Pestilent Age - Unwavering Futility EP review

Pestilent Age is a four piece band, members are: Lee Roach, Nick Chaney – Ruiz, Brandon Lesley, and Steve Worley

Music style is listed as death metal. Band location, Lapeer, MI. Web site Pestilent Age site

Unwavering Futility is the latest EP release by Pestilent Age. It features three powerful songs. Starting with Force Fed Truth, my initial reaction is intensity and heaviness. A sound that is particular to the early nineties. The song has a steady build up and by the time you are in the middle of it your head is moving and you are fully emerged. 

Listening to the song "Transgressions" will definitely get your blood pumping. Pure aggression in every measure, the double kicks are supreme here. If you wanted to feel a mosh pit this song would be the perfect storm to start a circle pit. Finally we get the title track Unwavering Futility and it truly delivers the goods. Faster and determined ferocity, this is the excellent closer. Overall the production is great. heavy double kicks, aggressive guitar tones and massive vocal attack. A lot time was taken to be sure everything flowed with precision.

In conclusion, the band keeps it intense and engaged through out the ep. The essence of the early nineties death metal is definitely here but they add their own brutality to it. ~Artemortifica

Check out the bands official video below


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