed in early 2008 due to the dissolution of a gore/grind band. In 2009, they recorded a demo and in 2011 they hit the studio for the second time to record their debut album Burnt by the Light in Bushido Audio Productions with Producer Juan Pablo Calvo. The album was mastered by Jens Bogren at the Fascination Street Studios in Sweden where bands like Opeth, Katatonia, Bloodbath, Amon Amarth, recorded. Burnt by the Light was released in January 2012.

CORPSE GARDEN entered the Wacken Metal Battle Central America, competing against nearly 90 bands from all over the region. On March 31, 2012 CORPSE GARDEN became the first Costa Rican band to win this battle and to play in the official worldwide Wacken Metal Battle on August 1, 2012.
Visit CG at


Conquer By Supremacy - Laura Kelsey exclusive Interview

Introducing Conquer by Supremacy vocalist Laura Kelsey- The album was self released in 2007 and is titled True. North. Strong. 

1) Welcome, please give our readers a brief description of your band/yourself, when did you start performing vocals? 

Conquer by Supremacy is a collaborational project between myself and members of my favourite bands in Vancouver, BC. I was playing with death bands for a few years and these songs were born through experiences, connections and shared interest. I've always been singing melodically but death vocals were my life for five years, an amazing release.

2) Conquer by Supremacy features many musicians, was it difficult to gather all the musicians to establish the songs? did the album get a good response when it was released?

All the songs came together pretty organically, and players seemed pleased with the final product.

3) As far as live performances, how often have you performed live? 

I've shared the same stage with all members, either in bands or same show line-up, but Conquer by Supremacy as it was recorded has never performed live.

4) What are some of the most notable concerts you participated in?

Almost opened for Death Angel - but then they didn't get across the border, haha.

5) Are you working on any current projects?

I'm involved in two metal bands right now, along with a space porno funk group and acoustic neo-folk projects.

6) The album is titled True. North. Strong. How did this title come about? How long did it take to compose the songs? Was there one person who wrote all the music or was it a collective effort?

The title came from the Canadian national anthem, which sings "The true north strong and free," since all musicians are Canadian (from British COlumbia). It was a collaborative project, songs started with an idea or a riff or sometimes a whole song just tumbled out.

7) Musically, what bands are a major influence for you?

Hearing Dissection's "Where Dead Angels Lie" was a pivotal moment for me, on recommendation from my good friend Jen - the band had this balance of death and melody, passion and thoughtfulness that blended into what I took for the perfect sound. Iron Maiden, Agalloch, Mithotyn, Genocide, Carcass, Queen, Ensiferum, Venom and Death all shaped my metal mind.

8) How was the response to the album in the metal community?

I have no idea. Haha. I meet people sometimes who know the songs, can sing the lyrics, so it's good to know at least someone has listened to it.

9) Will the band be working on any new material this year?

I'm always writing and collaborating, and hope to put something together again soon.

10) If someone wants to book the band, promoter/label, what is the best way to get in contact with the group?


11) Any last words?

Don't lose the passion - work with anger and make it create.

FB Conquer By Supremacy facebook-ConquerbySupremacy

Monday, September 8, 2014

In This Moment - Sick Like Me - Audio Visual premier

In This Moment revealed a new song on YT. "Sick Like Me" audio visualizer. You can also download the single at iTunes at this location Sick Like Me single DL

Septycal Gorge - New song "No Spawn, No Reign" at

Septycal Gorge will release their third album "Scourge of the Formless Breed" through Comatose Music on October 14 2014. You can pre-order their album at the following link comatosemusic-store-septycal-gorge-scourge. You can also listen to the new song from the album at

Nothgard - Age Of Pandora - Official video

Via MM:
"Nothgard -their 2nd full-length -Age Of Pandora-will be released at Sept., 12.
(Vocalist & Lead-Guitarist Dom R. Crey recently joined German top-notch Epic Metal act EQUILIBRIUM !)

With their new and second album "Age Of Pandora" NOTHGARD is heading straight towards to originality, technical finesse and maturity. 
The outstanding formation stands out for 3 technical guitars and epic orchestral parts combined with influences of Folk, Classic, Melo-Death and Hard Rock."

"With 'Age Of Pandora' we've made, what we haven't reached with it's album predecessor. Aggression combined with harmony, technical parts combined with silent nuanced, more emotional, orchestral passages. Even on lyrical level I'm very satisfied this time. There are no clichés at all on these new album, but true real-life topics and very own feelings, which have a deep meaning for me and the band. Simply perfect for our fans to get eventually 'lyrical mirrored' so to say."
(Dom R. Crey)

Meshuggah - The Ophidian Trek Pre-Order

Via Nuclear Blast Records:
"Commemorating the 25-year anniversary since the recording of their first EP, Sweden’s extreme musical deviants MESHUGGAH will release their upcoming live DVD / 2CD (also available in Blu-Ray), The Ophidian Trek, on Sept. 26th (EU), 29th (UK) and 30th (NA) via Nuclear Blast Records. Watch the official trailer below - Pre-order" Link


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dead Samaritan exclusive interview

Introducing Dead Samaritan, five piece thrash/death metal band from Finland. Members are: Valendis Suomalainen -Vocals, Matti Viholainen - Guitar, Marko Saarinen - Guitar, Eero Virtanen - Bass, Janne Honkanen - Drums

1) Welcome, please give our readers a brief description of your band, when did
the band begin? What country does the band reside in?

Valendis: The story of Dead Samaritan began in Finland in 2001. The band was back then called The Beauty of Dying, but soon changed the name to Dead Samaritan. The band was active for some years doing live shows and also recording some songs, but as the members were busy with work, studies and other projects, DS went on hiatus. The resurrection of the band happened in 2008-2009 when Marko (guitar) and Janne (drums) decided to give it another go. New members were recruited and new songs were written and, well, here we are!

Marko: And along with the name change back in 2003 we changed from playing melodic death metal to playing more aggressively. More thrash, punk and heavy metal influences and less cheesy stuff.

2) How many albums has the band released? did the first album get a good response?

Valendis: ”The Devil Tunes” is our second full-length album. Our debut, ”The Only Good Samaritan...” was published in 2012 and the response was, well, pretty good. There were some nice gigs and nice reviews. The band has improved a lot since then, though, both musically and in the way we work as a team, so we're hoping that this time we can add the word ”damn” between the pretty and good.

3) As far as live performances, how often does the band play out?

Valendis: As often as we get the chance! Unfortunately at the moment the situation in Finland is pretty bad for us smaller bands. There are a plenty of great bands but only a few metal clubs – and for some reason people don't seem to go see bands live anymore unless it's some bigger event with really big names on the stage. I'd like to see that change, because Dead Samaritan is at its best on stage!

Marko: Yeah, you have to be either a huge band or some popular underground band to get people come to concerts. But it’s very understandable because it’s recession in Europe and people don’t have that much money to spend, so they are more choosey. There are also so many great bands around to choose from.

 4) What are some of the most notable concerts the band has played?

Marko: Well for me gigs with Ranger and Nuclear Omnicide were notable, both are great young talents that you should keep an eye on! Also the first time playing abroad was nice, seeing new places and countries is always good. We’ve also played at some nice in-doors festivals with bands like Rotten Sound, Swallow The Sun, Korpiklaani etc.

5) In the early years the band went through a line up change, how difficult was it to find the new members?

Marko: We manage to have a pretty solid line-up for around 5 years in the beginning only having to change the second guitarist a couple of times. After our hiatus around 2006-2008 me and Janne started looking for new members, and after all it wasn’t that difficult at all. First we found Matti to play the second guitar, and he recommended his then-bandmate Eero to play bass for us. Both are great blokes so it’s been an enjoyable ride with them. The vocalist part was the hardest as we did not want any generic growler to handle the vocals. After a few auditions and vocalist candidates we decided to hand the mike to Valendis, she sounded like a demon from Hell in her audition! We haven’t looked back as she’s been an excellent choice too to work with.

6) The band will release a brand new album "The Devil Tunes" on Sept. 12 2014, how long did it take to write the new material? Is there one person who writes all the music or is it a collective effort?

Valendis: The writing process began as soon as we had finished recording our debut. It's not like we lock ourselves in a dark room for a few weeks and then come out with a full album – we're always working on something new. Marko (guitar) writes most of our songs. Apex Beast on ”The Devil Tunes” is written by Eero (bass), though, and we just might hear more songs by him in the future. Marko is also responsible for most of the lyrics with a few exceptions written by me or Eero.

Marko: Yeah, I’ve been mostly responsible for making songs but I’m hoping to get more material from Eero, and maybe some day from Matti too. I think Dead Samaritan is becoming more of a collective effort as we progress, and that’s a good thing.

7) Musically, what bands are a major influence for your group?

Marko: I could name a whole bunch of older, classic bands but if I just settle with a few: Carcass, Death, Overkill, Exodus, Deathrow (GER), Accept, Motörhead, Dead Kennedys and so on. Perhaps some Judas Priest. In the future you might hear some Bolt Thrower and Hail Of Bullets influences as well.

8) Once the album comes out, are there any plans to go on tour in support of it?

Valendis: We have some upcoming gigs, but no plans for a bigger tour just now. Anything can happen when the album is released, though!

Marko: Like she said, no tour has been planned, but we might just end up doing it later. Usually the gig requests start coming in after the album release and the first reviews.

9) Will the band ever come play a show in the USA?

Valendis: If we ever get the chance, certainly! 

Marko: Yes, absolutely. There have been requests already to do shows in the USA and in the Southern America, and I really hope that would materialize one day.

10) If someone wants to book the band, promoter/label, what is the best way to get in contact with the group?

Marko: We are negotiating about a new worldwide promotion deal as we speak, so until it’s settled you can just drop us an email at

11) Any last words?

Marko: Huge thanks to Artemortifica for making this Dead Samaritan interview possible, and greetings to all readers at Metal Album Reviews zine!

Marko & Valendis / Dead Samaritan

Answers by:
Valendis Suomalainen (vocals)
Marko Saarinen (guitar)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

MADROST will release - Into the Aquatic Sector on September 23

Thrash/Death Metallers MADROST (pronounced Ma-Drost) will self-release its sophomore album Into the Aquatic Sector on digital and CD format September 23. The album will be available for purchase on CD Baby, Amazon, Bandcamp, and i-Tunes.

Into the Aquatic Sector is a mighty step forward in terms of progression and songwriting from 2012 debut Maleficent. MADROST is a four-piece band based in Lake Forest, California. Formed in 2007, MADROST has since made themselves known in the underground Los Angeles and Orange County metal regions, hungering to take on the four corners of the globe. The musical dynamics heard on Into the Aquatic Sector is the result of hard work, dedication and a lineup that is firing on all cylinders.

Horrendous - release new track at

East Coast Death Metal trio HORRENDOUS have unleashed, via, another new track from their highly-anticipated sophomore release, Ecdysis.

Check out the exclusive world premiere of "The Stranger" at this location.

Picking up where the band's critically acclaimed 2012 debut, The Chills, left off, Ecdysis sees HORRENDOUS emerge as one of the most intense, brutal, and most importantly, genuine contributors to today's traditional death metal revival.

Ecdysis is set for an October 14 worldwide release on CD, vinyl and digital formats via Dark Descent Records. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Subterranean Watchtower Studios ( Cover art for the album was done by Brian Smith.

Overcharge - Debut new track on Decibel magazine

Via Clawhammer:
Decibel Magazine has posted the exclusive premiere of "As If There Were No Tomorrow" from Italian Punk Rockin' Speed Metallers OVERCHARGE.

The song comes off the band's forthcoming new album, Accelerate and is currently causing ears to bleed at this location

OVERCHARAGE is in fact punk rock, rock 'n roll, and speed metal rolled up into one.  The Italians sound like a drunken fistfight between MOTORHEAD and Kill 'em All-era METALLICA, if everyone involved was gargling broken glass and DISCHARAGE was playing on the jukebox.  It's nothing less than adrenaline-fueled, mohawked mayhem!

Featuring a member of label mates OMNIVORE, OVERCHARGE wear their influences on their tattoo sleeves, but don't sound overly beholden to any one of them.  Like all good rock 'n roll, songs and riffs matter more here than emulating a specific set of heroes.  Accelerate will be the first full-length from these maniacs.

Accelerate is set for worldwide release on September 30 via Unspeakable Axe Records

Castrator - Honor Killing (video)

Castrator most recent video. Check out this song titled Honor Killing visit them on FB at

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

At The Gates, Dark Funeral, Rotting Christ & More Announced For Blastfest 2015

The second edition of Bergen’s new indoor metal festival, Blastfest, has already been launched with a remarkable lineup. The 2015 lineup includes the brutal force of Poland’s own Decapitated, Swedish black metal legends, whom will perform their 2nd show ever, Craft, the Canadian death institution of Cryptopsy and Finnish black metal kings, Impaled Nazarene, to name a few. With still 20 more bands to come, we are proud to announce the following 8 more bands to be added to the lineup of Blastfest 2015.

Nu jävlar, nu kör vi! There are seminal metal acts, and then there are those that stand out as so influential that they codify whole new genres, with themselves at the forefront. At The Gates is one of those bands. This iconic Swedish band were godfathers of the world-renown genre often referred to as Gothenburg-metal, a special form of melodic death metal with a ferocious intensity. They paved the way for what would become a total Swedish dominance in this particular style, inspiring bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy, Soilwork and The Haunted. This year, we at Blastfest are lucky enough to have them headline one of our festival days! The rain in the sky is ours, and the red in the eye will be yours, as you are blinded by fear!

Not content to just keep our youth in school and off drugs, this band kicked off the term of the millennium with their own public service campaign entitled, “Teach Children to Worship Satan.” Blastfest is hereby honored to welcome the ineffable kings of darkness, Dark Funeral, to the roster! Back with a new lineup showcasing their new vocalist, they will be presenting us with a host of black metal classics. Along with Marduk, this is one of thee top Swedish bands of the second wave of black metal, and we’re looking forward to their first ever Blastfest appearance!

Thy Mighty Contract has been signed! From Greece there comes a giant in black metal, one of the bands that shaped the 90’s black metal scene, that has also stayed on top of their game ever since, refreshing and reinventing their sound repeatedly over the years. We are of course talking about the bombastic and legendary Rotting Christ, the band that famously got Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine’s panties in a twist!

Only death is real. Trve believers. Trve kvlt. Whatever ridiculous slogan you prefer, we cater to it. This time around, we bring you the legendary death metal outfit, widely known amongst connoisseurs of the genre … the mighty Demilich! This will be the band’s first performance outside of Finland in decades. Don’t get burdened with the uncontrollable regret of missing it!

Yet another supergroup, consisting of Norwegian legendaries from bands like Darkthrone, Khold, Tulus, Borknagar, Dimmu Borgir, Susperia, Satyricon, Old Man’s Child… Well, we could pretty much namedrop associated acts until we went out of breath. Fronted by black metal legend Nocturno Culto, Sarke will deliver us stories of drunken priests and general pessimism and misanthropy. You’re neither too old, nor too cold for these self-proclaimed frost junkies!

Christ Goodbye, Bergen, Hello! The one and only Saturnus, one of the finest metal acts to ever come out of Denmark, will be with us for this year's Blastfest! Their unique mixture of guttural growls, softly spoken passages, and clean vocals with tear-jerking melodies and truly heavy guitar riffs create some of the finest doom metal there is to hear. This is their first-ever performance in Bergen, and promises not to disappoint!

What would a metal festival in Bergen be without the addition of some local flavor? To our luck, the city just happens to be swarming with great metal acts, and one that seldom performs in their own city has agreed to celebrate their 20th anniversary at Blastfest in 2015: none other than Bergen veterans Borknagar! It´s been more then 10 years since their last performance here, so if you fancy some epic and majestic viking metal, you better get a move on and get your hands on a ticket!

Ticket link here Blastfest-tickets

At The Gates | Borknagar | Dark Funeral | Destruction | Rotting Christ | Destroyer 666 | Asphyx | Samael | Decapitated | Craft | Sarke | Tsjuder | Impaled Nazarene | Cryptopsy | Vallenfyre | Demilich | Saturnus | Melechesh | Endstille | Esoteric | Baptism | Den Saakaldte | Alfahanne | Bolzer | Sarkom + 20 more yet to be announced.

Blastfest will be held 19-21st February 2015 in Bergen, Norway.

3 Days | 9 Stages | 45 Bands | Exhibitions | Clinics | Stand Up Comedy | Tattoo Convention | Theme DJ's