Destruction - Album Release 2012

Destruction-Spiritual Gxncdx - Strong title for the newly released album. The cover features The Butcher which was originally introduced on the ep "The Mad Butcher" from the year 1987. The new CD comes almost a year and a half since the release of "Day of Reckoning" in February 2011. 

The album has been released through Nuclear Blast Records and includes only three members: Mike on guitars, Schmier on vocals and bass, and Vaaver on drums. Gerre and Tom Angelripper provide additional vocals, while Harry Heinrich Wilkens and Olly Kaiser contribute additional guitar solos and drums, respectively. The album also includes bonus tracks on the digipack version, including "Princess of the Night" and an alternative version of Carnivore.

The album cover is filled with various elements, including surveillance cameras and a serpent-like creature in the background, which creates a rather ambitious design. The toxic green color of the cover gives off a sense of pollution or chemical spill. As people listen to the songs and decipher the lyrics, they will likely comprehend the meaning behind Gyula's artwork. Additionally, the track "Legacy of The Past" showcases the talented voices of Andreas "Gerre" Geremia and Thomas "Angelripper" Such, while the limited edition digipack's "Carnivore" features Harry Wilkens and Oliver Kaiser. The album was produced by Andy Klassen at Gernhart studios in Troisdorf, Germany.

The track "Cyanide" from this album showcases the incredible drumming skills of Vaaver, providing a relentless assault on the senses right from the start. The production is top-notch and fans of Destruction will be thrilled to hear the evolution of their best music yet. 

This album features tracks like "Renegades", "City of Doom", "To Dust You Will Decay", and "Riot Squad" which full-throttle are bound to make it a valuable addition to your music collection. While there is a trailer video available on Youtube, it's just a teaser and leaves you wanting more. To truly experience the full throttle effect of this album, you'll want to purchase it and listen to it several times. Don't forget to check out the bonus digipack, which features a special guest appearance.

Originally posted in Coffinfeeder Distro Zine #6 10-1-2012


  1. I have to agree, the track leaves you wanting for more. I have not heard much about this band until this review. Not bad at all.

    1. thanks- they have been around a while- its a perfect evolution of the band


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