Halloween attraction at Fantasy Costumes Chicago

Take a tour inside Fantasy Costumes on Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL. If you are looking for a unique costume, chances are you are going to find it at this store. In this video we will take tour inside and check out some of the latest items people are shopping for this coming Halloween. Follow me along as I visit with my friend Ray who knows the place inside and out. 

The torture room features a tormented soul in process of execution. The prop is for sale and does not include the electric chair. In this section lay various outdoor and indoor electronic puppets, including The Exorcist, shotgun blast victim and several new glow in the dark mask that work under black light. next we see the big wall of masks. Anything and everything can be found here. The works of Zagone Studios and Trick or Treat studios companies are comprised here. One of my favorites include the many incarnations of the Iron Maiden icon mask from the albums Killers to their latest record. 

We move further to the home decoration section where he shows me a Freddy Kruger "Nightmare On Elm street" sweater for your dog, as well as a few window clings. 

A make up area with prostetics and a big recreation of Beetlejuice long neck puppet which was costume made by an employee and properly displayed on the top section. Next, Ray show me a very expensive costume of Deadpool which is listed at 500.00. If you got the cash and want to go all out, then this would be perfect. A few inflatable costumes and finally the sword and weapon prop section.
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