Sunday, December 30, 2012

Coffinfeeder Distro Zine #6

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Destruction - Spiritual Genocide

Destruction-Spiritual Genocide - Strong title for the newly released album. The cover features The Butcher which was originally introduced on the ep "The Mad Butcher" from the year 1987. The new CD comes almost a year and half since the release of "Day of Reckoning" back in February 2011. It is been released through Nuclear Blast records and features only 3 members Mike on guitars, Schmier on vocals and bass, and Vaaver on drums. Additional vocals on this go to Gerre and Tom Angelripper, additional guitar solos by Harry Heinrich Wilkens and additional drums Olly Kaiser. There is an additional bonus tracks on digipack with this album, "Princess of the Night" and alternative version of Carnivore. The cover is very ambitious and has a lot going on from surveillance cameras to a serpent creature in the background. It is toxic green giving it an effect of pollution or chemical spill, I am sure once people become familiar with the songs and lyrical content it will all come together as to what is been depicted on the cover by Gyula.  The song "Legacy of The Past" features Andreas "Gerre" Geremia and Thomas "Angelripper" Such. The song "Carnivore" on the limited Edition digipack features Harry Wilkens and Oliver Kaiser. Andy Klassen produced this album at Gernhart studios Troisdorf Germany.

The song "Cyanide" really puts forth whats to expect from this album. Drummer Vaaver really delivers on all his skills on this track for a relentless assault to the senses from the beginning. The production is crystal clear and fans of Destruction will not be disappointed one bit as this album is an evolution of the best Destruction music to date. 

With such tracks as "Renegades", City of Doom", "To Dust you Will Decay" and "Riot Squad" you will want to add this one to your collection. There is a trailer video on Youtube but it really just leave you wanting more, so you will want to purchase this and spin it several times to get the full throttle effect been experienced here. Plus the bonus digipack is worth checking out since that's where you will hear the special guest.

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INSANE - Endless Execution-{Hollow Death demo tape}

Insane- Hallow Death- So this is a demo review. The cover is basic comic book style which might trow some people of when they actually hear the music. I am checking out the music on Youtube you can order an actual cassette tape from them which is a cool surprise. Right away I am taken back to the old school thrash metal days at the start of the song, like old Vio-lence Wrath or Laaz Rockit which I like. very good production here every instrument is clear. I like some of the solos too. Interesting to see what these guys have to offer in the future. they are off to a great start. 

Originally published in Coffinfeeder Distro Zine #6 10-1-2012

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Entrench - Inevitable Decay

Not to fascinated with the album cover to this album, the logo is great but the cover looks bad to me, its way too basic and if I did not know any better I would just pass this up. The production is poor so I am thinking this is a demo release. For old school listeners this will not matter at all. The vocals are good and remind me of early Kreator or Overkill. The drums are very hard to distinguish because the vocals overpower them at times. This band is from Sweden and the album released by Abyss records. The solo in "Into Oblivion" is short but very effective. The beginning of "Portrait of A Phobia" brings my mind back to the old 80's style of intros which I like very much. "Crossing The River" reminds me of some good old Sepultura like Bestial Devastation which I enjoy very much. Overall I really could not find a track on this album that really stood out. Old school thrash metalheads would be sure to like this one

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Thirteen Wars - Defying Death

Thirteen Wars - THIRTEEN WARS - Defying Death ThirteenWars - The album cover grabs me right away. "Defying Death" has a strong start but it gets very predictable after a few seconds. "Thank you for your Hypocrisy" vocals are not interesting and I feel the guitar sounds could be stronger as far as production. So then we have "Eternally Dying' which is weird title to me -how does a person die eternally?. Anyways the song gets boring to me, there is a cool solo in it but its just kind of floating in the song almost like it does not belong. "Gates" its difficult to hear the bass and drums at times, I think the guitar is a bit loud. Overall I have to pass on this album I could not find anything good about it.

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Bloodshot Dawn - self titled

Bloodshot Dawn- self-titled album released this year. From the UK this 4 piece band is a force to be reckon with. All the tracks have awesome production. They started out in 2003 and both guitar players are amazing. The song "Prototype" is a great example of what to expect. The drums in 'The Quantum Apocalypse" are brutal yet elegant. This album is brutal and melodic. Bloodshoot dawn is one of those bands the should looked at as they evolve in the future.

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Def Con One - Warface

Def Con One- Warface - I am very impressed by the heavy guitar sound on this album. I get a Boot-stomping feel when I first listen to this. There's a video on Youtube for Warface its black and white very raw and brutal. I hear at times a punk influence in their style. The album cover is simple yet effective, specially now a days with so many complex arts on album covers is good to see something simple for a change. The song "March of the Dead" is amazing, makes me feel like getting into the pit from the start. The opening track "Never Look Back" is by far my favorite. Very brutal start then into some groovy style riffing that will have you headbanging/moshing in moments.

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Bombs of Hades / Mordbrand - No Life Split '10

Mordbrand-Bombs of hades- Split. Ok so this is a split release. First track I listen to is by Bombs of Hades "I'll be your Sister" which happens to be Motorhead cover. Sounds good at the start but looses me later on. I am not a big Motorhead fan either so no disrespect for the band. Next track I listen to was Mordbrand "Idol of the Abattoir" this is more my speed, very good drums on this I really enjoy the vocal style - hard to compare to another band which is a good thing. Vocals remind me of old school Napalm Death or Entombed. "The Eternal Feast of Annihilation" is great I enjoy it, makes me want to headbang from beginning to the end. The cover to the split is very detailed as well, captures my attention right away. I recommend this album.

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Sonic Pulse - Lager Than Life

Sonic Pulse- Lager than Life- Ok, so the album cover is more like a video game cover but then again this band seems to be on the fun side of things. I am impressed by the guitar riffs. very good work here, progressive and unique style happening on these riffs. Vocals I like too. Lyrics are on the party aspect of things which is a nice surprise for this style of music. "Queen of Beers" captures the essence of this album. "Demoniac Spell" which is (Sam Totman's pre-DragonForce band Demoniac) cover really shows of the talents of all these musicians. very impressed by this one, production is perfect, the bass is equally as amazing as the guitar work. Another track I enjoyed by these guys was "Bong Zombies" which I can only find a live version of on youtube, great song and some cool guitar work happening in this. I recommend this is you like very involved riffing and fun/party style content this is one is for you.

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Kolac - Bastard Son is Dead album

Kolac- Bastard Son is Dead- "Aeon Luciferii" is a very good track, I am impressed by the drums, specially when the double bass kicks come in. "To your God you will Pray" starts of unassuming with drums and bass then the assault begins, very intense brutal devastation kicks in right away. Vocals are good, they fit perfectly with the blast beats been delivered. I am not big into Black metal but this band sure made me stand up and listen. I recommend this.

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Grand Magus - The Hunt

Grand Magus- The Hunt- is on Nuclear Blast. The cover is excellent, Frazetta style of art. This is my first time hearing this band. Very good production, vocals are clear and distinct. I am having a hard time putting them in a genre, closes I can think is Doom, Stoner, or maybe Sludgy Rock metal- This is a good thing because they have their own sound happening which is difficult to do these days."Son of the Last Breath" was a nice surprise I thought it would get heavy right away but it kept going with a very cool melody behind it and an awesome story being told. Digging the first track "Starlight Slaughter" Black Sabbath/Quite Riot influence in that one. "Storm King" kicks off with a very cool riff that leads into some kick ass vocals, he has a great range in his vocals style which is very apparent of this track. "Sword of The Ocean" has kind of an Iron Maiden feel to it, the vocals remind me of Zakk Wyldes vox in Black Label Society at times. "Iron Hand" is my favorite track on the whole album, very much like old Judas Priest style which I like. being a first time listener I recommend this album.

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Fallen F*cking Angels - Italian Restaurant

FFA-Italian Restaurant- Released this year back in July. This one starts with an instrumental which give the listener a good idea of whats to come. They have a video for "Italian Restaurant" on Youtube, they are definetly a fun Thrash metal band which comes across in the lyrics too. The band name is something that will stick in mind and catchy for the average listener. This guys are from Tuscany Italy and been around for a while. I like their approach to their music very much fun and party atmosphere. Very talented and good production on this album. I look forward to more of their stuff in the coming years.

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Conflicted - Social Disorder

Conflicted - Social Disorder - The opening track "The Truth Beyond our Polluted Lungs" reminds me of a bit of Nuclear Assault. Very intense and thrashed. The vocals are distinct. Old school sound done the right way. My favorite track of this album is Human Decayed.. To the Final War, the first thing that popped into my head was D.R.I. just cause the bass sound was so detailed and the riff captured my attention right away. Will be headbanging to this album for a while. Props on the album cover as well, love the concept. Look forward to more music from this Chillen thrash band

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Beast -Thrash metal Propaganda

Beast- Thrash metal propaganda-The album starts of with "Toxic Wastes" I like the production, the album keeps its raw thrash metal sound while retaining good quality of sound. Vocals are good not to over the top, so that every instrument is audible. Next up is"One Body two bags" I really enjoy the solo works on this song. "Black Death" starts out slow paced and slowly builds up to some nice lyrics of plague and destruction which is perfect for the track. "Thrash metal holocaust" is by far my favorite track, very raw guitar sounds like of the early days of the genre. the last track was a huge surprise, an acoustic piece that is beautifully done, I did not expect to hear something like that so it was very good to hear it. The cover to the album is completely red and perfect for the music.

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