Suppressive Fire – Bedlam

Suppressive Fire is a three piece band consisting of  Joseph Bursey - Guitars. Aaron Schmidt Bass/vox. Brandon Smith - Drums. Genre described as Metal. Band origin Raleigh NC. 

Bedlam album to be released on January 14, 2016. My first thoughts are, the opening track gives the feeling of preparing for battle. All guns blazing, no survivors style of metal. It is a rapid fire attack from the start. Good sounding guitar distortion and fluid solos can be heard in most of the compositions. Among my favorites would be "Bayonet Penetration", it contains catchy thrash metal driven riffs. Thinking of Overkill on high octane. "Pyrophoric Blood", is another track high on my list. The song will get your fist pumping, if you like to mosh then this track would most likely drag you into the mosh pit in a live concert environment. "Ironsights", ever wonder what the sound of flying bullets near you head might sound like? this song is close to it. A straight assault to the senses with perfect metal execution.

In conclusion, if you want to hear thrash/war metal with a sharp edge then look no further. A solid performance with enough fuel to burn the block down. 



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