Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dark Desolation - Blasphemous Pestilence

Preparing my ears for some BM from Bangalore India. Here is a five piece band that started back in 2010. The E.P. is titled Blasphemous Pestilence, not knowing what to expect I start with the first track Dark Desolation, has an eerie intro and then it gets into some nice grinding riffs right away. Next up is Catechetical Somniloquence, interesting title, I like the guitar sound raw yet clear. Some really cool vocal trade off -from mid to highs. These guys play with great chemistry, its amazing to hear because they have only been together for a few years. This release is under Salute Records, you can hear and download on Bandcamp Dark Desolation EP  Futile Dogma, in this track you can clearly hear the bass playing some technical riffs along with killer guitar licks. The drums have a really good feel right in the middle of that track and its worth checking out the skills been presented. Insestuous Catacombs comes roaring in like a train right out of hell slamming through bodies relentlessly. Good grinding on the drums for this one. Secrets of the Black Arts is a Dark Funeral cover, the drums are really pronounced on the final track, a bit to much at moments its hard to hear what the guitars are doing, but overall a great song take.

ABORTED - Threading On Vermillion Deception (Album Track)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lifeless - Godconstruct

German death metal band Lifeless formed in 2006 but listening to the new album Godconstruct sounds like it came from the early nineties. Some of the influences I hear on the tracks are Grave and Entombed. This is a very solid album forged in brutality. The cover looks the the entrance to hell itself. Not to complicated and fits the music been experienced. The production is great, all the instruments are well balanced. Many cool intros and overlayed samples just like the old school days of death metal. Lifeless is a four member band and has released a split -Chapels of Lifeless Cult in 2012 and a full length Beyond the Threshold of Death in 2008. I grew up listening to 90's death metal and can say this band embodies every aspect of the genre. This new release will be out in March and will be both a digital and Vinyl release with some extras like stickers and poster so be sure to follow the band on Lifeless FB. Although this album is done in 90's style death metal  there are some current topics been expressed lyrically. The Truth Concealed is a perfect track to listen to, I t really stays in my mind. Reconquering The Soul is probably my favorite of the entire album be sure to check out this band as they seem to have much to offer for fans of true death metal.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hypocrisy - End of Disclosure - new album sneak peek-

Nuclear Blast has just revealed the new album artwork and track listing for the brand new Hypocrisy album "End of Disclosure" you can check out the track on the Nuclear blast Soundcloud page. I will add the links to this post. Nuclear Blast info link

01. End Of Disclosure
02. Tales Of Thy Spineless
03. The Eye
04. United We Fall
05. 44 Double Zero
06. Hell Is Where I Stay
07. Soldier Of Fortune
08. When Death Calls
09. The Return

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vasectomy - Blood Stained Chains

Vasectomy has just released a sick new video for their song Blood Stained Chains. Visit their FB site and check out more of their brand of DM.

Okular - Sexforce

An interesting cover and title. With fresh ears, not knowing what to expect. The opening track House Full Of Colours intrigues me, guitars are warm and not to overpowering allowing the bass and drums to build a solid rhythm experience. The vocals do remind me of Messhuggah style in some points. I enjoy how the riffs are unassuming without being out of context, takes lots of skill to achieve that. The band started back in 2010 and have only one other full length album entitled Probiotic. The song Sexforce starts in, there are some good dual vocals happening on this track, I dig the chorus part the most. The Greatest Offender has a haunting clean riff as an intro. Lots of progressive dynamics are apparent here. I like the different aspects of vocals, from mid to high to low he is able to still keep the lyrical content clear and understandable which are important considering there are some deep topics being express through the entire album. Ride The Waves of Emotion, the drums are doing fast double kick fills at points which are really good. If you want to get a good feel for what this band is capable of creating I think the song Rest in Chaos is probably the best to experience all the elements of musical content. This album will include art pertaining to each song, if you go to their site you can see a few panels of artwork done in pencil which is a good way to bring the listener a deeper understanding of their compositions. Feast upon The Illusory, probably the heaviest track of the intense ride, some aggressive drumming and low vocals make this one a favorite to my taste. Birth Through Loss has interesting bass lines towards the end. To Ring The Bells of Truth, a keyboard track to delight the ears, it is another surprise to show how talented these musicians are. Educated for Enslavement is the last track and its a sick one definitely leaves me wanting more.

Okular FB
Okular official

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pathogen - Miscreants of Bloodlusting Abberations

A four member death squad from San Pablo, Philippines. Pathogen has been making their brand of death metal since 2001. Getting the word out the old school way by doing tape trading and Cd-r trading through zines and any other outlets that will allow their morbid musical obsessions. Miscreants of Bloodlusting Abberations will be released through German Dunkelheit Produktionen.

Atrocity Exhibit begins this madness. Raw guitars, gritty vocals, they sort of remind me of the first Sepultura album Bestial Devastation. A solo drifts in and its impressive, grabs you by the ears and pulls them off, this is followed by some disharmonized riffing that is creepy as hell but yet effective for the style they are creating. Monolith follows with some killer arrangements true to the old death metal style. Heretical Wisdom, good grinding on the drums for this track, a good mosh-pitting riff right in the middle. Abyss of Perpetual Upheaval is a journey through hell with some raw and relenting battery to your skull. Ideological Strife, some elements of thrash and punk style drumming but the vocals keep it on the death metal side of the fence, some cool guitar dives creep in and out on this track adding lots of dynamics to this composition. Despite some line up changes through the past decade this band seems to be determine on delivering their music to the death metal masses. I think their current line has great chemistry displayed on this album. Afterlife (Sacrifice cover) the drums fall a bit short of the original song but its a nice attempt regardless. Uranium Mesiah closes this album, this track caught me by surprise as it approached the end it went into something unexpected, there is a very cool melody happening with some excellent licks, considering there were lots of discorded style patterns on all the other tracks this one is much different and I fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. I look forward to their next release and would like to see how they evolve in the coming years. I recommend this album for fans of early Sepultura, Pestilence or even early Morbid Angel. 

Pathogen FB

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Dark Angel/Dam/Candlemass 3 Way thrash 89' FULL performance

Live at The Hammersmith Odeon, London, 1989. Dark Angel, Dam, and Candlemass deliver some incredible performances captured for eternity from the thrash wave that influenced a lot of the metal bands of this era.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

ThermiT - Demo'n'Beer

The cover to this album is awesome, simple but effective. The title says it all Demo'n'Beer, although the production quality is far better than a demo. ThermiT is a four piece band from Poland formed in 2009. Modern Warfare starts this album, nice and punchy bass sound, guitars come in with well balanced sound, vocals are good, they remind me of early Overkill style. Morituri Te Salutant, great verses and chorus happening here, I enjoy the high vocals, he is able to hit that perfect pitch. There are some very skilled guitar duels on this track towards the end which highlights the talent of both musicians. Mr. two Face, great composition with many dynamics, the vocals are impressive on this one, I also enjoy the harmonies of the guitars as they are well executed. Pirates, good aggressive start followed by clean riffs and awesome bass matching with some imaginative overtures, I like this very much, reminds me of Iron Maiden. Hatred is next, guitar does some cool triplet action and the bass compliments with exact precision, there is something unique about the vocals although it is rooted in thrash metal style they hold their own distinct signature. Thrash, is the last track, and all I can say is "PARTY time" wow, this will be an excellent track to go out and cause some trouble at the bar, very cool to listen to this, with guitars ripping it up in true thrash metal style, a perfect ending leaving the listener wanting more. This album was a good surprise, the quality of production is really good considering the title might fool some people, these guys are extremely talented and execute their skills with perfection, I recommend this album as all the elements of good thrash metal are evident through out the entire composition. Looking forward to the future of ThermiT and hope they can play some concerts here in the USA. 

ThermiT FB

MadMaze - Frames of Alienation

MadMaze is a five piece band from Italy, starting in 2002 and some line up changes this current release is on Punishment 18 with only one previous release in 2010 "No Time Left". My first time listening to this, I am reminded of the band Vio-lence or early Anthrax.  I am very impressed by the production quality, its very solid, clear and precise. Walls of Lies starts of this album with some riffs reminiscing of Nuclear Assault or Laaz Rockit with some tight drumming and intense vocals. The thrash metal genre has some big names to its roots so doing good thrash metal in this decade requires some high level of skill for it to appeal to the well trained ears of veteran fans, Madmaze is hitting this mark, maintaining originality yet staying true to the form. "Caught in The net is a song that's a perfect example of this featuring some dual vocals and complex riffing with some catchy verses. I have to say the production on the drums is incredible, I can hear every single hit with distinct clarity. Lord of all that Remains, great lyric content and I like the way the vocals get deep in this track, this song has some great attributes that are immediately sticking in my mind. MK-Ultra, mind control topic, very cool. Perfect balanced guitars as one can distinguish both left and right with great clearness I also enjoy the solo trades, you can tell there is some long practice sessions to accomplish this. Retribution is the last track, if you want speed this where you'll find it, one of my favorites tracks, the drums are doing some intense drives on this, guitars exhibiting perfect harmonies. The vocals go deep on this song too, a mosh starter at their concerts indeed. I highly recommend this album, never once did I get bored or felt like straying away, I stayed at the edge of my seat the entire time, I love the production quality, very pleasant to my ears.

MadMaze official site
MadMaze FB

Friday, January 18, 2013

Centurian - Contra Rationem

Pure brutality slamming you in the face. Thou Shalt Bleed For The Lord Thy God, I hear an early Morbid Angel influence, the dual vocals are evil incarnate, very intense and aggressive. Crown of Bones, the drums are impressive to say the least, an assault of pure madness unleashed. Feast of The Cross, a complex collection of riffs strung together to twist your mind, this is death metal the way it should be. Judas Among Twelve, Seth Van de Loo (drums) is lightning fast on the double kicks, must be a hell ride to watch a live performance. Antinomium, hints of early Behemoth influence with some twist and turns to have you in the pit smashing things. Centurian has released one demo and three full albums since 1998, these last two on Listenable records who have a list of some brutal bands under their banner so no surprise to see Centurian on the roster. The Will of The Torch, the complex motion of the riffs and accurate timing is impeccable. Damnatio Memoriae, a treat to my ears, always great to hear precise riffing with uncommon time signatures that keeps the interest from moment to moment, hard to find that these days and Centurian does it amazingly well. Adversus, ends my journey through this labyrinth in hell, some dark overtures and incantations are accomplished here as it is fitting for the closer. 

Centurian FB

ColdSteel - American Idle

Veterans at their craft, ColdSteel is pure thrash metal from the New York area. Creating intense metal since 1988 and many lineup changes, this EP is released through Stormspell Records.
It has been twenty years since the last release. Their was a reissue last year but this is all brand new thrash for your ears. The disc begins with the title track American Idle, good production everything is clear and balanced, vocals sound good, reminds me of Sacred Reich. Ashes to Ashes is next, I can hear the guitar work expertise all over this track, really good licks and great sounding guitar, the last riffs in this song show some technical and dynamic attributes which are amazing. Blink of An Eye, metal horns way up for this track, I can see this song being a crowd pleaser at their concerts. Blood Secrets, a very interesting beginning, drummer shows of some killer drumming skills here. You Lose is the final track, as soon as I hear the first riff I start to headbang - very cool track, from the verse to the chorus is a great composition indeed. The only thing I find disappointing is that this is not a full album, after listening to it I felt like I could go for more music by ColdSteel and considering it has been twenty years more would be better, regardless -they are a well rounded band and I will be spinning this album many more times and look forward to their next release.

ColdSteel FB
ColdSteel Official

Deceptor - Chains of Delusion

Going on the cover, I prepared myself for a thrash metal ride. Of all places where thrash metal dwells, Deceptor comes to us from London, formed in 2005 a powerful three piece with many roots in thrash metal genre down to the high vocals and speed riffing. This is EP released on Shadow Kingdom Records has a cover the reminds me of the Judas Priest album style covers. Transmission 1 opens the doors to this ride, the first riff has a Maiden influence. To Know Infinity, vocals are good but stray away from the song a bit at times, the highs are well executed. Heatseeker, the bass is very clear and pronounced in this track I enjoy it very much, all the bass lines are clear and understandable. Transmission 2 not sure why this was necessary, I personally would have enjoyed the next song coming in without the electronic voice intro thing, but hey its there. Oblivion's Call is the final track, some interesting riffs but have heard many like this before, the bass lines I dig, probably my favorite parts of the final track. If you are into old style thrash metal then this would fit in your collection, as for me I enjoy my share but found myself not getting into this album as much as I anticipated.

Deceptor FB

Mothership - Mothership

This is a pleasant surprise. The album starts with an enticing track "Hallucination" like taking a bag of mushrooms, my journey into the band Mothership has begun. A three piece band from Dallas, TX, formed in 2010. Heavy rock the likes of early Black Sabbath or Motorhead but with a distinct vocals. Cosmic Rain comes roaring in and I am loving the guitars. Feels good to hear this style still prevailing in this decade and its done very well by this band. City Nights will be a significant track for this album, creating a party atmosphere, feel like riding a Harley and causing some trouble, very catchy chorus and groovy vibes happening on this one. Angel of Death, some sweet sounding solo starts this one of and if this track does not have you jammin nothing will. I am suddenly reminded there are only three members and they know how to rock, normally expect to see a five piece band pulling of  compositions like this. Win or Lose, clean, unassuming and memorable I am feeling the Black Sabbath in this track which is a good thing. Elinin, I always enjoy when the bass begins a track and its a sweet sounding bass at that. Eagle Soars, the drums are highlighted here with many dynamics involved. The closer is "Lunar Master" great verses and memorable chorus is a classic in the making. I will be spinning this one for a long time to come, this track leaves me wanting more.

Anyone who is interested will be happy to know they are going on tour this year. Check out their FB site or Ripple Music site for more info. The future looks good for this family of musicians. I highly recommend this album.

Mothership FB
Ripple Music

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Terrifier - Destroyers of The Faith

Some solid guitar work happening all over this album. Vancouver has got themselves one killer thrash band here. Formed in 2012 Terrifier is a very hard working band playing many shows with national acts such as 3 Inches of Blood and Dismembered. The original members have actually been playing together since 2003 and is very evident in the chemistry you hear in these compositions.

The album kicks off with "The Valkyrie" a perfect opening for what is about to be experienced. Hammer Fist comes in with some riffs that remind me of early Megadeth style but much faster and involved. Welcome to Camp Blood, with a title like that you just can't go wrong, I think this track will stick in my mind for a time to come, catchy chorus and memorable hooks are pleasing to my ears, with an added solo to encompassed the entire experience. The Age of Steel, the drums are highlighted very well on this song, many different dynamics are captured. Scum Ridden Filth has an eerie and catchy feeling with some excellent clean guitar and some sweet sounding solo work on top to make you start the pit with frenzied assault. Legions of the Dead, I think this track captures all the aspects of the band as it has many elements from clean to aggressive, fast and thrashy, solos the works. The album closes with the title track and it delivers a combination of complex yet memorable riffs. The production is great, it captures the thrash element while maintaining a balanced sound to understand every instrument and vocals.

Terrifier FB

Relapse Records news 1-16-2013 Artemorbid

Information on bands that are signed to Relapse Records. Upcoming releases, latest videos, tour dates, bands going into the studio etc.. Related links will be posted on the bottom of the video.

Dying Fetus - Second Skin Vid

Dying Fetus has just released a video for the song Second Skin. Debut on Bloody Disgusting website. The song is pure brutality as I come to expect from DF. I was expecting something disturbing or bloody from the imagery but unfortunately that was lacking. On the bottom you can click the BD link and see it for yourself.

Kaosmos - EP

Here is a five piece band from Milan, Italy. The first track on this EP is "Believe in your Feelings". The vocals are unique, its the first thing that grabs my attention as I listen. They got their start in 2005. Next up on the EP is "Walking In the Rain" there are some very good clean guitar riffs in this composition, I also enjoy the solos taking place in this song. "Once Were Warriors" has some overlay vocals along with the clean vocals, not sure if this fits well together, on some verses it fits and then the others, they sound a bit forced."My Angel" is next, very impressed by the bass sound, it stands out and it almost reminds me of Steve Harris type of bass sound. An interesting start like an epic build up. In this song you can hear some really good vocal harmonizing, this works well in this composition. The ending to My Angel is my favorite, I think it brings all the elements together perfectly. To close the EP we have the song "Rage" it is the heaviest track on this entire composition featuring some double kick action in the beginning. I highly recommend this EP for fans of Metal/Thrash old school style with some high vocals to compliment some really good bass riffs. I look forward to more in the coming months from this band. You can download their EP for free at the following links.

Kaosmos EP
Kaosmos FB fanpage

Friday, January 11, 2013

Yayla - Nihaihayat

Atmospheric ambient BM from Turkey. Yayla is one man project with a high level of creativity. The embodiment of DIY spirit. He not only composes, records, mixes and masters the music he also hand paints all the cds and Yayla shirts. Emir Togrul takes us on a dark perilous journey into the abyss with this latest release, it is also part of a short film which you can view on the youtube video below this review.

Integumental Grasp lays the ground work for the deep perpetual darkness that awaits in the coming tracks. The most intriguing element of this song is in its simplicity, an effortless composition that somehow manages to hypnotize and lead us into a splendid void of curiosity. Through the Sigil of Hate, raw guitars, dark ambient vocals reminds me of Nortt or early Behemoth. Immortalizing The Nine begins with a deep vortex of vocals followed by a layered gritty guitar riffs to compliment this dark structure. Disguises of Evil is a long path through hell itself, a long procession of madness. In Senility is an elegant title for an enticing and elegant composition to leave us back to our earthly confines. 

Emir Togrul has been able to achieve a dark hypnotic trance like state with this latest release. If you want to check out more-look up his previous album Rohizolasyon from 2010. I am very impressed by the fact that this is a one man project considering every composition has you feeling like there are more musicians involved. I recommend this album for all dark ambient BM enthusiast. ~Artemortifica

Yayla - The Metal Archives
Full Yayla album streaming LINK

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Anger As Art - Hubris Inc.

If you are looking for thrash/speed metal, Anger As Art is the band you want to be listening to. They are a four piece band from California and got their start in 2004. The moment the album starts it is apparent that there are going to be some sweet solos all over this, which is something I particularly look forward to. Head of the Snake has a beautiful twelve string guitar riff that sticks in my head right away. The vocals are classic thrash metal style and are done with some incredible highs like those of the Overkill albums but with their own vibe happening. This band is composed of members from Hirax, Reverend, Evil Dead, Abattoir and Winterthrall. With a resurgence of thrash in the past few years only a few bands have been able to establish themselves as true thrash/speed metal for this decade and Anger As Art is one of these bands. Holding their ground on what they love to play and being very successful at it. They have gone on tour with some legendary bands like Testament and Destruction.

The song Rage and Retribution is by far the best song for the vocals, the listener can clearly understand the wide range of pitch the singer has on this track. Time Devours Life is a super speed assault of the senses, it reminds me of old Exodus or Anthrax, very well done and never lets up, probably my favorite song on this album. Anger is the Reason has some very cool dual vocals that will have their fans singing along at all their concerts. Speed Kills brings all the elements together to achieve a song that is true to thrash/speed and has a unique stamp on it, if think you heard it all this song will kick you in the face and make you think again.

The cover to the album is unique in my eyes. I have noticed most of the thrash metal resurgence bands like to use the comic style type art for covers, which is fine, but in my opinion its a bit overdone. It's good to see something different for a change. There are fourteen tracks in total and each one has something special to offer.

Anger As Art FB
Anger As Art official site

Sonic Reign - Monument in Black

BM from Germany, featuring two members, Ben Borucki and Sebastian Schneider. This album will be released on Apostasy Records. Abhorrence Vs Scum is the opening track, guitars sound really good not to overpowering and compliment the drums nicely. Clouds above the Desert has some amazing drums blazing through it along with some brutal harmonized screams that will send chills up and down your spine. The title track Monument in Black is death/black metal in its purest form, it reminds of the early days of the genre, its captured here with some brutal but distinct vocal style plus a build up that will have you moshing in no time. A Doctrine Unreachable has battle like tom rolls, like an army of darkness storming a fortress, it is a sweet track for my ears. The vocal style on this album is reminiscent of Carcass specially in the song Daily Nightmare Injected. Soul Flagellation closes this record with some brutal drums and high speed riffs, some high vocals are reached in this one on the chorus. Overall I will give this album some more spins and  look forward to what the band evolved into in the future.

Sonic Reign FB


Monday, January 7, 2013

Skineater - Dermal Harvest

Pure adrenaline from the moment you hit play. Skineater is a five piece band from Sweden. Got started back in 2008 but sound like they have been together for much longer. Solid production on these tracks perfect for the level of talent being exude in each track. The album is released on Pulverized Records which has quite the number of excellent bands on their roster.

The song Dismantling has some great guitar riffs that are arranged perfect to be technical yet elegant. I enjoy the vocal style, its not to low or high but rides a good middle ground and lyrics are well understood. "Made of Godsick" has an old Morbid Angel feeling to it, but retains its own vibe. Nice arpeggio action in the song "Through The Empire" plus some pummeling drum assault.
"Stab" is an interesting piece since you will be banging your head then it takes to another dark place with some clean guitars appearing followed by some really good guitar riffs that lead you back to mosh stomping action."Drifting" has a thrash feel to it at times which is good. Solitude Discord closes the album and features some killer drum rolls in the middle that are design to create a pit of massive proportions. 

Amazing production (Mixed and mastered at Sweden's Studio Underground) captures every single note and clear understanding of what the band is portraying in each composition. This one is sure to be a sought out by both novice and veteran metal heads.

Skineater FB
official Skineater site


Ulcer - Grant Us Death

Ulcer has a wealth of experience in their craft, current members come from several bands that include Christ Agony, Engrave, Blaze of Perdition, Eclipse and many more. They released two demos back in 2006 Property of God? and Slitwrist Society. A full length  in 2007 Serpent Trinity. The current release is on Pulverized Records. 

Grant us Death, an enchanting twelve string harmony begins our trip into the deep. This song has an Entombed influence which is a good thing and deriving its own vibe. Devilspeed is next, the main riff in this track adopts to its title as its brutal and relenting. "The Love song" has some haunting vocal layers in the beginning and memorable guitar harmonies. "God Cremation" has a Dismember style to it until I heard the solo, wow- I really like this one and love the title as well. "Devitalized" so many aspects of this song are amazing composition to say the least, impressive overtures with interesting mix of old school style riffs and solos- an instant favorite for me. "When Horror Comes" closes this album, the opening sounds like demons walking through the gates of hell, awesome, hymns of atrocities fill my mind as I listen. The album leaves the listener wanting more.

The band has been able to accomplish a true death metal experience from its roots, fans of early nineties DM will be sure to pick this up. Check out their other material as well, give them a like on FB -support their amazing talent.

Ulcer FB
Ulcer Myspace

Corpus Mortale - FleshCraft

Making death metal since 1993. This band is from Denmark, album released on DeepSend Records. First track "Weakest of the Weak" the drums spark my interest right away, clear, precise and fast. Unwanted Horde follows with very clever and catchy riff, loving the harmonies and blend of technical composition. For having only three members, there is so much happening your mind thinks there's five members. "Murderous Creed" is intense onslaught of brutality its my favorite instantly.With some hammer on pull off riffing as the main course is definitely pleasing to the ears. Scorn of the Earth reminds me a bit of Immolation in the vocal style. This bands first release was back in November 2003 "With Lewd Demeanor". Followed by an EP 7" vinyl Seize the Moment of Murder. Back to the current album, listening to "Love Lies Bleeding" has a beautiful bass line as an intro which is clear and balanced leading you into a concrete wall of heaviness, some intense riffs complete this great track. "Crafted in Flesh" has a bass line that will stick in your mind for years to come, taking the listener into a brutal and dark journey, once the guitars start is evident this track has been well conceived. "Seize the Moment of Murder" with some superior grinding on the drums it captures the essence of the entire album perfectly. This band is a force to be reckoned with. Visit them, purchase their merch, check them out at a show near you.

Corpus Mortale FB
Corpus Mortale Official site


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Infernal Alchemy - Infernal Alchemy

This next album comes to me from South Carolina, alternative, ambient, experimental metal. My friend Danny S.O.D.D.( FB ) recommended this. Lets begin, first track "Countdown to Death" like a journey into the vowels of hell, great start, vocals are demonic and chilling like demons speaking tongues. "Silvertongue" very cool guitar melody happening here in its opening. "Breeding Pestilence" took me by surprise, wow great clean guitar riff, then into a perfect fitting brutal composition, this song will haunt me for many nights to come, by far my favorite. "Stay in your Hole" very cool title, clean riff in the beginning with chorus effect haunting and memorable, there are several layers of vocals which are done well like listening to the exorcist, cool ending on this one too. "Blood Runs Cold" lives up to its name, creepy and intense feeling on this song. "Worlds Collide" is the closer, sounds like a funeral procession in hell, a perfect way to encapsulate this mind altering album. The only thing that I did not like was that at times the double kicks were a bit over powering on some riffs, making them hard to distinguish. I recommend this album as it has lots to offer, from interesting vocal arrangements to riffs that take you into a dark journey, this one its worth checking out.
The Line up is C on Bass, Drums, Guitars and Vocals. Count Draclecarde on Guitars, Keyboards, and vocals. Released on Evergrim Recordings. You can visit them at:

Infernal Alchemy FB here
Download Purchase
Label Evergrim Recordings
Visit Strings of Distorted Doom

Friday, January 4, 2013

Nepente - Suffering is The Seed

An interesting beginning on the first track, rolling toms and double kicks. Gritty and raw guitars. Nepente comes to us from Colombia, they are Death/Thrash/Black metal. The band formed in 2002 and have two releases on Metabolic records "Atonements" and "Ascensions". The cover to the album is very ambitious and brutal true to the music being projected here. This is a hard working band with many performances under their belts. "Hell is the name of this Land" is very impressive, I hear the black metal coming through on this track, excellent brutality, the drums are intense and determined, reminds me of The Abyss at times which is good, the high and low vocals are done very well. "Merciful Death" has a very cool intro, it had me headbanging right from the start. "Hear me Howl" a composition with many powerful overtures an instant favorite for this album. "Slaves will always be Slaves" rolling kicks military like stomp followed by intense high vocals. "This Shroud is Yours" this has low and guttural vocals on it which is fitting with the riffs involved. The chorus on this is very catchy and will easily be remembered for years to come. The album concludes with "The Swamp" killer song the main riff is fast and furious true to speed/black metal style yet another track I will be spinning for a long time. My only complain is that there were hardly any solos to be heard which is not completely necessary but since I am a lead guitar player I look to hear solos in songs. Overall its an incredible album and I highly recommend it.

Nepente FB


Enshadowed - Magic Chaos Psychedelia

BM from Attica Athens, Greece. The album starts with "Stary Throne of it" some killer guitar work on this one, there are wicked arpeggios transitions and some superior drum blast happening. I really dig the vocal style. "Black Holes Death Planets" is intense to say the least, it definitely lives up to its name. "The Scenerio" has some ambitious riffs happening true to their BM roots. "Surrealistic Shades of Color Black" that's a long title, try saying that three times fast. Well this track sounds like summonings straight from the bottom of hell, great composition. "Inner Psy-Trip' is exactly what it sounds like dismal abomination, feel like an acid trip in hell. "The Dual Hypostasis of Nihil" the main riff in this track is very catchy I think most people will be spinning this track for a while.
Last track, the title track- wow- seriously got chills listening to it- so amazing and captivating. This one lives up to its name ten fold!! Probably my favorite track on the entire album. I will be spinning this one for a very long time, the masses will be sure to love it.

The band is on Pulverized Records for this release. They have several demos and splits out, be sure to check those out too. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Fotis Bernado of Septic Flesh, hence the superior quality of production.

Enshadowed FB

Vortex - Thrash Metal Holocaust

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The Advent Equation - Limitless Life Reflections

Going on first impressions I thought this was going to be on the death metal side of things, but as I listened the keyboards kicked in and was very surprised by it, this is a good thing. Once the vocals started, my mind instantly thought Dream Theater.  The composition is progressive and features many elements, which a lot of bands have a difficult time achieving. The production quality is very good as I can hear every instrument very clearly, since they have many instruments this an important thing. What I enjoyed most about this album is all the twist and turns, just when you think you know where the song is going it takes you to a totally different place, I really enjoy this aspect of musicianship. There are clean vocals on this so if you are not a fan of that you might get turned away. They have been around since 2006 but this is their first release. Coming from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon Mexico. A five piece bands with a high level of talent. I really can't find anything to compare them with as I feel they have their own sound going on. This is an independent release, I would be surprised if a label does not pick them up this year. Every song on this album has its own vibe happening its hard to place where its headed which in my eyes is good, sometimes being predictable is boring to me.

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Sulphur Aeon - Swallowed by the Ocean's Tide

The albums kicks off with an intro track that sounds like incantations right out of the necronomicon. The artwork on the cover is amazing, reminds me of Luis Rojo artwork, it grabs the attention from the moment you gaze upon it. Sometimes the artwork is more mind blowing than the music, but not here, the music is as captivating as the cover itself. The band is from North Rhine - Westphalia Germany. they are labeled as death metal but I hear a black metal influence in their style. A three piece band that formed in 2010. Their first release was in 2010, its a demo "Sulphur Plsams" and an EP in 2012 "Deep Deep down they Sleep". As I listened to this album I am reminded at times of early Behemoth and even Samael. The production is good, although at times the guitars are a bit over powering the drums. Monolithic is probably my favorite track on this album. "From the stars to the Sea" has some really good guitars going on as well as more incantations. Those who dwell in The Stellar Void -sounds a bit different as if recorded at a different time, sounds raw but still remaining true to the bands overall essence. The vocals are very good as he can achieve deep and guttural, mid range and highs without losing power. "Beneath,Below,Beyond,Above' is a brutal assault on the senses, the drums are very brutal on this track I find myself listening to it several times. Zombi has an eerie start, I fell in love with this track as soon as I heard the solos, really cool sound and a perfect way to end this album, definitely makes me look forward to their next release.

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Humanity Delete - Never Ending Nightmares

Death/Grind/Punk from Sweden. The title track is eerie and suits the album perfectly. All the tracks were written and recorded by one man Rogga Jonhansson. The Eight Fire of Narakas kicks in and wow, I love the drum sound, the riffs are brutal raw and powerful. Frozen Apparition is next, I can hear the punk style in this one, specially the drums, a great mix. Pontianak part II for some reason reminds me of Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smash Face in the beginning. I like the vocal style happening here, its clear yet deep and guttural which is sometimes hard to attain in DM. Necromantic Sorcery is my favorite track on the album, it has so much happening and very well put together, love the solo work, not to much but just enough to compliment the vibe song. The sheer brutality of Resurrection Rites is great, it will have people in the pit for sure. Retribution of Polong is a classic sounding intro, I love the solo work in this one, overall production on this disc is clear and balanced but still retains its raw brutal capsule.
I like all the eerie samples which fit the entire concept of the album. Art work is by Adam Geyer. Black and white cover with a bit of red for blood effect.
I highly recommend this album. Check out the band, buy their album at the following links:

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Graveyard - The Altar of Sculpted Skulls

Death metal from Spain. I was not sure what to expect when I started listening to this, but its some really good DM happening here. The band formed 2007 and have several vinyls and cds released. The one I am reviewing here is their latest.

The Altar of Sculpted Skulls- released 2011 on Pulverised Records. The title track draws the listener in right away. Reminds me of Entombed or early Sepultura. The second "An Epitaph written in Blood" has an epic intro, I really enjoy this track and its my favorite from this CD. It truly captures the old school feeling, the kind that grabbed my attention as a kid. The guitars have a certain Dismember style sound to them which I love.
Next is "Deathcrowned" fast and furious from the start, there's a quick solo in there that sticks in my head, vocals remind me of Sepultura Schizophrenia album at times which is good. Call of The Shadows is an instrumental- its amazing, specially the solo, very well done. Ritual had me headbanging at the first riff. Very good track. The final track on this album is "Howl of the Black Death" not a strong as the rest of the tracks but holds true to the sound the band is capturing.

This band has lots of shows under their belts and very active in their scene in Spain. Hope they can make it to the states someday. You can check out their entire history at Graveyard official site
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Antestor - Omen

The first thing the grabbed my attention and caused me to check out this band was the artwork. I have never heard of Antestor before. The cover is a piece by one of my favorite Polish artist Zdzislaw Beksinski entitled "The Beautiful Nightmares". I found no mention of this on any of the bands Web sites.
The band is from Norway, formed 1990. Their style is BM. My review will be based solely on their music, as they are a religious band, if that bothers some readers then stop reading now and move on to the next review.
The album starts out with Treacherous Domain, very good start, great production everything is well balanced. Guitars sound nice and full. Next up is Unchained which starts with some cool drum fills reminds me a bit of Dimmu. In Solitude- much the same as the second track. All Towers must Fall has a huge Dimmu influence to it. There are some cool clean guitars happening in the song Tilflukt as well as some sweet sounding violin. Overall I like the album but found myself thinking about Dimmu Borgir a lot of the time. The fact that there is no mention of the art work creator does not sit well with me.

If interested you can check them out at Antestor official band site