Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Belphegor vocalist attacked at airport

Helmuth Lehner vocalist for Belphegor was confronted and spat on by a religious fanatic at a Russian airport 4-19-2016. The youtube video shows an older man speaking in Russian and provoking the vocalist.

Watch footage of Belphegor from Chicago 2015

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CHRCH - European Tour 2016

The band CHRCH from Sacramento, CA, have embarked on a European Tour. Check out the video trailer as well as the tour dates. They might be headed to an area near you.


Tour dates
30.3 Italy, Bolzano - Horizon Club 
31.3 Italy, Carpi Modena - Shai Hulud
01.4 Italy, Pescara - Tube Cult Fest
02.4 Italy, Montecchio Maggiore - Circolo La Mesa
03.4 France, Toulouse - Les Pavillons Sauvages
04.4 France, Paris - Glazart
05.4 France, Nantes - La Scene Michelet
06.4 France, Rouen - Hipster Café
07.4 Belgium, Kortrijk - The Pit's
08.4 Germany, Wuppertal - AZ Wuppertal
09.4 Switzerland, Lausanna - Impetus Festival
10.4 Germany, Freiburg am Breisgau - venue TBA 
11.4 Germany, Leeuwarden - The Morgue
12.4 Belgium, Brussels - Magasin4
13.4 Belgium, Antwerp - Antwerp Music City 
14.4 The Netherlands, Tilburg - Roadburn
15.4 The Netherlands, Hengelo - Innocent
16.4 Germany, Leipzig - Doom Over Leipzig
17.4 Germany, Hamburg - Hafenklang

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Funeral Moth - Transience

Funeral Moth is a four piece band, members are Makoto Fujishima - Guitars, Vocals. Tomohiro Kanja - Guitars. Ryo Amamiya - Bass. Yuichiro Azegami - Drums. Music style is listed as, extreme doom. Band location, Tokyo/Kanagawa, Japan.

Transience album released on Weird Truth Productions March 13th 2016. Taking a slight break from all the death/black and grind promos recently sent to me, I come across some really good doom metal from Japan. Funeral Moth delivers some penetrating and haunting music with this second release. Only two tracks and they are very captivating. On long travels, I can lend my full attention and let the rhythms permeate inside my head. The first song "Transience" is about twenty one minutes long. Its journey begins with some simple an effective melodies and creeps along until bringing you to the brink of desolation. Coming from a background that is mostly death metal in the bands I perform in, I can only imaging the amount of concentration it must take to hold a melody or rhythm for such a long time. It is truly in its own realm and I can appreciate what these musicians do. Without a doubt the most captivating song for me is the second track "Lost", this one in particular,  is monumental. The arrangements lead the listeners through many realms and lead to a grand ending which really caught my ears by surprise. The strings, as you might expect, are very low tuned, adding that certain doom character that resonates constantly through out the menacing rhythms. 

In conclusion, music that conjures up images of sorrow and desolation. Long and distant trips through dark corridors. The band lives up to the extreme mood and ambience of doom and the huanting feelings will be hard to remove once you experience this album.


Monday, April 4, 2016

Bustum - Demonolosophy

Bustum is a two piece band, members are Demoniac - guitars & bass guitar / Nicor - vocals & drums. Music style is listed as, Black metal. Band location, Osijek, Croatia.

Demonolosophy album released on Iron County Records March 10 2016. It will be out on tape including a bonus song and new front picture and layout via Hungarian Iron County Records limited to 250 copies. First 33 will have an extra slipcase and logo pin as "die hard” version. Upon receiving this, my initial thoughts were, crushing and destructive black metal, something that kicks you in the face from the very beginning. As I listen visions of maniacal monsters raising out of the dead and bottomless pit. Ten songs with excellent production and intense drum sound, it cuts through prominently. The massive waves of malevolence are defined in every track. A good example of its brutality would be the song "Mist of Solitude", it presents a twisted vision. The dark portals are opened wide and many beast are set loose upon an unsuspecting world above.

In conclusion, delivery of raw and intense sounds can be experienced in each song. The tape format is sure to please the true underground metalheads and something tangible to archive and add to their collection. 


Bloodred - Nemesis

Bloodred is the sole project of Ron Merz and began in 2009. Music style is listed as, Epic Blackened Death. Band location, Oberstenfeld.

Nemesis album to be released on April 8th 2016. My initial thoughts, the sounds put forth are tremendous. The riffs are powerful and embodied the roots of Black/death metal in every passage. The drum performance on this recording is by Joris Nijenhuis, (Leaves ́ Eyes, Atrocity) and produced by Alexander Krull of Mastersound Studio. Comprised of eight songs, each producing savage brutality with high paced double kicks and aggressive blast/grind beats. A punishing work has being brought to life and it is bound to cause waves through out the underground metal world. 

I spent some time getting familiar with each composition. The album fascinates me in its delivery and structure of each riff. The songs that absolutely crushed my skull would undoubtedly have to be "The Hail Storm", it comes at you with strong and relentless attack and its ending structure is sure to make you want to jump into the mosh pit. The song "Collateral Murder" is another high on my list, reminiscent of classic b/m like Bathory, Belphegore, Gorgoroth and Mayhem.  

In conclusion, a full on assault of crushing and menacing black metal with creative guitar riffs that pack a lot of energy and create interesting hooks.