Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aleacion Zine #7- review

Aleacion Zine 7, pure underground metal publication from Santa Cruz - Bolivia. Published date February 2012. Editor William Pedro Flores B. B/W Full page, written in spanish. Issue copy #86 provided by Dave W. of Aea zine.

Feature interviews include Baalberith, Demonic War, Ecuador Cadaver, Embalmed Soul, Frozen Darkness, In Infernal War, Kay Pacha, Lost in Darkness, Neferio, Unholy Force, Vomito Blasfemo, and Onslaughter Art Kill. Traditional demonic art on the cover by artist Tori. This is a well balanced zine, I enjoyed reading it page to page. The interview questions are clever and intriguing an offer a good look at the bands progress and in depth look at each particular metal scene in their country of origin. The interview with Kay Pacha is my favorite, a band that until now I never heard of, interesting to note they come from a small village and mix their black metal with their ancestral roots. There are four pages worth of zine reviews most from South America and a few from Spain. The Bolivian BM/DM underground is vast and without zines like Aleacion these bands would not get the recognition they deserve. If you like albun/demo reviews, you will find seven pages worth of material to investigate. To get in contact, send email to

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TERRORWAY - Blackwaters

Blackwaters is the full album release by Terrorway under Bakerteam records September 30th 2013. Band members are Ivan Fois, Cosma Secchi, Giovanni Serra, Valentino 'Sidh' Casarotti. Their genre is describe as modern aggressive metal.

The album starts with the song Wretched, small intro, the guitars come in with a solid sound. Vocals are aggressive. The title track Blackwater is number two, some of the bands that come to mind are The Haunted, Meshuggah, and Gojira. This composition has a memorable bass line towards the end, complimented by a catchy melody by the guitar. "In A Swamp", interesting title, intense and captivating guitar harmonies followed by brutal destructive drums. The bass lines are well thought out and sound balanced without overpowering any of the other instruments. I will have to say this song is my favorite so far. "Keep Walking Silent", open chord devastation, modern metal styles can be heard on this song, very progressive in nature. "The Inescapable Plot", pure and relentless in its delivery. A good mix of brutality and melodic passages. "Chained", drums are a highlight in this composition, blazing double kicks and complex dynamics. "Renewal", this song is sure to have people running into a mosh pit. An unassuming intro and then we are led to a crushing onslaught of aggression, I will have to say this song is my favorite from this album. "A Cursed Race", the opening sets a dark atmosphere, creative arrangements and memorable verses. "Ruins", is the last track, every ingredient from the previous compositions are brought forth to an epic climax and leave me wanting more. Fans of modern, melodic, progressive metal will want to ad this to their collection, there are lots of complex and original elements in each track, this band should not be overlooked.


Deals Death - Point Zero Solution

A Spinefarm Records release September 13 2013. Point Zero Solution is a full album release by melodic DM band Deals Death from Gothenburg. Members are Olle Ekman - Vocals, Erik Jacobson - Guitar, Sebastian Myrén - Guitar, Fredrik Ljung - Bass, Janne Jaloma - Drums

The first and title track Point Zero Solution starts us off. Epic and captivating intro. Solid recording. Facing The Echoes has a catchy and memorable keyboard composition that's fast and precise in its delivery. Escalation, guitars churning out heavy and creative passages that will have the mosh pit moving in an instant. "Flatline", this song is aggressive and destructive. Some of the bands that come to my mind are Hypocrisy, Children of Bodom, and Bloodshot Dawn. Passion For Infinity, epic and enthralling, the mix between keys and guitars are excellent. Well thought out arrangements in each measure. "The Separation", every instrument have huge sound and comes through with crystal clarity. managing to engage the listener from moment to moment with loosing any intensity. "Paramount Authority", this track has a traditional style of DM from straight forward brutality to thundering double kick work that will make you want to punch things. "Beyond Reason", one of the things I enjoy about this band is their ability to blend both brutal and melodic riffs in such of way that none of the songs ever get boring, there is a perfect chemistry between the two. "Dark Dreams Dawn", the drums are dominant through out but they come blazing in on this track, Janne Jaloma is a solid performer, keeping interesting dynamics and delivering precise aggressive double bass kick work in each composition. Author of Arts, is the final song in my listening journey, all the elements come together to assault the senses and leave me wanting more.

In conclusion, this is an excellent album. Fans of melodic and classic DM will sure to find something to enjoy in each song. be sure to also check out their previous release Internal Demons self release in 2009,  "Elite", in 2010.   

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Dead Good - Thirteen Polaroids

Thirteen Polaroids is a self released EP on May 2013 by German-Italian band The Dead Good. Currently residing in LA. Members are Isabella Knight, Sonny Lanegan. Genre described as rock, alternative, noise and raw punk rock. 

The first track is Junk Nation. The intro seems like it would be an industrial type of song but then heavy sludgy guitar riffs begin, you start to feel a heavy rock aspect. There are dual vocals on this composition and have a unique quality that immediately sticks in your mind. Isabella's voice reminds me early Lita Ford or maybe even a slight L7 style. Comparisons are slight, her voice has a certain vibe that's pleasing to the ears. Sonny's voice is a perfect match, when the two are joined you get a distinct quality that is in its own realm and style. "Saw, Drills, and Glue Guns", heavier guitar riffs on this one, catchy verses. The song crosses from hard rock to metal at certain measures. "Room 106", the arrangements of this song can appeal to a vast audience. Simple but very effective at its delivery. At times feels psychedelic in nature, I will have to say this is my favorite so far on the EP. "Crush", bass is a dominant instrument through out, mesmerizing and enthralling. "I Put A Spell On You", I get a sense of the Blues coming across in all its vibes. "Through My Bones', is the closing track, I would say I hear Nine Inch Nails influence in the opening riffs. I enjoy the way the guitar effects are layered on top of the measures at the right moments without going overboard. A great way to close this memorable trip.

In conclusion, I was surprised at how well the vocals complimented each other. The music is catchy and can easily be digested in several genres (Rock, blues, metal, hard rock and pop). Being the debut EP, this duo seems to have a bright future ahead of them. I look forward to hearing more songs or even catching a live performance..


Band introduced for review via

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dark Recollections Fanzine 1 review

Dark Recollections Fanzine 1 is dedicated to Heavy Metal, Thrash and total underground music. Released in the later months of 2012, this is a half page print size, black and white, cut and paste style publication. The editor and publisher is from Mexico, but the entire zine is written in English.

This is a straight forward style presentation. Several interviews comprise the majority of this zine with the last two pages dedicated to reviews. Feature bands are Carrion, Cauchemar, Envenomed, Heaven Hoof, Militia, Zuul, Entrails, Mausoleum Gate, Stone Demons, and Blizaro. A good line of interview questions gives the reader an in depth look at the inter-workings of the groups as far as writing, recording and stories of live shows, experiences from the past and most current events. Interesting Dracula style cover and Black Crow with skulls on the back cover. I enjoy the cut and paste method which adds to the effect of the old school imagery. There are no ads or any other promotion aside from the interviews and reviews. There are small art designs throughout and the interviews have a full page image of the band or art from a particular demo or album.

Not sure if this issue is still available. You can visit the zine FB page but there has not been an update since 2012. Email contact is
Thanks to Dave Wolf (Aea Zine) for providing me this copy of rare publication.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Zombie Ritual Fanzine 2 review

Underground metal fanzine from Mexico. A full page black and white print filled with interviews and reviews of some of the underground thrash, death, and black metal bands from Mexico and around the world. Only 1000 copies were printed. The writer and producer of the zine is Victor Varas. This  publication was made available in the early months of 2012. He also has the ongoing web version of Zombie Ritual Fanzine.

Written mostly in Spanish, there are few reviews in English. The editorial describes the ups and downs he went through to accomplish issue two. Creating a total of 32 pages and having a few computer crashes that presented hurdles and finally being able to complete the task. By reading the entire zine you can tell he really has a passion for it. I enjoy the mix of interviews and reviews plus a few ads for other underground labels hosting a wide range of metal oriented materials. Some of my favorite interviews in this zine are Sectioned, Inhearted, Agony Lord, Strike Master, and most enjoyable read; interview with Ian Hill (Bass player Judas Priest). 

The album reviews are well thought out and you can tell he spend time listening and investigating each band, giving reviews that are honest and in depth. There is also a section of Zine reviews from other parts of the world which he also wrote about even though some were not in English or Spanish he gave it his honest opinion regardless of the language. Not sure if there will be an issue three, but, I am certain the web based version continues daily so be sure to check that out. You can contact for more info at 
Copy of this issue was provide to me
by: Dave Wolf at AEA zine visit here

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Demented Sanity - Legacy

Self release full length album "Legacy" September 2013 by Metal band Demented Sanity from Tel Aviv, Israel. Members are: Vocals - Yanir Tearosh, Guitar - Ariel Papa, Drums - Ran Shenkerman, Bass - Tomer Shvili. 

The album starts with "Blackout", catchy intense riffs set the pace. Solid and clean production. Vocals are aggressive but retain enough clarity to discern the lyrics. "Shell", some of the bands that come to my mind while listening to this track are groups like The Haunted, Lamb Of God, Devil Driver, Chimera, Pissing Razors, and Heaven Shall Burn. "True Salvation", melodic riff leads us into heavy assault of double kicks and mosh driven arrangements. "Indifference", a true head banging experience filled with lots of modern metal style of composition. There is also some good blending of clean and low vocals that is well executed and fitting, will have to say this song is my favorite thus far. "Nightmare", rather complex in its delivery with the drums exhibiting very interesting rolls and fills followed by killer slamming guitar riffs. "Calling Inside", eerie and dark setting opening, the song creates a heavy yet engaging melody that will stick in my mind for a time to come. "Chains Of Gold", interesting title, this track waste no time and gets straight to the attack. Brutal assault to the ears and features a catchy solo towards the ending. "Unpunished", very tight and elaborate passages, I can envision many fists pumping in the air for this track in a live atmosphere. The closing song and title track "Legacy", this composition brings together all the elements from the previous songs and leaves us wanting more, it is an epic performance with a variety of style, heavy, brutal, modern and intense. This album also feature some guest performances by Ryan Knight from The Black Dalia Murder, Jon Howard from Threat Signal. 

In conclusion, the album has great production and delivers heavy punishing metal of high octane. It is available for free streaming on the band's official website be sure to also visit them on FB

Parasitic Ejaculation - Rationing the Sacred Human Remains

Ghastly Music release July 22 2013 Full length album "Rationing the Sacred Human Remains" by Parasitic Ejaculation - Brutal Death Slam band hailing from Santa Cruz, CA. Members are: Jonathan Neel - Vocals, Donovan Dettle - Drums, Josh Schwartz - Bass, Michael Mostachetti - Guitar.

Opening and title track "Rationing the Sacred Human Remains" waste no time and sets the mood for the murderous onslaught awaiting all unsuspecting victims. Heavy and destructive are my first thoughts. Slow mosh type rhythms tainted with spine tingling pitch harmonics grab my attention. Onto "Cerebral Vivisection", nice slasher intro, sliding riffs and heavy bass tones. "Esophageal Decay" (feat: Tyler Sharpes), this song starts with the drums. Clear solid performance, precise double kick work and interesting dynamics. I enjoy the vocal exchange, guttural, rotted and visceral. "Slow Torture Puke Chamber", another sample of sickening thoughts, perfect for the coming beast of a track. There are mini samples intertwine between this composition and fit rather well. The verse where the bass and vocals solo for a measure then the entire band kicks in will surely make people run violently into a mosh pit situation. "Exuding Degenerative Cadavers",  interesting title. I will have to say this song is more on the death metal style of riffing as compare to the others. Good execution. "Tailor Of Human Flesh", complex arrangement of rhythms, this track features a variety of chords from open to chugging to slam, probably one of my favorites thus far. "Intrauterine Omophagia", some of the bands that come to mind as I listen to this song are groups like Gorgasm, Gorod, Mortician, Cerebral Bore, Putrid Pile and Devour The Unborn. "Impale Neurosis", heavy sick violent, captive bass arrangement in the opening measure followed by deep brutalizing guitar tones. "Distribution For Devourment" (feat. Zack Shaw), a perfect way to end this journey, intense and crushing. Solid drum work captured with clarity and vocals completely devastate.

In conclusion, the album maintains a high level of adrenaline from beginning to end. Production is great, all the instruments are accurate and balanced well. The band also has a previous release that should be experienced too. "Sickening Conduct", released back in the summer of 2012. Be sure to visit them on FB and Bandcamp.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Exhumer - Degraded by Sepsis

Comatose Music Release, October 15 2013. Degraded By Sepsis is the full length album by Italian BDM, grind band Exhumer. Members are: Marco "Furiogrind" Aromatario - Guitars & Insult, Alyosha Danisi - Bass, Paolo Damato - Drums, Diego Fanelli - Vocals & Insults.

The band has been creating their brand of music since 2004. This latest release starts of with the track "Admire Your Ending", an intro of horror filled screams and madness. "Vapors of Cadaveric Mucilage", an excellent title and second song which is relentless in its attack. Ripping through like a battering ram and taking none stop progressions to another level. "Pungent Aroma of Uterine Necrosis", try saying that without vomiting. Machine like precision on the drums, almost reminds me of Origin, Brain Drill, Rings of Saturn and others of speed grinding brutality. "Effervescence of Corroded Coarse Remains", another long and sick title. Admire the speed and arrangements of riffs, true to hyper blast like those found in Necrophagist and Obscura albums. "Foaming Secretions", fans of slam death style are sure to check out this track, elaborate composition with complex time shifts and destructive vocals. "Misery", haunting and bone chilling keyboards, a dark horror filled song that will give nightmares for many nights to come. "Enzimas Podridas", my rough translation is Putrid Insides, that is my best guess. Really enjoying the guitar harmonies, although they might fly by novice listeners, more experienced ears can appreciate all the transitions taking place. "Scent of Decomposition", is another atmosphere building into the title track "Degrading Sepsis", staying true to its onslaught of murderous sounds, this song takes us into a dismal void that opens up into a madness of nightmarish visions. The final injection is "Putrescine", drums are a big highlight in this song, dynamics are abound, from quick stops to assaulting double kick work of monumental proportions.

In conclusion, this album sets the bar very high for DM grind music, catchy slams and technical arrangements conceived in the most maniacal extremes.  


Scalpel - Sorrow and Skin

Sevared release September 3 2013 - Sorrow and Skin by Scalpel DM band from Boston, MA. Members are Taylor Brennan - Guitars/Vocals, Manny Egbert - Guitars/Vocals, Tom Devane - Bass, Chip Fay - Drums.

The opening track Ripe, wraps its claws around my ears immediately, no hesitation of brutalization, straight to the assault. Deep guttural vocals aggressive low tuned guitar tones. "Gutmulch", the snare drum rips through like a machine gun. "The Woodsman", many bodies in the pit is the vision I get while listening. Grinding bliss, chaotic exchange of vocals -guttural lows interchange with highs. "The Black Juices", an interesting track, like a mix of early Meshuggah and Gojira with low destructive guitars. "Skullscraper", killer sounding bass riff introduces this monster. An unassuming start, like a slow mosh brewing and building into crushing death. "Mincemaster", one of my favorite tracks. Memorable, catchy verse and chorus. On this particular song another band that comes to my mind is The Berzerker. "Sentinels of Severed Flesh", huge title and would make a sick horror film too. Relentless with its attack. Grinding sliding type of riffs with battering double kicks, this is a "take no prisoners" type of aggression, well executed. "Sorrow and Skin", title track, very different introduction, clean guitar with an eerie atmosphere building into a maniacal style composition. Once the drums come in, you know you will probably start punching and kicking your way back into the slam. "Unspeakable", grabs you by the throat and  batters your senses. Slamming projectile of the highest intensity, many elaborate arrangements and time changes done at a high rate of speed. The final entry in this chaotic adventure is "The Exterminator-Human Slaw", be prepared it is the sound of a saw or some sort of other device and goes on for about eight and half minutes, some people might like it an some will not. As an abstract sound and in conjunction with the title- it fits. 

In conclusion, the album is most definitely "BRUTAL" in every sense of the word. Grinding, tearing, and ripping through your ears, mangling your brains till they are oozing out of your nose. I recommend for fans of DM, Grindcore, Slam, and all things guttural.